The Phantom

June 19, 2010 | 6:14 p.m.

‘The Phantom’ is back — but you might not recognize him

FIVE QUESTIONS: RYAN CARNES OF “THE PHANTOM” Beginning in February 1936 — three years before Batman went on the prowl for the first time — young readers across the nation thrilled to the comic-strip adventures of a different masked mystery man: The Phantom. The character created by Lee Falk is considered by many to be a key stepping-stone in the early evolutionary path of the American superhero (he is believed to be the first fictional crime fighter to wear a skin-tight costume, for instance). Now he’s back but in a fashion that the late Falk might not have recognized. On Sunday, SyFy airs a  revival of “The Phantom” in the form of a four-hour mini-series. I caught up with the star, Ryan Carnes, for this edition of Five Questions. — Geoff Boucher GB: How did you find yourself in this role? And is it a character that you […]
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