‘Doctor Who’ fans talk Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi on Twitter

Dec. 26, 2013 | 7:30 a.m.

“Times change, and so must I.”

Thus spoke the 11th Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, moments before the time-traveling extraterrestrial shed his appearance and regenerated in a new form — this time played by Peter Capaldi. (Fans who missed the Christmas episode, beware — there are spoilers ahead.)

The passing of the Doctor mantle came during the final moments of “The Time of the Doctor,” the show’s ninth Christmas special since its 2005 revival and the 800th episode in its 50-year history. Smith’s 11th Doctor spent most of the episode protecting the town of Christmas on the planet Trenzalore, and aging significantly in the process. After delivering his swan song aboard the Tardis, the 11th Doctor quickly morphed into the 12th.

Viewers didn’t have much time to see Capaldi in action, as his arrival was brief and hectic: Upon regenerating, the wild-eyed 12th Doctor exclaimed, “Kidneys — I’ve got new kidneys!” and proceeded to complain about their color. He then asked an equally bewildered Clara (Jenna Coleman), “Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”

Reaction to the new Doctor on Twitter was largely positive. Though many fans were sad to see Smith go, most were also cautiously optimistic about Capaldi or outright excited. Here’s a sampling:


What did you think of the new Doctor? Let us know in the comments.

– Oliver Gettell

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"Doctor Who" star Matt Smith. “I think what he brought back to the role is the absolute nuttiness of the Doctor,” Moffat said. “Matt’s Doctor is basically insane. You put him in a normal situation, and you realize he’s an absolute lunatic.” (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)On ‘Doctor Who,’ it’s ‘Time’ to change the Doctor

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21 Responses to ‘Doctor Who’ fans talk Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi on Twitter

  1. Ya Butt says:

    I hope this means Clara will stop flirting with The Doctor. She was only into him for his looks. BRING DONNA NOBLE BACK!!!!

  2. Chaska says:

    The regeneration from Matt smith to Peter Capaldi was brief and sudden, almost jolting. However, each regeneration of the doctor has been different. It is interesting that with the last three doctors (Tennant, Smith and Capaldi) they have commented on physical appearence (Capaldi's doctor focused on a change in internal organs). In the classic series, there were various comments about the Doctor's physical appearance. With Matt Smith's Doctor, The TARDIS crashed. Capaldi's Doctor suggested that the TARDIS was going to crash and that he didn't know how to fly it! Coincidence? time will tell.

  3. Izabella says:

    Its awkward to accept sudden change. I had doubts about Matt Smith. He had very big shoes to follow but over the years he filled those shoes quite well. In the end, Matt Smith had burst through them. Peter Capaldi, though not like his previous predecessors will have quite a task ahead of him. I wish him luck. Can his wild eyed stare have fans at the Cons dressed like him??? Hmmmm???

  4. Akusatou says:

    Also, if you look at the new doctor who posters with capaldi, he seems more intense. The quickness of the regeneration might symbolize this intensity. That this new doctor will be quick and fierce, yet at the same time, still have a lot of the qualities of the previous doctor. If you remember the day of the doctor, they showed his fierce and determined eyes. Each doctor brings a different trait to the table and characterizes the new doctor with all the traits from the old and brings in some new. Tennant was quirky, mad scientist with depression towards the end. Smith was eccentric, professor type with a knack for curiousity. I'm curious to see what Capaldi will bring to the table. :)

  5. tlsmith63 says:

    Capaldi's appearance was brief, but if you watch the scene multiple times you get an idea that this is going to be an interesting Doctor. Twelve is actually a bit unnerving & scary. Look at Clara's reaction. I can't wait to see more of Twelve!

  6. MARSHA says:

    omg. Started wat ing with Eccleston in 2005 and instantly fell for Tennant. When Matt took the reins I didnt think I would ever be hooked again but he had me before the end of his first episode. I trird wat hing the ckassic episodes but coild not really get into. Obviously I am a newbie and I love the younger more vibrant energetic and sexier Dr Who's. I believe I will need some convincing with Capaldis older version. Seems the powers that be are looking for the more classical version. I love the show and hope going backwards is not the kiss of death….

  7. @YagmanX says:

    I recorded my reaction to this episode of Doctor Who as I can get pretty 'into' it and I knew it would be big. Really not sure what I think of Peter Capaldi being the new Doctor but it's always hard to get used to a new one… You can watch my reactions here: http://youtu.be/pv15rj2_XXo

  8. Sheldon_W says:

    Smith's regeneration into Capaldi took almost five minutes from when the Timelords granted him A NEW REGENERATION CYCLE!!!! First he shot down the invaders with the explosion of regeneration energy, then he appeared as young Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen,and then, finally, he shifted into Capaldi.

    Just because Capaldi was only onscreen for a few seconds, that doesn't mean the actual regeneration – as Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen explained – didn't take much longer than usual.

    And let's not forget – NEW REGENERATION CYCLE!!! That's a potential for thirteen new Doctors, starting with Capaldi.

    Steven Moffat rejigged everything without stepping outside the rules! (The Timelords had granted The Master a single new regeneration in the pre-reboot series…). Genius!

    And Capaldi was was amazing for the few seconds he was onscreen.

  9. Zander says:

    Peter represents the three doctors david ,matt and john all in one pkg . Remember their is a warrior in the doctor now and the aother two personalitys will keep him in place so hence peter on the sceene .The new doctor had to be a bit older and to correct all peter is the 13 doctor matt was the 12 remember matt explaind to clara why he could not regenerate. It. was the time lords who gave him the regeneration boost. He needed

    • susy says:

      yeah but we knew matt as the 11th doctor so im sure they are going to say calpaldi is the 12 doctor so just so we don't confuse ourselves

  10. coolman says:

    I loved 10th and 11th and great acting sad to see u guys go. Watched all doctor who episodes so its kinda sad. Hopefully the 11th will appear in specials like the day of the doctor but with peter capialle to. Wish u luck 12th

  11. mckenzie says:

    Hey matt smith i am you best fan i know and karen and david tennet and you two are great i hope peter is as good as you and david.

  12. mckenzie says:

    Matt i loved all the episodes you did and i loved david tennts episodes but i love yours more matt sorry david but i hope peter does do the same as you too did. Matt you are soooo cute, and are you and Karen together i read that you were…. plz right back as soon as you can bye…

  13. paige lothamer says:

    I personally loved the 11th. He was the one who interduced me to Doctor Who. I will forecer mourn!!!

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