‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome’: Online, on purpose

Nov. 09, 2012 | 1:33 p.m.
'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome'

‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome’ (Machinima)

“Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome,” a highly anticipated sci-fi show that follows young military pilot Ensign William Adama (played by Luke Pasqualino) on an important mission during the first Cylon War, launched Friday morning online with two episodes (seen below) on Machinima. The YouTube channel, which earlier launched a couple of Halo Web series and made a splash in 2011 with Mortal Kombat: Legacy, may not have been the medium that “Battlestar” fans expected, but it has always been the show’s destination.

“The challenge initially from the network to me was ‘Can you come up with an idea that would serve an online distribution platform?’ X-Box, Netflix — I can’t remember the actual venues and outlets,” said executive producer David Eick.

“The catch was they wanted a concept that would serve this 10-episode structure that could later be cut into a movie. It was a little perplexing,” he added. “The complication that occurred was that the network saw how good the script was and wanted to maintain the option to air it as a traditional network pilot. What became public perception was that we were doing a pilot for Syfy channel. Then when Syfy ultimately decided that it was so cool and so tailor-made for exactly the kind of experiment that we initially planned, that came off as ‘Oh, Syfy made a “Battlestar” pilot but they’re punting it and not gonna air it.’ And that’s just not how it came down at all — it just went right back to the original plan.”

Despite the “unfortunate rap” that followed the series as it developed and was cast, production continued. So with the platform(s) decided, and a structure loosely set, the initial ideas and concepts for the story needed to be hammered out. Eick had ideas, but at the time was working on other shows, including “Caprica,” the short-lived “Battlestar Galactica” prequel.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if we were to take a page from the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ notion, which is to go back to those 1930s and ’40s movie serials that were designed to be short stories broken into chapters, to serialize an entire three-act story,” Eick said. “And that’s where I started to think about a mission. What if you had young Adama and you told the story of a key mission that cast in stone his point of view about the Cylons; that fed into the kind of mythological morass that he instills into the ‘Battlestar’ family. Because I’m stupid when it comes to things like what history we’ve set forth and things that we’d already nailed down [in ‘Battlestar Galactica’], I finally got to talking to my go-to guys, Bradley Thompson, David Weddle and Michael Taylor. They said, ‘No, David, it can’t be [Sol] Tigh. They haven’t met yet.”

So, new characters and situations will surround and inform Adama in “Blood and Chrome,” including developing a friendship/working relationship with a war-weary co-pilot, Coker — played by Ben Cotton. We’ll learn more about him and the mission as the series progresses. The release schedule is to post new episodes every Friday, leading up to the finale on Nov. 30. The two-hour uncut version is slated to premiere on Syfy in February 2013, and the Blu-ray will be released Feb. 19.

— Jevon Phillips


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37 Responses to ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome’: Online, on purpose

  1. @gorkon says:

    This needs to be a REAL show. The 2 videos up now are awesome. It has BIG TIME potential!

  2. Scott says:

    This rocks. Great idea, awesome script, superb characters.

  3. Curivity says:

    What a huge waste of potential. I believe fans want to see a FULL VERSION on a MAJOR NETWORK, not a CUT UP version on a GAMER YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I'm really happy to see Blood and Chrome in general, but comon people get back to your senses. Battlestar Galactica was one of the best science fiction television shows to hit the air and you're giving it this? You should be HAPPY to make a pilot for television. David, you should take into account your fans' views and not just your own. Also… TRY to remember how your hit show played out on TV and the ratings it received, then judge if this fate is the best decision.

    • Noybusiness says:

      It is going to air on Syfy in February, and it's going to be a longer version.

    • Corey-Jan says:

      You are correct on all counts. Although, when Battlestar Galactica ran its mini-sodes online during the writer's strike, they were very compelling. I don't know that it's an either-or situation. Back in the day, novels were often serialized before their full release, which didn't make the full release any less powerful for audiences. I'm good for it.

    • Penn says:

      I am a real long time SciFi fan, and NOT a fan of the SYFY network that is a cop-out. Now as the the New BSG, it was a good show but was filled with far to much mello-drama and soap style stuff that most folks could care less about. realize the folks that wanted the show are all mid 40's and are the people that have the money to throw around and spend on stuff. Many of them were fans of the old show BSG and did npot care for the changes to the show. I for one liked the upgrade of technology but hate the trend to try and use Sudo Science to define technology that might be possible IF in the near futue. So the Blasters, and Energy Plasma cannons were not there because everyone is on this kick of Mass drivers and sudo possible tech. It is all fantasy, just go with it and tell the story. Once they complete the 10 Eps and amass them together in a single movie in Jan/Feb 2013 then it would be worth seeing again and maybe buying it.

  4. tHe DoCtOr says:

    SYFY your "grand experiment" is interesting, but its beyond me why you're driving people away from your channel with inane bonehead decision after decision. BattleStar Galactica and StarGate are your 2 BIGGEST draws and cash cows (plus amazing programs) soooo what the frak?

  5. Andre says:

    Now we see how Adama was as a young pilot,from what I've seen, makes this Starbuck look straightlace by comparion.Let's see where this goes.

  6. MrTemecula says:

    No more prequels, please. Every nugget knows how the story ends thus killing any suspense for any episode or mystery of an arc. You would think SciFi already knows this from their previous experience with BSG.

    • Noybusiness says:

      Being a prequel isn't what killed Caprica, the network's bad scheduling is. And many people are interested in the story of how they got there.

      • John W. says:

        Bad scheduling? I'm a BSG fan and Caprica was mostly boring even to me. It might have made a great mini-series or even feature, but that season draaaaaged. Obviously, not enough people were tuning in, and with modern DVR technology, saying it was "bad scheduling" is just a lame excuse.

    • Lock says:

      Caprica wasn't given enough of an opportunity to develop into a successful series. Unlike BSG, which almost immediately hit the ground running with action and suspense, Caprica needed time to develop storylines and make connections to the storyline people are already familiar with.

      • Bubba says:

        I will agree with all of the above, scheduling, long drawn out development and not enough time. I stuck it out and you know what, it started getting good, but by then it was too late.

  7. Sarh says:

    Watched it and was bored. Battlestar should be re-rebooted or let go

    • Penn says:

      You know they could do a reboot and allow the Cylons and colonials continue on and not stop fighting at all. Maybe another "Angel" steps in and changes time and alters the timeline and the war rages on. Hmmm now that would be awesome, eventually the Cylons would loose that battle, running out of resources.

  8. pinzero says:

    I did not see any advertising for this a friend gave me a tip to watch it – the viewer count seemed really low for the first day < 500K

  9. Lock says:

    The entire problem with Caprica was that it went back in time waaaay too far. This prequel seems to give the people more of what they want, although the likelihood of this evolving beyond a two hour movie is reduced due to the initial internet release.

  10. Joshua says:

    Too far? The story of how the Cylons came to be was extremely interesting. If you have some ADHD issue and can't be bothered with story, go watch Stargate or something. Caprica was a great show and it deserved better that what it got.

  11. John says:

    Would love to see this make it as a series. I love SciFi but honestly i dont trust the SYFY channel anymore. I have all but given up hope on their choices. Still though i do hope that this gets made into a series because it looks GREAT. Maybe SYFY should consider getting some new executives….people that like SciFi. Just a thought.

  12. Craig Whipple says:

    This needs to be a real show. Im so ready for some raw and gritty BSG!

  13. Caprica Fan says:

    What they should be making is Caprica Season 2, which was going to be fascinating, and have a lot more action and political suspense than Season 1 had. Competing Cylon armies were being built on three different planets, and characters were developing into heroes.

  14. Kevin says:

    Love BSG and will love this 2 hour movie but syfy can take this much further than a movie. There is a huge fan base for this. Go mini-series or better yet full series.

  15. Red5 says:

    Looks like they need to tone down those bright lights everywhere. Looked stupid on Star Trek and even moreso here. Are they compensating for bad CGI or low budget set design?

  16. John Bigbooté says:

    The “problem with Caprica” is that IT WAS REALLY BAD.

    B&C is actually really good, and very impressive visually. Hope the fans step up and give it numbers Syfy can’t ignore.

  17. David says:

    This needs to lead to a television series that runs as long or longer than the new Galactica did. I loved Caprica and Galactica both and know this series will do just as well.

  18. Shane says:

    Caprica had huge potential and got nuked way before its time….. This has IMO massive appeal and would really kick BSG back into the game.

    But yeh I agree no more 10min teasers its going to destroy the feb release :(

  19. Dave says:

    10 minutes or so a week just isn't enough

  20. Mike g says:

    It's awesome to see the Galactica in its hey-day.

  21. Dee says:

    I'm not sure how much the rights are locked into Syfy but NBC Universal could make some moonies with a good, limited season run series (like the original BSG). This just seems like more Syfy fail to me.
    Even if it is David Eick's brain-child, I'd still blame Syfy.

  22. Albert says:

    When I heard about a new Battlestar series, I was so excited. The shorts are too good to be a short. This needs to be a series. What are you guys thinking? I will definately watch the 2 hour in Feb, but this could have been great on air series. Nice work.

  23. John W. says:

    So many of you are moaning that CAPRICA was canceled to soon, but don't seem to grasp that enough people weren't watching it to justify its continuation. In Hollywood, it's simple economics. The "bad scheduling" excuse holds no water. If a show is really good and popular, people will tune in no matter when it airs.

  24. phil says:

    I still haven’t seen it as its not available in Australia.

    Been waiting for its release and still can’t watch it.

  25. Russ says:

    Loved BSG…watched Caprica twice and was bored. Too much politics, which was the worst part of BSG.

    Just learned about B&C yesterday. However what I heard was about the Feb. release date, not that it was on youtube. I'll definently take a look tonight.

    I'm not the biggest fan of the format, but the Machinima release of Halo was awesome. I will admit that the 10 minutes at a time format is more of a concern to me than is having to use my xbox to watch it.

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