Harlem Shake

Feb. 14, 2013 | 7:00 a.m.

‘Harlem Shake’ videos: A sci-fi and video game lovers guide

Jedis and princess-saving plumbers, it’s time to get your Harlem Shake on! Since the crazy video meme went viral earlier this week, “Star Wars” fans, video game lovers and Peanuts fans have gotten in on the Harlem Shake fun. Almost all the Harlem Shake videos follow the same formula. Set to a clip from a song by Baauer, the videos (and the song) have a two-part structure. When the first part plays, one person — often wearing a mask — dances while being ignored by the other the people in the scene. Then the beat changes and the scene changes: Suddenly everyone is wearing crazy costumes and going nuts. Dance meme alert: The Harlem Shake blows up, and so does Baauer But there’s a lot of freedom in that structure. Here’s a video featuring original vintage “Star Wars” toys doing the […]
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