Scott Lobdell

Oct. 23, 2012 | 4:55 a.m.

‘Superman’: Clark Kent leaves the Daily Planet

Clark Kent is quitting his job at the Daily Planet in the latest issue of the “Superman” comic series. In issue No. 13, in stores Wednesday, Superman’s mild-mannered alter ego decries the state of journalism in a heated discussion with Morgan Edge, the owner of the Daily Planet’s parent company, Galaxy Broadcasting, and quits in front of the entire newspaper staff. “This is the beginning of a multifaceted story line that will challenge Clark on all levels – personally and professionally, as both himself and as Superman,” a DC Entertainment representative said in a statement. “This is not the first time in DC Comics history that Clark Kent has left the Planet, and this time the resignation reflects present-day issues – the balance of journalism vs. entertainment, the role of new media, the rise of the citizen journalist, etc.” In […]
July 15, 2012 | 4:01 p.m.

Comic-Con Batman panel — an owl’s eye view

A masked individual at DC's Batman: Beyond the Night of the Owls panel.
Kyle Higgins, best known as the writer of  “Nightwing” for DC Comics,  is a guest blogger for Hero Complex at Comic-Con International this year.    I was a part of DC’s “Batman: Beyond the Night of the Owls” panel with Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Gail Simone, Gregg Hurwitz, Scott Lobdell, David Finch, J.H. Williams and Jonathan Layman. I thought it’d be fun to take some pictures from our POV, as DC handed out a surprise gift to everyone in attendance. The creepiest image is, fittingly, from Scott’s phone. You’ll know it when you see it. — Kyle Higgins RECENT AND RELATED ‘Dark Knight Rises’: Nolan’s masked ambitions Dark Knight Rises’ hits the road Bat flight, Cat fights, Gotham falls Hans Zimmer explains Christopher Nolan’s secrecy Hathaway: Catwoman modeled on Hedy Lamarr Christopher Nolan opens up about Bane choice Christian Bale says […]
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