Doctor Who quiz: Test your smarts as the Doctor turns 50

March 08, 2013 | 8:30 a.m.
sfx reveal 3 ep8 0144 Doctor Who quiz: Test your smarts as the Doctor turns 50

The Ice Warriors -- classic "Doctor Who" extraterrestrials -- will return in the show's seventh season. (BBC)

The time-and-space-traveling alien known simply as the Doctor made his first appearance on TV screens in the United Kingdom on Nov. 23, 1963. Five decades later, he’s still going strong.

The second half of the relaunched show’s seventh season is set to return March 30, with Matt Smith as the Doctor and a Clara Oswin Oswald making her bow as the companion, Oswald is played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

The first new episode, titled “The Bells of St. Johns,” introduces new villains called the Spoonheads. Meanwhile, the Doctor investigates something sinister going on with London’s Wi-Fi.

There’s reason for celebration this year as the Doctor — who has racked up quite a lot of screen time and mileage on the TARDIS —  turns 50 (or 500 … who really knows?). It’s time to question just how well you know him.

Test your Whovian devotion with our “Doctor Who” quiz, below.

— Patrick Day and Noelene Clark
Produced by Amy Hubbard


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12 Responses to Doctor Who quiz: Test your smarts as the Doctor turns 50

  1. Johnny Quiz says:

    Question 8 is wrong Sylvester McCoy regenerated in the 1996 movie so during the whole time it was off air he is still classed as the 'active' Doctor which is 9 Years which is longer than Tom Baker was in the role.

    • noelenecy says:

      Ah, this is a tricky one. Nevertheless, the question asks "Who had the longest run playing the Doctor," not "Which Doctor was classified as 'active' for the longest period of time." In the latter case, you'd certainly be correct. However, despite the gap, McCoy only played the Doctor for 42 episodes, compared to Baker's 172. Thanks for taking the quiz! We need more devoted Whovians this side of the Atlantic. :)

    • Ariel says:

      I would also say that because we don’t know how recently the Doctor had regenerated when we first saw the 9th Doctor in “Rose”, it’s entirely possible that Eccleston cut McCoy’s “active” time as the Doctor- we don’t know (in cannon) when 8 became 9

      • noelenecy says:

        Oooh, hadn't thought of that. Great point!

      • kats says:

        When 9 first goes to Rose’s house, he looks in the mirror as if he has never seen himself before. Makes a comment about his ears. This would imply that he is only recently regenerated.

  2. Eric Kenney says:

    Wrong, McCoy regenerated into paul mcgann, would that make him longest “active” doctor?

  3. James says:

    That is a fun one for pub debates. In some senses Tom Baker is still playing the Doctor now three and a half decades on – he's recording new audio adventures which are produced by a separate company called Big Finish, but under license from the BBC using actors from the TV series and sometimes with writers from the TV series too. Plus there's his semi-returns to the TV show in the 1983 anniversary special (but only through previously unaired footage) and the weird 1993 semi-spoof special Dimensions in Time.

  4. Shawna says:

    The picture that the Doctor obsessed guy shows Rose in the first episode shows Eccleston at the Kennedy assassination and the Titanic incident. He must have been in that regenerated form for a little while at least.

    • philipa says:

      We don't know when he did that, though. Could have been any time, Rose might have even travelled there with him later but we didn't get to see the trips.

  5. dave says:

    What really throws the whole timeline issue is the introduction of John Hurt. Both McCoy's and McGann's tenure is then suspect – he came in somewhere in there.

    Tom Baker is the Doctor. No question about it.

    Eccleston and Tennant did incredible jobs of it, though.

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