‘Once Upon a Time’ graphic novel cover has the evil queen’s touch

April 15, 2013 | 6:14 p.m.
Cover of Marvel's Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen" graphic novel. (Marvel)

Cover of Marvel’s “Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen” graphic novel. (Marvel)

Revenge is more of a driving force on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” than romance but Marvel Entertainment, having joined with the Disney-ABC Television Group, is releasing a graphic novel that tells more of the story of how the Evil Queen took the Huntsman’s heart — literally — and used it to control him.

Marvel and Disney on Monday released the cover (drawn by Nimit Malavia) for the graphic novel “Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen,” which shows the Evil Queen flaunting her hold on a reluctant Huntsman, flanked by images of Red Riding Hood and Snow White.

The story picks up after the events of the Season 1 episode “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter,” in which the Huntsman lets Snow White go after tracking her, and centers around another of Regina’s plots to capture her stepdaughter. She has entered into a pact with a group of werewolves, and Red Riding Hood — who, if you haven’t seen the show, is a werewolf as well — will play a role in the hunt for Snow White.

It’s further evidence of the bond between Red Riding Hood and Snow White that is often played out during the show as a close relationship. The Huntsman, whose heart is kept by Regina, will also be a central character as he goes against his nature to find Snow and do the queen’s bidding.

The comic book story is by series writer and co-producer Dan Thomsen, and is co-written by Corinna Bechko (“Planet of The Apes”). Art will be created by Malavia, Vasilis Lolos, Mike Del Mundo, Mike Henderson and more.

The book hits stores Sept. 4.

— Jevon Phillips

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