‘Star Trek’: Juan Ortiz reveals groovy posters for ‘TOS’ episodes

Oct. 02, 2013 | 5:00 a.m.

Illustrator and “Star Trek” mega-fan Juan Ortiz is taking his love of the Gene Roddenberry series to new frontiers.

The artist has created a retro-style poster for each of the 79 episodes and first pilot of “Star Trek: The Original Series,” collected in “Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz” from Titan. Ortiz has been revealing four posters per month since August last year, and Hero Complex readers get a first look at two of October’s posters.

Ortiz created images for Episode 6, “Mudd’s Women,” and Episode 76, “The Cloud Minders.”

“Mudd’s Women,” written by Stephen Kandel based on a story by Gene Roddenberry, aired in 1966. The episode introduced con man Harcourt Fenton Mudd, who is trafficking in mail-order brides. Ortiz’s poster features stockinged legs, red high heels and a lipstick kiss mark.

“The Cloud Minders,” written by Margaret Armen, based on a story by David Gerrold and Oliver Crawford, aired in 1969 and followed Capt. Kirk (William Shatner) on a mission to obtain a mineral needed to fight a plague. His efforts are frustrated by terrorist attacks on the cloud city Stratos — the result of a civil uprising against the planet’s classist policies.

Check out Ortiz’s art for both episodes in the gallery above. Prints are available on qmxonline.com, and T-shirts featuring the designs go on sale Friday at welovefine.com.

— Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark | Google+


"Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz." (Titan)

“Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz.” (Titan)

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