‘Smallville’ Tom Welling on saying goodbye to Superman [updated]

May 05, 2011 | 7:23 p.m.
Tom Welling

Tom Welling (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

Tom Welling has a new office on the Warner Bros. lot and there’s an empty parking spot right out front — it’s marked “C. SHEEN” — which reminds him how quickly things can change in television and how lucky he’s been to be one of television’s steadiest stars, with a decade logged on the now-ending “Smallville.”

“It can all go away and can go fast,” said the 34-year-old, whose new digs still had unpacked boxes and bare walls when he sat down last week to talk about the final flight of “Smallville,” which airs the two-hour series finale (appropriately titled “Finale“) on May 13 on The CW. “I feel so grateful. But I also know it’s time to move on.”

Welling leaves the show with mixed feelings, and that’s entirely appropriate for a man who spent 10 seasons as a Clark Kent who was perpetually denied the chance to be Superman — the show, for the uninitiated, follows the odyssey of Superman’s alter ego in his formative years and the title is the name of the little rural town where the future superhero grew up with his human adoptive family.

The New York native didn’t want the role — his headshot was plucked out of a stack by producer Alfred Gough, who asked why the handsome, towering actor wasn’t among the hundreds of hopefuls who sought an audition in “a massive manhunt” to find the star in 2000.

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, Welling as Clark Kent and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in 2001.

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, Welling as Clark Kent and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in 2001 (Frank Ockenfels / The WB)

The simple reason was that red-and-blue costume, the same one that brought success to actors such as Christopher Reeve and George Reeves in previous decades but came with a smothering career cost — after they flew across the sky in the public imagination they were locked into the image. When Welling found out the new show had the motto of “no tights, no flights,” he was far more intrigued.

“He brought an openness and warmth to the role,” Gough said. “He’s also incredibly good-looking and somehow is more good-looking in person, if that’s possible.”

During the fourth season of the show, Welling had learned so much on the set that he got a new ambition — directing. He did just that in the fifth season and another one of his efforts was the Booster Gold episode that aired with great fanfare recently. Even before Welling was directing, he was “a leader” on the set, Gough said, and certainly he was qualified — no other cast member appears in every episode and only two crew members have stayed on for the entire run.

superman gallery2 Smallville Tom Welling on saying goodbye to Superman [updated]Welling isn’t certain about his next move. There was a fan movement to get him the lead role in the new Superman film that will begin shooting next year with Henry Cavill in the tights (and there was a similar campaign for the 2006 movie “Superman Returns” that took flight with Brandon Routh), but “Smallville” has created such a wide, deep thicket of its own mythology that it seemed unlikely that a reboot of the hero would take him on if it were seeking a true fresh start.

Welling seems OK with that. The conventional view that a film franchise is better than TV in every way misses the emotional factor of persistence, he said; he came into the homes of fans again and again for a decade, and that’s a potent relationship. “Besides,” he said, “I’m busy.”

Last year, Welling pushed in a new direction as the executive producer of “Hellcats,” the CW series that is a comedy-drama adaptation of the book “Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders.” The show is slick and frothy at the same time, and Welling is pleased with the show and the ensemble cast — he says that after holding up a show, it’s engaging to be part of “a team with a great spirit.”

“Smallville” had plenty of bumps in its flight since its first episode in October 2001. The show went from The WB to The CW in 2006 and the tone of the show changed through the years, with some of the visiting superheroes bringing a campy aura at times. The show enjoyed a surge in credibility and ratings in recent years, but it was running out of room — how long could Kent go into manhood without donning the suit?

“Each time we got picked up we had to push that finish line further away, and I think we had some low moments when we got too far-fetched,” he said. “If you look at the series, the first five years were one show and the next five were a different show.

“We could have called it ‘Metropolis,’ in a way … there were a few times when heroes come in where we allowed ourselves to get lighter. But that’s breaking things up. I don’t think anyone goes out and tries to make mistakes.”

— Geoff Boucher

For the record, 10:22 p.m. May 5: A previous version of this post stated that Tom Welling directed the series finale. He did not. The airdate of the episode has also been corrected.


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209 Responses to ‘Smallville’ Tom Welling on saying goodbye to Superman [updated]

  1. Joe says:

    Tom has now played Clark Kent/Superman longer than anyone else ever. And he's done the character and all of the actors who've come before him proud. I will miss Smallville like crazy but know the end must come, and seeing Tom's Clark don the suit in the Finale will be one of the most iconic TV moments ever.

    • GregR says:

      He only played Clark Kent. He hasn't played Superman.

      • zdflyer says:

        Ok this reply goes out to every1 who apparently dint catch the last episode of smallville! Welling wore the suit caught a falling plane from in mid air and o yeah saved the whole planet! So yeah h was superman!

    • a fan at heart says:

      im a guy and i teared up watching 2nd to last episode and preview for final episode. iwas in high school when the show started i grew up watching every season its like i lost a loved one when this show ends. its sad.

      • Dave says:

        I know what you mean, especially the first episode where he sees his Dad again. I actually started watching it when I was in middle school, I was 13 and now 23 so it's easy to see how you can feel that sense of loss when you've spent a majority of your life being emotionally involved in the show…It inspired me in more ways than one and feel extremely luck to have been able to grow up with it. The writing was so solid as far as the inclusion of history and general business and philosophical quotes that were being said all the time. It was so much fun watching the relationships develop between clark, lana and lex. I honestly don't think they could have done a better job casting the show.

      • kris says:

        A fan at heart I agree with what u said its the gratest show ever n I watchhed every last one it was. My fave show I hated when it ended I was upset they need to bring it back

      • Tom says:

        I know exactly how you feel a fan at heart. I began watching Smallville when I was 8 years old so to hear that my favorite show that has been around over half my life was earth-shattering to me. I watched the series finale again today and Smallville brings back so many memories for me. I still want to cry whenever I watch Smallville because of all the memories it brings back and it feels like I’m falling in love with it all over again. Yes, I know this sounds girly.

    • Plette says:

      I couldn't agree more! I will miss the show, but hopefully we will see Tom do other things!!

    • Aaron says:

      one of the supermans next to christopher

    • wayne a says:

      I wish they will bring smallville back on television the best program ever been on

  2. ANGIE says:


  3. Callie says:

    Tom Welling directed Booster not Prophecy. Get your facts straight but other then that this was a great article

    • brian says:

      learn how to read :D He did just that in the fifth season and another one of his efforts was the Booster Gold episode that aired with great fanfare recently.

    • Bob says:

      If you reread the article I think you will find that it states that fact.

    • krista says:

      tw is nice, sweet, lovable and understanding, people should be considerate! not poking their heads into other peoples business!!

  4. RJo says:

    Ah, Welling directed the episode "Booster," not "Prophecy" (there's no "the"). "Booster" aired two weeks ago. Also the finale is on May 13th, not 14th.

    Otherwise, thanks for the article! It's always nice to hear from Tom.

  5. buffy summers says:

    Tom Welling hardly ever gives interviews, yet when he does, he is so charming! He slays me!

  6. Jaime says:

    Please correct the Series finale air date, is in MAY 13th!

  7. Elle says:

    This man is blindingly attractive. Like, it's almost distracting how stunningly attractive he is.

  8. GGG says:

    Thanks for the picture and the quotes from Tom….

    But were you missing a fact checker when you wrote this?

    – The finale airs on May 13th not May 14th.
    -The episode is called "Prophecy" not "The Prophecy" and second of all Tom Welling is NOT directing the episode. He's already directed his two episodes this season.

  9. dying rt now says:

    He is so amazing. HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT MR WELLING?! Tears forever.

  10. Well am just a fan,but wanna say thumbs up to tom.he performed so well and endured all along.he is good and as outdone himself.

  11. LisaC says:

    I'd just like to wish him well in whatever he decides to do in the future. And thanks for 10 super years!!

    • Lillian B. says:

      I agree. I also wish him well. This last show was exceptionally well done. Congrats to all involved.

  12. Ana Mejias Val says:

    Introduzca el texEeto aquí! Realmente me siento un poco nerviosa por ver el final , pero tambien nostalgica por que se acaba la serie favorita de mi heroe, deseo que Tom haga mas papeles para poder disfrutar de su capacidad como actor , y me entristece que no sea el protagonista del nuevo Superman ,pero lo seguire donde quiera que trabaje ya que considero que el realmente me gusta por su porte , amabilidad y simpatia .
    Ya que el es productor , director y actor podria producir su propio Superman .gracias

  13. Kelan says:

    Mr. Boucher, nice interview but a few mistakes, the episode is titled "Prophecy" and the director is Michael Rohl, thank you!

  14. JOANNE says:


  15. Richard Johnson says:

    I've seen every episode of smallville and i think Tom Welling has done well filling the roll of superman. It would be good to see Tom Welling in a superman movie to finish the smallville with a bang.

  16. BARACK says:


  17. Brian says:

    smallville has been my fav tv show ive loved it since day one and going to miss watching it tom would be the best superman

    • james armstrong says:

      No one can take over the role of the late christopher reeve as superman. Apart from tom welling. He played clark kent so good. And no other actor could play superman like him. I think tom and any film directors dhould give what the fans want. Because its the fans that make them the money. All smallville fans around the world would go see it with tom welling in it. Hope it happends im 30 but still love the old films. Ha

    • scott d says:

      smallville has also been my fav tv series and i am going to miss tom welling as clark kent/ superman just wish they could make one more season of smallville of him being superman that would be great!!! but i will miss the series alot..!!

  18. krystal waters says:

    why did you end the season,without the suit.that was what,i was waiting on come on.why end it like that.tom welling is so cute does he have a girl friend.why not do a another season.Im a big fan

  19. Bubby says:

    I've been watching this show from the get go and from my point of view, as a viewers, I strongly believe and would like to see, Tom Welling as the next superman….knowing that he had overcame his fear of flying.

  20. JohnRJ08 says:

    Let's get something straight here. "Smallville" was many things but it was NOT about Superman or Clark Kent. It was an invention of two writers who decided to make the mythos of this iconic character their personal toy. The series was more like Beverly Hills 90210 with an alien. It changed so many of the elements of the origin story of Superman that the character is almost unrecognizable to anybody who knows anything about the character. Now, whether or not "Smallville" was a good series is not the issue. It obviously had some appeal or it wouldn't have lasted 10 seasons. But let's not connect it with any of the other actors or films which have depicted Superman.

    • Silver Age 4 the win says:

      Smallville has always been the show about Superman. Clark Kent is the disguise. Superman is not a costume. It is who he is. The costume is the public Clark Kent. Ignorant fanboys always get this wrong, thinking the cape is what makes Superman. No, he was always Superman. This is what Smallville showed brilliantly. Sadly, most fanboys know far less about the character of Superman than they think they do.

    • Hmmm........ says:

      "…it was NOT about Superman or Clark Kent." Wow, fanboy, you must be die hard. However, the comics have changed Superman's story drastically over the years too. All good stories need change here and there if they are going to be eternal. That is why DC does roboots. The same story over and over again would be soooo boring. I am glad with the liberties they took. Some I liked, some I hated, but I respected the chance these directors and producers took. Smallville you will be missed!

    • Ckent says:

      The clothes do not make the man. Silver you got it right man, no matter what he is wearing, he is always the hero.

    • John says:

      I have been a fan of Superman since I could remember. I am in my 40's now. Let me tell you something kid, Superman story line changes with every generation (what you expect from the very first made up super hero), it's about what he represent and not about how his every day life would be like. Tell you the truth I do understand what your saying about it being Hollywood but at the end what do you think viewers would say about the show. I know it won't be how superficial the show was but the trial this kid went through to become the biggest iconic character of all time. Well I like to thank the cast and crew for the most entertaining 10 years of my life. Also thanks to Tom Welling for making me believe!!

    • Bob says:

      Really?? If thats the case then why does everything in the show revolve around Clark Kent if it is not about him? No other actor has ever played the superman character with more vigor and human as well as alien qualities. I have watched and listened to superman all of my life and this portrayal is by far the best yet….

  21. Norm says:

    ana mejias-english please-this aint a spanish site

    • Kay says:

      Her Spanish is written more correctly than most people's comments in English. Fans are fans no matter what language they speak/write in.

  22. xmz says:

    For all intents and purpose, Welling became Superman not long after Lex Luthor left the show. The 'Blur' (a weak superhero persona if I ever saw one) is essentially an early prototype of Superman, and less of a developing superhero still discovering his new role. His ensemble basically shouts out "here's preview of Superman's official look".

    The show went downhill a bit when it could no longer focus on the duel between superman and Luthor. They pretty much opened the floodgates and introduced full costumed DC superheroes and relied on gimmicky plots involving cloning, alternate universe, and Matrix technology. The thinnly veiled political commentary is straight out of a hammy Glee episode.

    • XMLtroll says:

      nicely said…

    • GregR says:

      There is no early prototype of Superman. Welling has only been Clark Kent.

      • Silver Age 4 the win says:

        Welling has always been Superman. He is only now becoming the Daily Planet Clark Kent. People who understand comic books understand this.

    • stluee says:

      IMO The show went down a bit with Lex's demise', and Lois knowing to much about Clark and his powers.Also they should have had Clark flying a long time ago and not just in another dimension.The best thing they done was get rid of trampy Lana.

    • Sharon says:

      It could not go "downhill" with Tom Welling! The man is a hunk and one of the most handsome man I have seen in a long time. He is a Hollywood legend.

  23. johnrj08 says:

    Let's get something straight here. "Smallville" was many things but it was NOT about Superman or Clark Kent. It was an invention of two writers who decided to make the mythos of this iconic character their personal toy. The series was more like Beverly Hills 90210 with an alien. It changed so many of the elements of the origin story of Superman that the character is almost unrecognizable to anybody who knows anything about the character. Now

    • moms home says:

      Let's get real. Smallville is the origin story of Superman and stars Clark Kent. Everyone knows this, even basement dwelling whiny fanboys, who can laugh at the tantrums of the lowest rung fanboys who pretend to deny it for maximum tantrum effect. LOL.

    • brettghampton says:

      This was decidedly a different version of the "Clark Kent" and "Superman" mythology, one that was occasionally entertaining, but at many times felt forced into an almost soap opera-esque series of repetition and coincidence. The current season's attempt to introduce the Darkseid character and other characters from the Jack Kirby Fourth World universe has just failed miserably, though the series promises to end on a high note with the return of Lex Luthor in the finale. Oh, and "moms home"? Everyone knows this is NOT "the" origin story of Superman, any more than the "Superboy" TV series of a few years ago was the "origin story of Superman." Dismissing opinions of those who disagree with you as being from "whiny fanboys" shows you to be an intolerant miscreant.

      • yes says:

        But less intolerant than the lowest rung fanboys who pretend to deny that Smallville is the origin of Superman for maximum tantrum effect. We can all agree on that at least. LOL.

    • Dee says:

      Obviously it isn't the original story of Superman, but there were quite a few elements of Superman throughout the series, don't complain just because they switched up a few things in the Smallville. It made it more entertaining and less predictable.

  24. Lauren says:

    I saw the Fallon interview and Tom Welling was amazing! He has an astonishing amount of charisma. I woke up this morning, to find that Welling had been trending on twitter worldwide all night long. I was surprised, and yet not really surprised. He has that superstar charisma aura. I haven't felt so wowed since I first saw Brad Pitt or fell in love with Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street, as a kid. Welling just possesses that intangible "IT" factor. I felt strongly back in the day that Pitt and Depp would be something special. I have the strong suspicion that Welling will develop into something special too and is heading in their direction.

  25. reuben says:

    pliz u cnt go.ur awesome i mean it man.i m ur biggest fan.i like watching smallville.smallville is in my blood.ur an good actor.oliz cum back.honestly tom u have been part of my if sumhw o the oder.i dnt see anyone else can act like u man.ur too good.pliz dnt go i knw this is hard for u i understand.pliz dnt go.thnz byeee

  26. Bigjok says:

    Ive like many absolutely adored smallville, Tom welling in my eyes has been a revelation as Clark Kent. Yes you will superman fan boys having a go at smallville but I honestly could not give a damn, the show will live in syndication for many more generations to come and I for one will miss smallville incredibly

  27. Angela M says:

    I will miss the show , I also love my Tom fix !!!! But I loved the show , and everyone on it . They have done a great job entertaining us all !!! Best of luck to Tom & the cast of Smallville, always !!! P.S. Loved him (Tom ) on Jimmy Fallon last night !!! xoxo

  28. Edna says:

    Dear Mr. Welling: Somehow this Steven Sondheim song from "West Side Story" seems appropriate here:

    "I feel pretty, oh so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and gay,
    And I pity, any girl who isn't me,

  29. jaqueline says:

    eu adoro vc não inporta oque vc faca vc é o melhor te adimiro muito??

  30. hannah kim says:


  31. Veronica V. says:

    Thank you, Tom, for breathing life into a two dimensional comic book character and creating the most memorable and compelling Clark Kent/Superman ever. The reasons why Clark becomes Superman have never really been explored in this depth before and Smallville's creativity and daring is highly laudable. The dedication you've shown is amazing to watch with so many episodes moving like full-fledged movies. Best of luck with all your projects and I selfishly hope to see you and the rest of the cast on the big screen or tv again soon.

  32. James says:

    The casting for smallville has been incredible and has always made up for the ups and downs in the writing of the show. If the finale completes clarks journey to becoming the man of steel, CW should consider a "Justice League" spin off using the same cast members. It wouldn't have to revolve just around superman and Lois and the storyline possibilties are endless. Better yet fans would still get a taste now and then of Erica and Tom being the best Lois and Clark team ever casted.

  33. Floyd says:

    I HATE THE FACT THAT THIS SHOW IS ENDING !!!!!!!!!!! I'm being selfish, I know but I looked forward to every episode and it just sucks that they started taking the show in so many directions AT THE END !!!! NO FAIR !!!!!

  34. skippy says:

    Smallville is a great jumping off point and/or reboot for the Superman franchise to garner new fans from different generations. It is no more corney than earlier incarnations of Superman/Clark Kent shows and actually stays truer to a comic book feeling than others. The special fx for this tv show are top notch. Sorry to see a quality superhero show (sorry WW) disappear from the airwaves.

  35. stnh says:

    I think Tom Welling should have played Superman in the movies, too. He has the looks and charm.

  36. Rick H says:

    Is there a problem with having a new TV Superman/hero/justice league series, with Smallville being the foundation?? the was Heroes, super natural, now wonder woman. What is wrong with creating a superhero series that takes off where Smallville left off?? This show rocked for 10 yrs and now we are cut off?? …wow! We need Superman to stand for "Truth, Justice and the American Way". No freaky ghosts, zombies and other silly shows that scream death and destruction on the airwaves. We something that screams for life and hope. Just a thought.

  37. Phil says:

    I only watched the last two seasons. I wish I had seen the ones before as well. Great cast, writing, and vision about the earlier years before Superman came into his own!

    Also, I think the story of Superman, like James Bond, will probably be told over and over with new faces for each generation. Welling should be pround of what the show turned out to be. It would have been great to see him get the movie role. In a way, it's unfortunate that the next movie is coming so soon, because I could imagine a two hour TV movie / followup to the season in a year or so in the future.

    Final note: one thing that puzzled me a bit about the series was the existance of magic. I don't remember magic being part of the original Superman cannon if you will (but I'm no expert, although I did read my share of Superman comic books when I was a kid).

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, magic is a part of the DC world, as Zatanna is an actual DC character. I'm sure there were others, but she's the first one that comes to mind.

  38. nickp says:

    Next Fridays going be be an extremely sad day…Smallville's 2 hour Series Finale!!!!I

  39. Deborah says:

    Yes, Tom Welling is one of the greatest Superman characters. He didn't have to wear the tights and the red and blue suit. His strong features and absolute knockout looks were more than enough to carry the role. I will miss Smallville and all the characters, but I wish everyone much succes in their futures.

  40. Moira says:

    Too Bad For superman, What a Story,I love the Move. I watched On tv. When ever came on. I love Jl JlA.Superfriends. Smallvil. Bye Bye superman. I be missing you. I Wonder what happened to JL. Alien Manunter GL Wonderwomen, flash. I be thinking of you, All your Movies. superman 1 2 3 so for. Our Awesome Rock. We love you. So sorry your Gone. S Said Time go to work, Your will miss you. I love you always your fan. sf.

  41. Lucian says:

    I'd like to see Tom Welling as superman once again, on big screen, but a guess it's impossible. So, let's wait for "Finale" to say good bye to the most expetacular Tv Show ever!

  42. jan says:

    my daughter and i watched smallville for the the last ten years. it has been a great ten years
    watching tom welling. he is the best. we will miss the show very much. tom welling is an amazing
    actor, who will go far in this business. we hope to see him again doing something else. we can't wait to see him on regis and kelly. he will differently will be missed. i know we will be watching reuns, if any.they had a great cast of actors on there.

  43. Just me says:

    I rily luv watchin smallville,tom is my best actor for d last decade.I rily nid to c u on dat tight n also to c u fly 4 real.

  44. Dangerstranger says:

    The fact that this series lasted for so long is a testament to how awesome this show is…or should i say…was :(
    At least Tom won Rogue of the Week on the I am Rogue website! http://bit.ly/khU5u3

  45. realgirl103 says:

    I love yhis show but now the real ? What to do with the rest of the cast League of Heres thats what Tom's already directing most of the character & costums in place get a couple of old comicbooks for the plots and get your writers going

  46. andrew jones says:

    One of the great shows of all time. Id like to thank the cast for the last few years & say well done !
    Im hoping theres a chance that they might do a justice league spinoff with all the smallville cast….I can dream…. Again Thanks Smallville

  47. Guest says:

    Even Welling knows they should have quit on season 5. The next 5 were a waste of time and no one gave a shit. It became, "Well, gonna put on the suit or what?" Smallville had the worst writers of all time. Taking plots from currently popular movies was just bad taste. Thank God this is over. It jumped the shark long ago.

  48. Audrey of Arizona says:

    This final episode of Smallville was awesome! It was great watching the riveting performances of Michael Rosenbaum, Annette Otoole, and my favorite-John Schneider. Now there's nothing else to watch except Supernatural. This type of show is what kids need to watch as an example on how to be a better human being and to think of helping others. We live in a selfish world. This show inspires inspiration and hope that we can all be better. I am still hoping someone picks up the story. There are so many directions the plot can go.

  49. Alex says:

    They should start a spinoff series called Metropolis with Tom finally playing the role of Superman. Oh and on a final note, They should have shown him just a little more in the outfit in the finale. not many close up shots.

  50. harold says:

    sheesh! smallville ! what took you so long to finally put the suit on and take flight in the last episode entitled ; prophecy ;; a job well done tom chris and george reeves would be proud.

  51. Derek Davis says:

    That's Entertainment! Whether you are nine (9) or ninety (92) , Superman and Clark Kent remind us of who we can be, of what we are capable, and how it is still ok to believe. Hollywood often reminds us of what we already know. As much as the world need Superman, the world could truly use a few more Clark Kents. The story will never grow old as long as the kid inside of each of us still laughs, dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow, Superman will be with us forever. Thanks to the producers, directors, crew, actors, CW and Warner Bros. for giving us something to smile about.

  52. Darius says:

    So long Smallville
    Even though this is a tv show, this show give us lessons and trails of our own to teach us on how to shape our own future.
    Farewell Smallville.

  53. Steve Steck says:

    I will miss smallville, and especially the way they ended it. It makes me want more, and if the Movies don't want Tom Welling as Superman (and I think he has been the best one so far) then why doesn't someone just make Superman, the series, or the Justice League they've talked about for years. Tom Welling for Superman……………it just makes sense.

  54. skinsfan21 says:

    Kudos to Tom as actor and director,writers for this show were masters at their craft, along with the effects folks. From an older male point of view, tess was the hottest babe, more so than Lois.

    A resounding BOO to those network suits who couldn't see a future for keeping it going. Remember, they bounced Star Trek after a short season and it still flies win us.Shame on the comment about the politicizing of the show. I know that there was a "no tights and flying" deal, but what an homage it would have been to see Clark take one of those g. reeves running and bouncing steps in order to get off the ground. Glad they did not keep the flannel suits, tho. So long, soup.

  55. alexis says:

    it was really amazing 10 years and the finale was far from perfect . thank you tom youre the best . Alexis from lebanon .

  56. E.Harrison says:

    Finale had too much stuff in it. I had a thought could have been in a pervious episodes. Clark would be watching TV and fall asleep and dream about watching a TV show called "The Adventures of Superman". The actors of Smallville ie. Tom Welling would play the part of Superman/Clark but it would be in black/white and it would be done as they did it in the original Adventures of Superman.

  57. E.Harrison says:

    I think Tom Welling should star in a new updated version of the "Adventures of Superman".

  58. Jeanne says:

    I think Christopher Reeve would have loved the final episode of Smallville.

  59. MUNA says:


  60. WOWED says:

    There HAS to be a continuation of SMALLVILLE: THE MOVIE- with Tom Welling, Lois LAne, Chloe and her beau along with mastermind Lex Luthor. That would be the tops.

    Hey, produce that one. It would be the best movie EVER. TOM WELLING IS THE BEST…..
    He makes THE best Superman that there could ever be. HE WILL BE FAB IN WHATEVER HE DOES.

  61. rocio hingle says:

    Tom Welling really did a great job as Clark Kent, Thanks For these wonderful 10 years. Mr.Christopher Reeve and You are my favorite Clark Kent. Best Wishes!!!!

  62. Paul Walworth says:

    What are they going to replace the show with another super hero?

  63. Hhhsk says:

    I love smallville but they had him in the suit for 20seconds idont like how it was boring and he should be in the new superman movie

  64. JOSEPH B. says:


  65. steve s. says:

    Ive been a huge fan of Smallville since its started, my wife thinks Im crazy for loving it for so long. I think Tom Welling plays such a good roll as Clark Kent and Superman that I thnk he should do us a favor and make a movie based off the show with more action and less drama and lets see lex bring some of his evil ways back into the show. Please concider this because there is a crap load of fans that want more!

  66. David says:

    I think there should be a superman movie with all the actors of smallville picking up where smallville left off. the actor they got to play the new superman will not be nothing like Tom.



  68. Donna says:

    Tom is a great actor and although he is busy being behind the scenes of Hellcat's, I hope he returns to acting.

  69. Janine says:

    Good luck Tom I wish you every success in the future and I want to see that gorgeous face on the big screen soon. Thank you for giving us 10 fantastic years of the best Clark Kent in history and I will never forget Smallville.

  70. marisol says:

    I´d lo ve to see Tom doing something totally different. I think he acting is suttle and clean and he does have a distinctive aura that only the gifted posess. He is just so elegant!

  71. Robert Merritt says:

    Tom Welling in my perspective is Superman, the New Beginning, Christopher Reeves was the Superman while i was growing up, I saw the first one in Redding, California in 77' Reeves was the bomb! in the current situation, Tom Welling fits the bill so well, he built the childhood of Clark Kent, and brought him to adulthood. WOW! is all I can say. Tom has done so well, I would like to see him in a new superman movie along with Lex. Your a great actor, keep it up.

    Robert Merritt
    Seoul, South Korea
    U.S. Army

  72. Mag says:

    Smallville was the best show i have ever had the pleasure of watching on tv. Way to go Tom !!!! Good luck in the future!

  73. Adegbola damxy says:

    Tom wellin i luv u.bt i want 2 knw if u truly luv lana lang

  74. Carol says:

    Tom Welling is the best of everything. I still cannot wrap my head around no Smallville in September. I want to Comic Con every year just to see Smallvill cast & finally tge man himself Tom Welling. I miss Smallville so much & I hope there is a spin off entitled Metropolis. One can only dream.

  75. MLaFayette says:

    We are in our late 50's – we in our late 40's when we started watching the show ;o) We actually hated seeing it come to an end, but realized it was time. Waiting with baited breath for him to wear the red and blue suit was driving us crazy! Welling provided a wonderful long-term character without boredom and we wish him and all his co-stars all the best in their future pursuits.

  76. Malayka says:

    Tom welling i love u,wants the next movie.malayka

  77. Aaron bolton says:

    im Aaron bolton smallville want is back now make smallville season 11

  78. Aaron bolton says:

    tom weilliag allison mack be love marry her in smallville in season 11 or season 12 come back smallville now

  79. Aaron bolton says:

    or cassidy freeaman love you tom weilliag in your in heart by from Aaron bolton

  80. Prince says:

    I love u Tom welling, i enjoy watching u and Erica Endurance together. It great meeting and inspiration person like you. Allision Mack i love u. Please say hi to everyone, Oliver Queen, Lana Lang, Victor, Aqua, Zantana, Jimmy.

  81. Roy in the UK says:

    I have followed Smallville from episode 1 season 1 – oops and the pilot before that and it's the only programme that I will change any plans so I can see it. I'm in England so not at the end of the series yet, it's been a fantastic series and will be truly missed. Although that said with TV companies trying to milk everything there has to be JLA in the offing……please?????

  82. ukroy says:

    Began with the pilot, series 1 episode 1 and it carried on from there, the only program that I will make any changes so that I can watch it. Seen all the superman movies and I have to say that Smallville is the best by a country mile, as I'm in the UK haven't reached the finale yet so no withdrawal symptoms yet but fear not fellow 'Smallvilians' with TV companies being what they are there has to be JLA or the full blown superman with most of the Smallville cast so we can continue with our 'fix' – KEEP THE KRYPTONIAN FAITH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  83. joss says:


  84. Vickie says:

    My daughter has the first nine seasons on DVD, and I crammed them all in over a four week period. I just finished the final episode online, and even though I had never seen a single episode until a month ago, I cried. It was so…magical to see him fly for the first time, to see him in the suit. Smallville wasn't about Superman the hero, it was about Superman the man. I think that's what made it so special to everyone. Thank you, Tom.

  85. drew dever says:

    i want tom welling back on smallville for season 11 of the show

  86. matt says:

    it'll never work now with anyone else playing Superman..and the reason why is productivity wise, Tom layed down such fantastic foundationfor not only ''a new Superman'' because lets face every thing from new movies to animations just followed the reeves legacy…where Smallville reinvented there own unique Superman mythos angle, and while they keep trying to fill Superman's boots with all but the obvious..it'll never work…gd luck with the new man of steel movie…i already think its dead in the water….if the right people aren't cast in the right parts, this can contribute largely to the demise of the picture

  87. james carloni says:

    why cant he go in to a louis and clark show like they use to have the cast they had was awsome and after that they could go in to a justice leage show

  88. Andrew says:

    Tom Welling is and will always be the best Clark Kent / Superman ever. After following Smallville from beginning to end , you just can't picture anyone else being Superman / Clark Kent. I loved the Finale, the only thing that disappointed me was seeing him in the suit from far. After the hole 10 seasons , i would have wished seeing him closer. And him holding The Darkness and pushing it away was very similar to Superman returns when he lifts the Kryptonite islands. Although i will always love Smallville and will watch the series over and over again. I wish they would start a new series after Smalville with the beginning of Superman and keep Tom Welling with most of the cast. And i hope they will never stop making Superman movies or series. Can't wait for Superman : The man of steel. (2013)

  89. Jummy says:

    Keep on tom you are the best of all

  90. Aaron Bolton says:

    smallville back to season 11 now

  91. hannah says:

    they need to put clark kent in either a superman series or metropilis series cause i just got finished wit smallvill series and i cried for joy and sadness i will miss tom welling as clark kent tom welling for me puts all the other superman movies to shame except for the others the origanal superman and movies starring christopher reeve tom welling if u read this please for ure fans make a superman series or new movie

  92. kimjeff789 says:

    i love tom welling as superman and love lois they are great together ..great chemistry. they will be sadly missed .watched it from the beginning..i hope they will have a comeback love them loads xxxxxxxx

  93. newshit says:

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    Open click here http://www.idmfull.com/ thanks !

  94. KARL says:

    sad but true..as another great show once said ..all good things(sttng)take the good from this show.tom gave many years of his life for this.i for one will forever look back on this adventure with fondness and allways keep it close to my heart…we can pick it apart and berate it .But we all grew o
    lder and wiser with this .I for one will miss it.I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU MY SON XXXXX

  95. We are a bunch of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have done an impressive task and our entire neighborhood will probably be thankful to you.

  96. Gabriella says:

    Its so painful knowing dat Smallville has come 2 an end.I like u so much Clark.And 2 say u re my birthday mate.I will always miss u.

  97. usha nanan says:

    i love you tom!!!! your amasingly atractive thanks for 19 wonderful years love you!!!!!!

  98. Maraphalla says:

    I like it alot but it is very sad that when Tom Welling say goodbye to Superman? :(

  99. Superfan says:

    I followed smallville from day one and hated the day it ended. It was like a part of life that suddenly ceased to exist. The cast was so professional and you never heard anything bad like you do with most series that run for a decade. I know that there are millions of others that feel like I do and we all would like for smallville to somehow return either in a new series where Clark is now older and takes on the role of Superman or down a different path. Either way just as long as the cast returns and continues to entertain. Miss this show more than any other that has left and I have been around awhile and seen many a series come and go. I have grown up with superman and smallville has been one of the best memories.

  100. Kala says:

    I cried at the end. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, Smallville changed me. I watched it from the very beginning with my big brother when I was 6. It will never be the same to see anyone else besides Tom Welling to portray Superman. I will always and forever be a fan. Much love.

  101. Smallville4ever says:

    Smallville will never ever be forgotten .. It left such an impact on my life.. Thank you Tom, Erica, Allison, Justin,Kristin, Micheal, John, Annette, Jonathon, Sam, Eric,Jensen, Sam, Laura, Cassidy, and Callum for making Smallville the best show to ever appear on television! You guys should be so proud of yourselves!! 10 seasons was everything I could have ever asked for!! Thank you for inspiring me!! There is no else that can play the characters that you guys did!! Your amazing! I love you all “Smallville cast”


  102. lenny says:

    i cant wait too see him in movies or i hope thy do a smallville movie it would be great

  103. william turney says:

    if the productors of film,tv,movies,stage,rock,soul,miss this talent its a far cry for enterainment industry to find a rare breed again for along time. i hope WB shows this jewal off. Tom does have IT
    I bet he could even wright his own, i like him because he invites you along and could any one say know

    in yo ho ohio, home of WB,hey ho lets go ,turn it uppppppppppp
    thanx will turn

  104. itabiyi temidayo says:

    just a tom fan but i think he deserves a thumbs up for ten super years

  105. Menchie says:

    Oh ,I really admire Tom Welling. He is really GOOD. Maybe because we have the same birthday. I was also born April 26. He is a good actor. I know there's good fortune ahead of him. Believe me.

  106. phily says:

    make more thats what happens everybody gets hooked and yous just stop its only startin hes flyin man make more

  107. TH says:

    I maybe late but I’ve been in the military for the past two years and I just finished up the final season. I’ve been watching the show since I was 9 and I loved all the superman movies before Smallville. The last episode was great. Thanks for a great ten years. I believe.

  108. Smallville4ever says:

    Happy be-lated birthday Justin!!

  109. Welling's birthday buddy says:

    Guess what, those cheerleaders would due without Superman just like I am dying without Smallville. :'(

  110. Clark kent says:

    I'm awesome.. Cause I can fly


    Tom welling, Since 2003 Ive been watching the show smallville never a dull moment. Ive collected every season. I watch them over and over. Iam really a fan of smallville and sorry to see it end…I LOVE YOU TOM WELLING!!!!!!!! I WILL FOLLOW YOU. WHATEVER YOU DO….ILL BE YOUR FAN…

  112. prince simeon says:

    wow smallville is one of favourite series movie i love . Thanks to producer and maneger director for the effort putting this film to end,,,, thanks to Tom Welling,, Erica Endurance,,, Alison Mack,,, Justin,,,Kristin,Micheal, John,Annette, Jonathon, Sam,

    Eric,Jensen, Sam, Laura, Cassidy, andCallum

  113. Janis says:

    I LOVE YOU TOM WELLING!!!!!<3 You are the most amazing superboy and have done smallville justice!!! I didn't think it was even possible for you to become more handsome and gorgeous throughout the years!!!! Not only have you grown into one of the most handsome actors ever on the show but you have really become one of my all time faves to watch!!! Just Amaaazing!!!

  114. Jack says:

    BEST T.V SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!

  115. John says:

    You are special people, you are superman.

  116. David Grant says:

    i would like to say that smallville was a great tv series tom welling played clark kent perfectly i dont think there would be anyone better out there for the character than tom. i have watched smallville since the started and still watch it over and over again even though its finished, i am a massive fan of superman/smallville and hope that there will be more tv series to come of the man of steal. thanks to everyone that put smallville together.

  117. Jason says:

    I just wish i got to see the suit on him
    and i think u should make a smallville movie with him as superman
    to finish off the show with him dealing with lex luthor and one of his creations for the first time as superman i think that would be a good to end the show cause i dont think anyone has ever ended a tv series with a movie before it would make the show really unlike any other

  118. Yoshe75 says:

    I just got hooked with smallville…learning the show was already over sucks! I had my hubby buy me the 10 season DVDs and been watching it since late March 2012. I just hope they do a sequel of smallvile in the near future. i love the cast especially Tom welling!

  119. Smallville4ever says:


  120. Smallville4ever says:


  121. scott d says:

    smallville was and still is the best tv series ever!! tom welling is the best clark kent and i wish someone would let him play SUPERMAN!!!

  122. scott d says:

    it would be great if tom and erica would consider doing a new lois and clark! starting like right after smallville? I think it would be a great idea but its up to the writers and up to tom and erica. i will miss smallville it was my fav show ever..!!!

  123. Mike Bryant says:

    I know Tom has moved on to other things, but I do wish he's reconsider doing something else with the Superman legacy. Smallvile was my all-time favorite show and I really haven't watched TV since it went off. Tom was the best Clark Kent ever and I know he would have been the best Superman. The world needs a hero, someone to look up too. Not the fantasy part, but what a hero stands for. I think Smallville set the ground work for an amazing Superman series if someone would pick it up and go with it.

  124. RDH says:

    It has been a pleasure watching Mr Welling grow and mature into an excellent actor and a fine person. His altruistic endeavors show what kind of person he is…one that deserves recognition and praise. I truly wish him the best in his career, and with his life.

  125. mj1342 says:

    you are the best one for superman

  126. mj1342 says:

    we like to see u as a supernan

  127. hank says:

    i miss old smallville:(

  128. Smallville4ever says:


  129. Smallville4ever says:


  130. krista says:

    tw is neat, bet he's a great guy once you get to know him!

  131. krista says:

    tw, hmmm… can not always tell by a pic, or video of what someones really like. I mean CK wasn't always good!!

  132. starr says:

    I personal think tom welling is a great actor, but hear me out all the actors from smallville was to do justice league they all hav the perfect faces for the role everybody knows them from smallville, sooo they will all get paid

  133. T.S. Dent says:

    I witnessed an event at an empty LA restaurant that I later learned the back story from the Mom involved. A lady old enough to be Tom's mother was eating lunch and Tom walked in and was standing at a pool table not 3 feet away. When her son was an early teen and going through the "I dont want want to relate to my Mom" period, watching Smallville together faithfully and discussing the story was the one activity that enabled her and her son to maintain a relationship over those difficult several years. Her appreciation to Tom for creating a communication bridge during her son's teenage years is something she valued and wanted to express her appreciation for. She quietly asked him if he was Tom Welling and when he acknowledged this, she asked if she could have a picture with him? Before she could tell him why, he dismissed her with a "no." No doubt he and others legitimately tire of fan's intrusions. In this case however, her expression was one of a grateful mom and not a sta rstruck fan; he missed a significant moment in a mom's life and moreover his own potential satisfaction of knowing he did more as an actor in Smallville than just create entertainment and teenage heartthrobs. The great ones in any walk of life are always gracious and if remembered at all, it is often for their charity. It must have been a great TV series.

    • L. Boyd says:

      I just watch all 10 season and love every moment of it. I’m at superman fan truly. I thank you for tears and laughter I receive from the shows. Great job Tom.

  134. latif says:

    tom welling is cool

  135. Emma O says:

    i dont understand, what are you guys saying. That clark kent(Tom) is not acting again or what? In Which season did he stop acting?

  136. JAY-EL4CLOIS says:

    smallville is the greatest show ever fact! Tom Welling portrayed Clark Kent to a tee. I found it interesting to see how the character struggle with his abilities growing up and overcoming those obstacles, and to make the love of his family and dearest friends his greatest strength. loved Erica Durance wot a beautiful woman, her and Tom's characters where amazing no one else could play those roles again and do them justice EVER!! I'd love to more from them maybe smallville the movie or season 11 on our screens. apart from that I'd to thank Tom, Erica and all the cast for 10 fantastic years and wishing you all the best for the future.

  137. Georgia says:

    I love Smallville! No doubt about that, but I wish the show wasn't ending…….

  138. Shenita I says:

    I just started watching Smallville on TNT, I love the sh Tom Welling is a great actor. Not sure what season I am on but his dad just died. Tom had me in tears when he put on his dad’s watch. “Smaville rocks!”

  139. ivan says:

    I miss Smallville so much.

  140. Luana says:

    I just finished all 10 seasons in 4 weeks…I will really miss smallville :/….:'(((

  141. ian says:

    will ther be smallville movie of superman with tom welling

  142. SmallvilleTorcheese says:

    Wow this show is awesome! I’m watching it now and can’t wait to watch the entire series! On season two and can’t stop watching it so far. What a completely different take on Superboy. I’m now seeing why this had 10 seasons! Thought it was going to be cheesy, (OK some parts are but I bet it gets better deeper I go) Anyways I can’t think of anything on TV that is this addictive besides Dexter, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Spartacus. I don’t watch much since most things on TV are not worth my investment. I tend to not watch new shows for fear of liking a show that may quickly get canceled anyways or because I never heard of it. Maybe I should also give those old Star Trek shows a try. Who knows? I liked the guy who played Dr Xavier in X men and I know he also played in those old shows. Anyways, Smallville seems like it’s going to my favorite show and it’s not even on anymore! Maybe I should just watch one episode a week with summers off to experience it like everyone else did. Hmmm.

  143. horlahorluwa says:

    Pls don’t stop small ville

  144. patrick says:

    The series smallville so so cool that i almost thought of it being reality i enjoyed every one episode

  145. cody says:

    Why end smallville keep it going when I saw one episode I had to get all the seasons so I did and now I’m on my second time of watching all seasons again c’mon keep it going

  146. darwin says:

    Why dont they continue the series just change the name smallville “Louis and Clark”

    Like continuation of smallville another chapter of it.

    I miss smallville.

  147. Ray says:

    Yes, wish that could be at least 1 last season to complete Tom as Superman. (although of course i know they said the motto for smallville is “no tights, no flights”… So nostalgic….

  148. John nations says:

    Clark Kent Tom welling I love dat guy I watch smallville every moring wishing I wus sent to earth to save it

  149. Rowlee says:

    I personally do not like the actress portraying Lois.

  150. DJ Tompkins says:

    Thank that tom should have stay Clark Kent because he made me thank we have hero in all of us I will forgot about tom welling the man of steel

  151. DJ Tompkins says:

    I Thank that tom should have stay Clark Kent because he made me thank we have hero in all of us I will never forgot about tom welling the man of steel

  152. Chase DeBeck says:

    Hi my name is chase and Tom weeling is my favorite Superman I was so upset it eneded and why didn’t he get a shot at his own Superman role in a movie that’s retarded I’d have mixed feelings too ….. either way I apprecaite being able to grow up with this show I’m 22 years oldnow and that show and actors will always be in my heart thank you for letting me … all of us in on this experience

  153. Joseph Vaughn says:

    Dear Tom Welling you played a great clark Kent
    was it hard to play that charter for 10 years the special effects made you look good
    on screen your fan Joseph Vaughn

  154. Bambi says:

    OMG. I watch Smallville everyday. Love it!!!! Reruns have been playing for almost 2 years and I record everyone so I can continue to watch. Wish they would come up with a way to continue smallville from last episode. Would have been great to have Clark kent finally getting to wear the suit since he worked so hard to get there. This was the best program ever !!!!!! Favorites in program: Clark, Lana, Cloe, Lex

  155. carmen carrasco says:

    Ifelt in love with smallville from the first episode I didnt like it end so are you goung to make a good ending episide for clark fans so we at least see what smallville love life end up

  156. Michael dawson says:

    I want them to make a hole another season of like the JSA and the justice league because it lead off with season 10 with the villain and the hero. I thank that would be cool

  157. Michael dawson says:

    they should start a first sessions of the JSA and watch tower

  158. Jennifer Booker says:

    Well i mever knew about this show ….my fiance came to were i live 2 years ago and he apoke to me about it and told me he wanted to get the whole series collection ….well he ended up downloading the whole 10 seasons and he told me ..ones you start watching it you wont stop cause your going to fall in love with it……well is taken me around 7 or 8 months to finish all the season’s and all i can say is I LOVED IT…..every episode from the beginning till the end…..best show ever and im going to watch it again from yhe begining cause i just loce it

  159. gary says:

    after watching re-runs alot of smallville always wonder why all these new superman movies that they keep coming out with why they never did it right after smallville took flight. even using a new actor would have been better than what there doing now to the superman story line.

  160. matthew says:

    Tom welling would have been perfect for a new superman movie like everyone is saying he did Superman the longest and he is perfect for it. Tom should talk to some producers and writers to make a movie no ones stoping him. 10 awesome years and I'm amberased to admit it but I cryed when he kissed Lana when she obsorbed the kryptonite. Live long and prosper.

  161. Jayfer says:

    this super boy kept me and my little sister's terrific tuesdays a hot mess every week with mouthfuls of Little Ceasar's pizza's…lol :) fun times…fun times. hummm.

  162. Epicemmalee says:

    Tom Welling played Superman without the cape. It us amazing that Smallville told the story of Clark Kent with so much depth and beauty. I love the rewatch the story and see Clark’s journey to becoming Superman. It happened gradually, but by the end of the series (not the end of the story), Clark Kent had become his disguise. I wish we had a followup movie about his life as Superman.

  163. abdulsalam says:

    i love smallville,,,,,,,,,,,, its my best film

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