March 12, 2013 | 7:00 a.m.

Iron Man Quiz: How well do you know Tony Stark?

Whether you fell in love with him in the pages of a comic book 50 years ago, or when Robert Downey Jr. first brought him to the big screen in 2008, Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man have managed to charm almost everyone. But how much do you actually know about the billionaire playboy super hero? “Iron Man 3” opens in theaters on May 3, and we thought now might be a good time to test your Tony Stark/Iron Man knowledge. PHOTOS: ‘Iron Man 3′: Trajectory of a superhero Below you’ll find questions about Pepper Potts’ real name, how Tony Stark’s parents actually died and where the L.A. based super hero is most likely to nurse a hangover after a night of serious drinking. There are questions about the comic book version of Iron Man, and questions about […]
March 05, 2013 | 9:44 a.m.

‘Meteor Disneyland’? Russian city looks to meteor site’s future

Meteor Disneyland.  That’s just one of the ideas for future incarnations of the spot in southern Russia where a 10,000-ton meteor left its mark on Feb. 15. The meteor blast injured thousands of people, many from shattered glass, and damaged structures and created a big hole in an iced-over lake. Andrei Orlov, mayor of impact site Chebarkul, reportedly wrote on his blog that he’d been told that his little town of 40,000 “really got lucky.”  Now, he’s been told, don’t mess it up. On Feb. 21, according to the Moscow Times, the mayor called for a citywide brainstorming session on the best way to get into travel and tour books and also profit from this natural disaster. It’s not the first time since the disaster that locals’ thoughts have turned to rubles. As the Los Angeles Times reported on Feb. […]
Feb. 08, 2013 | 9:21 a.m.

Nemo the monster: Powerful blizzard named for cute fish rolls in

Powerful blizzard Nemo — predicted to be the biggest winter storm in a century in some cities — was bringing heavy snow to the Northeast on Friday morning, interfering with travel and school and basically causing chaos. Wait. Nemo? Isn’t that the cuddly Disney/Pixar fish? The Weather Channel chose the name, and its website helpfully defines it. “Nemo: A Greek boy’s name meaning ‘from the valley,’ means ‘nobody’ in Latin.”  But to the rest of us, Nemo is the adorable clownfish with the overprotective single dad. PHOTOS: Snowpocalypse and more Only outside the Nemo zone do people have time to ponder this blizzard name. Friday morning brought a beehive of activity to the Northeast, according to media reports, as residents stockpiled supplies and tried to get where they wanted to go before mass transit was suspended. Flight Aware reported thousands […]
Feb. 04, 2013 | 1:25 p.m.

Richard III horror story: Axed in head, stabbed in rear, bones dug up

This post has been updated. Please see note at the bottom for details. King Richard III has not been treated well in popular culture, and as the recent discovery of his skeleton shows, he was not treated well in death either. The skeleton of the  medieval monarch  who was demonized by William Shakespeare, and who also popped up in the 1939 and ’62 horror films “Tower of London,” is missing its feet, and its wrist bones were found close together, suggesting that the hands were tied together when he was buried. There were 10 wounds discovered on the skeleton, including two deadly blows to the back of the head, one of which sliced part of the skull off. And archaeologists from the University of Leicester, who found the royal skeleton,  say the  corpse was also subjected to “humiliation injuries” including a sword […]
Feb. 01, 2013 | 12:36 p.m.

‘R’ of ‘Warm Bodies’ isn’t the first zombie romantic lead

Can a zombie be a convincing romantic lead? The filmmakers behind “Warm Bodies” are banking on it. The film, opening in theaters today, tells the unlikely tale of a brain-eating zombie named “R,” who falls in love with a real, live girl. Vampires, with their pale good looks, are inherently sexy, and werewolves have a certain animal magnetism. But there wouldn’t seem to be much to love about a brain-dead, decaying corpse that snacks on human flesh. Still, it turns out there is a cinematic precedent for zombie films with a romantic twist. “It has happened before, but it is almost always in comedies,” said Kyle Bishop, a professor at Southern Utah University and  author of  “American Zombie Gothic: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Walking Dead in Popular Culture.” Top 10 zombie movies at the box office “It […]
Feb. 01, 2013 | 8:07 a.m.

Pot in Kmart store: Workers get a 10-pound surprise

It’s a story only a nerd — of a certain variety — could love: 10 pounds of marijuana delivered to a Seattle Kmart. A Seattle Police Department blog Thursday revealed that officers had seized a “big package of pot” earlier this week. And showing that the men in blue have a sense of humor, too, the title of the post was: “Today’s Blue Light Special: 10 Pounds of Weed.” On Monday, Kmart workers informed police that the pot was wrapped in garbage bags, packing peanuts and “cleaning-fluid-soaked pages from a Korean newspaper.” So how did it get to Kmart? Police said the box of pot was sent via UPS and was intended for an undisclosed Philadelphia address (a Target, possibly?). But the package didn’t make it, and UPS delivered it to the listed return address — which, for reasons unexplained, […]
Dec. 27, 2010 | 3:35 p.m.

‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ in latest trivia challenge

“It’s too hard! Make it easier!” Fine, you people said we were just too intense with our previous trivia challenges, so for this installment of QUIZZAM we put some training wheels on the TARDIS and tapped the brake to drop it down out of hyperspeed. (Why are we expecting a chorus of the Moaning Myrtles who have a new complaint: “It’s tooooo easy! Make it harder!”)  This edition of the quiz was written by Michael Farr, but if you think you can do better maybe we’ll make this an open feature. CLICK ON THE LOGO TO TAKE THE QUIZ TAKE OUR OTHER TRIVIA CHALLENGES Quizzam No. 1 Quizzam No. 2 Quizzam No. 3
Sept. 28, 2010 | 4:10 a.m.

Do you speak geek? Take the third Hero Complex trivia challenge

What do the four images above have in common? Well, not a whole lot (unless one of you intrepid readers can link them), except that they are part of our third installment of The Hero Complex Quiz! , our pop-culture quiz with the fanboy tilt. We got great response to The Hero Complex Quiz No. 1 and The Hero Complex Quiz No. 2, but this is the best one yet.  So — are you a hero or a henchman? TAKE THE QUIZ NOW AND SEE HOW YOU RANK
Sept. 21, 2010 | 1:17 p.m.

Quizzam No. 2: Take the Hero Complex trivia challenge

The first edition of The Hero Complex Quiz, our pop-culture quiz with the fanboy tilt, was a big hit with readers.  Here’s the second installment, and this time around the questions have a greater range of difficulty.  Essentially, we wanted to provide a better mix — accessible challenges along with playfully esoteric stumpers. Take the quiz and see how you rank.  Are you a hero or a henchman? TAKE THE NEW QUIZ NOW — Geoff Boucher
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