Linda Whitmore

March 20, 2012 | 2:50 p.m.

‘Star Trek Destiny’ author David Mack’s Borg epic comes full cube

“Star Trek Destiny,” a trilogy comprising the novels “Gods of Night,” “Mere Mortals” and “Lost Souls” by David Mack, was released in a new omnibus edition by Gallery Books last week. Hero Complex contributor Linda Whitmore caught up with the author about this massive, 800-plus-page undertaking, which explores the origins and fate of the Federation’s most daunting enemy: the Borg. LW: You’d written more than a dozen “Star Trek” novels when you began the trilogy. You write in the acknowledgments that a painting by Pierre Drolet of the crashed Columbia NX-02 in the book “Ships of the Line” “planted the seed of this idea in the minds of my esteemed editors, Marco Palmieri and Margaret Clark.” How did a painting spawn more than 800 pages on the genesis and fate of the Borg in the “Star Trek” universe? DM: Actually, […]
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