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Dec. 07, 2013 | 12:00 p.m.

‘JLA’ 10 preview: Stargirl, meet the world of ‘Forever Evil’

Stargirl may need more than optimism to get out of this one. Lucky for her, she has Martian Manhunter in her head to help. The cosmic-staff-powered young heroine has freed herself from an otherworldly prison only to run right smack into Secret Society members Giganta, Blockbuster, Deathstroke, Copperhead and Shadowthief, as seen at the end of “Justice League of America” No. 9. As No. 10 opens, however, she’s not quite back to reality. But she does have a mental link with the green hero from the Red Planet after their experience in the psychological-weakness-exploiting supermax that still holds many Justice League and JLA members. Her positive attitude and youth overcame the facility’s mind-warping capabilities, but an Earth in the clutches of the League’s alternative-reality counterparts the Crime Syndicate is no real escape. Hero Complex readers get an exclusive preview of […]
Sept. 19, 2013 | 1:23 p.m.

Avengers at 50: How Stan Lee, Jack Kirby took on the Justice League

'The Avengers' #1 (featured image)
PERSPECTIVE In 1961, Stan Lee was overseeing a middling line of titles for Timely Comics while across town, longtime industry titan DC was experiencing a huge bump in sales. DC’s success had a lot to do with “Justice League of America,” a book that combined all of the company’s biggest heroes — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash, among others — into one super-crime-fighting team. Lee wanted to compete with DC, but Timely had no superheroes to speak of, and no characters as well-loved and recognizable as Superman. So Lee and his top artist, Jack Kirby, created their own super-team: the Fantastic Four. What they came up with wasn’t anything like the JLA. Lee and Kirby took an aloof genius, the genius’ timid girlfriend, the girlfriend’s cocky teenage brother and a gruff, street-smart test pilot and bound […]
Aug. 17, 2013 | 2:48 p.m.

‘Trinity War’: Preview Lemire and Janin’s ‘Justice League Dark’ 23

DC Comics’ “Trinity War” is barreling toward its conclusion, and the Justice Leagues’ destruction could be sealed in the time it takes to say “Shazam.” “Justice League Dark” No. 23, Part 5 of “Trinity War,” by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mikel Janin, is out Wednesday, and picks up where Part 4 (“Justice League of America” No. 7) left off — with the potentially cataclysmic Pandora’s Box in Wonder Woman’s hands and exerting its wicked influence on her. As Hero Complex readers can see in the exclusive preview pages below, she doesn’t hold onto it for long. Cover | Page 1 | Pages 2-3 | Pages 4-5 | Variant Cover | Variant Cover Shazam, the magic-powered superhero who transforms from the young Billy Batson with a word, has been a key figure in the conflict from its beginning. Recall that […]
July 19, 2013 | 5:06 p.m.

Comic-Con: Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes march into Trinity War

In planning “Trinity War,” DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns told a panel about the summer crossover event, a key question emerged: “What’s the most devastating thing you can do to the Justice League?” His answer: Make its members “lose faith in Superman.” In “Justice League” No. 22, the first chapter of “Trinity War” which came out earlier this month, Superman was seen killing Doctor Light, a new member of the Justice League of America — a government-sponsored team designed to combat the Justice League if necessary. But other forces were at work, and the resulting mystery –- who used Superman? –- drives the story. FULL COVERAGE: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Wonder Woman thinks it’s related to Superman’s handling Pandora’s box, from which all evil sprang, but Batman is convinced there’s a scientific answer. They pursue answers separately. At […]
July 02, 2013 | 11:42 a.m.

‘Trinity War’: Reis, Mahnke, Janin draw Justice Leagues into battle

"Justice League of America" No. 6 (featured image)
As three Justice League teams plunge into “Trinity War,” the battle lines are being drawn by longtime star artists Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke and the ascending Mikel Janin. The conflict that could end the Justice League is almost here: The prelude “Trinity of Sin: Pandora” No. 1 , written by Ray Fawkes with art by Daniel Sampere, arrives Wednesday, followed by the war’s first chapter, “Justice League” No. 22, written by Geoff Johns with art by Reis and Joe Prado, on July 10; “Justice League of America” No. 6, written by Johns and Jeff Lemire with art by Mahnke and Christian Alamy, on July 17; and “Justice League Dark” No. 22, written by Lemire and Fawkes with art by Janin, on July 24. It continues in the three “Justice League” titles with tie-ins through August, leading into Villains Month […]
June 07, 2013 | 4:57 p.m.

Zack Snyder on ‘Justice League’: ‘The door is definitely open’

With director Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” still a week away from the multiplex — and expectation for the Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot sky-high — the question has been hanging heavy on fans’ minds: Will a Nolan-style Batman join Snyder’s version of the Last Son of Krypton onscreen for the long-rumored “Justice League” movie? Hero Complex posed this query to both filmmakers earlier this week in search of answers during interviews for a profile of Snyder that will appear in the Los Angeles Times Sunday, June 16. In his tchotchke-filled office on the Warner Bros. lot, Snyder confirmed that the seed for “Justice League” — a DC Comics equivalent of Marvel’s “The Avengers” that features a superhero A-list including Aquaman, Batman and Wonder Woman — has indeed been planted within “Man of Steel.” “Do the DC characters exist in the […]
June 04, 2013 | 9:00 a.m.

DC Villains Month: ‘Justice Leagues’ revealed; Greg Pak on Darkseid

Darkseid from the New 52 (featured image)
Which Justice League enemy is big enough and bad enough to seize and rename DC Comics’ flagship series? Darkseid is. The stone-cold cosmic conqueror’s star turn comes in DC’s New 52 Villains Month this September, when evildoers will rule in the DCU, with a different one temporarily taking over each title – and getting a 3-D motion cover. Hero Complex offers readers a look at the covers for the four wicked Justice League re-titles and an exclusive interview with “Justice League: Darkseid” writer Greg Pak about what to expect from that great gray terror. See the “Darkseid” cover in action here. Villains Month is the kickoff of the New 52’s first universe-spanning event, “Forever Evil,” which will be anchored by a miniseries bearing that name from regular “Justice League of America” creative team Geoff Johns and David Finch. It all […]
May 06, 2013 | 1:05 p.m.

Geoff Johns heads to ‘Trinity War,’ bids farewell to ‘Green Lantern’

Pandora is on her knees at the center of artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's triple cover for "Justice League" No. 22, "Justice League of America" No. 6 and "Justice League Dark" No. 22 as members of the three teams clash around her. (DC Comics)
For a man about to start a war, Geoff Johns seems calm. Upbeat, even. Upstairs from Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood in an office lunchroom ahead of a signing for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, DC Comics’ chief creative officer, sporting just-tearing-at-the-knee jeans, a red plaid shirt and a weathered Aquaman baseball cap, occasionally pets his bulldog while discussing the summer event he and collaborator Jeff Lemire are scripting in their respective “Justice League” and “Justice League Dark” titles, and together in “Justice League of America.” (You can see a larger version of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado’s triptych cover for the first issues here.) “Trinity War,” which unfolds in six parts across those three series’ July and August releases, with tie-ins including “Trinity of Sin: Pandora” No. 1 (written by Ray Fawkes), is DC Comics’ biggest event since launching […]
Feb. 18, 2013 | 11:18 a.m.

Exclusive: ‘Justice League of America’s Vibe’ No. 1, a first look

'Justice League of America's Vibe' No. 1 (featured image)
Cisco Ramone, a.k.a. Vibe, is perhaps the unlikeliest member of the Justice League of America. He’s a teenager who, in a tragic turn of events, finds himself endowed with the ability to sense and fight inter-dimensional threats — in this case, the forces of uber-villain Darkseid. Cisco’s newfound powers, drawn from vibrational cracks between different dimensions, win him a place among the heroes he revered in his childhood. The new Justice League also includes Catwoman, Hawkman, Stargirl, Green Arrow and more. The launch issue of “Justice League of America’s Vibe” hits shelves Wednesday, but Hero Complex readers get a sneak peek at the comic, co-written by Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg and illustrated by Pete Woods and Sean Parsons. Click through the gallery above or use the links below for larger versions. Cover | Variant Cover | Page 5 | […]
July 15, 2012 | 9:05 a.m.

Comic-Con: Superman still ‘jewel in the DC crown’

Superman, from a promotional poster for "Man of Steel" (Warner Bros)
Is “Man of Steel” laying the groundwork for a Justice League movie? Director Zack Snyder may have been hinting at that during the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con International on Saturday. “Superman is the jewel in the DC crown,” Snyder told the Hall H audience of about 6,500. “And really what we’re trying to do is get his house in order, and then who knows what’s possible.” Snyder and actor Henry Cavill answered audience questions after screening footage from the film, slated for a June 2013 release. The footage began with glimpses of Clark Kent’s hometown and his childhood while a voice narrated, “What if a child dreamed of being something other than what society intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?” The clip continued to explore the theme of Kent trying to find his place in a world […]
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