May 23, 2014 | 1:05 p.m.

Preview ‘Nightwing’ series conclusion

Right from the start, the “Forever Evil” series was meant to bring major changes to Nightwing. From his Issue No. 1 unmasking at the hands of the Crime Syndicate to the few minutes where he technically died in the aptly titled “Murder Machine” in Issue No. 6, Nightwing hasn’t had an easy few months. Not that DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns would have had it any other way. In an interview with Hero Complex when the series began, Johns talked of the significance of the character. “With the Justice League out of the way, the top of the heap is Nightwing,” Johns told Hero Complex in a phone interview. “Every other hero, in my opinion, looks up to Nightwing…. And I think in some cases, people listen more to Nightwing than they would to Batman, because Nightwing is sincere, […]
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