‘Doctor Who’: David Tennant, Billie Piper return for anniversary

March 30, 2013 | 8:54 a.m.
Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the Doctor (David Tennant). (BBC)

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the Doctor (David Tennant). (BBC)

Matt Smith’s Doctor will cross paths with David Tennant’s Doctor in an upcoming 50th anniversary special of “Doctor Who.”

Tennant, whose vivacious performance as the time-and-space-traveling alien helped catapult the long-running British television series into the mainstream of popular culture, has joined the cast, along with Billie Piper, who played his traveling companion and love interest, Rose Tyler, the BBC confirmed Saturday morning. The show is rumored to include all 11 incarnations of the Doctor.

The BBC also announced that John Hurt (“Alien,” “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”) will be guest starring in the special, which is written by Steven Moffat and begins filming in Britain this week. (“Merlin” fans will note that Hurt voiced the Great Dragon in that recently wrapped-up fantasy series.)

GRAPHIC: Meet the 11 Doctors

When Tennant and Piper appear alongside Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman (who plays new companion Clara Oswald), it will be the first time that Tennant, who played the Doctor in three seasons and several specials, will reprise the role since 2010’s “The End of Time.” In that final heartbreaking episode, Tennant’s Doctor bid farewell to his friends and regenerated into Matt Smith’s Doctor.

doctorwho Doctor Who: David Tennant, Billie Piper return for anniversary

"Doctor Who" has clocked more than 50 years, transporting fans through time and space on remarkable adventures. Here's a look back at the Time Lord's regenerations over the years. (BBC)

7 Doctor Who: David Tennant, Billie Piper return for anniversary

Sylvester McCoy played the Seventh Doctor from 1987 until the show's cancellation in 1989.

11 Doctor Who: David Tennant, Billie Piper return for anniversary

Matt Smith has played the Eleventh Doctor -- the Time Lord's current incarnation -- since 2010. (BBC)

The announcement comes on the same day as the show’s midseason premiere, “The Bells of St. John,” which officially introduces Coleman’s Clara as the Doctor’s new companion. “Doctor Who: The Companions,” in which companions old and new talk about how the show has shaped their lives, premieres Sunday.

It’s a big year for “Doctor Who,” and Whovians are celebrating 50 years with commemorative postage stamps, an audio drama, a three-day convention in London and two TV movies — one the anniversary special starring previous incarnations of the Doctor and the second a documentary about the filming of the first “Who” episode.

Was David Tennant your Doctor? Let us know in the comments.

— Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark


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17 Responses to ‘Doctor Who’: David Tennant, Billie Piper return for anniversary

  1. Guest says:


    Billie Piper

  2. ttubes says:

    Tom Baker was my Dr Who

  3. tomspeelman says:

    I was introduced to the show through "Blink," probably the single greatest episode of the Tennant era, but I fell in love with it through watching reruns of the Christopher Eccleston season on PBS. Tennant did cement my love of the show, though. SO PUMPED that he is coming back!

  4. Russ G. says:

    I was disappointed to see David Tennant leave the show, but Matt Smith has grown on me. I would have to say David Tennant was my favorite Doctor, but now when I think of the Doctor I do picture Matt Smith (he may yet be able to surpass David as my favorite)..

  5. @tlsmith1963 says:

    He was definitely my Doctor! Excited about the news. I was kind of hoping for Donna, though. Bringing Rose back so many times diminishes the impact of "Doomsday", the episode where Rose originally departed.

  6. Jackie says:

    He left Rose with the clone in Journey's End, not the End of Time.

  7. Jackie says:

    Also, forgot to put this in the last post. Even though Moffat said in the past that Billie and David might be returning, he has come out in the last week and said that they will definately not be returning because they want to keep the show 'moving forward' or something like that.

  8. angela says:

    i miss david tennant as the doctor.he was my favorite

  9. Marina says:

    Yes, David Tennant was my doctor. He should come back !!!

  10. paul says:

    Newest regeneration should be . . . David Tennant! He looks in the mirror and says, "Oh, no. Not again!"

  11. rayman says:

    Billie Piper’s Rose….hot. There was chemistry between Tennant’s Dr. and Rose. Will he finally get to tell Rose the three words???

  12. feelingtoinfinity says:

    David was definitely our favorite — we were so disappointed that he was replaced by the new one that we stopped watching.

  13. sabrina says:

    David Tennant is deffinitely my Doctor He was my favourite. He gave life to this character…The Doctor…that impossible man that made our life amaizing. He never dissapointed me. AWESOME…that’s the word! awesome!!! I love David Tennant….since Doctor Who, he also became my favourite actor :)

  14. sabrina says:

    David was deffinitely my Doctor. He gave life to this character.I’ll never forget that impossible man who made our life fantastic. He was amaizing…AWESOME! Yea..that’s the right word…awesome!!! He made me cry so manny times, I learned from him, to be a better person and I want to say ‘thankyou David Tennant’. Since Doctor Who you also became my favourite actor and I’m happy that I could see you as the Doctor. :)

  15. Lloyd Bullard says:

    Best of all : David & Karen Gillian. Enuf said. Lloyd

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