‘Doctor Who’ at 50: Meet the 11 faces of the Time Lord

March 27, 2013 | 8:00 a.m.

“Doctor Who” returns Saturday with “The Bells of St. John,” starring Jenna-Louise Coleman as mysterious new companion Clara opposite Matt Smith’s Doctor.

It’s an auspicious year for “Doctor Who” as the sci-fi series turns 50. Whovians are celebrating the anniversary with commemorative postage stamps, an audio drama, a three-day event in London and two TV movies — one about the filming of the first “Who” episode and the second an adventure rumored to feature all 11 incarnations of the Doctor.

“In Britain, you can practically define yourself, your generation by which actor played the Doctor when you were a kid,” executive producer Steven Moffat told Hero Complex.

To celebrate 50 years of “Who,” Hero Complex takes a look at the many faces of the time-traveling Doctor, as well as the monsters he fought and the friends who traveled with him, in an anniversary graphic, below. Let us know which Doctor is your Doctor in the comments.

Graphic: 'Doctor Who' at 50


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— Noelene Clark and Raoul Ranoa | @LATHeroComplex


18 Responses to ‘Doctor Who’ at 50: Meet the 11 faces of the Time Lord

  1. "My" Doctors were Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker-the Dandy and "Teeth and Curls"! I got hooked watching Dr. Who on PBS because the Doctor really cared not only about Earth but his companions! Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith were different from other heroines in that they didn't wait to be rescued, they sometimes did the rescuing themselves! The newer Doctors have all the best qualities of the originals….maybe a little more humanity and willingness to love, but just as much humor!

    • lcb1 says:

      It's amazing how much the actor may change just about everything, maybe in a polar way, from a loved or hated show to the opposite. I remember when Sylvester McCoy became Doctor Who, suddenly the show was unwatchable to me. It wasn't quite vile, I could see that the elements of a good show where there on paper, and that Sylvester was trying hard and his role should have worked. But it was all clockwork cardboard to me at that stage, no helped by a loathsome female sidekick (what a ham she was!). It was then that I lost interest in Doctor Who, and to be honest, from then or after that it did get less serious in a way where they don't care so much anymore. Before it was a decent science fiction yarn that knew generally which elements were the most important, including keeping things simple at times. There have been some good ideas and episodes since, but the McCoy legacy seems to have cursed the show. The great ideas and promising (though not quite good) writing during much of Tenant's time still seems to inhabitant the half comic stage-play farce world I saw with Sylvester McCoy. Tenant seems to be in his own world, wanting you to know you can't really, fully take it seriously, so relax and just smirk instead. The first doctors, right up the the 80s, were not of such a world at all. I remember reading the books as a child. Doctor Who was not for smirking, in-joking really, nor having a poised, alternative, out of the box (read silly, fashion stance and ungrown up) consciousness.

  2. @azguy86 says:

    FYI: the chart listed the tenure of the second doctor as 1970-1974, the exact same duration as the third doctor. Likely a simple mistake. Hope you can fix it :)

  3. Molly says:

    Where's the Master?
    He's certainly a very interesting character that's often described as a nemesis.

  4. dwfan says:

    I disagree ten's most noteable nemesis was the weeping angel's. I'd say the master was, the weeping angel's were only in one episode with him and we didn't even see him interacting with them in it.

    • Sparticus says:

      I agree with you, but he had to give the Master to Number 8, because that is his only enemy on film. Number 9's should have been the Auton's, not the farting Aliens. Number 6's most destructive, horrendous, monsterous foe was present in every episode that Number 6 was in. The Coat of Many Colours. It murdered many a ratings.

  5. maria says:

    you should have a memorable quote
    David Tennat "I don't want to go"

  6. Gilbert Hawthorne says:

    the 12 faces of doctor who. peter cushing palyed ,the first doctor in film's. he made two 1965,1966.

  7. Kenny says:

    Tom Baker and Peter Davison…Sadly, I lost touch wth the character around that time. The girl that introduced me to the good Doctor moved away, and I lost interest, not at all because of the show, but my teenage hormones took over! I'm interested to see which Doctors will truly be involved in the anniversary special!

  8. Katarzyna says:

    Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, still the best there ever was and ever will be, though I have to admit Tennant with Catherine Tate was an excellent combo. Matt Smith was a huge let down. Hopefully the next and last will be better.

  9. Gary says:

    My favorite doctor as a TV character was David Tennant. But, my fav
    as a person was Patrick Troughton. Had a chance to work with him in
    my old radio days. Delightful man. Kind and very open to the fans.
    Pertwee.. not so much. Agreed to do things and then changed his
    mind. Very distant..

  10. larryco_ says:

    The whinny Donna Noble over the wonderful Dr. Martha Jones as the "memorable companion" for #10? In what galaxy would that make sense?

  11. gina says:

    I have3 favorites Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith, Tom because he was so clever but fooled people by pretending he wasn't… David because we saw a lot of emotion in his Doctor, and Matt Smith
    because he could switch from being light hearted to being very serious and yet he was very childlike in his portrayal of the 11th Doctor….

  12. Abbi says:

    Been watching Doctor Who since I was six years old – my Mom had a VHS of Logolopolis and put it on so I could she what she grew up watching. Got so obsessed with it that I started collecting the books and VHS when I was ten with my allowance. 25 Year old now, and loving the new series <3

    My Favourites would have to be (it is soooo hard to choose) Tom Baker (Loved him in the Original Chronicles of Narnia). After that, Peter Davidson (All Creatures Great and Small) mostly for his boyishness covering his serious and 'tired' side, Sylvester McCoy for his intensity (And Ace, my favourite female character/companion to date), then Colin Baker (My fashion hero <3)

  13. Justin says:

    My doctors are 9 and 11. Lol 911 and the tardis is a police box. Now I can officially say I have a slightly more humorous mind than the doctors. I got hooked on doctor who because of the whovians I was forced to grow up with. But I’m not saying that’s a bad thing though. Of my two doctors I would have to say 11 was the best fit mentally but 9 was best for being compassionate. The thing this list is missing is the fact that 9 came back as the new doctor and is traveling with rose yet again. This might just be what my generation believes but I think it would be cool if all of the 11 doctors where to travel together for at least a total of 2 episodes just to see what would happen. If you got this far you might as well reply to my last sentence.

  14. keith lewis says:

    Where can I oder a copy of this article, in particular. the anniversary graphic poster?

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