Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Feb. 07, 2013 | 8:04 a.m.
lucy lawless with activists Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Lucy Lawless, third from left, and fellow Greenpeace activists talk with the media outside the central police station in New Plymouth, New Zealand, in February 2012 after their release on bail on charges related to protesting aboard Arctic oil-drilling ship the Noble Discoverer in Port Taranaki. (Greenpeace / Associated Press)

xena and her chakram Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Lucy Lawless gets ready to fling her chakram in a 1996 episode of "Xena the Warrior Princess." (G. Short / Associated Press)

lucy lawless after sentencing2 Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Lucy Lawless arrives for sentencing in the Greenpeace protest with lawyer Ron Mansfield, left, and fellow activist Zach Penman at New Zealand's New Plymouth District Court. (Nigel Marple / Greenpeace/AFP)

lucy lawless as lucretia Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Lucy Lawless, with Viva Bianca as Ilithyia, plays Lucretia in the Starz series "Spartacus." (Kirsty Griffin / Los Angeles Times)

lucy lawless and spartacus cast Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Actors, including Lucy Lawless, attend the "Spartacus: War of the Damned" series finale premiere at MOMA in New York on Jan. 24. (Theo Wargo / Getty Images)

lucy lawless and xena stunt double Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Lucy Lawless, left, and her stunt double Zoe Bell on the set of the movie "Xena: Warrior Princess," as seen in the 2004 stuntwomen documentary "Double Dare." (Graham Barclay / Runaway Films)

lucy lawless after sentencing Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

Lucy Lawless, with fellow Greenpeace activists, said Thursday after sentencing that she did not regret her part in the four-day protest. (Nigel Marple / Greenpeace/AFP)

Lucy Lawless has been arrested, tried, sentenced — and still claims victory.

You could hardly expect the chakram-wielding veteran of “Xena the Warrior Princess” and star of “buckets-of-blood” “Spartacus” to be squeamish  about being sentenced over a protest. Lawless has consistently said she wasn’t sorry for the incident that led to her run-in with the law.

As the Los Angeles Times’ Christie D’Zurilla reported in June, Lawless was arrested in connection with a February  2012 Greenpeace protest.  She pleaded guilty at that time to charges of unlawfully being on a ship.

The actress and six other activists boarded the Arctic oil-drilling ship the Noble Discoverer, docked at New Zealand’s Port Taranaki. They climbed atop a 174-foot drilling tower  and stayed there — for four days — according to an Associated Press report.

While there, they camped, blogged and generally hung out.  The point was to protest oil exploration in the Arctic by delaying the ship’s voyage.  Done and done.

The company that chartered the ship, Shell Todd Oil Services, wanted $545,000 in reparations from the activists. A New Zealand judge on Thursday ordered each to pay $547 and complete 120 hours of community service.

Following the sentencing, Lawless said: “I consider it a great victory that the court has struck down the reparation demand from Shell, which I think was absolutely ludicrous.”

The judge did say that Shell Todd could pursue reparations through civil court.

The AP noted that Lawless said she still had no regrets and that she was happy to pick up litter, clean toilets or anything else asked of her as part of community service.

Scrubbing a toilet?  That’s nothing for this 44-year-old mother of three, especially compared with some of the things she’s had to do for the Starz series “Spartacus.”

Lawless talked to Show Tracker at the start of the series about her role as Lucretia: “There are buckets and buckets of blood!  I’ve got to be honest … when I saw the pilot, I did go, ‘Oh my God, perhaps those scenes are a little over the top.’ … I think it reined itself in a bit, though.”

As for Lawless, she does not plan on reining in her protest efforts. She said she planned to continue speaking out on the topics of climate change and oil drilling.

— Amy Hubbard



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38 Responses to Lucy Lawless sentenced, and the warrior princess is thrilled

  1. Mary says:

    Thank YOU. We are so proud of you Lucy. Keep up the good work. It is time that they stop. We do not need the oil anymore. I hold Mother Earth in my heart for her to heal and grow with us. How much greed do they need to satisfy their blood thirsty lust for control and domination over all of us. Oh, like since Enki left 36,000 years ago, Enlil (half brother) jumped the gun to control and enslave us. Well, Enki is back and he is stopping all their baloney one step at a time all over Earth. They built the fema camps to have us in fear of an outside attack against us. That is a lie. We (good citizens) are not the target. Enki loves and cares for us. Enlil does not. He hates us and has been murdering us since Enki left. All governments lie to their citizens and they too are in on it. They think that no one sees what they do and where they go and who they do it with…HA..God Most High and Jesus see and know what they have in their black hole of a heart (that is if they truly do have one).

    • tlb says:

      I think I speak for everyone here when I say…"Huh?"

    • Fighting Mad says:

      Lucy, do you really give a rip? All these celebs could two S***s about anything, they just want to be at the center everything!

      • Trex says:

        With her money and fame she could be doing a lot of easier fun things than camping out on an oil drill. I guess if she went and volunteered at a local soup kitchen you'd say the same.

      • Mad Fighter says:

        Thank goodness you're so much better than a celebrity! Doing nothing but whining on the internet all day long, denying other people's concerns becuase other people don't concern you. And with an anonymous moniker, to boot. That's livin', dawg.

      • ArtFart says:

        I'd say it takes a certain amount of commitment (or a great deal of masochism) to spend four days clinging to the top of a 174-foot drill rig tower in winter in New Zealand.

    • Bubba says:

      Don't need oil anymore?

      I'm willing to bet the computer or tablet you're writing on didn't get into your hands by magical elves and is powered by pixie dust.

      • Martyn says:

        Very funny Bubba, as for Mary above droning on about an ancient diety or rather another god that doesn't exist :-) As for the dumb Greenpeace position. Hmm what exactly powers that ship they have.. hmm. Also if you want to be an 'environmentalist' then you have to not drive a car, make abike out of wood (can't have rubber tires), live in a mud hut, grow you own food and so forth. Then and only then can you cling to an oil rig with any dignity. I like the pixie dust comment too. Self important arseholes..

    • MFN says:

      I see your acid kicked in around the 4 sentence.

  2. Jerome says:

    Lucy, If you really want to protest than ride a horse instead of driving a car. A car uses gas made from oil.

    • Brian says:

      You know why colonial towns smelled so bad in the days when they used horses as every means of transportation? Take a wild guess.

  3. Not Given says:

    We don't need the oil anymore! Really, what planet is Mary from? I think they should have been fined the $545 K. If they really did delay the rig, then why shouldn't they have to pay what it cost the oil company? $547 dollars? what is that for? With the recent happenings in Algeria, we in the oilfield are giving our blood for the oil and gas that IS needed for the world to run. Oh but I guess Mary dosen't have a car or dosen't heat or cool her home with energy. Go back to the middle ages Mary!!!

    • robin aveila says:

      Agree with you. The charge was criminal. The damages sought would be a civil matter. Court assessed the fine as support for the civil decision. Likely, they did not provide the full amount as if such was found on appeal to a higher court to be inappropriate, it could result in an overturning of the criminal guilt. You would not want that would you?

    • nate says:

      You are either ignorant or ill in formed. I suggest you do some research before saying anything. No one is saying we don't need oil but natural resources belong to everyone in any given country. There has to be more thought put into extracting and more of the money needs to go to the benefit of the people where it is been extracted. Companies continue to make huge profits and have no responsibility for the damage they cause or the cost of cleaning up their mess as a result of their operations. A simple example is the recycling of waste materials. Why does our tax dollars get spent on that, why doesn't mfgs have to recycle their own waste materials, after all they are the ones profiting from what they make. I could go on forever but I hope this will spark a line of thought that you never thought of. Regards Plant a seed

      • Martyn says:

        You've got to be joking. People don't 'own' a country or resources unless you plan digging it up with a spade. Corporations don't exist to benefit the people, what nonsense. The only benefit to the people is giving people like you a job. Ever tried running your own business, its not a charity, it doesn't exist in fairy tale land. Tax payers don't pay for waste disposal of corporate waste what fantasy land are you talking about.

    • Someonewhocares says:

      She is right we do not need gas, especially from the earth. There are other ways, solar, wind. Water. If we keep on drilling and sucking up the earths resources with out giving it back, we will have nothing to live on. ie: Earth

  4. robin aveila says:

    Love it. She goes on a ship which makes it dangerous for her and her colleagues as well as distracting the crew which could lead to issues with the oil breaching the controls. Clearly, the best way to address the issue is to increase the risk of causing an issue.

    The irony, is she has no issue with TV violence and its impact on our society.

    Inconsistent and ignorant!

  5. Love Using Oil says:

    Mary, Zena Warrior Princess fan apparently, time to come back to the real world, unless I missed something I assume you arent riding a horse around and/or living in a tent. Ok well gotta go, have to run, oh I mean get in my H3 stop at the gas station, fill up the tank, then maybe a little off roading, followed by another gas fill up, and then think will end the afternoon going to the local Hummer dealership and test drive any and all their vehicles they have on the lot. And then you guessed it, probably have to stop to fill up the tank yet again. But thats what makes this world great, A car that gets 7 MPG….

    • Someonewhocares says:

      Your arrogant, and its sad. You make up 80% of the people on earth. A better analogy, if someone or thing sucked your resources from you there would be no more it's the same with the earth. Lucy and so many other people relies the importance of finding other mean of energy.

  6. I hope they find some nice stinky public toilets for her to clean hopefully Poo encrusted or maybe a dead whale on a beach to clean up

    • deb says:

      why such hostility towards someone who is trying to help the environment u numbnut?

    • Trex says:

      Americans pay about half what people in Europe and Japan pay for their gasoline and yet they are the biggest whiners when the price goes up on a resource that is known to be limited. You all know the price can only go one way and that is up, up and up.

  7. alfred says:

    nice going Lucy, oil drilling at sea is polluting the water/ fish. We should stop subsidizing exxon and start subsidizing first solar.

    • Martyn says:

      Alfred bet you would like the whole planet covered in solar panels, doubt it. That's another example of 'environmental' pollution :-)

  8. Charles says:

    Solar is too expensive and too inefficient. It will never work. If we don't go nuclear then we have to stay with oil. There are two ways forward and solar is not one of them.

    • Andy says:

      Flying machines? Don't be silly. Communication by "radio waves"? Ridiculous. Transplanting human organs. Preposterous. They'll never work.

  9. Minty Freshness says:

    Noble Discoverer? how about more appropriate names for these ships, eh? "Planet Rapist" theres one.

    good job Lucy, and all of Greenpeace, love ya!

    drilling / fracking…etc…all that needs to stop. NOW!

    China showed us how quickly humans can affect our environment when they hosted the Olympics. they took 2 million cars off the roads, i believe? all this time after, their pollution levels are returning to their (unfortunate) "normal", because they didnt keep doing it.

    We have all the power we will ever need (and the technology to use them btw) blowing in our hair, and shining down on us every day, and neither of them pollute. end of discussion, really.

  10. pam says:

    How did she get to New Zealand? How will she get back? On an airplane no doubt. Does she drive a car? Do people think about their own consumption, when they act out like this? It would be comforting to think that protesters understand the link between their carbon footprint, and the need to drill for oil.

  11. JR Ewing says:

    She can board my ship anytime.

  12. John Dingler, artist says:

    The absolute moral bankruptcy of real-life public servants who fail citizens compels citizens to accept the emergence of fictionalized characters into real-life public service.

  13. jim ewins says:

    Just because you are a celebrity doesn't indicate you are smart – often the opposite.

  14. Howard says:

    makes me want to buy that new Corvette.

  15. Bob Smart says:

    Who gives a flying F what this 3rd rate actress thinks. She drives a car, flies in a plane,and rides in ship.
    Where does this dingbat think the energy comes from to power all those marvelous machines.
    Look, she used to be hot. Now she's jus trying to stay relevant. Too bad it's not working

  16. Laura Cooskey says:

    The guilt-trip of asking activists to keep themselves spotlessly righteous is just another ridiculous tactic to disempower. Nobody with a shred of integrity would fall for this sort of garbage: "You can't say that, you drive a car!" or "You can't write that, you're using a computer!" As if anyone who desires a better world should just go sit in a cave and dig letters into the sand. As if the wide-reaching positive effect achieved by consciousness-raising doesn't far outweigh the impact of one activist in each day using what, about one-billionth of the world's total daily energy use.
    For each person trying to accomplish something hopeful for our future, there are huge numbers of careless gluttons. And whenever they hear something from the mouse that roars, they shift uncomfortably in their easy chairs and say, "Look at you, daring to use a normal daily quota of energy or resources to make your point, damn hypocrite! You should use nothing, and hide under a rock!" Sorry, that will not lessen a reformer's passion, nor make your own consumption one bit more excusable.

    • pam says:

      Do as I say, not as I do? If she feels as strongly about this as she claims, she wouldn't use all those carbon fuels to make her point. She can't take back the emissions produced by her long plane trip. The damage is done. I'm not a crusader, but I care about the environment. I would feel terrible about using more fossil fuel than absolutely necessary. That's how we can truly affect change…don't use the ,any more than absolutely necessary.

  17. keith (engineer) says:

    The point about fossil hydrocarbons (oil, coal, natural gas etc.) is that they are irreplaceable. As time goes on the reserves are being reduced more and more and the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases more and more. This means that the oil companies to maintain their profits cause more and more damage to the environment in finding it.

    So, where do we get the energy?
    Electric cars? (No!! still burn hydrocarbons – think about it!)
    Wind (inefficient. About 1 Megawatt per windmill. None when the wind ain't blowing!)
    Hydroelectric (Great where there is some.)
    Wave power (when there are waves. Not efficient even where there are. )
    Tidal Power (The French tried this in the Rance Estuary years ago – haven't heard anything lately. There a
    was a suggestion to do this in the Severn Estuary, UK. Environmentalists up in arms (of course. Cant have your cake & eat it! Snag is you cant store electricity efficiently and max output arrives only about twice a day . But Google Dinorwig Power Station for one attempt)

    Nuclear (probably the best bet. Pollution actually negligible compared with burning oil)
    Burning renewable resources (Trees spring to mind. The carbon in the wood mostly comes from the atmosphere. So burning the wood produces far less "carbon footprint")
    Haven't got it yet – nuclear fusion (negligible pollution, no carbon. Probably ideal in the long run. Not good for oil companies. Makes electric cars practical)

  18. Brian says:

    Seriously, did ANYONE here expect the judge to give her the ten-year prison term that so many media outlets said she was likely to get? I sure didn't.

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