‘Star Trek’: Watch every episode to celebrate William Shatner’s birth

March 22, 2013 | 1:14 p.m.
William Shatner as Captain Kirk, stardate 1960s (Los Angeles Times archives)

William Shatner as Captain Kirk, stardate 1960s. (Los Angeles Times archives)

Got plans this weekend? You do now.

Beginning Friday and running through March 31, the video streaming service Hulu is making every episode of the original “Star Trek” television series and all its offshoots — including “The Next Generation,” “Deep Space 9,” “Voyager” and “Enterprise” — available free for online viewing to celebrate William Shatner’s birthday.

The actor who played Captain Kirk in the original series and in several subsequent movies turned 82 Friday.

Fans have their work cut out for them: There are 693 episodes in all and just nine days to watch them.

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For anyone interested in help navigating the “Star Trek” universe, Hulu has created a mini-playlist of episodes grouped together thematically.

Kirk Outsmarts Computers is a six-episode set that shows Shatner’s tough-guy facing off against technology (and inevitably gaining the upper hand), while an 11 episode set titled “Star Trek’s” Favorite Trouble Maker groups all the installments that feature the villain-turned-anti-hero Q in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Deeps Space Nine” and “Voyager.”

Hulu also created playlists that feature the Borg, alternate realms and holodeck malfunctions.

The incarnations of “Star Trek” are always available to Hulu Plus subscribers who pay $7.99 a month for premium content. But every once in a while, the company decides to “unlock” some of its content to non-subscribers for a limited time.

In addition to making the “Star Trek” episodes free for nine days, Hulu is also making 24 movies by famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa available  free beginning today  through Sunday.

Time to fire up your computers friends. You’ve got a lot to watch.

–Deborah Netburn


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8 Responses to ‘Star Trek’: Watch every episode to celebrate William Shatner’s birth

  1. John Bryans Fontaine says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!

    Since 1966, Star Trek has given me a lifetime of entertainment pleasure

    John Bryans Fontaine
    Westport, CT

  2. Daddy Kong says:

    Happy Birtday Bill (Capt. Kirk)
    I have enjoyed watching Star Trek all my life. My first toy was a Mego (Capt.Kirk)

    Live Long and Prosper


  3. Mark says:

    "In every revolution, there is one man with a vision."

    You found your calling in life, and you made a difference…..

    Happy Birthday! Mr. William Shatner
    Mark Reyes Houston, Tx

  4. Thaniel says:

    Star Trek: The First, and still The Finest Fandom. LL&P

  5. Bill H. says:

    Star Trek was not the 1st but it wasw the 1st that became believable Sci Fi.
    I think over a period of many years since the 60s I have watched all of only 3 long running series, Trek, Gunsmoke & MASH. Possibly Seinfeld due to all thge reruns?
    Being a western & sci fi fan forever, and I might add you could envision MASH as being a semi western dressed up in miltary uniforms, have made TV worth watching.
    There have been many other good shows but these 3 have lasted the longest and been the most fun of all.

  6. johnrj08 says:

    Your insistence, when coming aboard the Star Trek series, that it should also have a light-hearted side is what made that ensemble of characters/actors so memorable and successful. Without that balance of pathos and humor, the series would never have become part of our culture and iconography that it is today. Congratulations, Bill, and happy birthday.

  7. enoch davis says:

    Sorry I missed your b.d. I've been a fan for like 50 yrs. I was in the first fan club,had the pacthe I.d. card the works. I will never not be a fan, hope you live another 82 yrs. Enochicibon@gmail.com

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