Teresa Palmer

May 24, 2011 | 1:23 p.m.

Teresa Palmer on ‘I Am Number Four’ sequel and ‘Warm Bodies’ zombie love

Teresa Palmer is Number Six in "I Am Number Four" (John Bramley / DreamWorks)
Teresa Palmer may have gotten her face on the DVD box cover for “I Am Number Four,” but the Australian actress has surprisingly little screen time in this sci-fi release from February that hits home video Tuesday. She talked recently about writer James Frey, her lack of knowledge about Mogadorians and her hopes for a sequel. Apparently, her character — Number Six — will be around a whole lot more in the sequel, as you might have expected from the ending of the first film. PKD: Does “I Am Number Four” have a fan base? Have you heard from them? TP: Oh yeah! I mean the whole reason I started on Twitter [was that] I was meeting so many people who were fans of the movie and the books and they wanted to ask questions. Then someone suggested I get on […]
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