May 12, 2012 | 4:00 p.m.

Year of the arrow: Katniss, Hawkeye, ‘Brave’ point the way

If you want to know the weapon of choice in pop culture this year just follow the arrow. Click though the gallery above (be sure to click the “CAPTIONS ON” option) to see why 2012 is a year with a big bull’s-eye on its back. — Geoff Boucher RECENT AND RELATED The ‘master manipulator’ Nick Fury Mark Ruffalo: Hulk has found his family Avengers’: Cobie Smulders up for sequel duty ‘Avengers’: Marvel’s new approach to Hulk ‘Avengers’ soar ahead of “Harry Potter” Whedon finds human side of thunder god ‘Avengers’ set visit: Joss Whedon’s heroes and humor Whedon says Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is a “loner” Mark Ruffalo’s childlike inspiration for the Hulk ‘Avengers’ gallery: Marvel’s heroes assemble
Nov. 21, 2011 | 3:37 a.m.

‘Man of Steel’: Henry Cavill found ‘essential’ insight in ‘Red Son’

Just how heavy is Superman’s cape? Ask Henry Cavill, the British actor who has the weight of history, expectations and a blockbuster budget all sitting on his broad shoulders. Cavill will portray “the last son” of the planet Krypton in “Man of Steel,” the 2013 release that Warner Bros. hopes will launch a franchise to fill the void left by Harry Potter’s graduation from Hogwarts and Christopher Nolan’s pending departure from Gotham City. The film has been shooting in Vancouver but Cavill made a quick trip to Los Angeles recently to promote the film “Immortals” and he sat down with our Geoff Boucher for a lengthy interview that led to a Los Angeles Times cover story on that mythology film and the actor’s own life odyssey. There was plenty that didn’t make it into the story — most of it about “Man of Steel” — and you’ll find it in the […]
Nov. 10, 2011 | 10:41 a.m.

‘Immortals’: Tarsem Singh talks location filming, movie titles

“Immortals,” the new 3-D Greek mythology action movie opening Friday, bears the unmistakable visual stamp of its director, Tarsem Singh. The filmmaker made a name for himself with his preceding two features “The Cell” and “The Fall” (not to mention directing other projects like the music video for R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion”), which teemed with surreal, intoxicating imagery. His latest, a CGI-heavy movie about a young man with the gods on his side who must stand up to a marauding king does differ from his previous film, “The Fall,” in one key way. For that project, he traveled to exotic locations including India, South Africa and Argentina. For “Immortals,” he primarily filmed inside the confines of a Canadian studio. “[Francis Ford] Coppola – when he did ‘Apocalypse Now’ – after he came back what he wanted to do was nothing […]
Nov. 09, 2011 | 4:29 p.m.

‘Immortals’ and ‘Man of Steel’: Henry Cavill was raised to fly

In “Immortals,” the hyper-stylized Greek mythology movie that opens this weekend, Henry Cavill plays brave Theseus, a man who is told by gods and oracles that he has a date with destiny. Cavill can relate, in a way, because a little more than a decade ago, while he was still at a boarding school in Buckinghamshire, England, Cavill shook hands with the future. The campus of Stowe School was being used as a backdrop for the kidnap thriller “Proof of Life,” and between shots, star Russell Crowe was amusing himself by booting a rugby ball through the posts as dozens of boys at a safe distance watched with wide-eyed fascination and a bit of fear. Cavill was in the crowd and decided that they looked foolish, so he marched up to the movie star and introduced himself. “I took his […]
Nov. 07, 2011 | 12:42 p.m.

‘Immortals’: Stephen Dorff as the Han Solo of ancient Greece?

There’s some heavy stuff underway in Tarsem Singh’s “Immortals” — essentially brutal conflicts that threaten man and god alike — but in the middle of it all there’s a sly scoundrel named Stavros and, like a certain smuggler in the “Star Wars” films, he’s the bad boy who reminds the audience that moral shades of gray can be especially interesting in a black-and-white universe. “I’m like this Han Solo part of it, I’m the only guy in the film who is not so serious … he wants to bed some women, gets something to eat and maybe steal some cool stuff,” actor Stephen Dorff says of his character in the Greek mythology epic that arrives in theaters this weekend.  “I like the human element in that, that’s what attracted me to the role. Tarsem let me go for that.” Stavros is the cool and cynical […]
Oct. 28, 2011 | 10:58 a.m.

‘Immortals’: Luke Evans cracks the whip as Zeus

“Clash of the Titans” actor Luke Evans, who played Apollo in the 2010 film, is returning to Mt. Olympus in “Immortals,” this time as Zeus. “Immortals,” directed by Tarsem Singh (“The Fall,” “The Cell”), opens in theaters on Nov. 11 and is loosely based on the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. In the big-budget action film, which shares producers with Zack Snyder’s 2006 blockbuster “300,” Zeus recruits Theseus, played by “Man of Steel” actor Henry Cavill, to lead an army against the evil Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). Evans talks about playing the Greek god in the clip below. — Noelene Clark RECENT AND RELATED ‘Immortals’ brings young Greek gods to the screen Zack Snyder finds his Superman: Henry Cavill ‘Superman’ photos: The stars of Metropolis Zack Synder: Superman is a tough one to crack ‘The Avengers’: Joss Whedon’s evil […]
July 23, 2011 | 2:39 p.m.

Comic-Con 2011: ‘Immortals’ brings young Greek gods to the screen

“Immortals” is the latest big-budget action movie looking for love from the audience at Comic-Con International, but unlike most of the other films being pitched here in San Diego, it’s not based on a comic-book, graphic novel or video game. “Immortals,” which opens  Nov. 11,  is an original screenplay — based albeit on Greek mythology. Director Tarsem Singh (“The Fall,” “The Cell”), a self-proclaimed atheist from the age of 9, says the idea for the project grew out of a conversation he had with his deeply religious mother. She had asked him how he would account for his success if it weren’t for his mother’s prayers? “I was interested in a guy like me dying, going to heaven, only to have the gods say, ‘You schmuck, why didn’t you listen?'” Singh said. Singh, and Mark Canton, the veteran producer of […]
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