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March 13, 2012 | 5:07 p.m.

‘Hunger Games’: Fan appetite for story, stars still growing

You can find our team coverage of “The Hunger Games'” world premiere over at 24 Frames  but, in short, the scene was something that could have been staged in the Capitol, the sleek, over-the-top city of sensory overload from the books. “A little bit like this,” producer Nina Jacobson said as she took in the scene. The crowd was dotted with fans taking fashion tips from the “Hunger Games” world —  some wore flamboyant Easter-egg colors with long black gloves and hairpieces of purple feather or bright blue tulle; others went for the heroine’s battle-ready ensemble of French braid, orange-lined black jacket and archer’s bow. The most popular symbol? Mockingjay pins (or necklaces or T-shirt logos or hair accessories) , of course, which were worn by fans, staffers and even some members of the press. The stars themselves didn’t seem to get […]
Jan. 12, 2012 | 5:42 p.m.

‘Hunger Games’: Gary Ross on hunting the job, Jennifer Lawrence

For a guy knee-deep in post-production on one of 2012’s most highly anticipated films, Gary Ross exudes an unnatural calm. It’s mid-December and despite the 1,200 visual effects shots that need to be completed in the next month, not only is the hyper-articulate director of “The Hunger Games” willing to show a journalist around his sprawling edit bay in Hollywood, but he’d also probably show off the whole unfinished movie if only the studio would allow. Clues to Ross’ jovial-yet-serene disposition lay all around. His iPhone boasts a screen-saver picture from the set of the Lionsgate film — leading lady Jennifer Lawrence is wiping her nose on Ross’ sleeve while the two are standing in the middle of a North Carolina forest. Walk down the hall to editor Stephen Mirrione’s office and he quips how Lawrence “makes everyone’s life a […]
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