‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Blu-ray: Scott Bakula talks Xindi story arc

Aug. 19, 2013 | 1:45 p.m.

In time for its 10th anniversary, “Star Trek: Enterprise” Season 2 is coming to Blu-ray this week.

The prequel series is set on board the Enterprise NX-01, 100 years before “Star Trek: The Original Series,” when interstellar travel was still in its infancy. The show ran for four seasons, from 2001 to 2005.

Captained by Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), the Enterprise NX-01 was Earth’s first Warp-5-capable starship, crewed by science officer T’Pol (Jolene Blalock), chief engineer “Trip” Tucker (Connor Trinneer), tactical officer Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating), communications officer Hoshi Sato (Linda Park), helmsman Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) and chief medical officer Dr. Phlox (John Billingsly).

The six-disc Blu-ray set, out tomorrow from CBS and Paramount, offers several bonus features including a new cast reunion feature, “In Conversation: The First Crew,” in which co-creator Brannon Braga, cast members and guest stars reminisce over behind-the-scenes antics and memorable moments from the set. Another featurette, “Uncharted Territory,” provides an inside look at the challenges faced by the show’s creators and writing staff, ultimately inspiring the controversial Xindi story arc.

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Although the Xindi story didn’t gain full steam until later seasons, it kicked off in the second season finale, “The Expanse.” Hero Complex readers get an exclusive sneak peek at a clip from the bonus feature in the video above, in which Bakula recalls first hearing about the story arc.

“They told me what was coming and why, and I just bought right into it,” Bakula said. “It gave the show a sense of purpose and direction that, again, is, I think, more relevant to today’s television anyway. There was an underlying current, and there was an energy that the show all of a sudden became invested in.”

The Blu-ray set’s bonus features also include commentaries by cast and crew, including Billingsley, co-executive producer Chris Black, and art supervisors Mike and Denise Okuda, as well as deleted scenes and outtakes.

The set, out Aug. 20, will retail for $120.99.

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