July 25, 2013 | 12:29 p.m.

Lauren Beukes takes Rapunzel to Japan in ‘Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom’

Rapunzel struggles through maternal heartache – and some truly horrifying hair days – in “Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom.” The graphic novel by award-winning South African novelist Lauren Beukes (“The Shining Girls”) and Spain-based artist Inaki Miranda (“Tribes: The Dog Years”) takes the fairy-tale character into modern Tokyo and Japanese folklore on a search for her long-missing children. The strong-willed, smart heroine encounters monsters, conspiracies and a fox-y former lover, among other things, in a vividly drawn, terrifying and tender tale that’s rich in Eastern myth and cinematic horror, and dosed with humor. “The Hidden Kingdom,” in comic shops now and in bookstores Tuesday, is the second arc of “Fairest.” But readers need not be familiar with the first volume nor with the series from which the title is spun off, “Fables,” Bill Willingham’s multiple Eisner Award-winning and long-running myths-in-modernity series […]
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