‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’: Dave Filoni on Ahsoka’s fate, Master Yoda

March 07, 2014 | 8:30 a.m.
Jedi Master Yoda in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." (Lucasfilm)

Jedi Master Yoda in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” (Lucasfilm)

“Star Wars” fans let out a collective howl of anguish last year when it was announced that one of the casualties of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm was the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” The fan-favorite series was canceled without a satisfactory conclusion, yanked from the schedule of Cartoon Network, where it had aired since 2008. That ultimately made way for a new series, “Star Wars Rebels,” set to premiere on the Disney Channel before moving to Disney XD.

So, when word came that the final 13 episodes of the show’s sixth season would become available to fans on Netflix, the news was met with good cheer. As of Friday, viewers can check out “The Lost Missions,” which will join the previous five seasons on the streaming video service, including some director’s cuts of those earlier episodes.

“The Lost Missions” follows a rift in the Force caused by Ahsoka Tano’s departure from the Jedi Order and the growing menace of Sith lords and apprentices throughout the galaxy. In an interview with Hero Complex last fall, executive producer Dave Filoni teased that the final set of episodes would “really please the diehard ‘Clone Wars’ fans, especially the story arc with Master Yoda.”

However, anxious fans who have been waiting and hoping for final word on the fates of characters introduced within the confines of the series — most notably Ahsoka Tano, the Jedi apprentice to Anakin Skywalker who was introduced in the 2008 “Clone Wars” movie — will have to wait longer. Although the final season provides answers to many of the “Star Wars” mythos’ mysteries, her fate isn’t one of them.

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“What’s important to me that came out of ‘Clone Wars’ was to learn from George [Lucas] about big portions of this time period” in the “Star Wars” universe, Filoni said. “While I know the fans might not get every answer they want … we now have all these stories that I believe will come out over the next decade in one form or another.”

Whereas the “Star Wars” prequel films, especially “Episode I — The Phantom Menace,” were criticized for being too juvenile in tone, “The Clone Wars,” set in the years between “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,” earned praised for its sophistication. Rather than focus on one or two main characters, the series jumped around the galaxy, telling stories from many perspectives.

“The series really aged up over the years,” said Sean Carey, Netflix vice president of content acquisition. “It went to a darker place and didn’t fit the Cartoon Network brand any longer. So it was a hidden gem that Disney brought to our attention, and we jumped all over it.”

“It’s a fun way to tell a tale,” Filoni said. “Start in a light way we can all identify with and slowly take them into a darker place with more meaning and depth.”

Although Filoni was not able to execute his plan to dovetail the “Clone Wars” series directly into the opening of “Revenge of the Sith,” he did manage to ensure that the new episodes delve further into the mythology of the Force than ever before — and, in doing so, provided an almost biblical level of import to an arc involving Jedi Master Yoda and his journey to understand the roots of that mystic force.

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It’s still a cartoon based on a popular space opera, but the passages with Yoda that close out the new episodes use imagery straight out of the Old Testament.

“The story went to a very dark place in ‘Revenge of the Sith,'” Filoni said. “So it was always my plan to come out of the prequel era of ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Phantom Menace,’ which were more lighthearted … to the end, when the [characters] finally see the traps that have been laid for them and be powerless to stop it.”

At this point, Filoni and his creative team have moved on to “Star Wars Rebels,” which is set to premiere in the fall and takes place in the time between “Revenge of the Sith” and “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope.”

Of the differences between the two series, Filoni told Hero Complex last year: “’Rebels’ will be different from ‘The Clone Wars’ in a couple ways, and one is the decision to stick with one story and one main group of characters. We wanted fans to get to know the new characters and what they are fighting for. Each episode has its own unique story, while still fitting into the much larger picture of what is going on in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. ‘Rebels’ will tell the story of a group of characters — in this way it is more like the original trilogy which followed Han, Luke and Leia — where the prequels showed us the grand scale and political as well as personal.”

Now, as the “Star Wars Rebels” publicity campaign rolls into high gear, he said he’s ready for the reaction from the heavily invested and re-energized fan community.

The Inquisitor is the new bad guy from the animated series "Star Wars Rebels." (Lucasfilm).

The Inquisitor is the new bad guy from the animated series “Star Wars Rebels.” (Lucasfilm).

“I prefer to meet the fans out on the battlefield head-on and discuss things with them,” he said. “I love hearing theories … and I love hearing the passion behind it.”

As for any lingering questions about Ahsoka, Filoni is able to provide these words of calm:

“I’m really protective of that character, having written her and worked alongside George on all of her thoughts and actions,” he said. “One thing I’m really grateful for is even though there’s been a lot of transition at Lucasfilm, everybody here working creatively understands I feel that way and comes to me with questions about her.

“I have a good idea of what happened to her, and I’ll just leave it at that,” Filoni said.

–Patrick Kevin Day | @patrickkevinday

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136 Responses to ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’: Dave Filoni on Ahsoka’s fate, Master Yoda

  1. CapnEO_Crowley says:

    I Can't Wait, Seriously… The More "Star Wars" The Better!!!

  2. Kgenial says:

    “It went to a darker place and didn’t fit the Cartoon Network brand any longer. So it was a hidden gem that Disney brought to our attention, and we jumped all over it.”… What has that guy been smoking?!!! Hidden Gem?!!! Right like nobody knew about it.

  3. klops says:

    let's hope they kill Ahsoka off. it's the only legitimate way to deal with her.

  4. Johnny says:

    oh for the love of god will you shut up and tell everyone WHAT HAPPENS TO AHSOKA???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris says:

    I do not understand this "Inquisitor" completely defies the rule of 2. Wouldn't this make 3 siths. Sidius, Vader and Inquisitor. I wonder how they will explain this?

  6. andy says:

    ok guys, nice infos but let's get serious now and stop kidding us – you know what we want, we know what we want so don't be a |_| … tell us what happend to ahsoka tano and even if it takes a complete spin-off to do so!

  7. Bluegem81 says:

    If you guys kill Ahsoka…

    I don’t think the Force would be with you anymore.

    If anyone remembers that ‘trip’ to Ordos (That place with the Father, Son, and Daughter), Ahsoka saw a vision of her future self, who stated that if she stayed with Anakin, then she wouldn’t have a future. Walking away from the Order during the last episode of Season 5 probably saved her life…PLEASE LET THIS BE SO!

  8. Kondorr says:

    The Inquisitor is not Sith, he is a pawn of the Sith, a user of the dark side of the force… this does not make him a dark Jedi or Sith…

  9. Stache says:

    Could Netflix pick up Tron Uprising for a season two conclusion as well? All will be right then!

  10. lool says:

    What about Rex and the 501st

  11. DRush76 says:

    ["Whereas the “Star Wars” prequel films, especially “Episode I — The Phantom Menace,” were criticized for being too juvenile in tone, “The Clone Wars,” set in the years between “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,” earned praised for its sophistication. Rather than focus on one or two main characters, the series jumped around the galaxy, telling stories from many perspectives."]

    People are so typical. It's okay to praise "The Clone Wars" to the sky, because most fans wanted the Prequel Trilogy to be mainly about the Clone Wars. They wanted a similar feeling to how the Rebellion played a role in the Original Trilogy.

    The Original Trilogy was NOT told from many perspectives. It was mainly told from the perspectives of a few characters . . . namely Luke Skywalker. And to praise "The Clone Wars" for being more sophisticated than the cinematic Prequel Trilogy . . . and at the same time, ardently embrace the Original Trilogy, which was NOT a sophisticated piece of art (the characterization was more black-and-white than either the PT or TCW), strikes me as incredibly hypocritical.

  12. StarWarsFAN says:

    Oh Yes!!! Cant wait to see more of Star Wars cartoons and movies! Why didn't they do a full of season 6, why it so short? And yes, we need to see Ahsoka

  13. Roy says:

    Hopefully rebels will bomb and they will bring back clone wars at least till conclusion. If Disney can sell the show to netflix, no reason they couldn't have bought out Warner and moved Clone Wars.

  14. Nober says:

    This last season of The Clone Wars honestly brought tears to me, not for the fact that it was sad which it was but for the fact of it ending. It has been a great series which has touched the hearts of a lot true Star Wars fans. Now that the series has ended, there leaves a huge void which can't be filled. I can only hope that Disney reconsiders putting an end to it for I don't know what is to come with Star Wars Rebels.

  15. M says:

    Ahsoka is to girls what Luke was to boys. A few girl Jedi were briefly shown in Revenge of the Sith. However, Ahsoka is the only girl jedi that was actually developed as a character. My daughter loves Star Wars and loved Leia and then Padme. But when she first saw Ahsoka, she forgot about the princess and queen. I’m hoping that Ahsoka shows up in “Star Wars Rebels” or better yet in “Episode VII”.

    I’ve been on the wrong end of cancelled tv shows many many times. As an adult, I was crushed knowing that Ahsoka just walked away and the series came to an abrupt end. My daughter was devastated, as I’m sure all Star War girls were. Everyone knows what happens to Obi-Wan and Anakin, etc. but what about Ahsoka? With the news of “Star Wars Rebels”, my daughter was optimistic, and is looking forward to the show. However, she was a little put-off that the only jedi will be a boys, even-though Sabine looks to be a strong girl character.

    I’m a little glad that this article offers a tiny glimmer of hope for Ahsoka to show up outside clone wars.

    I grew up with Star Wars, and just ignored Princess Leia. But once I had a daughter, I could finally understand why Leia was important. I’m hoping Ahsoka isn’t just mothballed for eternity because of some corporate buyout.

  16. jack says:

    Ashoka is furious about getting kicked out of the Jedi order and becomes the new leader of the Sith in the upcoming movies.

  17. Bruce Morton says:

    I thought that between each movie there would be a spin off TV series and if so it should be the X-wing series that would give you the Wedge Antilles storyline and the rogue squadron one too and bring in the new characters from the expanded univers.

    The new films should start bringing the the expanded univers and the best start there would be the Thrawn trilogy followed the the Jedi search trilogy.

    Bruce Morton UK

  18. tonykrane says:

    I see some of you are truly giving this some thought, just like me! As true fans we all shuddered when Ahsoka walked down those steps. We all need to understand that it was just another mindblowing cliffhanger moment!

  19. Hopeful says:

    I'm just hoping that they take what they have learned (story wise and character) from Clone wars and brings it to the creation of the new movies.

  20. PDXSerric says:

    Once again Disney assimilates all…

    You started Clone Wars with a 2hr movie. How about finishing it up wiht a 2 hour conclusion AND that dovetail you want, yes?

  21. PMV says:

    As many of you have pointed out I believe they spent more time creating un-needed story lines, Jar Jar and Mace teaming up comes to mind. They should have spent more time or added at least one more episode to give Ahsoka a better Arc. I just finished watching the Clone Wars episodes for the first time and was devastated when she left the order. I 100% agree that the Jedi council had fallen from the pedestal in which they perched atop for a long time. I believe wholeheartedly that Ahsoka had the biggest impact on Anakin. She was the only he really trusted (you could see his faith wavering with Padme) and when she left you could tell they were both devastated.

    Someone pointed out that something must have happened after the final end of the series to make Anakin completely turn…..for this I believe that Ahsoka died or something worse. You can see the way the two were connected. It was not just Anakin leaving the order and running away with Padme he completely turned to the dark side. Anakin was so faithful to everyone he loved. I believe no one came to him and showed him how to really handle his attachment.

    Sorry this was long.

  22. GHOSTWOLF says:

    I watched the final 13 episodes on Netflix. One problem there was 1 small bit with Ahsoka but NOTHING about her fate. One of the most popular figures in the series and NO conclusion, REALLY???

  23. John Barnes says:

    well there is no doubt that she will be in the Star Wars Rebels series(she is on the trailer logo…older too) but im more interested in finding out if she will actually be in Episode VII.

  24. Matthew says:

    I don't see why Ashoka couldn't show up in Rebels. She walked away from the Jedi order. She's out there some where. It was silly to cancel Clone Wars….it would be silly not use Ashoka in the new series.

  25. 00000 says:

    “I have a good idea of what happened to her, and I’ll just leave it at that,” Filoni said.

    And what happened? Ugh, I'm going to have to wait for like 5 years now. I hope they release a comic on her.

  26. Car Wars says:

    Perhaps we find out what happens to ahsoka in Star Wars rebels? I am just gutted that she left in season 5, and that many mysteries still remain unanswered. Perhaps a Maul could come in rebels.

    As to how Ashoka dies… I don't know…

  27. eastacio says:

    “The series really aged up over the years,” said Sean Carey, Netflix vice president of content acquisition. “It went to a darker place and didn’t fit the Cartoon Network brand any longer. So it was a hidden gem that Disney brought to our attention, and we jumped all over it.” Wait… "Didn't fit the CN brand any longer"? Um… does he even watch the CN? *rolls eyes* Maybe it was "hidden" to the likes of him, but not to the countless fans out there who watched it. Translation: "It's a successful series and we're pleased it already comes with a large audience built-in. Ka-ching!"

  28. halfvulcan says:

    Darth Vader’s first use of the carbonite freeze trap. On Ahsoka. And it works. And later Darth reveals to Luke that he must free her. No, I don’t know this is how it will turn out. It’s just something I came up with and it would give her a way to show up in the new movies.

  29. Master says:

    hmmmm…know you that she doesn't appear in the new film.hhhhmmm….mysterious are the ways of the force are they not ;)

  30. George says:

    Is it just me, or does rebels look like it BELONGS on disney channel? Clone Wars actually went pretty mature, though still corny. rebels just looks like crap. A disservice to starwars fans, aimed at making money off small children.

  31. Andy says:

    Perfect way to have Ahsoka come in Rebels:

    Kanan is mentoring Ezra but then dies in an epic season finale. Ahsoka shows up barely saving the team and agrees to continue showing Ezra the way of the Jedi. Kanan would go all Ned Stark. Talk about climactic.

  32. GanstaYoda says:


  33. JamJam says:

    Season 6 was ok. Final Yoda centric episodes were amazing. The most brilliant episodes of the series (excluding only the chosen one arc).

    My hope is new movies will add additional “What happened too…..” information. I’m personally for Ahsoka having gone back to lower levels of the capital and hey while down there she helps save a battered but still breathing Mace Windu who could tell her what’s up and together they vacate the plant for the Outer Rim. Easy to do they wouldn’t know anyone else survived and no one would know they survived so welcome to why they don’t reappear until episode 7 or later and the aftermath of the Emperor’s downfall. My hopes for her at least and getting some answers from upcoming sources (maybe she’ll appear in Rebels or at least get a mention).

  34. Jessica says:

    That was not even a ENDING!!!!! The last thirteen episodes left a major cliff hanger about yoga. Who won? The republic or separatists? Did they find out the chancellor was the bad guy? What about the tumors in the clones heads? Did they find out those were separatists doing? What about Ashoka? WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE IT LIKE THIS???I looked at the pictures of the new Star Wars Rebels coming up, and the troopers armor look too shiny. The regular one on Star Wars the clone wars was much better. They also replaced all of the characters.

    One question…. Are we going to see Ashoka and anakin and obi one, etc……..on the new Star Wars coming up..!!?!?!?!?!?

  35. Jessica says:

    THEY NEED A ENDING!!!!!!!!! They just Canceled STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS!!!!
    Does Padme and anakin get back together, what about Ashoka , what about the tumors still left in the clones brains, what about revealing the chancellor was the bad guy? Which side won? What is the future of the jedi order? They have to have a good ending, after all, it called Star Wars the clone WARS. Don't tell me that are not going to have a good ending. Fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting for a good end or result, but have been crushed by it.

    They need Star Wars the clone wars BACK! Who would CANCEL STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS .
    just look at the pictures of the clones armor on the new Star Wars rebels. They are not supposed to look that way! They are too shiny and not really armor like, like on the clone wars. Star Wars rebels looks like a bust.BRING BACK THE CLONE WARS!!!

  36. william says:

    Rebels? It is a waste of good digital animation to start something new when the old Clone Wars
    was really working well. Disney or whom ever decided to pull the plug and create this Rebels
    show is going to loose a lot of credit.

  37. clatcher says:

    can nobody make out ashokas voice over that helmet its obivious she is that bounty hunter girl cause here voice sounds alot like that without the helmet you can make it out if you replay it a few times and get rid of that helmet voice effect im hoping im right and she is in the new episodes but i think they should have kept going with the clone wars cause everyone is wondering what happened to ashoka or at least i am

  38. clatcher says:

    ok so i was mistaken the bounty hunter girl is not ashoka but i am still hoping she is still somewhere in this rebel show that she will eventually show up somewhere cause by the end of the tv show she was the best character in the show i thought but i absolutly loved her being in that season so i just hope she shows in this new season

  39. Brenton Morrison says:

    Wow Cartoon Network and Disney are both stupid like continue the clone wars my god you can't just jump around I am definitely not watching rebels unless they finish the clone wars first I am so ticked off I want to know what happens with the Braun washing of clones and yoda's weird journey as well as what happens to asoka like fix this crap go back to the clone wars and finish it before you start stupid rebels my god your ratings will drop now if you don't finsh the clone wars

  40. Ryan says:

    Everyone’s waiting for Asoka and I’m over here waitin for echo to come back!

  41. Sam says:

    TCW and SW Rebels can not be in better hands, Dave Fillioni is by far the best concerning story arcs like the ones we witnessed in TCW, I wait anxiously to see these new ones…. I just hope SWR ties up some loose ends from TCW.

  42. Harrison says:

    If Ahoska dosnt come back in the new series or the new movie half of its viewers will be lost they at least need to explain whet happened to her

  43. Larry says:

    shes the leader of a resistance group, but after learning of what Anikin has done her cuts her connection to the force. Only to have Canan and Ezra tell her how important the Force and the rebellion are. She reconnects to the Force and helps a bit but goes back to whatever she's been doing. But teaches both of them a lesson of some sorts.

  44. Jayman says:

    Excuse me , but how the hell do you know this?if I may ask. I just want to know if you are legit. Or just yanking our chains. Don’t post stupid crap! Unless it is true and valid. I hate it when people post fake info. You don’t realize how much you can screw people’s opinions up with fake info. I am dead serious!

  45. Jayman says:

    I should clarify who I am talking to. Larry is who I am directing my last post towards. Sorry for any confussion.

  46. Larry says:

    Thanks and also sorry. I just wish there was more with her the way they left her off was not good at all. It would be a really great idea to put her in. They already made that future version of herself from the clone wars.

  47. Kite Blaze says:

    Personally, I agree, Ashoka Tano left the jedi order before order 66 was “exicuted”, so she should be alive. I would really like to see her join in Star Wars rebels and work with Kannan Jarrus in Ezra Bridger’s training. I think having to jedi padawans taking on 1 apprentice would be an interesting idea. Which has never before been done in the starwars universe that I am aware of. Personally, I really like Ashoka’s Character because she is reckless like Anakin. I would like to see that character spin off the way Anakin taught her.

  48. robert klock says:

    I too would appreciate including ashoka in the future..come what my. She has been my favorite…at least…give us some form of closure..she saved anakin to go to his fate..she does certainly deserve a finish in context of the series

  49. Moohun1094 says:

    I’m tired of waiting, I want to know what happens to Rex, Ahsoka, Boba, ect… and before I was optimistic about SWR because of Dave Filoni (sorry if I spelled it wrong), but after watching part of the first season of rebels, I’m disappointed to admit that, in my opinion, the new series will never come close to the clone wars, I feel that rebels is just another way for Disney to make money, where TCWs was made by people who are just as much of Star Wars fans as we all are, it’s unfortunate to see such a great thing end.

  50. Robert says:

    IF Disney REALLY wanted to make Profit and fans. They should have a tv spin off of some sort or something along the lines of a storyline just involving Ashoka, and the characters/future characters she will meet in her future after leaving the Jedi order. I’m mean honestly I believe hands down it would be 99% more popular than Star Wars rebels.

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