‘Merlin’ co-creator Julian Murphy on series’ emotional conclusion

Feb. 06, 2013 | 3:34 p.m.
arthurandgwen1 Merlin co creator Julian Murphy on series emotional conclusion

Bradley James plays Arthur Pendragon, left, and Angel Coulby plays Gwen in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

merlin arthur copy Merlin co creator Julian Murphy on series emotional conclusion

Colin Morgan plays Merlin, left, and Bradley James plays Arthur in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

merlinmithianmorgana Merlin co creator Julian Murphy on series emotional conclusion

Merlin (Colin Morgan), Princess Mithian (Janet Montgomery) and Morgana (Katie McGrath) in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

morgana and merlin Merlin co creator Julian Murphy on series emotional conclusion

Colin Morgan as Merlin, left, and Katie McGrath as Morgana in a scene from "Merlin." (Syfy)

morganathrone Merlin co creator Julian Murphy on series emotional conclusion

Katie McGrath as Morgana, left, and Terence Maynard as Helios in "Merlin." (Nick Briggs / Syfy)

julian johnny Merlin co creator Julian Murphy on series emotional conclusion

Julian Murphy, left, and Johnny Capps co-created "Merlin," based on the Arthurian legends. (Shine Ltd.)

The fantasy adventure “Merlin” might have enchanted English fans for the last time in December, but the series continues to charm American audiences.

Created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, “Merlin” provides a fresh take on the Arthurian legend. Irish actor Colin Morgan plays Merlin, a servant to King Arthur and a wizard-in-secret in a realm where magic has been outlawed. The show was massively popular in the U.K., rivaling “Doctor Who” in viewership, before wrapping up on Christmas with a tragic, two-part season finale.

Morgan was named best actor in a drama by the U.K.’s National Television Awards earlier this year, beating out “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith and “Sherlock” actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

In the U.S., the fifth and final season of the BBC original series is airing on Syfy. In Friday’s episode “The Dark Tower,” the sorceress Morgana (Katie McGrath) kidnaps Queen Guinevere (Angel Coulby) in a two-fold plot to — you guessed it — bring down Camelot and its once and future king, Arthur Pendragon (Bradley James). We won’t reveal all the details, but here’s a hint: Not everyone gets out of this episode alive.

Hero Complex caught up with Murphy to talk about telling ancient stories to a contemporary audience, working with a young cast and ending the show after five years of magic.

But a warning to the uninitiated: Many major spoilers lie ahead.

HC: Why do you think this series has been so popular?

JM: That’s been fascinating! I’ve never made anything that — we’ve made stuff that’s been popular in the U.K., but we’ve never made stuff that’s been popular all over the world, and it’s a very gratifying experience. Every year now we did Comic-Con, and you sit down with the people who are just supporting the program with a genuine affection for it, and it’s a lovely thing. When we film in France and we turn up at the chateau, there used to be hundreds of people there by the end of the program, and that’s extraordinary and gratifying. So it’s lovely to know that people care about it and enjoy it, yes. And you can’t wish for more than that. You don’t always get it, so to get it in such a big way and across so many countries, that is incredibly gratifying.

Julian Murphy, left, and Johnny Capps co-created "Merlin," based on the Arthurian legends. (Shine Ltd.)

Julian Murphy, left, and Johnny Capps co-created “Merlin,” based on the Arthurian legends. (Shine Ltd.)

HC: Can you talk a little about your cast?

JM: They’ve been a truly lovely cast to work with, and I guess that’s not always the case. We’ve been blessed with four young actors that have risen to a huge task, and I think everyone forgets that when we began this series, Bradley and Colin were virtually unknown actors, virtually out of drama school, and we were asking them to lead a prime-time international series, and they stepped up to the mark. We were lucky. We were so lucky to have them, because it wouldn’t always have worked. And to watch them grow as actors — and they grew very fast, actually — is a very enjoyable experience. I guess we had [Anthony Stewart] Head, and we had Richard Wilson, and they were good, wise mentors to the young cast. They really were, and they set out to be just that, and they gave them lots of great advice and lots of help and lots of support. We were lucky to have two guys who were very generous like that. But the credit must go to the young cast because to ask them to carry a big international show with so little experience was a big ask, and they delivered. They more than delivered.

HC: How did you balance contemporary story lines with source material that’s been around for ages?

JM: I mean, that part of it was written more than 1,000 years ago in many ways, but the rest of it I think it is a fantastic story, and I think that’s why it’s captured people’s imaginations for so many centuries, and I think we were lucky to have that material to work with. I guess you try and give it your own twist. You try and make it fresh and yours, otherwise you can’t write these things. The art is to somehow make it yours and make it feel something new. And some of the time, I hope most of the time, we managed to do that. But it is powerful material, and we’re very grateful for that.

HC: Did you find any inspiration from other adaptations? “Camelot” or “Excalibur”?

JM: “Excalibur” a little bit. I think it was a very good film. It’s very different, a very violent, adult, sexual film. It’s a very violent, adult, sexual legend in many ways. I think visually we took inspiration from “Excalibur,” definitely. There are things that John Boorman did in that I think were very, very good. It certainly sat in our minds. Mary Stewart’s books on Merlin I think were inspiration to us. They tell a very different story, a very different Merlin, but the way they reinvented the legend was an inspiration, definitely.

HC: Had you planned for this five-season arc?

JM: We planned on having the five seasons, and we had some sense of where we were going to end up at the end of each season. Things change, of course. Things grow. It’s an organic process, but we broadly saw it as five seasons.

HC: Which brings us to the finale. What a heartbreaking end!

JM: Yes, it is quite sad, but it’s quite a sad legend, to be honest, so it’s only a reflection of that. But yes, it is quite a sad end.

HC: Is that what you had planned all along?

JM: Pretty much, in all honesty. What we decided to do was to tell the legend how it was in many ways. And I suppose we’re both very sad that Arthur had to die, and that is a massive part of the legend. We tried to sort of soften it and give it a sense of hope that he would one day rise again, and that Merlin even to the present day was waiting for that to happen.

Bradley James plays Arthur Pendragon in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

Bradley James plays Arthur Pendragon in “Merlin.” (BBC / Syfy)

HC: And so now it’s airing in the U.S., but you’re done. What’s it like now that it’s over in the U.K.?

JM: It’s been a very fulfilling and exciting journey. It genuinely has. And to be honest — you can’t say this about everything you make at all — this one has been really a joy from beginning to end. For all of us who were involved in it, and far more than just myself and Johnny, but everyone, there was a sense that it was right to end it here, that we’d told the story that we set out to tell, and you know, when you get to that point where you have that feeling, it’s important to end the story.

HC: Can you tell us about the last day on set?

JM: It was quite emotional. It was quite emotional writing it. The worst was shooting the end, which wasn’t actually the last day on set — it never quite is, is it? — that was very emotional for everyone. It was actually quite difficult to work on the last story because you’re killing a character you’ve lived with for five years, and that’s an incredibly emotional experience, and going through that with Merlin, that’s an incredibly emotional experience. I think there’s a sense of sadness, real sadness, but there’s also a sense of this is right. It feels right. If it feels wrong, I think it’s not a very potent experience, but if it feels right, then yes, it’s sad, but it also feels right.

HC: Why did you decide to wait so long for Merlin to reveal his sorcery to Arthur?

JM: Because I think a lot of the fun we had in the program, a lot of the tension we get from the program, the humor and the tension come from the fact that Merlin lives a secret life, and you never want to take the tension out of your story, or the humor out of your story. I think we knew that instinctively, and we knew that in the last episode we’d do it, but we wouldn’t do it before then.

Bradley James plays Arthur Pendragon and  in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

Bradley James plays Arthur Pendragon and Angel Coulby as Gwen in “Merlin.” (BBC / Syfy)

HC: Also in the finale, we discover that the monarch who will lead Camelot in a golden era of peace is Gwen, not Arthur. Was that a decision that came as the result of Arthur’s death? Or was it something deliberate you’ve been planning for a long time?

JM: It was, actually. We’ve had that in our minds for about three series. We felt that with Gwen, to take Gwen from a servant girl to a powerful and strong queen, a person who can bind the kingdom together, was the journey we wanted to do, and I think Angel delivered that brilliantly. And some of the most moving scenes in that last episode are with Gwen as she realizes who Merlin was, and that the king, the love of her life, is going to die, and that she must then take the kingdom forward. And she plays it in no more than three or four scenes, and that whole story is told. It’s a real credit to her.

HC: Morgana was another strong female character on the show. She’s the biggest obstacle to a peaceful Camelot, but she starts out as one of the most sympathetic characters on the show.

JM: Yeah, that was very deliberate, and Katie had to be very patient, because we spent a long time building her. We didn’t want her to be a villain. I think it’s too easy to set up Morgana and say, “Here is the villain of the show.” I don’t think anyone will ever be intrigued or care about a character like that. So she had to begin as somebody we cared about and become somebody who I guess was the villain, but to me, all the time, she sort of had a case. She had been very wronged. The fact that she became bitter and vengeful about that was a product of circumstance; it wasn’t what she was born as. I think a character that’s born like that is boring, and a character who grows like that is interesting. We had to play that slowly, and sometimes that’s difficult to do on TV. We stuck to our guns so that by the end, Katie, yes, is a villain in every sense of the word, but Morgana is also a complicated, broken, wronged character, and I hope that makes her so much more fascinating and so much more interesting to be with.

HC: You mention she has a case, and fans definitely see her side. There’s a strong Team Morgana faction out there.

JM: There really is, and so it should be. Villains are often the most interesting characters, often the characters you love the most. And that’s a sign of a good villain.

Colin Morgan plays Merlin, left, and Bradley James plays Arthur in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

Colin Morgan plays Merlin, left, and Bradley James plays Arthur in “Merlin.” (BBC / Syfy)

HC: So much of the show is based on relationships between characters. Do you have a favorite pairing?

JM: Merlin and Arthur. To me, that’s the heart of the program. It’s a story of friendship, it’s both very funny but very touching and very real. And to go from two characters who in many ways in the first series began hating each other to two characters who profoundly respect and care about each other is a great journey. Those simple journeys are always the best, and the heart of the program is not dragons and swords and myths and legends, it’s that story, that friendship.

– Noelene Clark


Katie McGrath as Morgana in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy)

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176 Responses to ‘Merlin’ co-creator Julian Murphy on series’ emotional conclusion

  1. CURTIS says:


    • @Betsy_Schad says:

      Five years was not long enough! And the off-season was torture!
      I agree that there should have been a time when Merlin and "his dragon" were able to serve Aurthur and Camelot using Merlin's gifts prior to the end._It would be wonderful if someone would write a sequel where Merlin could live in Camelot and where Camelot would appreciate his wizardry. There needs to be a time when people appreciate the gifts and "powers" or abilities that Merlin so wants to openly offer. After all, Camelot was a magical place.

    • Danny says:

      I agree, the show could be brought back as it is entertaining and fills the Friday night time slot with. I watched this life and recorded blueblood. In it's absence I will turn my channel to another station.

      • Penny says:

        To the creators' PLEASE, consider writing a sequel to Merlin. The ending was so very sad and left it open for the next chapter in Arthur's and Merlin's lives. I truly loved the show. What a wonderful take on the legend.

    • CeeDee says:

      I Agree 10 Billion Percent And More this Is A PHENOMENAL Program And It's Cast Is Equally The Same It Needs To Stay On The Air PLEASE

    • Mercy says:

      Please keep the show going here in th USA! Continue the story in modern day just like you did showing the semi driving by!

  2. Arlyn LaBair says:

    I thought that the last episode was perfect; Arthur "got" all that Merlin had done for him over the years by observing what Merlin did to get them to the lake. And Merlin got the satisfaction of showing Arthur what he could do, and Arthur's sincere acknowledgement and thanks for his contribution. Gwen learning about Merlin – seriously, she had to have known! I'm sorry it's over but think that it was done brilliantly.

    • MissingMerlin says:

      Although Arthur might have 'got' it the storylines all happened way too fast. I bought Season 5 on DVD specifically to listen to the audio commentary for the final episode. In it, Julian Murphy says that Merlin's reveal to Arthur that he has magic wasn't going to happen at all in one version of the script that they had written. I expect if they'd gone down that route then many, many more fans would have been disappointed. Even up until the end of 2011 they were talking about extending into a sixth season if the fans, BBC and ShineTV wanted it. Well, we ALL definitely wanted it. Seems the only person that wasn't happy was Bradley James and I can sympathise with him. He has intimated in several interviews that if there was a decent script then he could be persuaded to reprise the role of King Arthur. There was so much left to be explored and if Julian Murphy thought that sticking a modern-day shot of old Merlin at the end of the episode would give the fans hope then he's as mad as a box of frogs.

    • alice says:

      I actually thought that merlin shouldve revealed his secret earlier in the season, i felt ere was too much crammed in the one episode, but it was still every dramatic and a good ending

    • elaineoz says:

      I could not agree with you more, Arlyn. Perfect ending.

    • jeff dickman says:

      SyFy didn't even finish airing season 5 in the US what a joke. Almost every show talked about merlin and arthur would one day work together and build Albany. well Arthur is dead so I guess merlin and gwen will have to build it. The show foolishly turned to Morgana to provide the evil drama in what 70% of the shows.
      The reason shows dont last is the 61 min time line take out the open and the plus commercials You have maybe 35 mins of actual show time to get injured or kidnapped and back again. You people need to realise something isnt working a tv series lasting 5 years isn't anything to get excited about.. Well I will let you go produce another hit.

    • CeeDee says:

      The Episode Was A Good One Very Sad Indeed but It Would Have Been A Heck Of A Lot Better If It Wasn't The End And When Merlin Told Arthur That He Had Magic It Would Have Been Amazing If Arthur Replied 'I Know" That Way He Would Have Been Seen As A King That Is Wise And Just That Would Have Been Better And For it To Return

    • Jenny Bates says:

      I have so enjoyed the 'Merlin' series on SciFy channel, sadly and brilliantly it has come to a close. Well, in all my studies of Celtic Philosophy, Arthurian history, Merlin and the Holy Grail (I've done this all my life!) I can say I have learned a few most important things (which they lovingly portrayed in the last episode) and I am grateful for them showing true Magick!

      Wear your power lightly
      Walk with impeccability
      Approach life with compassion
      Live up to the integrity of your human potential
      You cannot save the ones you love from death and destiny
      Love conquers all.

  3. tharan mccravey says:

    I will miss this show!One of my wifes favorite also!

  4. Victoria says:

    "but it’s quite a sad legend, to be honest, so it’s only a reflection of that"

    It's true the Arthurian legends are bittersweet – sad with a touch of hope. However, in the legends there was a Golden Age before everything came crashing down. In the show itself, there prophecies and foretellings of the Albion and destiny that Arthur and Merlin would create together. The show killed off Arthur and exiled Merlin without that great destiny coming to pass.

    "Merlin and Arthur. To me, that’s the heart of the program. It’s a story of friendship, it’s both very funny but very touching and very real. "

    This I agree with. Bradley and Colin were tremendous in depicting an unlikely friendship. Their acting and their chemistry are why so many felt and still feel so strongly about the ends.

    • jeff says:

      Victoria they did not live up to the claims that one day they would build Albany together. I don't blame the actors. The people behind the camera just get lazy and run the same situations and people don't like waiting a year to watch shows anymore I have noticed reality tv show take short breaks and start filming again. Lets keep it real and blow up their skirts.

    • hummingberd says:

      They had so much opportunity to extend this series another 5 seasons, at least! It's a fantastic story with an elite cast that viewers have fallen in love with. It's incredibly cruel for the writers to string along their viewers with promises they never intend to fulfill. Part of what kept me watching was the hope that I would have the chance to see a glimpse of the Albion that was promised. That I would see Merlin's talents revealed to his beloved King, and that we could see, even for just a moment, Merlin living in a Camelot that openly embraced who is is.

      It's a tragic shame that the writers wrapped up this series, the way they did. Millions of fans are deeply disappointed – a mark of failure of their part. To take such a great show, cast, and story and end in the manner they did is a betrayal.

      Fans of this show demand better.

  5. snowcat60 says:

    This has been my most favorite TV show ever. I could have watched this forever into the sunset with Merlin and Arthur old men…. but alas, it was not to be. I agree the friendship was the most important thing — it was not a show about Merlin or Arthur exclusively — it was a show about their friendship. I have watched all of S5 already and MISS this show so much. Thanks you Julian and Johnny for your most brilliant creation.

  6. Johanna says:

    Thank you so much! Never been so entertained, so inspired by a tv show before ♥

  7. Paviles says:

    Of course this is a great TV series. We were caught by the enormous sympathy and talent of the entire cast. Colin Morgan is an excellent actor and his sympathy is wonderful, so the win in NTA. Also "Merlin" deserved to win, but fans were divided as some were very dissatisfied with the final episode. This episode alone was magnificent, but see dying King Arthur and Merlin sentenced to faithfully care for Arthur's grave for all eternity without Albion, is really depressing.
    Fans who follow the series for five long years, we are simple people, whom we inspired the story, was different from all the other series. In "Merlin" is strengthened family values, such as friendship, love, hope, equality, including gender, was a refuge from the violent reality we see every day. But, in two episodes killed the hope and faith that we were building, was never really saw the great King Arthur and the most powerful wizard who ever walked the earth. After this final fans can not expect anything.
    Every time I see again and again episodes seasons 1-5, was again stuck to enjoy the story and the acting, but I can not forget the sad ending, nor all the mistakes he made Merlin. Errors that actually showed that it was the great magician who always made him believe. This Merlin was a great man with magic, I accept his destiny to be the most faithful servant, the secret friend and a very good person. This Arthur, was a good king, in the hope of a world of equality, who loved his people, who despite being betrayed by his loved ones on, he was always willing to forgive and sacrifice. Arturo showed that many prejudices had not allowed him to accept the magic. This Gwen, proved the stronger and wiser person, so it was finally the queen (no descendants of Arthur). This Morgana survived until the end of the series for the goodness of Merlin, and despite being the most cruel villain, she was always loved by all.
    I think this end of the story we all knew, but no one expected, gave the award for Downton Abbey at NTA 2013. Fans, until the last minute, we expect Merlin to save Arthur.
    But always grateful to Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps for creating this story of Merlin and for bringing together such a wonderful cast. Thank you again.

    • maldru says:

      yes, I agree with you about the values this great series implied – moral decency, kindness and true valor. And I too cannot accept the finale – to deal our beloved Merlin such cruel blow, such tragic fate. I would have been happier seeing him sacrifice himself at the last minute to save his king;s life, dying with the words "Long live the king! " on his lips, having fulfilled his destiny. And that's how I end the story in my mind…

  8. dilek says:

    As a watcher of Merlin for years, i never expected such an ending. It s not just a series for me, i love it!

    I still have hope Merlin to continue. and we will work for it.

    • Miguelina says:

      Hi, My 16 yrs old daughter got me this surprise, this was a very, very great series and I am truly hopeful that in a very, very near future, we all may the pleasure to enjoy all these talented individuals and have such a good production to watch at. I missed everything so much….

  9. @NatasaLikes says:

    So, Julian Murphy's favourite pairing is Merlin and Arthur. We already knew that, of course. And it's a totally platonic relationship, of course. And Merlin's magic definitely isn't a metaphor for homosexuality, of course. And there was never a gay subtext throughout the entire series, of course.


  10. Linda.D says:

    Brilliant series, but the two parts of the series finale were absolute rubbish – the 'epic foretold battle' lasted less than 10 minutes, what happened to Aithusa was unclear, there was no climatic fight between Arthur and Mordred, the way things ended the main characters was pathetic, Arthur never united BRITAIN (epic fail on the producers' part – I mean, the Great Dragon does say in season 1 that Arthur will be the 'once and future king who unites the land of Albion'…. THERE WAS NO UNITING!), there was no magic duel between Merlin and Morgana (very disappointing)…. I could go on forever – not to mention that Morgana is a HIGH PRIESTESS of the old religion and doesn't figure out who Emrys is until she is told so (FAIL.). Honestly BBC, you ruined a brilliant show with the final couple of episodes."

    DISAPPOINTING BBC!!! Boo! How in the world could you ruin a beautiful series so fast!
    and they say " hai we wont to kill Arthur ": cuz that's how the story gos ?!? as if they followed the legend befor that , i mean come on we'r not 5 year olds if u wont to follow the legend then Morgana is Arthur half sister( yee u got that part right ) he sleeps with her and they have a son -Mordred who ends up killing his father , and Merlin is old all the way and all the time helping Arthur and Arthur knows about magic and has no problem with that . give us some credit.

    • Guest says:

      not sure why you're mentioning the BBC as they had absolutely nothing to do with the production of the show, they simply comissioned and coughed up the cash.

  11. Mary says:

    Please don't take it off It is my favorite show on right now , I look forward to it every Friday night, It's became part of me. PLEASE PLEASE don't take it off. Everything we love gets taken away.

  12. Laurie says:

    The ending was terrible. It made the whole show pointless. Merlin was a failure and let Arthur die. You can’t turn a show full of heart and hope, into a show full of sadness and despair. Everything Merlin did was for nothing. Ruined the best show on TV and did it all in time for X’mas. Thanks.

    • BBR says:

      I 100% agree. The goal was forAurther (and mission of Merlin) was for him
      to be a great king and change Camalot. Your final episode was a complete disaster.You FAILED
      us by not letting us experience how CAmolot turn out (how was life changed for sorsorrers). 5 Years wasted. What were you thinking? Btw the truck was very dissapointing.

    • Paul Davies says:

      Said perfectly

    • Jenny Bates says:

      I have so enjoyed the 'Merlin' series on SciFy channel, I wanted to bring to the attention of Laurie in her despair, that actually Merlin certainly did not let Arthur die! He sent him to Avalon for safe keeping and healing, please note Merlin did not burn the funereal boat that Arthur lay upon. Although the three High Priestesses did not come to fetch Arthur in their boat, nonetheless, Merlin did not destroy Arthur's human remains. And there really was hope, for Merlin lives in the future(shown in the last minutes) watching over the day when Avalon shall rise again and Arthur along with it. Pretty true to the philosophy of the original legend.

  13. Cristina Renaud says:

    Please don't take Merlin away from us.Keep going.I love this show.

    • Bailey says:

      There are ways to continue the series, such as this being a dream that the queen has. Hey, it happened to J R Ewing on Dallas so why not? This is one of the best series I have ever watched. I don't watch much TV because most of it is trash and filth. Merlin gave us an option to those other shows. Please bring it back.

  14. andy says:

    maybe make a movie or another series where it shows merlin growing up without arthur ??? we would all like to see something more i think ……

  15. Thankyou to all for making Merlin so fantastic for us fans but I do feel you let us down in the last season.You rushed it, and the end episode, how could you end it like that? At the beginning of season 5 you skipped 3 years :( I feel lots of things right now, we need a season 6 to answer fans questions.What happened to Aiushtha? So many more questions!!! If you want more Merlin and a season 6 please come and join us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/merthursgrouptosavemerli
    and twitter https://twitter.com/WeareMerthurs
    Help us get a season 6, make your voices heard, express how you feel.We can bring Merlin back, we need to all come together!

    • Cathy Gallagher says:

      I agree! We Merlin fans were CHEATED by Series Five. They didn't even have the guts to tell us "Oh, by the way, we're cancelling it" until they were near the end. They knew there'd be an outcry. They were right too. We DO need a Series Six, and we're only going to get that if we all band together. So go to facebook https://www.facebook.com/merthursgrouptosavemerli… and to twitter https://twitter.com/WeareMerthurs . You KNOW it makes sense!!!!!

    • Elva says:

      yes we need more merlin please my whole family enjoy this series

    • SHERRON says:

      Please people, get over it already. I love the show and I hated to see it end. Especially the way it did. Five seasons of excellent TV just to completely ruin it in the last half hour. I may never watch anything from these two again. But seriously, does anyone really think that you can save the show after it has been finalized that way. Author is dead, how do you go on from that?

      You guys are like children at bedtime, begging for just another five minutes. Grow up, all good things come to an end. Let it go already. It's just a TV show.

    • sis says:

      I agree, They rushed it and how could they end Merlin like that, A semi tracktor trailer really not go. Someone really drop the ball Where is the creative magic in the writer. Merlin has been a clean family movie for young and older viewers alike. The Movie Merlin made you laugh, cry. how Camelot family had each others back.We look forward to sit down all together and watch Merlin.

  16. gatravlr says:

    I've seen all the episodes. The tragedy at the end contains an extraordinary element of redemption that ranks Merlin second to none. It's actually one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The shock of the finale lasted me ten days, and I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything.

    The finale came down decisively on the one point that makes the whole story make sense, and it ties the episodes of Merlin together in a unified story arc. I'm a middle-aged male and have little patience for television, but I'm so glad I watched this show. I can't believe a message as powerful as what Merlin delivers was actually aired.

    Again, despite the tragic element of the finale, Merlin, to me, concludes with a startling message of redemption. As an American viewer, I'd like to thank everyone associated with the show for having the fortitude to take the finale every step of the way.

  17. Daisy-Kay says:

    Was so upset and disappointed that the show was pulled from UK TV. It has a huge fanbase both in the UK and over the world and many groups are fighting to bring it back with a season 6. I am sure such talented writers could come up with a way this could happen. If you are interested in saving the show we need you to stand up and say so. Please join groups such as Merthers on facebook and people power may prevail! Thank you for bringing Merlin to our screens. Long Live Merlin!

  18. Anne says:

    I wish we can have one more season T______T

  19. Anne says:


  20. Emz says:

    "We tried to sort of soften it and give it a sense of hope that he would one day rise again, and that Merlin even to the present day was waiting for that to happen."

    But that is what made the end all the MORE sad! Now Merlin has to wait all that time, alone, for Arthur to come back:'(

  21. @sandralaser says:

    los fans esperamos una secuela queremos mas Merlin

  22. Leslie says:

    This has been a great series. I am truly going to miss it! Such a fun and great cast!!

  23. @fairysale says:

    As the creators of the show might have noticed, fans all over the world join forces to keep it alive! We want to see more, no matter how. I loved the show. I miss it. I wait for it. Baerbel, Germany

  24. CManock says:

    I loved watching "Merlin" these last five years and will miss it very much! Very impressed with the acting and cinematography, especially.

  25. Sarah Wickers says:

    Please bring Merlin back, i miss seeing the program itself and the charectors every Saturday, especially Colin Morgan who i will be watching in the TV programme Quirke as i have done so with Angel Coulby in dancing on the edge which i have to say is brilliant!!! Please please please bring it back!!!!

    • Chayenne says:

      the series are made for the people and especially fans that they can enjoy, but how can they enjoy the movies or series if thy don't have a good end and about merlin: that is a frustrating end .it's really dissapointing

  26. Mare says:

    –and they say " hai we wont to kill Arthur ": cuz that's how the story gos ?!? as if they followed the legend befor that , i mean come on we'r not 5 year olds if u wont to follow the legend then Morgana is Arthur half sister( yee u got that part right ) he sleeps with her and they have a son -Mordred who ends up killing his father , and Merlin is old all the way and all the time helping Arthur and Arthur knows about magic and has no problem with that—
    absolutely, thoroughly enjoy their retelling, was what drew me in, and then to end partly according to the legend, rubbish. The writing and producing was so good for the 1st 4 years to mess up so badly at the end was shocking. to think the fans would be happy with that ending was a totally lapse of good judgement. Feeling like you need to do something? Check out others feelings in awesome articles here http://www.merlin-arthur.com/merlins-spell-on-my-… sign up and tell us your Merlin feelings. It's really sad for such a awesomely created show to come to such a dismal end is heart breaking and gut wrenching. Bring it and our cast back.

  27. Linda Carter says:

    Please dont let it end like this.The ending was dissapointing and rushed.Merlin was a special series that touched the hearts of so many people .The final episode did not make sense as Merlin could easily have saved Arthur by calling the dragon sooner.To watch Arthur die was heartbreaking.I am sure the writers could find a way to continue and let Merlin bring Arthur back by using magic and let us have another series and a happy ending.if not another series then films a mini series or a spinoff to let us see Merlin at Arthurs side in Camelot with his magic being accepted.Please join us at https://facebook.com/merthursgrouptosavemerlin or https://twitter.com/WeareMerthurs

    • simpatica says:

      I totally agree. Merlin could have called the dragon from the moment Arthur got stabbed instead of waiting for 2 days to get to Albion. I am also devastated with the ending. Producers please make another season 6 to show all of us fans that Arthur really came back to life and show us the new adventures of Arthur and Merlin together using Merlin’s magic in front of Arthur please.. Show us what happened to Aithusa too. Seadon 6 please .. And a movie too.. Merlin was such an amazing series that deserves to be known all over the world.

    • Bob says:

      I said thought the same thing there was a line only the dark power as old as the dragon could help Author
      And inside of traveling for 3 days why did not Merlin call the dragon sooner rather then ride a house for
      two days.And how did a piece of a sword forged by the dragon fall off inside Arthur

  28. Tiffany says:

    Keep going!!! One more season, will be great…

  29. jws says:

    i love julian murphy comments without and joking he came out to say, that it was friendship that lead the charcter, arthur and merit. That what i think all along it was friendship and what a beautifully friendship it was. I have a friend just like and I will do give thing for her,but we are just friend and I love her. And it no romantic in it. But i do love her, but she best friend i have and trust her with all heart and i have husband so do she. But that what it is, and donot have romantic but feel love, a strong love as sister that i truely love friend forever

  30. @fourwinds44 says:

    Merlin touched many lives in a profound and deep manner as no other TV show has ever done. A quick surf of the web will reveal however that 99% of fans are VERY unhappy with the end… please read "Merlin Unfulfilled" http://www.merlin-arthur.com/merlins-end-unfulfil… & "Why do so many mourn the death of Arthur?" on this great blog: http://www.merlin-arthur.com/hello-world/ Over 400 comments attest to wanting More Merlin.

  31. @fourwinds44 says:

    Do you want more Merlin? Google "Merlin-arthur Mission Statement" Subscribe, share, comment…. we are working to bring Merlin back!

  32. morganfan says:

    It was all a dream! Merlin wakes again in the crystal cave and realizes the warning his father was telling him about…….he must stop Mordred! then go after Morgana with Arthurs help……..
    just a thought………………….

  33. hazael_requiem says:

    want more movie MOVIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE O Merlin Trilogy

  34. K. Fitz says:

    Really sad that the series has now ended, I really looked forward to it, one of my favourite shows :-(. Would be over the moon if another series could be done especially since it's not just the UK who watch this.

  35. Alanna St Laurent says:

    This was one of the saddest endings I have seen for a series. I didn't even know the series was ending until I watched the very last episode. So Arthur learns a half hour before the SERIES ends that Merlin is magic?? Huh? So for all these seasons it was said over and over and over how it was Merlin's destiny to save Arthur so magic could be accepted and open in Camelot. And that never happened! Maybe there was a "nice" time during Arthur's rule but magic was never accepted out in the open. So, in my eyes, Merlin's whole journey was a failure. All the times he saved Arthur and for what? So he could walk around on the earth for millenia waiting for Arthur to be "reborn"? Hell that ain't gonna happen in the "current" time (which showed Merlin walking down the road with a semi passing by him).

    I'm sorry but the story needs, deserves, more than that. I don't know what the writers were thinking hastily wrapping things up as they did. I think we could do with another season or at the very least a mini-series.

  36. Heidi Lind says:

    What Happened Next (An Epilogue)
    Through the death of the once and future king a new world was born, while Merlin struck with the grief of losing his friend headed back to Camelot, unsure of what lay ahead of him.

    Upon Merlin’s arrival at Camelot Castle he was approached by six guards who escorted him to the throne room. Merlin, who was incredible confused, was only told that the queen wished to see him as soon as he arrived. They entered the room, Merlin stood…

    Click link for more

  37. stonechat says:

    Fine! they ended what they planned. i have to accept what they say, but they have to accept wht we are trying to say, that there's a lot left in the legend to explore so please start 6th season, There are soo many nonsense Shows going on and on and on…. Y not Merlin! y is it so damn difficult for you people to continue this brilliant show!??

    I hope my dream of hearing the News of new season of Merlin come true this year! or i swear, I'd not watch anything from these producers or Directors involved ever. They keep telling lies and disappointed at the end, i don't want my life to be this sad ever! :(

  38. simpatica says:

    The English always loves to make movies about Kings and Queens, knights or stories about magic and fantasies so Merlin can be a good suggestion. Please BBC make a Merlin movie and make Arthur live again. It will be a huge hit all over the world .

  39. nik says:

    Wonderful Drama, Hope they will bring back series 6

  40. Jan says:

    Merlin jumped the shark with Gwen's copy of Morgana's slide into evil (obviously a ratings success first time around); she was restored to good when it got boring. Then, when they decided to call it a day the ending was rushed and unsatisfying. They should have moved through the legend with more pace; Merlin was never an acknowledged sorcerer at King Arthur's side in this telling, which mars its relevance.

  41. Suzanna says:

    Great show, but the end was dissapointing and rushed. Merlin touched the hearts of fans all over the world We all waited 5 years for this end?? The final made no sence….Merlin was not able to save Arthur while going with the horses to Albion…..why did he not call the dragon?? To see arthur die all the time was so painful. There still is the chance to bring it back….we want it back. WE ALL WANT MERLIN BACK….listen to the fans all over the world…Merlin was not only a show…it was much more. Please join this global campaign https://facebook.com/merlin2return

  42. Vicki Froggatt says:

    I have always loved Merlin and watched every episode with my Grandaughters, fortunatley they were busy on Christmas Eve, and didn't see the final episode,and when they saw how upset I was they decided not to watch it as they didn't want to see there hero die. How could you end it like that, you crammed what should have taken a full series into on episode,and the most inportant bit of the entire 5 series into the last 20 minutes. I was left genuinly shocked and stunned. I still cannot believe it. Please, if you genuinly care about Merlins and its fans, give us a feature lenth episode to sort out the mess, and a series 6 to explore Arthurs reaction to Merlins magic.

    If you want Merlin back, please join us : https//www.facebook.com/merthergrouptosavemerlin?refhl
    and: twitte rhttps://twitter.com/WeareMerthers

  43. @fourwinds44 says:

    Merlin touched our hearts with its mix of heros, romance, magic & fun.. without all the usual blood, gore & violence.

    What was magical for you? http://www.merlin-arthur.com/magic-of-merlin/

  44. Carmen says:

    I want Merlin and Arthur back together! Is a brilliant show and I love it! We love it! Please return!! http://www.facebook.com/merthursgrouptosavemerlin

  45. Destiny says:

    Merlin has truely been my favorite show, and it will always have a special place in my heart. I still can't believe that it is over, and I don't think I will ever be able to fully comprehend that fact. I'm just as sad as everybody else that Arthur died, and I still can't believe it even happened. The only thing I don't understand is why people want to bring back a season 6. Yes, another season of Merlin would have been much appreciated since I could NEVER be done with that show, but I don't see the point in bringing the show back when half of the cast was killed off on the last episode. What would season 6 even be about? Personally I wouldn't want to watch a whole season just about Gwen builiding a fair and just land. Nor would I want to watch a whole season of Merlin living alone for years, waiting for the day his best friend will rise once more. I understand why people want the show back, I really do, but I just don't see it happening. Leaving the show in peace would be best.

  46. Marana says:

    Merlin is the best show on SyFy here. Please don't let it be the end!!! Arthur & Merlin need to grow old together and there is so much of the story that can be told!!!! I just cannot believe that this could be the end! Why end it now.?????

  47. Teresa says:

    We love this show! I'm watching season five on Syfy and cannot wait to it every Friday. I cannot believe that it will be over after this season. Colin and Bradley are both great actors and have made this show AMAZING! I don't want it to end, as many of the fans feel. The seasons leading up to season 5 promised a lot of things that weren't followed through. Please bring it back! If you would like to join us in our quest to bring Merlin back, please join us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/merthursgrouptosavemerli
    and twitter link

  48. Alfons Hettig says:

    They ruined the show in this series. THEY WASTED SO MUCH TIME! They should have been explaining Aithusa's back-story instead of enchanting Gwen into a villain for 4 episodes (after those 4 episodes, it was never spoken of AGAIN, what a waste!).

    And the finale was horrible.











    In Series 4 the Dochraid said it was Morgana's destiny to bring back the 'old ways', old ways as in magic. Did that happen? HELL NO THEY KILLED HER OFF IN 10 SECONDS.


    Even the quality of the 90's show 'The Worst Witch' is better than what we got in Series 5!

    Absolutely PATHETIC final series. I feel ashamed to have ever been a fan.

  49. Kamila says:

    The last episode of Season 5 where everybody we care about dies (almost everybody) was just a dream that Merlin had in the Crystal Cave. Please join our campaign for Merlin Series 6. This page has the greatest number of members of ALL bring back Merlin pages and the most effective: https://facebook.com/merlin2return

  50. Margot says:

    I cannot believe to Arthur ‘s death as I always read he was sailing to Avallon magic Island where death does not exit

    Please do think to a possible future for our 4 characters, if you wish ideas, you have thousands of fans ready to help

    We all need hope !! In this silly, stupid world ! I am available for any research ! I have time now ! Lost my job 2 days ago !!

  51. Julia Kim says:

    Merlin is the best drama I've seen. Extraordinary, gorgeous, marvelous, .. I can't explain in these words. It's just terrific!

  52. Intan Baharuddin says:

    The End .. was just a beginning. Yeah.. The legend of Camelot was a sad one. England had lost the very best of king several time in the history like K. Arthur, K. Richard etc. It had a line of powerful queens like Elizabeth, Elizabeth ll , Victoria & Queen Elizabeth now still rules . l think, it's good to reflect this theme too in 'Merlin 2012'. Girl power…eh… :) Colin & Bradley are fresh actors yet, awesome in acting so, l think Britain is blessed with young talents now than ever. l'm proud of Colin for the NTA recently. Congrats to him & all crew for a splendid 5 seasons. l'm missing the drama but, there's a rerun of Merlin season 1 & 2 now in Malaysia…hehe…. ;)

  53. ann maurice says:

    pls i still hoping more could be done on merlin it gives joy mostly on auther nd merlin’s fndship

  54. Diane says:

    Lots of places to go and help bring Merlin back. You really want it back? Pick one and do something. Anything.. click like, subscribe, leave your thoughts on blogs and articles. Make your voice heard.
    Feeling down about the ending and need others who share your feelings. I found this place… great articles and I don't feel as alone in my sadness, angry whatever you want to call it. Anyway, here is where I go to read from others who feel as I do. http://www.merlin-arthur.com/merlins-end-unfulfil

  55. Michaela says:

    Helloo from Czechia iťs true, we need Merlin! Please bring Merlin back! Finally, the series that is not stupid and rude!

  56. bryan says:

    ..i enjoyed watching it,, auguri!!

  57. yorkshiregal says:

    JM & JC created an excellent show but they REALLY limited it's greatness with their fear of revealing the secret.


    The last episode reveal WAS lovely. Arthur's death scene WAS moving. But there was so much more story to tell. Having the reveal truly be in the last waning hours of Arthur's life denied their friendship the full experience of sharing in what magic MEANT to Merlin.

    Ultimately the show ended NOT because JC & JM wanted it that way. Not because the BBC wanted it that way. It ended because the two leads (Colin Morgan and Bradley James) were not willing to extend beyond their original 5 year contracts. AND RIGHTLY SO. Just like Smallville literally sucked the life out of it's own show delaying the "Superman" reveal for 5 years (going from a 5 year show to 10), JC & JM were fully prepared to do something similar. They've said they modeled their show after Smallville. THANKFULLY the two lead actors knew that it was going to go stale if they didn't move on. And they were right. Several of S5 episodes felt paint-by-numbers stale. So… IMO we owe Colin and Bradley a thanks for letting us have a gem of a show rather than a show we would eventually grow to dislike as they milked the "keep the magic secret" premise beyond all reason.

    This is a JC/JM blind spot. They don't get that this was a bad idea so it was good they were stopped at their original 5 year premise.

  58. Linda Nadeau says:

    There are many like myself who do not feel that the ending was "right." Please join us at https://www.facebook.com/merthursgrouptosavemerli… and/or https://twitter.com/WeareMerthurs to fight for a sixth series.

  59. Sindhu Pusulri says:

    this show was the best ever and I cried at the end. Colin Morgan's and Bradley's acting was amazing and i loved their relationship! I miss this show sooooooo much. The best I've seen in a really long time…i wish it had gone on longer.

  60. Trish says:

    The finale was beautifully done, and I have watched it numerous times. The acting was magnificent – I cannot think of a false note, and the cinematography was awesome. I understand that the producers and actors want to move on, but it would be more than wonderful if they changed their minds! I'm sure the writers could come up with a reason for the Once and Future King to return.

    • gatravlr says:

      "The finale was beautifully done, and I have watched it numerous times. The acting was magnificent – I cannot think of a false note, and the cinematography was awesome."

      My feelings exactly. You said it perfectly.

  61. Isabella says:

    'Merlin' has become a major part of my life- and I'm sure many people's lives. While I was completely devastated and wrecked right after the end, I know that it will always live forever in my heart. Just as Arthur will forever be the Once & Future King, destined to rise again :)

  62. judy says:

    its a great show and will be missed,Merlin has many possibles ,more adventures, his magic has just begun sounds like another series

  63. Aarluk says:

    Please add me to the list of pleading for a new series or at least a film. I have never been affected by any TV show in my life as I have Merlin. I am absolutely gutted it has ended and felt low for several days after the climax. I looked forward all year for the next series and had to buy the dvd's meanwhile to get my Merlin 'fix'. I feel a deep sense of loss and even grief that this wonderful series has ended and as someone else wrote, I could have watched until Merlin and Arthur grew old. Please reconsider your decision and give us a series 6!

  64. Patricia says:

    It seems to me the writers set out to cause the most distress and trauma they could to a loyal fan base: let’s kill the main character, let’s send the other one through gloomless centuries of waiting, let’s leave many unanswered questions like did Merlin ever see Gaius again, did he ever return to Camelot? Let’s give our audience, adult and children alike, the message that good never wins over evil, no matter how hard you try and no matter how many sacrifices you make, you can’t make a difference, oh yes, let’s trash the values and foundation of the whole series so it makes it too painful to watch again and let’s get the biggest impact possible by putting this out on Christmas Eve.

    The writers ought to have been aware from the start that putting out something that became so loved by so many people, including youngsters, carries a great responsibility (with great power comes great responsibility!) and that includes not traumatising your audience and trashing the message of the whole series. Classics like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars – it doesn’t matter what you put your heroes through, as long as good ultimately overcomes evil.

  65. alex pallis says:

    Americans would have milked another 10 years out of something so good. What happened to you guys? Have enough money and don't want more? Why not have the adventures of Merlin and Arthur in a united Albion where there will be villains and bad guys trying to destroy the place? Magic is what we all need these days. We are sick and tired of our day to day things. BRING BACK THE MAGIC!!!!

  66. Christina says:

    Thanks SO much for the brilliant show you gave us.Personally,I liked the ''end'' -except of course Gwaine's death-but I'd REALLY LOVE to see at least one more season with Merlin and Arthur FINALLY being with no secrets.All the feelings it gave us were true and touched the heart.The final episode clearly showed us that the natural ''road'' for the show is to end there….
    But please,PLEASE bring the show back.Thank you very much.I personally LOVED it.

  67. Jan says:

    I dont know what to think now that this amazing show has finished for all time! It was the best series I have ever seen on tv, and I looked forward to it every Saturday when it was shown. There is nothing to watch on tv these days, unless you like purile reality programmes or soaps. I cannot believe that Doctor Who has been promoted so well for so many years, and a brilliant programme like Merlin was allowed to end, when so many people (world wide) have followed and adored the concept and characters of this show. I am a middle aged viewer, who, along with friends and work collegues would discuss the weeks show. I thought the ending very upsetting, and none of us liked the 'jump' into present day. Wouldn't it make a great next series if Arthur was cured, they both returned to Camelot, and Merlin married and had a son born the same day as Arthur and Gwens son. The young boys could grow together, one a future King and one a sorceror! What fun with the magic!!

  68. Beau says:

    Let me tell you something. If there is not a sixth season, I will personally find the director and actors and force a new agreement. In the nicest way possible of course… :) I really do hope you make another few seasons. It's such a great show. I've been watching this show since I was only thirteen years old. I fully hope to be able to watch the adventure go on. Though to be honest though, I liked the old times setting better than the modern one.

  69. Sandra says:

    I am one of those hoping that we get more episodes of Merlin. This show has been the ONLY show that sent me to the internet to find out if I was the only one who was devastated that it was over. Thankfully I'm not. I'm not going nuts after all. As my children and I watched this show come to an end we were beside ourselves that there would be no more. So let's get busy and get those guys to change their minds and bring happiness back into our lives with their wonderful stories and their awesome acting.

  70. Season 6 please!!!! Loved the show so so much!! It's the best show ever!!!! Merthur back pleaseee :'(((

  71. Bob says:

    If Merlin had been a American TV series it would have gone on for 8 to ten years.
    Merlin is a great show and to end it like they did….. I agree with Linda D the writers did not complete the series as written in the frist 4 series.
    I see so many great show from the UK that just last 2 to 3 seasons which makes no sense to me

  72. Laura says:

    I believe that the outpouring of emotion caused by how Arthur died, is reflective in the reality that with so much turmoil and uncertainty in the world, Merlin was a show that reflected loyalty, hope, friendship and security in knowing that Camelot would enter into a golden age. The fact that there was no child to carry on the mantle that was Arthur's and that it now sat upon the shoulders of Gwen, also reflected an end of a dream. That it would not be Arthur, or his child that would lead Camelot into the era of peace and harmony but Gwen who was childless to shape Arthur's dream as she saw fit and to pass, what would evolve into her dream, her reality to whatever future children she had.

    It also did not ring true that Merlin would walk that road by the water for over 1000 years. He had yet to grow into becoming the greatest Wizard to ever live. He couldn't do that by keeping constant guard of the lake. To think that he is exiled is ridiculous- It was plain to see that Gwen would have welcomed him back and Arthur would have wanted Merlin to return to help Gwen.

    One can argue that Arthur met his fate, but did not fulfill his destiny in this show. Fate is how one's life ends, destiny is the journey and all that happens until one meets their fate.

    Therefore, it is very probable that Arthur, once the boat reached the island, could be brought back to to life. There are many different, realistic scenarios as to how that could be written.

    However, if Bradley James (as it has been written) truly doesn't want to return as Arthur to do another two hour episode, and because of public outcry, the producers decide to write a two to four hour episode to tie in Arthur's death with Gwen's vision for Camelot (in her husband's memory), and if Colin Morgan agrees, then a kinder ending can be given, where Arthur is dead and Merlin returns to Camelot, as the Sorcerer he is, to help Gwen begin what would be the golden age for Camelot. That together, Arthur's closest friend, Merlin and Arthur's Queen Gwen, begin turning Arthur's dream into a reality.

    Remember, the show ended because the lead stars wanted out of the series, so we are told. I find it amazing that Britain has a problem keeping shows on for more than 3 years. In America we have had shows stay within the top ranking shows for 20 years, with many of the original stars..

    Either way, I think the ending, though magnificently written, fell short of keeping its promise- The show was suppose to portray Merlin as a young boy growing into becoming a young adult and the relationship that would develop between Sorcerer and King. This relationship would become the cornerstone for that which would become the legend of Camelot.

    I think they need to do another 2 – 4 hour episode and wrap up the loose ends with or without Arthur. That is- if Colin Morgan would do it so that the fans can have closure.

  73. Juan Ignacio says:


  74. Suzanna says:

    Merlin has a lot of fans all over the world and this end of season 5 is a slap to all Merlin fans.

    If they do not come back with season 6, this show will always leave bad memories in my mind…and also in the mind of a lot of other fans, young viewers (viewers of future shows).So they should think about it….the producers, the writers and also the actors! They can only correct this mistake by bringing Merlin back and if it is with one season….

    So please all Merlin fans all over the world…make them listen to us and join us on facebook in this big global campaign: http://www.facebook.com/merlin2return

    We can do this together and we will not stop fighting!

  75. lazydragon says:

    Just finishing season 4. Have to ready myself for season 5 so I will not be depress as much. Knowing myself, I will be on denial for weeks before I could accept the ending . Truly greatful for the show. All episodes that I've watched put a smile on my face . To the cast of Merlin, your smiles are contagious.

  76. geckohale says:

    You really screwed up the ending. A big rush to end it all and threw away the whole thing. Too lazy to do it right? To greedy to do it right? Certainly didn’t meet any of the series goals with this rushed & patched together “ending” which satisfied nothing and alienated most of your fans. What rubbish. I have impatiently waited for the “magic” to be brought forth the whole series and then to find it never happens at all. What a lie. You need to set this straight. And you obviously need to restart the series, with a new Arthur if that is necessary, which apparently it is, and any other actor who wishes to en their commitment, but you need to continue the series with the promises you told and now need to keep. And no more of this silly drivel you showed in the last episode with killing off most the people. We’ll ignore that one.

  77. criticalK says:

    It doesn't have to end here. Merlin could remember about a lost relic that holds the power to go back in time. He could then go back in time and change what he says to Arthur about magic. Arthur can then go back to the soothsayers and change his response. Then in the next episodes, evil magic can be fought with good magic in the hunt to take down Morgana. Queen Guinevere can then become pregnant in several episodes later and the baby can be born as Morgana is finally killed. There should also be an episode in there where Morgana's dragon is taken over and brought back to health by Merlin. He is then introduced to the old dragon before he dies. This is too good a series to end here. There could be so much more. Merlin can also finally then become friends with Mordred who can stand behind Arthur when facing Morgana, and in antoher episode, Arthur can finally see Merlin use his magic for good and realize that he has always been protecting him. Everything with then make sense. Arthur will realize the true wisdom of Merlin and ask for his input when ruling his kingdom.

  78. Sylvia says:

    Are my husband and I ever going to miss this show. We watch it faithfully every Sat. nite and think it's just brilliant.

  79. josiah says:

    this sucks please continue or find a way to it was one of the (my) best shows

  80. reza says:

    Merlin , the best of TV series .
    thank u all who created this fantastic show .

  81. Ronnalie says:

    NOOOOOOO…I am not one for happy endings, and sometimes wish that movies would end with the bad guy getting away. However, for this series I REALLY, REALLY wanted a happy ending where Arthur would continue to grow and become the King spoke of in legend (with Merlin there to guide him, of course). I kept wondering why Merlin wasn't calling the dragon earlier (really, he was such a large part of the show, and I needed a wrap-up for him as well) or even trying to heal Arthur with his newly discovered power (after being in the Crystal Cave). When it became clear that Arthur really was going to die, I have to admit I screamed an expletive at the TV: WTF!!!! That can't happen, Merlin and Arthur (forget Gwen) were supposed to live happily ever after!!

    Can we have a "re-do"?

  82. April says:

    really love the series as well. even here in the philippines…just watch season 1 thru DVD..and i’m really hooked up with the story.I fell in love with the cast and the plot..can’t wait to have my day off to start watching season 2. I hope season 6 will push through. Thanks!

  83. thoniette says:

    Please we cannot afford to see MERLIN come to an end in such a tragic way, whatever happened to the white dragon couldn’t merlin have summoned it to bring Arthur back to life? were we not told that it had the breathe of life? This last episode of season 5 has a lot to be corrected please do that in the next season, that could be the last not this.

    NB: your fans are really disappointed you can do better than this…

  84. maldru says:

    Having fallen in love with Merlin, it was truly heartbreaking to watch his tragic loss and failure at the finale. It was much more heartbreaking than Arthur's death per ce . Of course, I agree, it brought the story to it's dramatic and spectacular end, but left Merlin in the most disturbing (cruel) way. So I re-wrote the end ,just for my own peace of mind: it is Merlin who dies in the final scene, being able to exchange places with Arthur, saving him from his fate by sacrificing himself – he is the world's most powerful sorcerer after all! And his last words are "Long live the king!"

  85. Nelleke says:

    I have just seen the very last episode. I feel so sad! It is such a wonderful story. There are many fans here in Holland. Please reconsider…………….make us happy again with a sixth serie!

  86. momo says:

    can't they took away the best i've ever seen on tv thanks for ruining my life with a sad ending please if you read this give us one more season to allt the Merlin lovers.

  87. magic says:

    Please make a another season of Merlin.

  88. CeeDee says:

    I Think It Is Just HORRIBLE for the BBC to take away Merlin.It Is The BEST PROGRAM They have on next to Doctor Who HOW can you give us 4 seasons of A wonderful group of People In A PHENOMENAL Program build us up for What we the Fans Where Hoping for a Beautiful Friendship and then just pull the bottom out from under us WE WHERE ROBBED. We didn't get to enjoy the Magic like it should have been.We didn't get to enjoy Merlin And Arthur Become The Great Friends and Brothers in Arms That Some Stories Proclaim Them To Be. We didn't get to Enjoy Magic Returning To Camelot WHY DID YOU TAKE IT AWAY FROM US If You Needed To End A Show Get Rid Of ORPHAN BLACK That Is Just A Piece Of Crap Show PLEASE Bring Back The Magic Of MERLIN.I Fear This Outrage Makes Me Leary Of The BBC Network I Really Can't Get Interested In A Show Anymore For Fear That As Soon As I Love It They Will End it PLEASE RECTIFY YOUR MISTAKE And Bring Back Merlin PLEASE

  89. Juanita says:

    I love this show. I love the cast, the stories, the music, the filming. I can't believe they are putting on such horror garbage (no moral redeeming value) and are taking this off the air. So goes our country. ;(

  90. Tom says:

    I really enjoy Merlin. I watch it with my wife and grandchildren. We haven missed an episode, the series is a show the whole family can enjoy. Each episode has a good moral message that is really needed in this day and time. My family members ages are 6 yrs, 14yrs, 19 yrs, 38 yrs, 43 years, 55 yrs and last me 58 yrs of age. This show is enjoyable for anyone no matter their age. I hope it runs at least 10 season, but 12 seasons would be even better.

  91. The last episode of merlin season 5 was a mess after a long awaited 5 years. In the last scene when merlin begged the dragon to bring Arthur back to life, the dragon told melin that arthur is the once and future king which means Arthur will rise again sooner than later when he goes through the lake Avalon. Secondly, if i’m correct in season 4 the big dragon told merlin that Aithusa,Merlin, and Arthur will unite Albion which also is the long awaited prophecy when the old dying King ( in the valley of the Fallen Kings ) waited to see merlin for several years to deliver the prophecy to Merlin about Albion and also give him warnings( this part of the story was shown). Furthermore, every threat on Arthur’s life was overcome, how come such was not made when Arthur was dying in the last episode by calling the dragon to help carry him to Avalon instead of waiting for two day?. The issue is not ending the season but ending it without fulfilling the prophecies in the past episodes. And i enjoy “MERLIN” becos is the only season film i’ve watched with my Dad without fear of seeing nude or strong romance. I pray they will bring other season fulfiling the prophecy and uniting Albion. ONOS, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA.

  92. donna says:

    please do not stop this series its one of a kind I love it

  93. Graham Swift says:

    To cancel another series of Merlin and to be able to take the characters further into the depths of the Arthurian legend is the most stupid and ridiculous decision that the makers of Merlin have ever made. This whole series has been absolutely superb, from the cast,crew,locations and storylines. I know that there is to be a two parter at hristmas but surely after the following it had there was NO NEED to end the series. It is a disgrace that such a decision be made either by the BBC or whoever. It needs to be brought back from the time that the Lady of the Lake returns Excaliber to Camelot bringing Arthur back to life and continue the story with both Arthur and Merlin being the main character using the same people. Please take not of what has been said not only by me but countless others. Rant over.

  94. Gretchen Molz says:

    Loved the show and Arthur and MErlin's friendship—Merlin loves his friend, the King, and Arthur loves Merlin, too. Best Buddies, nothing more than that–and MErlin knows this is his destiny—-
    was hard to see the show end this way—–but only cause modern tv had to end it somehow I guess. If our requests are read, put it back on!!!

  95. Barb says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Merlin and thought all the actors were terrific. The producers did an outstanding job throughout the series, until the ending. While I found the final episode quite poignant, it left me feeling unfulfilled. Probably most puzzling were the choices that were made in the script that seemed illogical and not what Merlin would have done had the series continued. Merlin defeated Morgana's army but couldn't turn into Emerus and carry Arthur into the lake? I fully expected Merlin to summon the dragon to carry him and Arthur to the lake instead of sticking poor Arthur on a horse for 2 days. If the goal of Merlin was to save Arthur which he felt was his destiny, why wouldn't he use all his powers to achieve that? It left me asking, "What is he doing?" It just didn't seem in character. The ending was one of many that could have been written and is probably the one most of us least expected. But to end a series on such a sad note overshadows the general message of hope that was a foundation of the entire series. I had eagerly awaited the last show only to feel let down. I personally wished the producers had chosen an ending that culminated in a more satisfying outcome.

  96. Mia says:

    The ending made all the hard work Merlin did in all this past seasons worth zip zilch zero. How could these two feel that this is how fans wanted this story to end. Like they wanted to tell the fans jokes on you if you thought we would consider for a moment your feelings on the emotional investment you made this last 5 years. NO they gave us a lousy and pathetic ending. Very disappointed!

  97. ken says:

    Learn from history. Star treck was cancled. They found out BIG MISTAKE. Bring merlin
    back somehow.

  98. Rory says:

    Please bring merlin back. The last 2 episodes were rushed. This was my girlfiends and mine favorite show. It was a staple in our relationship. My heart broke when I heard it was cancelled… In the middle of the last season…

  99. bec says:

    I'm so sad to see Merlin end. I wish they could do a few more episodes & show Arthur returning too Camelot. I'm sure there's a great story there and they could show Camelot at peace.
    Merlin & Arthur's great friendship is a story that could go on forever.
    I would watch it as long as it would run. PLEASE do bring the show back. KING ARTHUR LIVES.
    Please keep writing & reunite Merlin & Arthur again.

  100. Fauxgal says:

    Two? Dies, not showing HOW he so powerfully affected the kingdom. What did he really accomplish? Not that much. No show of magic being allowed. Neither Merlin nor Arthur reached their potentials. The joy was removed in not allowing Merlin’s and Arthur’s relationship to grow and mature. And don’t like the idea of continuing the story in the present. No place in the present for the romance of the age of nights. Very unsatisfying. However the acting and story right up to Arthur’s death was wonderful and masterfully done. It was terrible to kill Arthur and leave their (Arthur, Merlin, Gwen & well, all of Camelot’s) future empty and untold. . I don’t care that you set Gwen up to carry on. Sooo unfulfilling .

  101. Sis says:

    It is a shame the writer have to end Merlin in such a way. What happened to Magic and Myths, I can see this series continue with the magic Merlin had and the friendship between Arthur, Gwen, For Gaius is both Merlin’s mentor and conscience. Morgan the witch and all the fine Nights of Camelot. The boat did not burn so they can bring him back for real. The whole family will miss seeing new season come to pass. I am glad we own the complete series of Merlin and the same token it is very sad to see Merlin show end. Please recreate more of Merlin with the same actors and actress. Out standing job well done. We don't like how it ended 5 season really

  102. linda says:

    Please ,Please, bring back Merlin. Would love to see Merlin and Arthur reunite.

  103. Peggy Talburt says:

    I loved watching "Merlin" the tv series on the scify station. I was very disappointed that it ended!!!
    My grandson really loved the series too. Can't you magically resurrect Arthur and bring the series back!!!!!

  104. Elmernite says:

    The ending was the worst ending in the history of television.

  105. DONNA CROSBY says:

    i am constantly checking the internet,asking my friends,shecking the syfy channel for anything new regarding MERLIN. I have heard so many rumors, please,please tell me it is not so!!! BRING HIM BACK!!! is it true that there might be a reboot?? FIRST THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER,NOW MERLIN.. These were both such beautifulshows and my family and friends love both of them. there were no other shows that we loved as much.. I will be looking forward to any news that he will be back. soon..

  106. chinweoke(from nigeria) says:

    Well done to all, the movies waS a good one.but I would have liked it more if Gwen was going to have arther child that would have given the story a little happy ending.The director should think about it.

  107. Chayenne says:

    I live in South America (Surinam). I talk Dutch and Surinamese. There are many poor in suriname, but the not so poor people do have cable tv and also know something of merlin. I am one of them and i don't look so often to television, but on the Sunday and Monday i do look. only to watch merlin. I started at one point so exciting to find out what was going to happen in the last episode that I could no longer wait until next weeks new episodes so I looked on the internet and about the end I have to say is that I am very very disappointed am so disappointed that I am close to tears erupted and that is without about. If you want to believe or not I have exam tomorrow and I could not keep myself not watching merlin, so I'm now angry, because I have lost so much time for nothing. it's really nothing, because the end is just ridiculously bad. i can't say nicer things about it than this. even my dad who is a good businessman, looked at it and he has not yet seen the latest episodes and i also don't want him to watch them, for he also expects many of merlin

  108. Kari Kelty says:

    I realize that life is not a fairy tale. However, this story could have concluded on a more joyful note seen as how it didnt really follow the original story anyway. There is so much disappointment and loss on tv. I think the producers could have ended it differently with a happier ending. Even though Gwen was wise and good she could never take the place of Arthur to the people or to the fans. Bring Arthur back would be an eventful and fun ride.

  109. MerthurFan23 says:

    Long time fan of the series, from episode one release. I've watched every episode aired and purchased every season on DVD upon release (Very much in hopes that my money would support the show to continue). Having said this, yes, I've very disappointed in the fact that the series ended. HOWEVER…. man…. what an ending. My thanks to the creators and my respect to the actors. You all made me believe that I was part of the story and was always (and even now) left wanting more Merlin. When you (creators and actors) can accomplish this, you have done your job. Farewell to my favorite TV series of all time. To everyone involved I say thank you and well-done. Well-done indeed!

  110. Jennifer says:

    BUMMER! VEry Very Very sad you ended Merlin :( booooo! It's not too late to restart it – just take a note from Star Trek! Come on!

  111. Doug says:

    What an excellent series! I think the cast is really what gave it its charm and spirit; it did end in a rather abrupt way. It would of been nice if we could had some of the epic showdowns we all wanted (Merlin vs. Morgana and Arthur vs. Mordred). I'm left wanting more which is a good indication that the writers for the most part did the show justice in the end (except that bit about Merlin waiting forever for Arthur to return). In addition, It was good, clean family entertainment, which is even rarer to come by. It was a story about friendship in the end, and the writers deserve credit for showing how Merlin and Arthur's friendship grew over the entire series. Again, what an excellent show!!! Definitely going to miss it.

  112. Brenda Wickham says:

    I just watched the final episode tonight again for the fourth time. I taped the series. Can't express how much I LOVED this series. I waited every week for this show. Now it is gone. They always take the good shows off of TV. i cried like a baby when King Arthur and Merlin said goodbye to each other. I didn't understand that Merlin was watching over his grave at the end. It would be great if King Arthur could rise again and Merlin be there for him. Great, great show. Thank you so much.

  113. Allan says:

    Every episode of Merlin was well written, well acted, brilliant – until the last hour of the series finale. Then it was like the last hour of Battlestar Galactica – oops, we must end it now (in an hour). Brilliant series; should have gone on for at least 2 more seasons and Arthur's end deserved a better re-write.

  114. susana says:

    most entertaining and most decent movie i ever watch .
    i love all the characters they fit to their personality.
    good directors.

  115. Cindy M.M. says:

    My 12 year-old is sooo sad about the ending. You not only end the show, but also end it the way you do! You have broken ALL our hearts! And I haven't even been able to finish season 5 knowing what is to come! PLEASE, for all the is good, true and noble come back for a last season – season 6.

  116. anna says:

    i like marlin.

  117. Merlin fan says:

    I was really disappointed they ended merlin like this. I was expecting more. Like other said it is cabbage to gave a short script to authur. There should more to explore between merlin and authur. Please make authur rise again as the dragon mentioned.

  118. Mary Ann says:

    Merlin is such a great TV series. I really enjoyed how the story flows. Each of the characters are awesome and it really saddens me and a lot of my friends to know that it has ended. We truly hope that somehow there would be sort of sequel or a continuation of it. Iknow you have great story writers and you can find a way to bring back magic! Kudos to everyone who is part of this program!

  119. Ryan Hunter says:

    I am an American, a father of 6 children. I am 39 yrs old I have lost so many people that I love to cancer & death,& even as a young father in his twenties I lost my second daughter. This show was the rebirth of good television it represents all that is good & decent & who we really are, everyone of us, in are hearts. We want true leadership, we want loyal friends we want human decency & kindness, & we want peace & love for all. I am proud of the creators & the BBC for making this magical series possible. I am proud to have been a part of it with so many good people. Each & everyone of us stood proudly with Arthur, for he truly is a leader that we would willingly follow into battle!! To watch Arthur die was really like loosing a brother & best friend. May we all be so willing to lay down our lives for our fellow man as Arthur did!! Take courage in your hearts that each & everyone of us can be that Arthur, we can be that Gwen & that we can be that humble & loving servant Merlin, to everyone that we come in contact with. I will grow old & die one day there is nothing that I can do to escape this. let us raise our glasses & celebrate what this show truly represents & how it has touched our hearts Cheers!!!

  120. JACQUI FLOYD says:


  121. Christina says:

    You really need to bring Merlin back. It was not a good ending to the show. I really like watching it but there needs to be a season 6 and maybe more seasons after that . I can always watch season 1-5 and that fine. but when I get to the end of season 5 I’m always sad. because their are no more merlin and thats end of the show. So if you can please bring it back or find someone that can bring it back please.

  122. Pete Stephens says:

    Loved the program. My daughter and I watched all of them in order on Netflix. The ending was sad. In a way I liked that, but in my heart I wanted it to go on. Hopefully Merlin and Arthur meet in the future…

  123. Mary Ann says:

    Very disappointing ending to such a magnificant series. I hope the writers will continue the series and tie up all the loose ends. This was the best series ever, the chemistry between Merlin and Arthur could not have been better, casting was brilliant. Please continue for your audience.

  124. Peter Stathopulos says:

    This was an EXCELLENT show! My girlfriend and I just finished watching the series. We watched all 5 seasons from this summer until last night. The show had tremendous actors and was very well-written. Though the ending was sad with Arthur's death, it was a bittersweet ending to a wonderful series! Hats off to the show's co-creators, actors, writers, and the rest of the cast!

  125. lubega emmy hazard says:

    i loved the film

  126. Cristina says:

    Thank you for this great series, "Merlin" will remain in our hearts for ever! All, but the last episode, which is basically destroying everything that was built with passion and hard work throughout the series. I completely disagree with the ending – all the work and effort to support Arthur…gone just like that? Did we really need to remain with such bitter feeling, not only that Merlin could not overcome destiny, but that he needs to be around for an eternity, waiting for Arthur to rise again? I guess Morgana had a happy ending, compared to Merlin, who is punished for an eternity! I read the other comments and the interview above, but there is no explanation to justify how I feel about this. I have no right to judge a legend and ask for a different story, but I know this script was anyway very original, I do not understand why you had to "get closer" to the legend in the end?

  127. Johnny says:

    Hi I just finished watching the series Merlin. I hate to say this but I really did not like the ending. King Arthur should have had a funeral fitting a king. Maybe the Dragon should have carried them to Camelot to show all the power of Merlin. The series should have went out with a bang!

  128. Arianne says:

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  129. Paul-Wesley Bowen says:

    All you need to understand is that two of the writers got the "big head" and decided to strike out on their own, not realizing that ending a series as popular and monetarily viable as this series was will have the majority of the moguls of the entertainment world saying, "They ended this to "make a name for themselves?", well they did but it is not a name that they really are going to relish" … and it definitely will NOT enhance their new projected projects … Because betrayal for self-gain never gains a good reputation and this one will follow them through quite a few years where they will have to prove again and again that they can be trusted. Really bad ego trips there, guys … The emotional ending you have created is not a sad farewell to a really well written story line, enjoyed by millions, but a seething anger at the men whose egos decide to end it for their own greed … Who will really trust you now?

  130. isadjan says:

    Bring Merlin back!!!!!!

  131. Mich says:

    Haven't seen series 5 yet, but I am already upset with the death of Arthur! According to my Arthurian encyclopedia, different sources for the legend had different endings for Arthur, and since the series' writers had already taken liberties with the storyline, I see no reason for their decision. It was, in fact, quite illogical as it presents an Arthur who really had little to do with the Golden Age of Camelot, other than marry Guinevere (who supposedly carries on after his death). I agree with most of the other fans: the writers should make amends by filming a sequel that will bring Arthur back and, with Merlin, unite Albion in a Golden Age and/or save Albion from some terrible fate.

    There is a little something of the Eternal about deeply transcendent friendships. both real and imagined – Damon and Pythias, Alexander and Hephaestion, Lewis and Clark, Kirk and Spock, Merlin and Arthur – such that the real tragedy in the handling of Arthur's death was the seemingly off-handed creation of a depressing sense of life.

    Here's one more vote for the writer's to rectify their mistake.

  132. S dier says:

    I was very disappointed in the ending (though I LOVED the series). I was also disappointed that the seasons were so very short at only 13 episodes each, instead of the normal 20-23 episodes per season as so many other shows have. There would have been SO much more story to tell if they had chosen a normal # of episodes per season. don't understand why they did that.

  133. Weis says:

    So, the prophecy, Arthur and Merlin, the magic and adventures – everything was not about them at all? It was all about Gwen fulfilling the prophecy about Arthur and Merlin. Doesn’t anybody feel the shift of logic here? Basically it means that Arthur and Merlin were set to fail from the beginning. And if so I would like to ask creators – why make the series about boys at all? Why not make a show about Guinevere then? Statement that she was set to bring magic back contradicts with the initial idea of the series about Merlin and Arthur being two sides of the same coin which was important for their task. I don’t see the connection between Gwen and boys’ destiny. What, Gwen is so mighty that she doesn’t need a prophecy, a warlock or even being told what she has to do?
    How… convenient.
    Why bother with boys at all then?
    After we watched for five years as boys tried to solve this problem, now we are told that their efforts were for nothing and Gwen managed it just fine? Just like this?
    Wow. It must be magic.
    It’s very easy to say that ‘magical’ conclusion happened off-screen. But in this case I use my right as the part of audience and won’t believe in something I never saw. I never saw Gwen as something bigger than part of the picture. At best she was the damsel in distress requiring rescue. There is no impact from her in the series, should we decide to remove her nothing changes. So, how this weak character that never was protagonist could (singlehandedly) do what two strong protagonists never managed?
    Picture my severe disbelief here.
    No matter what excuses creators of the show invent at this point nothing changes the fact that we never saw anything like this in the series. So, basically, what they say never happened. ‘Show, not tell’ – is very good rule.
    Of course they want to cover their sloppy writing by stating that there is a closure we never saw. Only it doesn’t make their words a fact. They can tell all they want, but I never believe that Gwen was able to become strong and capable Queen, simply because I never saw her doing anything important in the series. It was always Merlin and Arthur job.
    Not once in the course of the entire series did Gwen make important impact, political decision, or changed situation significantly. Even her repetitive encouraging lines always were doubled by Merlin – and that’s what prompted Arthur to act. Honestly, it was almost funny to see.
    But the pattern about Gwen stealing the credit is very familiar. In fact, it happens several times in the show – someone makes an enormous effort to save everybody and instead of them getting gratitude or reward we see something good happening to Gwen, who did some minor action during entire debacle or nothing at all. So, the idea that she could do something off-screen what boys couldn’t for five years that we watched them is the same idea only on the bigger scale.
    And this is very bad, because it creates a message that nothing good comes out of friendship, self-sacrifice and efforts. That no matter how hard you try you never can reach the goal; you never get help and your dreams are never fulfilled. And JM’ comments here add to that – that if there is someone who knows how to look important, they got the reward in the end, and don’t even have to lift a finger for that.
    It’s very convenient indeed what creators tell us now – that they had chosen to use some parts of the legends and ignore others. But it still doesn’t cover the sloppy writing. Starting the show with the prophecy as the main factor and finishing it by dismissing said prophecy entirely and hinting that some girl could do what two heroes couldn’t tell me that creators had very vague understanding what they were doing.
    That kind of excuses creators issue after the work is done always adds to the feeling of failure. They failed to give us closure and tried to cover that by fancy words about something we never saw. It’s like piling lies onto lies. It’d be better if they won’t say anything, because such excuses sounds pathetic.

  134. Weis says:

    So, the prophecy, Arthur and Merlin, the magic and adventures – everything was not about them at all? It was all about Gwen fulfilling the prophecy about Arthur and Merlin. Doesn’t anybody feel the shift of logic here? Basically it means that Arthur and Merlin were set to fail from the beginning. And if so I would like to ask creators – why make the series about boys at all? Why not make a show about Guinevere then? Statement that she was set to bring magic back contradicts with the initial idea of the series about Merlin and Arthur being two sides of the same coin which was important for their task. I don’t see the connection between Gwen and boys’ destiny. What, Gwen is so mighty that she doesn’t need a prophecy, a warlock or even being told what she has to do?

  135. david says:

    i am like, this cant be the end of MERLIN, too many things were xo wrong. 1. The ‘duel’ between arthur and mordred and some1 explain how an unbreakable sword breaks after a fight. 2. Morganas death Who else expected a magical showdown between the world most evil highpriestess and the greatest socerer eve to walk the face of the earth instead of just another stab the word play was good, but should have been after the fight 3. Why the hell didnt merlin call on his dragon immediately and instead travelled for 2 whole days. 4. I loved the whole magic confession/truth, i mean thats one of the major reason i kept up with the series but i feel it was rushed up, 5. Gwaines death was a 100% unnecessary. 6. What the hell hapenned to aithusa after the battle, speak of which where was the supposed dragon warz. 7.Arthur dies, realy??, why the heck was the need for glimmer of hope in the lady of the lake 8. Does it mean gwen was the actual person destined to restore albion , 9. Merlin fails to even find the “ONCE AND FUTURE KING”, WE NEED A RE-DO OR A REMAKE OF MERLIN 5 SERIES OR GIVE US A SEASON 6. Its unfair to leave 5yr loyal fans in the dust

  136. lyndilive says:

    I totally agree. There should be grounds for lawsuit for wasting my f***ing time and the anguish I am left in with that ending.I seriously hope someone slap the writers how could they be so STUPID! ! ! OMG! That Ending was lame!

  137. Lyle says:

    Terrible ending. I re-watch the first four seasons, the last is such a let-down, that I refuse to watch it again. It's like the writers and producers tired of the show, and just wanted to find a quick ending. Hated it.

  138. Kenny S says:

    That ending was frustrating.

    I feel that the final battle was extremely short. I simply love old Merlin. He certainly is not shy about anything. I was expecting him to walk straight out into the middle of the battle. Tossing people left and right. Making wise cracks anytime a person or group rushed him.

    “Oh ho!’ You wish to challenge me do you?” (Turns their swords into chickens)…. (They decide to rush him anyways) Then he gives that hilarious face he makes like he smells something and blasts them from the field. C’mon!!!! It was the last episode. Go all out boys!!

  139. sissajo says:

    I have seen "Merlin" twice and could watch it over and over!! Please make another Season!!!

  140. Ramesh says:

    Why I was not able to get over Merlin and why I think the ending was not as they may have originally planned. Here are open ends in the story

    1) Helix the gate keeper says that Emrys (Merlin) will be the only other person outside of Morgana to walk the entry to the spirit world and possibly come back, he did not get that oppurtunity yet , so I think if the story tooks its right course, Merlin should go back to sprit world to bring back Authur.
    2) Aurthus is destined to bring back Magic to Camelot and he did not do that before his death, which would mean the logical ending of story is, for Arthur to return back with Merlin and knowing Magic could be used for good things that he would restore the practice of magic.
    3) I think the last picturization of Merlin still waiting for Authur 2000 yrs later…feels like a last minute ditch attempt to conclude the story as they could not continue any longer, due to BBC ending the contract….

    I am hoping if there is enough fan base support, there are enough leads left in the story to bring back Arthur and continue to show, how he brought the country to greatness and become a great king in history.

  141. Aurelia Nicampo says:

    please have a season 6 please i think the ending is not the way it ended it was so heartbreaking…Albion is not built. Arthur died magic is not even brought back…i was so disappointed i thought there is season 6 but alas! its only until season 5 and the ending was not right please!! i just watched this movie and it’s one of the most creative movie that i ever watched! i really appreciate every inch of the movie so please….please let there be season 6

  142. dinae says:

    You never gave us the beauty and awe of the kingdom Merlin fought so hard to bring about. You time jumped over many years and killed off Arthur way too soon or you are telling us that Merlin failed to accomplish what he was destined to do. The last season was well done but disappointing.

  143. Lyle says:

    Thought it was a terrible and pointless ending to a great series. So many unanswered questions that were major plot components during the series.
    Shameful, lets hurry up and get this over with final season.

  144. Veronique says:

    Despair .. ! There should be a finale season 6. I am very sad that the finale was not concluded well. The Dragon said that Arthur will rises again.. so to me it means there will be another season THE FINALE FINAL season.
    We trust you to make it happens!

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