June 21, 2013 | 3:32 p.m.

LucasArts vet turns to Kickstarter to revive a ‘Vampyre Story’

Adventure game devotees don’t have it easy. Though there have been signs the story-driven genre is making a comeback, as evidenced by the success of Telltale Games, Double Fine Productions and the narrative-first approach of Quantic Dream, it’s a style of game still largely confined to the outskirts of crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter. Just ask Bill Tiller, a veteran of LucasArts, where he was a principal on games such as the Steven Spielberg-endorsed  “The Dig” and later “The Curse of Monkey Island.” Days before Kickstarting his newest project, the prequel game “A Vampyre Story: Year One,” Tiller was stressing that his decade-plus-long quest to make his “Vampyre Story” vision a reality was taking too steep of a financial toll. “I need to start bringing in some income,” he said, noting that he’d spent weeks crafting a fully animated Kickstarter-pitch video that wasn’t […]
March 20, 2013 | 1:07 p.m.

Marshmallows! Kristen Bell to talk ‘Veronica Mars’ film on Twitter

“Veronica Mars” star Kristen Bell, and the show’s creator Rob Thomas know you probably have some questions about how their groundbreaking, crowd-funded “Veronica Mars” movie is going to work. And they would like to answer those questions on Thursday by way of a live chat on Twitter, beginning at 11 A.M. PDT. Predictably, they announced the chat on Twitter too: “Attn marshmallows! @RobThomas & I r doin a Live Twitter Chat tmrw @ 11AM PT- use #veronicamarsmovie & we’ll answer ur questions! RT!” Bell wrote, using her pet name for “Veronica Mars” fans. ‘Veronica Mars’ film a go, thanks to a kick from Kickstarter “Abandoned my personal pledge to never join Twitter, just so I can follow your #veronicamarsmovie chat tomorrow,” wrote @LRPeacock, in what did indeed appear to be the user’s first tweet ever. “Guess we better throw a great […]
March 13, 2013 | 6:52 p.m.

‘Veronica Mars’ fans will get movie after huge Kickstarter success

Holy cow marshmallows: You sure do love your “Veronica Mars.” On Wednesday morning, the show’s creator Rob Thomas, and its leading lady Kristen Bell launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2 million for a “Veronica Mars” feature film that would take place at the acid tongue sleuth’s 10th high school reunion. Devoted fans did not hesitate to reach into their wallets, and in less than 24 hours they had raised the $2 million needed to get the project funded. The project hit the $2-million number around 6 p.m. PDT. “Hallelujah! It’s a green light my friends. I love you all, but particularly the donors among you,” Thomas tweeted Wednesday night. But that doesn’t mean the fundraising will stop. “Okay, here it is! Stretch goal. $3 Million or Logan Echolls doesn’t survive the movie!  #VeronicaMars, #IMKristenBell,” Thomas wrote on his twitter […]
Oct. 12, 2012 | 12:11 p.m.

‘The Goon’ movie? David Fincher, Dark Horse turn to Kickstarter

Eric Powell’s Eisner Award-winning comic series “The Goon” — about an orphaned bruiser and his sidekick who fight zombies, cannibals, robots and other demonic creatures — might be getting the big-screen treatment if David Fincher gets his way. The “Fight Club” director is teaming up with Dark Horse Entertainment and Blur Studio, launching a Kickstarter campaign this morning to get the ball rolling for a film adaptation of “The Goon.” The campaign aims to raise $400,000 to make a full-length story reel — basically storyboards with voice-over that serve as a blueprint for the film. Two years ago, Fincher and Tim Miller of Blur Studio (a Venice-based animation and production studio) optioned “The Goon,” developed a feature film script written by Powell and released a concept trailer (above) for a full-length animated film. Though the clip was well-received at Comic-Con […]
Sept. 04, 2012 | 5:12 p.m.

‘Regalia’: Eliza Frye paints stories of love and murder

Eliza Frye’s debut graphic novel “Regalia” is the result of a rash decision to quit her design job at an advertising agency and start making comics. After the initial planning and writing of the story, Frye started drawing her first comic, “The Lady’s Murder,” one page every day until it was finished a month later. “The Lady’s Murder” was nominated for an Eisner Award, and her first book, “Regalia,” includes that story along with seven others that explore themes of love, death, power and family. Hero Complex caught up with Frye, who studied character animation at CalArts and holds a degree in Japanese Literature from UCLA, to talk about her art. HC: You mention in your book that your entry into comics was almost on impulse. You just quit your job and started drawing? What gave you that kind of courage? EF: My […]
Aug. 03, 2012 | 2:10 p.m.

‘Shuteye’ takes a page from ‘Twilight Zone,’ Gabriel García Márquez

In her graphic novel “Shuteye,” released earlier this year, writer and artist Sarah Becan weaves together six mini-comics that explore themes of dreams and reality. Each eerie story seems to wake up from the last, giving readers a glimpse of the fuzziness experienced right after a deep sleep filled with vivid dreams. “Shuteye,” which found life after a successful Kickstarter campaign, is Becan’s second novel. Her first, “The Ouija Interviews,” was produced with the help of a 2009 Xeric Grant and depicts cute and humorous conversations with dead people. But Becan is best known for her artistic forays into the world of food. She has been regularly publishing her food-and-health Web comic “I Think You’re Sauceome” since 2010. Hero Complex caught up with Becan to talk about “Sauceome,” “Shuteye” and the surreal blur between dreams and reality. HC: “Shuteye” is […]
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