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July 22, 2013 | 10:15 a.m.

Comic-Con: ‘True Blood’ star Deborah Ann Woll’s photos, survival tips

As part of our Comic-Con International coverage this year, Hero Complex reached out to a select group of actors and writers, asking them to document their experiences in San Diego. Deborah Ann Woll, star of HBO’s “True Blood,” shared what it takes to survive the convention. Check out the gallery above and the silent videos below to see snapshots of the actress’  experiences, with captions written by her. The panel day for “True Blood” is quite an amazing experience. Here’s a guide for getting the most out of the day and surviving the chaos: 1. Stock up on Advil and breath mints at the TV Line interview. Two very important essentials for surviving Comic-Con. You don’t want to turn away a fan with your bad breath, and any girl will tell you all day in heels will make you rush […]
July 21, 2013 | 4:43 p.m.

Comic-Con nightlife, as told by Kit Harington, Felicia Day and more

Lana Parrilla
With San Diego’s Comic-Con International expanding nearly every year, the annual pop culture convention has also accommodated the flourishing nightlife. “I understand that San Diego Comic-Con is like the Detroit Auto Show,” said “Banshee” actress Lily Simmons. “Sure, other places can have an auto show, but it’s not the Detroit Auto Show. ” While the city’s boisterous Gaslamp Quarter bustled with convention-goers and other Saturday night patrons, Hollywood took on its fair share of lavish events. “It’s just kind of insane,” said “Game of Thrones” actress Esme Bianco. “I think there’s a scale of everything that’s kind of amazing to me. A couple people have warned me that it’s big. Everyone’s right!” FULL COVERAGE: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Bianco, who played the upward-climbing courtesan Ros on the HBO series, said she party-hopped quite a bit over the weekend, starting off […]
July 15, 2013 | 7:20 a.m.

‘True Blood’ actor Robert Kazinsky talks genre, ‘Pacific Rim’ role

Actor Robert Kazinsky is, as they say, having a bit of a moment. The English thespian who appeared on the BBC soap “EastEnders” has been wooing Anna Paquin’s part-fairy telepath Sookie Stackhouse on HBO’s vampire saga “True Blood” this season, and he can currently be seen in Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” as Chuck Hansen, the talented Jaeger pilot with an outsized ego who comes into conflict with heroic Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam). Even Kazinsky seems to be having a difficult time getting his head entirely around his good career fortune. In a recent phone interview, Kazinsky, calling from London, repeatedly marveled at finding himself working with Del Toro on a sci-fi project — he considers himself a “massive” fan of the genre. And that “True Blood” gig? That’s not so bad besides. HC: It’s been a great year for […]
Jan. 29, 2013 | 5:17 p.m.

‘X-Files’ reopens in comics: Editor Chris Ryall expands IDW family

'The X-Files'
The truth is still out there, and IDW is ready to search for it once more. San Diego-based IDW Publishing is adding “The X-Files” to its already extensive lineup of comics based on beloved movie and television properties — a list that includes such major titles as “Star Trek,” “Transformers,” “Doctor Who” and “True Blood.” The comic will pick up after the landmark sci-fi TV series and the two feature films chronicling the adventures of intrepid agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). IDW will also reprint the “X-Files” comics published between 1995 and 2009. The title is one of many that IDW editor in chief Chris Ryall was excited to discuss looking at what’s ahead for his operation in 2013. Ryall, of course, is the author whose own Eisner Award-nominated series “Zombies vs. Robots” was optioned […]
July 14, 2012 | 8:35 p.m.

Comic-Con: ‘True Blood’ panel flows with emotion

“True Blood” creator Alan Ball received a warm send-off in his final Comic-Con International appearance as the showrunner of the HBO vampire series, with fans and many members of the show’s cast rising to applaud the man who brought Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels to graphic life for five seasons and is now stepping down from his top post. Aside from that emotional moment, though, the tenor of the panel was high-spirited and even silly with many, many references to romance, nudity, sex and stripping, the latter courtesy of Joe Manganiello’s recent cinematic turn as a male dancer named Big Dick Richie in Steven Soderbergh’s film “Magic Mike.” The panel kicked off with a preview of the latter half of Season 5 that revealed Manganiello’s Alcide will step up to become pack master and Russell Edgington will create all kinds […]
Feb. 17, 2012 | 3:08 p.m.

‘Vampire Diaries’: Daniel Gillies on why we love vampires

Daniel Gillies plays formidable Elijah foe-turned-ally in Season 3 of  “The Vampire Diaries.” After being resurrected for the fourth time in the series, Gillies shares his insights on the show’s star, Nina Dobrev, who plays small-town doppelganger Elena Gilbert, the future of the Original vampire clan and the classical nature of his character. But Elijah isn’t Gillies’ main focus — upcoming projects include the NBC medical drama “Saving Hope,” with “Smallville’s” Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, and a new film, “Broken Kingdom,” with Rachel Leigh Cook that he wrote and directed. This is Part 2 of an interview with Nardine Saad; you can read Part 1 here. NS: You say Elijah has been around for 1,000 years, yet he’s still getting duped by “ludicrous nothings.” Do you consider Elena  a “nothing?” DG: I’m certainly not calling Elena nothing. Yes, that instance […]
Feb. 16, 2012 | 1:45 p.m.

‘Vampire Diaries’: Daniel Gillies sinks teeth into Original vampire Elijah

“The Vampire Diaries” has killed off quite a few of both its beloved and despicable characters in its three seasons on The CW, but one character whom executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson keep bringing back is the Original vampire Elijah, played by Daniel Gillies. Elijah has returned once again to Mystic Falls at the hands of vampires Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and his brother Stefan (Paul Wesley) to defeat the indestructible supernatural Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah’s Original vampire brother who also happens to be a werewolf hybrid. Now their fearsome Original vampire siblings, who were created centuries ago by their mother — the Original witch — to preserve their lives from a plague, are wreaking even more havoc in the spooky town. Elijah might seem to be on the side of mortal Elena Gilbert, played by the show’s […]
July 22, 2011 | 8:03 p.m.

Comic-Con 2011: ‘True Blood’ creator Alan Ball lets secrets slip

HBO’s hit vampire series “True Blood” closed out the programming in Comic-Con International’s Ballroom 20 with a bang Friday night, bringing a healthy portion of the show’s ensemble cast — Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll, Kristin Bauer von Straten and Kevin Alejandro — and creator Alan Ball to the stage to talk (and joke about) fairies, witches and lots and lots of sex to a wildly enthusiastic audience of die-hard fans. The panel session, which was heavy on Q&A and clearly designed to appeal to viewers who intensely follow the show, yielded quite a few tantalizing bits of news (as did a trailer that showed some highlights from the upcoming second half of Season 4). Here’s a brief recap of some of the more interesting facts to emerge: * Alan […]
July 15, 2011 | 11:04 a.m.

Emmy nominations: ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Dexter,’ ‘Walking Dead’ collect nods

They’re cheering in the Seven Kingdoms. The 63rd Primetime Emmy Award nominations are out and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” collected 13 nods, including for drama series,  supporting actor  for Peter Dinklage and writing for executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Even the prosthetic makeup artists — for the death-by-molten-gold scene in the episode “A Golden Crown” — scored a nomination. “These nominations are great honors for the various individuals singled out, but the truth is that hundreds of people worked on ‘Game of Thrones,’ setting up lights at 5 in the morning, sewing wolf sigils on Sunday evenings, forging Valyrian steel daggers,” Benioff and Weiss said in a statement. “The crew and production staff work insane hours and their credits flash by in the blink of an eye at the end of each episode. We thank them for their […]
June 23, 2011 | 6:50 p.m.

‘True Blood’ creator Alan Ball: ‘Vampires are just a huge metaphor for sex’

Alan Ball looked pleased as punch Tuesday night at HBO‘s elaborate Hollywood premiere for the fourth season of the hit series “True Blood.” As well he should. Attracting an average of 13 million viewers per episode last season, the glossy show has become the most popular program on the cable network’s current lineup. Weeks before the event, Ball spoke to Hero Complex contributor Gina McIntyre about his creative approach to the series — though he was careful not to reveal too many details about what to expect from the upcoming episodes. As any fan knows, Ball guards his secrets with great care. GM: What’s your take on the current vampire craze? AB: I think vampires are just a huge metaphor for sex. I think obviously a lot of people fantasize about being taken by a vampire. Maybe that’s a way […]
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