Comic-Con: ‘Bones’ fans can help us dig into show

July 11, 2012 | 10:54 a.m.

“Bones” is among the network shows headed down to Comic-Con, and the moderator of the panel — Los Angeles Times television critic Mary McNamara — invites fans to join in her on-stage investigation.  

 Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth in "Bones."

Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth in “Bones.” (Fox)

The cancellation of the “Bones” panel at last year’s Comic-Con International left many fans disappointed and distraught. But fear not; “Bones” is back, Friday at 1:45 p.m. in Ballroom 20, and I, lucky girl, will be moderating.

What the seventh season lacked in length (only 13 episodes ran due to star Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy), it made up for in intensity. Not only did Bones (Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) become parents (in a stable, no less), but criminal-tech genius Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) managed to frame Bones for murder. Result: in the season finale, Bones and baby Bones went on the lam. Not exactly what to expect when you’re expecting.

Here’s a few things I want to know from panel members Deschanel, Boreanaz, Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan: How long will Bones be on the lam and how is Booth going to stand it? How did you manage to avoid the consummation curse and were there big fights about the off-screen nature of the big Bones-and-Booth-finally-surrender scene? How hard is it to balance the (multiple) parenting storylines so realistically with the icky crimes? And does having infants in the vicinity affect the nature of the crimes? What was the grossest moment of this season? Where do I get Angela’s super-cool tablet? So those are some of my thoughts; what about yours? We will be taking questions from the audience, but I will also be happy to ask some of yours, and report the response, if you post them below.

— Mary McNamara


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70 Responses to Comic-Con: ‘Bones’ fans can help us dig into show

  1. @wellsbones says:

    I'd love know if now that Emily is a new mom and probably she won't spend more hours on the set if she still have the desire of direct an episode? I'd love see Emily Deschanel the director in action!

  2. Pam From Calif says:

    I would like to know from Emily howBones felt about leaving Booth behind when she (as Bones) was abandoned and knew what it felt like to be left behind with no idea when or if she would see her parents again. How does she think it will effect her relationship with Booth when he was left behind( even though as an agent) she was protecting him. How will this ACTION make him leery and un trusting that she may at any time just leave again if in danger from the serial killer?

  3. I’m a Grad student in Forensic Anthropology and a huge fan of “Bones” & the Kathy Reichs novels; but I’m freaking out! How does Emily feel about Brennan’s integrity as a For. Anth. now that she’s gone “on the lam”?! And how does David believe that Booth can hold onto his integrity with the F.B.I. & the Jeffersonian people since they might assume that he “let Brennan go”? Please help us, the fans, stay with the show with pride!

  4. Mandy says:

    Will we see what Brennan & Christine have been through while on the run as well as how Booth has dealt with the situation. Also, I know with Emily’s pregnancy it was impossible to film the Boith & Brennan ”hookup” in season 6, now that she’s had the baby will we get any flashbacks in season 8 to what we missed when Booth & Brennan finally got together in season 6?

    • Laurie says:

      Hi..I want to know if we can see what they said to each other during and after they hooked up? We never got to see any of their communications about it….inquiring minds want to know !!! Please!!

  5. Kate says:

    Will we ever find out anymore more details about Brennan's past in foster care?

  6. Megan says:

    Will we ever see Zack guest star again?

    I felt a little jipped with the relationship of Booth and Bones. Yes, we all knew they were going to end up together, but season 6 ended up with "Oh hey I'm pregnant…let's skip 6 months and the relationship blossoming" to them being all moved in together and acting nonchalant. I wanted to see the beginning of the relationships. Can Hart elaborate on why they did this?

    Will we ever have more than one serial killer in a season? I love the serial killer episodes and look forward to the continuation. I would like to see like a three part episode or something.

    • Laurie says:

      DITTO Me tooo to the first question !!!!! PLEASE….

    • Lilia says:

      Hart said Zack is hard to bring back now because so many new fans don't know who he is. I frankly say they could EASILY fix that with introductions to all of the new lab people who don't know Zack, but at least an appearance would be nice! Like Booth could go talk to Zach about Bones running away, and I'm sure the lab people have kept in contact, by letters at least. They set up a whole cliffhanger plot with him Sweets and DID NOTHING!!!!!

      But that's just my idea. He at least needs something. The fact that Zack was left hanging off a cliff and nothing ever happened probably lost the show some fans. HE WAS A REGULAR!!! People may not notice when small, guest star clifffhangers never get answered, but they sure notice when a regular just suddenly isn't there anymore and they don't give him the ending he deserves. It's one thing if they would have just ended it with him in the hosptial, but addng the scene with Sweets and doing nothing was a mistake if they never planned on doing anything.

  7. xhio says:

    It would be interesting to understand which former actors/characters they will bring back in s8.
    I have a list 'm very curious about, such as:
    – Brendan Fehr/Jared? What about his wedding with Padme?
    – Jessica Capshaw/Rebecca, aka Parker's mom? Are we ever going to see her back?
    – What about Jonathan adams/Dr. Goodman? Isn't he ever come back to visit again?

  8. Julie Schmitt says:

    Why was the show cancelled it had to of done really good its a shame, do they think it might continue sometime in the future?

  9. Ed Z says:

    At Paleyfest earlier this year, Hart and Stephen stated that they would be doing more with Sweets' abusive childhood in the show's eighth season. Could you press them for more on that?

    And is John Francis Daley going to write another episode this season, or perhaps direct one, now that he is debuting as a director on the silver screen, too?

  10. Beatrice says:

    I have a strong curiosity regarding the title of the Season Finales of season 5, "The beginning in the end": is it correct to assume that some of the authors plans changes after that episode actually wasn't "The beginning" that we were thinking about? I still can't explain why that title. Would Hanson be willing to explain this now that some time has passed since then?
    Thanks a lot!

    Beatrice, from Italy

  11. Emma says:

    I would really like to know if Booth and Brennan stay together as a couple but also as partners. Also do they get married at some point and will he ever trust her again?

  12. mamu says:

    aa…esta todo en ingles!agan uno en español!

  13. BonesFan#447 says:

    Don't get me wrong, I love Booth and Brennan as a couple. And I love what the show has shown us of their relationship. But are we ever gonna get to see a bedroom scene?? The lingerie was hot and everything, of course. But I think a lot of fans are dying to see those two in bed together! Or even a flashback to their first night together, after the fade to black ;)

  14. @IDKWTM says:

    If Fox is committed to an 8th season, are the stars (esp David and Emily) as committed? There would be no point to the studio offering more seasons without the main stars.

  15. Laffers says:

    Any chance one of Brennan's interns will graduate anytime soon? And if not, could any of them (and by any I mean Daisy ;) ) accidentally get hit by a bus? ;)

  16. Laffers says:

    Scheduling conflicts aside, are there any plans to bring Russ back to the show? Especially now he has a gorgeous niece to meet :)

  17. michofficial says:

    I would like to know how Emily Deschanel portrays her character Dr.Brennan so well without even being a forensic anthropologist in real life? I myself was inspired by her to be a forensic anthropologist when I am a little older! She is such an inspiration to young girls looking to have this career as they get older! I would love to have her input on this question!

  18. michofficial says:

    I would love to know how Emily Deschanel portrays her character so well without even being a forensic anthropologist in real life! I myself would like to be a forensic anthropologist when I am a little older I take such an interest in this career! She is such an inspiration to many young girls who would like to be this as they grow older! I would love to have her input on this question!! Thank You-Michelle @MichDeschanel

  19. GABRIEL says:


  20. Raissa says:

    I would like to know when will Emily direct an episode of Bones? because as far as I know, she watched David direct some of the episodes and want to direct an episode soon. I also want to ask Emily what will be the obstacle that Brennan will face to keep her family safe especially Christine. Thanks

  21. Jean says:

    The title of episode 8-1 has been revealed as "The Future in the Past." This hints at all the pain endured by the abandoned Brennan now to be suffered by the abandoned Booth. I hope the writers do not jeopardize their relationship and play with the heartstrings of the couple's (and the show's) loyal, patient viewers. Can we be assured by Hansen and company?

  22. Kelsey Jorgensen says:

    Will we ever have a permanent intern again? (aka as in Zach coming back)

  23. Gracie says:

    will we ever see episodes wherein there will be flashback of the moments we've missed after Season 6 finale and before the pilot of Season 7? But more importantly, are they gonna show ("THE SCENE") that particular night VNM got killed, you know, the BB loving? =) and oh! can you tell @emilydeschanel how much she is loved by her fans around the world…. i just really love her <3 Thanks a lot Mary!!!

  24. John M. Quesada says:

    I just want to see more Bones episodes!

  25. Gracie says:

    will we ever see episodes wherein there will be flashback of the moments we've missed after Season 6 finale and before the pilot of Season 7? But more importantly, are they gonna show ("THE SCENE") that particular night VNM got killed, you know, the BB loving? =) and oh! can you tell @emilydeschanel how much she is loved by her fans around the world…. i just really love her <3 Thanks a lot Mary!!! —

  26. rachelalicehope says:

    I have been wondering if Jacob Broadsky will everr come back.. I mean with The Gravedigger we saw a bit of her (and her head exploding) after jail, and I ound it interesting. Will Jake be escaping from jail anytime soon?

    Also, I wanted to know an NCIS related question juat for fun.. since Ralph Waites plays Booth’s Pop and Jackson Gibbs (his father) is there any chance that L.J. Gibbs is Booth’s uncle in a future NCIS/Bones crosover?

  27. atlanta says:

    WIll we ever find out why Booth's mother left two little boys to the mercy of an abusive alcoholic?

  28. Erica says:

    Now that Brennan has had to go on the run to protect her family (leaving behind the man she loves in order to protect his future), will this make her more understanding and accepting of her parents making the same choice when she was younger? She has remained a bit wary and distrustful of Max because of the past, so will she now be able to really understand and forgive him for making that choice now that she has had to do the same sort of thing?

    • Imane Assi says:

      Brennan didn't abandon her child like her parents did to her brother and her.There is the HUGE difference.

  29. @UK_MJ says:

    I would like to know when Bones is going to have James Marsters guest star. It would be EPIC!

  30. laffers18 says:

    I was wondering, did it ever cross the writers minds to have Zack be killed by Pellant? It would have made sense for Brennan to turn to her genius ex-student for assistance, much like Hodgins did in S4 (I think!). Also, it would finally stop people asking for him back, so we may get more interesting questions ;)

  31. Lau says:

    Will David Boreanaz direct season's 8 premiere also?
    We know the new season's premiere will be directly linked to last season's finale, and considering how beautifully David directed it, wouldn't it be apropriate to keep him as the director to ensure the continuity and fluidity of this promising storyline?

  32. Samia says:

    I'm a huge Moroccan fan ! And lately, I read an interview when Emily said that she would love to film here in Morocco ! I was wondering if that can be possible and what Hart Hanson think about it ! I mean they already did one in England ! So, yeah !! Filming outside the USA would be great !
    Thank you – Samia !

  33. Jenn says:

    For Hart Hanson, how did he feel having his vacation interrupted by David Boreanaz tweets? Will there be a punishment written into a story this season b/c of that? Maybe make him ride a double decker bus. Does Hart Hanson see a season 9 unlike David Boreanaz? Thanks.

    • Great questions! Please put David on the hot seat, since we won’t be there! David’s twawtting misadventures might’ve been a ploy for him to try to get more $$$ but it sent BONES’ current fans screaming in distress and future prospective fans saying,”see? Told ya that show WOULDN’T LAST!”

      Maybe Hanson and Emily can have David do a bunch of scenes with large exotic birds. I’m still bummed.

  34. Stef (aka junkiecat) says:

    When are they going to make Caroline a regular?!?!

  35. Stephen Nathan in a recent interview with TV Guide indicated that Booth would be furious with Max and Brennan for leaving and taking Christine. So, the question becomes how will Bones react to Booth when she returns? Will she exhibit any guilt or will she insist that it was the rational/logical choice?

    • Imane Assi says:

      Brenna has no reason to feel guilty.Shhe 3 of them,no matyter how much ite did what she had to do to protect t was painful for her.Booth isn't he only one in pain here.So I don't want brennan to apologize for doing what she had to do

  36. imane says:

    When Booth and Hannah broke up, she said something about 'this isn't finished yet.' Was that just an idle comment, or will she ever return?

    • Imane Assi says:

      The Hannah arc needs a closure.She's the elephant in the room and they should have dealt with her before putting Brennan and Booth together.

  37. Mirella says:

    Why is Swetts so important now?, he go to the field with Booth, make interviews with Booth..etc—-sometimes Daysi/Swetts have more time on screen that B/B, why is that??, I think the center was Booth and Bones, why change what is good?, for a second character like that?

  38. Rob says:

    What do you say to people who say that Bones was a good drama with the right amount of comedy and now is a comedy with a little spice of drama?

  39. Laura says:

    As I have read some of the comments above – My question too is will we be so lucky to see a flashback episode of Booth & Brennan "getting together" and making a baby from season 6?

  40. TinTin says:

    Will viewers ever see any bedroom scenes between Booth and Brennan? HH and SN had no problem giving us sex scenes when B & B were with other partners. FYI HH & SN couples in love actually have sex. :))

  41. Fred3733 says:

    1) How is Brennen going to avoid calling the Jeffersonian to try and help solve the murder, or
    2) How will they solve the crime without her, and
    3) Why didn't Brennen's father just shoot the b–tard?
    4) Or will Brennen's father actually use his criminal mind to solve this?
    ===5) When will you have Craig Ferguson and his Robot Skeleton on the show?!? ====

  42. Christy says:

    I know in previous interviews the creators have mentioned developing new FBI characters for the Booth world. Can we expect to see Genevieve Shaw return? We learned a little bit about her backstory in previous episodes and I'd love to see her character evolve. I enjoyed her back and forth with Sweets during the Broadsky case.

  43. Caitlin Berry says:

    I read not long ago that bones has been signed on by fox for another 2 years. I would like to know how long does Emily and David plan on staying with the show? also In the first 6 seasons booth and brennan had a real strong sexual attraction that caused frustration on both sides wanting each other but not being able to go further. Now that they are together how will the relationship be displayed so that the same spark is there and cause a heart racing feeling for the viewers?

    Caitlin from Australia

  44. Melissa Mae says:

    Hey! :) It would be really awesome if you could ask this question to Emily Deschanel on my behalf. Okay… I would like to first say that Emily is the most perfect person on this planet. She’s my inspiration! How’s it like being both a parent on the show and in real life? Oh! And is Zooey ever going to guest-star on Bones again? That would be great!

    Yup! That’s all I have to ask.

    Thank you!!! :)

  45. Anthos Polycarpou says:

    Your skin is so clear and clean…Do you find that when you score a success they expect you to drink Wine ?? XXX Anthos Cardiff

  46. siddhi says:

    loved the last question!!

  47. Cally says:

    I would like to see more of B&B’s relationship and how it came to be. I know they have been working on it since season 1 while denying it, but when they finally got together, it was too fast. If we bring Zack back which I definitely want. We don’t have to get rid of the interns. He’s a doctor. And if the writers have a problem with having Interns and Zack, they can switch out. AND DON’T KILL ZACK!

  48. Susan Meeuwesen says:

    Wil there be a flashback? How did everybody react to the fact that B&B are à couple and that Bones was pregnant? I would love to see that. It would be Nice to see the cast in the Netherlands. There are a lot of fans outside the USA.

  49. mary mcnamara says:

    Hey Guys! These are unbelievably terrific questions and I will try to get to as many as I can during the session! Will post the answers and my thoughts on the panel too! thanks. mary

  50. Joe says:

    Can we learn something about Booth's mom and Angrla's mom? Who and where are they?

  51. rex says:

    Are we finally going to learn more about Sweets' past in this upcoming season?

  52. viggie4 says:

    Viggie4_Is there anyway we can get a picture of Emily & David autographed? Thanks,

  53. Ana says:

    Will Season 8 consist of 26 episodes — 22 plus 4 bonus episodes? Or will there be 22 episodes total — including the 4 bonus episodes?

  54. Debbie England says:

    My question for Mr. Hansen in reference to the episode when Booth had brain surgery did the staff consult neurologists because my husband had a brain tumor and Booth having the hallucinations the show was spot on, my husband had hallucinations & seizures which led to his brain surgery. The accuracy of the show is amazing & impressive. Love the cast love the show.

  55. Mary says:

    Ok… can I have more David Boreanaz skin in the eight season? Maybe *semi naked* scene? *W*

    Ok, I'm stupid fangirl. I Know.

  56. esther says:

    I just want to see more Bones episodes! I just want to see more Bones episodes! I just want to see more Bones episodes!

  57. xnxx says:

    I would love to know how Emily Deschanel portrays her character so well without even being a forensic anthropologist in real life! I love what the show has shown us of their relationship. But are we ever gonna get to see a bedroom scene? Filming outside the USA would be great !
    Thank you – Samia !

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