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Feb. 28, 2012 | 3:08 p.m.

‘Wrath of the Titans’ director promises ‘vast and epic’ sequel

The new “Wrath of the Titans” trailer is out, promising epic battle scenes with larger-than-life monsters from Greek myth. Director Jonathan Liebesman (“Battle Los Angeles,” “Darkness Falls”) takes the reins in this sequel to Louis Leterrier’s 2010 rendition of “Clash of the Titans,” which received mixed reviews but was No. 1 at the box office for two weeks straight, bringing in $493 million worldwide. Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson reprise their roles in “Wrath of the Titans,”  slated for a March 30 release. Hero Complex’s Noelene Clark caught up with Liebesman about the film. NC: What drew you to directing “Wrath of the Titans”? JL: I’m a huge fan of epic films that create a world you can escape to and experience the spectacle and awe of gods and monsters. Creating that world in “Wrath” has been incredibly […]
April 05, 2010 | 9:10 p.m.

‘Clash of the Titans’ make an epic return

As decisions go, it was the same kind that faced the 1970s souls who had to pick just the right warlock-and-serpent mural for their customized van. Should the Pegasus be white or black? Maybe glowing red eyes too? And what if — instead of noble feathers — the mighty steed of myth came with a killer pair of bat wings? That was one of the choices French filmmaker Louis Leterrier wrestled with last summer on the set of “Clash of the Titans,” the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures adventure that just pulled in $105.6 million worldwide in its opening weekend. On a crisp, blue-sky afternoon in a soundstage outside London, the tall, slender director watched with intense focus as his star, Sam Worthington, bulled his wall through the panicked streets of Argos on his way to meet destiny while carrying […]
Feb. 23, 2010 | 2:43 p.m.

Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal turned down ‘Avatar’

In another universe, Jason Bourne or the Prince of Persia might have been running around the jungles of Pandora. “Avatar” director James Cameron spoke to both Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal  about playing the role of Jake Sully in the sci-fi epic that now stands as the biggest moneymaker in the history of Hollywood with $2.5 billion in worldwide box office. Both stars, perhaps leery of a blue-in-the-face gig, declined, and the filmmaker instead went with his first choice — unknown Aussie actor Sam Worthington, who was living in his car before he got the job. Cameron said he offered the role to the big-name stars only to placate the studio chiefs at Fox, who wanted a bankable star to offset some of the risks of the expensive project.   “I don’t think they ever had a problem with the CG, “ Cameron said. “Honestly, did I go out and […]
Dec. 21, 2009 | 5:30 p.m.

VIDEO: ‘Avatar’ changed Sam Worthington’s life: ‘I was living in my car before’

As “Avatar” officially became a worldwide cinema sensation last Friday night, the Hero Complex was honored to be hosting a special Hollywood screening and stage interview with the makers and stars of the film. We showed you some video yesterday of James Cameron explaining the eye-opening themes of the film and now here’s part two, which includes star Sam Worthington talking about his well-worn work boots and his unlikely path to Hollywood fame. Check back tomorrow for more video and our ongoing coverage of “Avatar,” the movie event of 2009. — Geoff Boucher RECENT AND RELATED COMPANY TOWN: Could “Avatar” hit $1 billion? James Cameron on “Avatar”: Like “Matrix,” it opens doorways Don’t tell Stephen Lang’s he’s the villain in “Avatar” LAT REVIEW: “Avatar” restores a sense of wonder to moviegoing James Cameron vs. Robert Zemeckis? The inside scoop Sigourney Weaver, queen of sci-fi: […]
Dec. 19, 2009 | 4:41 p.m.

‘Clash of the Titans’ done shooting? That’s a myth

“Clash of the Titans” is getting more epic — and perhaps 3-D. I talked to Sam Worthington backstage last night at The Envelope’s special screening of “Avatar” and the subject turned to “Clash of the Titans,” the fantasy adventure due in March from director Louis Leterrier, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. The 33-year-old actor said that Warners, pleased with what they saw of Leterrier’s work, had increased the budget for the film. “We’re going to be going back and shooting more scenes for it, they cut loose with some money so we can add to it,” Worthington told me as we sat in the green room. He was obviously very enthused about the studio’s decision. Sigourney Weaver, Worthington’s costar in “Avatar” and a friend of Leterrier’s, was sitting next to us and listening in as well.   Worthington went on: “We’re going to […]
Dec. 17, 2009 | 8:01 a.m.

‘Avatar’ premiere rolls out the blue carpet for sci-fi epic

“AVATAR” COUNTDOWN: 2 DAYS Amy Kaufman, one of the newer members of the entertainment coverage team at the Los Angeles Times, braved the madness of the “Avatar” premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Wednesday. This is a longer version of her story, which will appear in today’s editions of the paper. She also shot the video. Hundreds of fans crowded behind barricades along Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday hoping for a glimpse of celebrities walking down a Pandora-blue carpet rolled out to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of James Cameron’s sci-fi epic “Avatar” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The adventure film — hailed by some in Hollywood as “the game changer” for its special-effects wizardry and 3-D approach — is winning over critics and appears poised for a strong opening weekend. The film’s stars, including Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington, as well as interested celebrities such […]
Dec. 15, 2009 | 5:20 a.m.

Sam Worthington made girls ‘weak in the knees’ says ‘Avatar’ casting director Margery Simkin

“AVATAR” COUNTDOWN: 5 DAYS It’s. Almost. Here! Now we delve into a bit of the process: casting the actors who would take on the now epic journey to make “Avatar” come to life. Hero Complex contributor Yvonne Villarreal spoke with veteran casting director Margery Simkin — who’s done everything from “Top Gun” to “Marley & Me” — about scouring the thespian world for people who could convincingly express emotion through motion-capture suits and a yet-to-be-created language. Oh, and having to do it in secret. YV: Let’s start with the casting of Sam Worthington. He was this construction worker with not a lot of screen time outside of Australia. MS: How about none? None! No screen time outside of Australia. Obviously we looked at millions of people. When I felt that we had pretty thoroughly explored the U.S. people, I went to Jim […]
Dec. 13, 2009 | 6:02 p.m.

Hero Complex hosts free screenings of ‘Up’ and ‘Avatar’ this week [UPDATED]

On Monday night, I hope you L.A. readers will join us at the Landmark Theatre for a free 3-D screening of Pixar’s “Up”  and, afterward, a Q&A session onstage with director Pete Docter. This great event is part of the Envelope screening series, which puts filmmakers and stars in the same room with members of Hollywood guilds so they can discuss their trophy-worthy projects as awards season begins its serious ramp-up here in Tinseltown. Those members of the voting guilds get seated first, of course, but we almost always have seats for the general public. These events are great and there are often surprises. I hosted the “Crazy Heart” screening recently, for instance, and not only did the post-screening panel include Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Robert Duvall, but T Bone Burnett showed up as a surprise guest and joined us […]
Dec. 11, 2009 | 6:04 p.m.

‘Percy Jackson’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ draw on same Greek myths but with epic differences

This is a longer version of my cover story in this upcoming Sunday Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times. — G.B. There were inscriptions written above the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at the Oracle of Delphi, and the two most famous ones were cautionary words of wisdom: “Know thyself” and “Nothing too much.” Those bits of ancient advice are worth considering as two Hollywood studios hope to launch film franchises that use Greek mythology as the unlikely premise for popcorn entertainment. “These are the stories that began storytelling in many ways,” director Louis Leterrier said a few months ago on the London set of his “Clash of the Titans,” the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures epic that arrives in theaters in March with Sam Worthington as Perseus, Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades. “These are […]
Nov. 27, 2009 | 6:51 p.m.

Hero Complex will host ‘Avatar’ screening with James Cameron and film’s stars

“AVATAR” COUNTDOWN: 22 DAYS Our countdown coverage continues today with a bit of “Avatar” news that has is especially exciting for us here at the Hero Complex… Moviegoers everywhere will be able to see “Avatar” on Dec. 18 but the best place to see it that day will be at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, where director James Cameron and stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldaña will attend the screening and then be interviewed on stage by Hero Complex blogger Geoff Boucher. The event is part of the awards-season screening series by the Los Angeles Times and The Envelope. You can find the full schedule of films and stage discussions right here. “Avatar” will be shown at 7:30 and the stage portion of the evening will begin afterward. Check back here early next week for information on how to get tickets for the […]
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