Marc Guggenheim

May 13, 2015 | 8:26 p.m.

‘Arrow’s’ Guggenheim introduces ‘Jonas Quantum’ comic

Marc Guggenheim may be enjoying a good run right now as “Arrow,” which was picked up by the CW for another season and has its season finale Thursday night, but the  showrunner/executive producer is introducing another action-adventure series, in comic book form, later this year called “The Adventures of Jonas Quantum.” Published by Legendary Comics, and with art by Freddie Williams II (Justice League America, The Flash, Robin), Guggenheim introduces us to Jonas Quantum, a “maverick hyper-genius with the power to cure death in the morning, time travel in the afternoon and unlock transdimensional wormholes at night”  — as the release goes. Quantum has infinite intelligence, which will make for a very inventive and conceptual book, but will also mean that the character doesn’t play well with others. Hero Complex caught up with Guggenheim on the eve of the “Arrow” […]
July 25, 2014 | 8:22 p.m.

Comic-Con 2014: New ‘Arrow’ season will bring ‘game changing’ characters

The cast and producers of “Arrow” took to the stage Friday afternoon and couldn’t seem to believe that they were going into the third season of their show. And no one seemed to be more aware of the significance of a third season than executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who pointed out that third seasons typically introduce characters that can change the whole face of the series. He pointed out the addition of Faith in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” third season, and Scott Wolf in the third season of “Everwood.” “Season three is typically where you see some game-changing characters,” Kreisberg said. Kreisberg and executive producer Marc Guggenheim sat down with people from DC Entertainment earlier this year to ask for certain characters in the new season, but though Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) was off the table, Ray Palmer (a.k.a. Atom) […]
March 05, 2014 | 4:30 p.m.

‘Arrow’: Marc Guggenheim talks series’ ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ moment

The CW’s hit superhero show “Arrow” continues to glide through its second season, getting ever more deeply embedded in the greater DC Comics Universe;  already this season it’s introduced memorable DC villains, with other fan favorites such as Suicide Squad still to come. In the run-up to Wednesday’s episode, “The Promise,” Hero Complex caught up with “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim to chat briefly about the out-of-the-ordinary nature of this week’s story line. Fair warning, there are some spoilers ahead for anyone not fully caught up with the latest episodes. Hero Complex: So “The Promise” is bigger in scope than usual? Marc Guggenheim: This episode is a sequel to last year’s Episode 14, which was an episode where we flipped the paradigm and told more stories in the past than we were in the present. The mission last year was […]
July 21, 2010 | 11:21 p.m.

COMIC-CON 2010: Marc Guggenheim says Hollywood is good for Comic-Con

Marc Guggenheim, an executive producer for “No Ordinary Family,” which premieres on ABC this fall, and a screenwriter for the 2011 feature film “Green Lantern,” hears the purists wail about the Hollywoodization of Comic-Con International, but he has a different take. He was interviewed by Hero Complex contributor Nicky Loomis. NL: What do you say to old-school souls who complain about the changing ethos of Comic-Con? MG: There are a lot of positives about it. Every year it gets bigger. I sort of feel like it’s like worrying about the weather. There’s no going back. The genie is out of the bottle. I think that Comic-Con has been more about pop culture anyway — I like to call it Omni-Con. NL: How has Hollywood’s presence at Comic-Con affected the comic book creative community? MG: One, I think that it’s been really good for comic […]
April 08, 2010 | 2:50 p.m.

‘No Ordinary Family’ and Michael Chiklis bring a superhero family to ABC [updated]

FIVE QUESTIONS WITH MARC GUGGENHEIM These are high-flying days for writer Marc Guggenheim — he’s an executive producer on “No Ordinary Family,” which has just finished filming its pilot for ABC (and stars Michael Chiklis, shown in photo below), and his script will take Green Lantern onto the silver screen in the Martin Campbell-directed movie now being filmed in New Orleans. Guggenheim, whose name is well-known to comics fans, also wrote the script for the video game based on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and has held the executive producer post on shows such as “FlashForward” and “Eli Stone.” GB: For the TV show, tell me a bit about the concept and cast and also how you came to be such a key figure on a show with characters you didn’t create? MG: It’s basically your typical family drama with the one atypical addition […]
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