Jan. 06, 2015 | 2:50 p.m.

Laika to auction puppets from ‘Coraline,’ ‘Boxtrolls,’ ‘ParaNorman’

Fans of “Coraline,” “The Boxtrolls” and “ParaNorman” have the chance to own a little piece of the acclaimed animated films. In time for its 10th anniversary this year, the Portland, Ore.-based animation studio Laika is auctioning over 250 puppets, models, props and other artwork used to make its stop-motion films. Hero Complex readers get a first look at one of the props up for auction — the mecha-drill used by the villainous Snatcher in “The Boxtrolls,” which opened in theaters in September and has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Annie Award, among other accolades. At just over 5 feet, the drill is the largest prop ever made for a stop-motion film, according to Heritage Auctions, which is hosting the auction. “The Art of Laika” auction, to be held Feb. 12 in Beverly Hills, marks the first time […]
July 27, 2014 | 5:22 p.m.

Comic-Con 2014: ‘Boxtrolls’ truck serves up delectable insects [video]

“The Boxtrolls,” the upcoming animated film from Laika, features creatures who, among other things, eat bugs. In the spirit of having fans experience everything the movie characters do, the “Boxtrolls” lunch truck rolled into Comic-Con International touting a menu of insect delights. Those daring enough to partake could munch on grasshopper kabobs, tarantulas and worm quesadillas. Boxtrolls eat them by the handful, but at least on the truck you get cheese and a red pepper or two to make them go down a little easier. And, it’s not an easy task. Worm quesadillas may be palatable in terms of consistency, but the grasshoppers require a lot of chewing — and even then, you’re probably going to swallow a leg or two whole. PHOTOS FROM COMIC-CON: The scene | Cosplay But, as famed bug connoisseur David George Gordon says, we have […]
July 26, 2014 | 3:51 p.m.

Comic-Con 2014: ‘Boxtrolls’ creators want you to know ‘This ain’t DreamWorks’

Travis Knight, the chief executive of stop-motion animation studio Laika wanted to be clear about something while presenting the upcoming feature “The Boxtrolls” to the fans in Hall H on Saturday. “No farts,” Knight said of the script to the film. “This ain’t DreamWorks.” Indeed, the animators responsible for “Coraline,” “ParaNorman” and now “Boxtrolls” made a point of showing just how much their work was a labor of love. The sizzle reel shown at the beginning of the panel spent ample time showing animators hand-crafting the sets, props and puppets used in the film. The film is based on British author Alan Snow’s 2005 children’s novel, “Here Be Monsters!” And Knight spoke to how the source material spoke to him. “It had whispers of classic literature,” he said. “Roald Dahl, Monty Python and Dickens.” The story is set in Victorian […]
Feb. 07, 2013 | 1:02 p.m.

‘The Boxtrolls’ is the next film from ‘ParaNorman’ animators

The creative weirdos/geniuses at Laika — the Portland-based animation studio that brought you “Coraline” and “ParaNorman” — have just announced their next feature film: “The Boxtrolls.” The film is based on “Here Be Monsters,” a children’s fantasy novel by Alan Snow, and will open in theaters in October 2014. It will tell the story of the people of the Victorian-era town of Cheesebridge, who are obsessed with stinky cheese, and the shy, troll-like tinkerers who live beneath the streets. The trolls are called Boxtrolls because they cover themselves in cardboard boxes, the way a hermit crab covers itself with a snail shell. Ben Kingsley will voice the villainous Archibald Snatcher, a pest exterminator who is trying to eliminate the Boxtrolls as his ticket to Cheesebridge society. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, last seen playing Bran Stark in “Game of Thrones,” will play Eggs, a […]
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