Feb. 06, 2013 | 7:36 a.m.

Cat beats iron at Monopoly; limited-edition board has old, new pieces

The public has spoken, and the cat boots the iron on the Monopoly game board. As Pop Blend cleverly noted, it’s an Internet vote, so of course the cat won.   In the vote on Facebook, held Jan. 8 to Tuesday, Hasbro asked fans to decide which old token would go and which new one would take its place. Longtime tokens the iron, the wheelbarrow and the shoe competed for least popular in the final hours of voting, according to the Associated Press. But the iron — a granddaddy of a Monopoly token, having been around the board since the 1930s — proved least popular of all. The tokens from which fans could choose were a cat, helicopter, robot, diamond ring and acoustic guitar.  Thirty-one percent of voters opted for the kitty.  An interesting tidbit: The Scottie dog was the most […]
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