Locke & Key

Dec. 16, 2013 | 6:00 a.m.

‘Locke & Key: Alpha 2′: Gabriel Rodriguez reflects on series’ end

The Lockes are struggling to cope with all the horrors they’ve faced, and as their haunting, heartbreaking story reaches its end, artist Gabriel Rodriguez says he’s still too close to the family to process it all. But the architecture-trained, Chilean “Locke & Key” co-creator does have plenty to say about his experiences working on his and writer Joe Hill’s award-winning IDW series, which has followed teens Tyler and Kinsey, and young Bode, on a terrifying journey involving magical, mind-opening, out-of-body-experience-enabling keys and an evil from a shadow world that is scheming and killing in ours. The horror story, which has been told over six volumes — “Welcome to Lovecraft,” “Head Games,” “Crown of Shadows,” “Keys to the Kingdom,” “Clockworks” and “Alpha & Omega” — unlocks its conclusion with “Locke & Key: Alpha” No. 2, out Wednesday, and celebrates with a […]
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