Riley Rossmo

May 19, 2012 | 5:11 a.m.

‘Wild Children’ asks burning questions about education

Writer Ales Kot (“Batman”) and artist Riley Rossmo (“Cowboy Ninja Viking,” “Dark Wolverine,” “Debris”) may not advocate violence, but they are attempting to stir up the masses with their graphic novel “Wild Children” — and, yes, the revolution will be televised.  The book, on the surface, is about a group of high school kids who take their peers and teachers hostage because they’re upset with the education system. There’s also drug use (played out through the art as well) and much more to it. The graphic novel will be on shelves on July 11, but Hero Complex caught up with the creative duo for a few questions. HC: Would you say the characters in “Wild Children” are rebellious, or are they, as the title suggests, just wild? AK: Wild Children definitely oppose the traditional 20th century school system that is […]
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