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Oct. 29, 2014 | 10:48 a.m.

‘Insurgent': 3-D posters unveiled for ‘Divergent’ sequel

Shailene Woodley’s Tris, Theo James’ Four and the rest of the “Insurgent” cast take on new dimension in a series of character posters released Tuesday. “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” — the second film in the movie franchise based on the bestselling YA novels by Veronica Roth — will be released in 3-D, Summit announced Tuesday, and in keeping that the new posters are interactive and in 3-D. The story is set in a future version of Chicago, where people are tested and sorted into five factions based on personality. Young heroine Tris Prior (Woodley) finds out she is divergent, meaning she has an aptitude for multiple factions and doesn’t fall neatly into one category — a dangerous trait in the rigidly divided society. She hides her divergence and decides to join the faction based on bravery, where she meets a […]
Aug. 29, 2014 | 12:00 p.m.

‘Divergent': Shailene Woodley, Theo James promise emotional ‘Insurgent’

Shailene Woodley kicked off 2014 with the Sundance Film Festival premiere of “White Bird in a Blizzard,” the Gregg Araki film in which she plays a teenager whose mother unexpectedly disappears. Two months later, she was forging her own path in a future Chicago in “Divergent,” the first big-screen adaptation of the bestselling young adult novels written by Veronica Roth. By midsummer, she was grappling with first love and a terminal cancer diagnosis in the breakout hit “The Fault in Our Stars.” But neither her demanding work schedule nor the attendant onslaught of exposure Woodley’s received appears to have created much stress or tension for the young actress, who has developed a reputation in Hollywood for her candor and earthiness. Both qualities were on display when the 22-year-old sat down with Hero Complex last month to discuss the August arrival […]
Aug. 06, 2014 | 9:38 a.m.

‘Divergent’ Blu-ray: Theo James on Four’s brand of good-guy heroism

Theo James is photographed in Beverly Hills on March 21, 2014. (Annie I. Bang / Associated Press)
The spring blockbuster “Divergent” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this week, bringing the first movie installment based on Veronica Roth’s young adult book series to home video. The sci-fi adventure film, which has earned nearly $275 million at the worldwide box office since opening in March, helped catapult its young cast, including rising star Shailene Woodley, into the public eye. Woodley portrays Tris Prior, a girl who discovers she doesn’t fit neatly into any of her society’s five rigidly divided factions in a dystopian future Chicago. She joins Dauntless, the faction based on bravery, where she meets Four, portrayed by English up-and-comer Theo James (“Downton Abbey,” “Golden Boy”). Four, a leader in Dauntless, helps train Tris and the other initiates while hiding his own mysterious past. James will reprise the role in the upcoming sequels — 2015’s “Insurgent,” 2016’s “Allegiant — […]
April 11, 2014 | 8:52 a.m.

‘Allegiant,’ the finale to ‘Divergent,’ will be split into two films

“Allegiant,” the third book in Veronica Roth’s massively successful “Divergent” trilogy, will get a two-part big-screen adaptation, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate announced Friday. “Allegiant – Part 1” will be released in theaters on March 18, 2016 and “Allegiant – Part 2” on March 24, 2017. The Shailene Woodley-starring “Divergent,” based on Roth’s first book in the dystopian adventure series, has earned more than $116 million at the domestic box office since opening three weeks ago, and is set to open in France, Germany, Russia, Australia and other markets this weekend. Pre-production for “Insurgent,” based on the second book in the series, is  underway, with Robert Schwentke taking the reins from “Divergent” director Neil Burger. That film is set to open March 20, 2015. In splitting the final installment into two parts, Summit is following a formula proved successful by the […]
March 11, 2014 | 3:10 p.m.

‘Divergent': Victo Ngai IMAX poster spotlights Tris, Four

Poster by Victo Ngai.  (IMAX)
“Divergent” fans have a new reason to be excited for the film’s opening — viewers attending the first IMAX screenings of the upcoming dystopian adventure on March 20 will receive a limited edition print featuring original artwork from artist and illustrator Victo Ngai. Ngai’s work previously has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Village Voice and Wired, among other publications, and she was recently named to the 2014 Forbes 30 Under 30: Art & Style. She created the poster, pictured below, as part of the IMAX FANFIX program. Adapted from the bestselling young adult fantasy by author Veronica Roth, “Divergent” stars Shailene Woodley (“The Descendants,” “The Spectacular Now”) as heroine Beatrice “Tris” Prior, who lives in a dystopian future version of Chicago where people are tested and divided into five factions based on their personalities and […]
Feb. 20, 2014 | 1:32 p.m.

‘Divergent': Watch Shailene Woodley threaten the system in new clip

“Divergent,” the new film starring Shailene Woodley as a young warrior in a futuristic society, doesn’t arrive in theaters until March 21, but a new clip from the dystopian action flick will debut Thursday during the Winter Olympics telecast on NBC. Hero Complex readers can check it out below. “Divergent,” the adaptation of the first book in Veronica Roth’s bestselling young-adult trilogy, stars Woodley, known for her roles in “The Descendants” and “The Spectacular Now,” as heroine Beatrice “Tris” Prior. In a future version of Chicago in which people are tested when they are young, then divided into five factions based on their personalities and virtues, Tris is born into Abnegation (which values selflessness), but her test reveals she is “divergent,” having an aptitude for multiple factions — something that is not allowed in the rigidly divided society. She hides […]
Feb. 04, 2014 | 11:20 a.m.

‘Divergent’ trailer: Shailene Woodley ziplines onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

“Divergent” stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James ziplined — yes, actually ziplined — onto “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night to debut the film’s newest trailer. Fans of Veronica Roth’s young-adult book trilogy on which the film is based will remember several key scenes in which characters zipline across Chicago’s skyline, but Woodley deadpanned to late-night talk-show host Kimmel that ziplining is her usual method of transit. “Traffic is just insane,” joked the 22-year-old actress. Woodley, known for her roles in “The Descendants” and “The Spectacular Now,” plays heroine Beatrice “Tris” Prior in “Divergent,” directed by Neil Burger. The story is set in a dystopian future version of Chicago, in which people are tested when they are young and subsequently divided into five factions based on their personalities and virtues. Tris’ personality test reveals she is divergent, or has an aptitude for multiple […]
Jan. 09, 2014 | 11:17 a.m.

‘Divergent': Shailene Woodley in warrior mode for dystopian adventure

Shailene Woodley, left, and Theo James in "Divergent." (Jaap Buitendijk / Summit Entertainment)
When the director and producers of the dystopian action-adventure film “Divergent” sought inspiration for the movie’s teenage heroine, they didn’t turn to “The Hunger Games’” Katniss Everdeen or “Twilight’s” Bella Swan, as might have been expected. Instead, the filmmakers recalled James Dean’s Jim Stark, the rebellious protagonist who defies his parents and his peers in 1955’s “Rebel Without a Cause.” “He just doesn’t feel at home,” director Neil Burger said. “So he goes looking for something more.” Such can be said of Beatrice “Tris” Prior, who struggles against the pressures of conformity in “Divergent,” based on the bestselling trilogy by first-time novelist Veronica Roth. The tale, adapted for the screen by Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor, is set in a future version of Chicago — Burger filmed on location there — in which people are tested when they are young […]
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