July 15, 2012 | 6:00 p.m.

Comic-Con sketching — in time lapse

Francis Manapul's Superman and Batman art. (Kyle Higgins)
Kyle Higgins, best known as the writer of  “Nightwing” for DC Comics,  is a guest blogger for Hero Complex at Comic-Con International this year. Here’s a time lapse of Francis Manapul, artist and co-writer on ‘The Flash,’ doing a Supergirl piece with an ink wash And, the final piece: Plus two more that Francis completed for the show: –Kyle Higgins RECENT AND RELATED ‘Dark Knight Rises’: Nolan’s masked ambitions Dark Knight Rises’ hits the road Bat flight, Cat fights, Gotham falls Hans Zimmer explains Christopher Nolan’s secrecy Hathaway: Catwoman modeled on Hedy Lamarr Christopher Nolan opens up about Bane choice Christian Bale says goodbye to Gotham ‘Dark Knight Rises’: Tom Hardy as Bane Nolan on his favorite scene in ‘Dark Knight’ Nolan: Hollywood takes too many shortcuts
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