‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ characters show their age

Nov. 19, 2010 | 6:00 a.m.

While watching Friday’s “Heroes on Both Sides” episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” you may notice your favorite Jedi showing a bit of road wear.

The episode introduces new character models for some of  “Clone Wars'” veterans, including the three seen in the teaser above: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.

“Over the course of the series so far, our characters have been affected by the conflict, so the changes we are seeing are a reflection of what they’ve gone through and how they’ve changed,” says supervising director Dave Filoni. “We’re getting closer to the events of Episode III, and the look of the series is moving toward that look and those designs.”

anakin Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters show their age

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Lucasfilm Ltd.)

The changes are most noticeable, says Filoni, in Ahsoka since she was just a kid when the war began.

“She had a lot to learn — and she’s been through a lot. She’s been changed by the things she’s seen and done, and now we’re seeing that reflected in her look. She’s older, more mature.”

Here’s the extended trailer for Season 3:

— Jevon Phillips


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8 Responses to ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ characters show their age

  1. Margie says:

    Lucas always pushes whatever medium he works in to new heights. This is very exciting.

  2. Ryan says:

    I don't even know what to say anymore. It's a cartoon. That's about the best thing going for it, I guess. But only like 1 million people a week even watch it. Most of those are kids. That's fine for what it is. But "Star Wars" was once THE most amazing pop-culture force in the planet. Now it's a footnote, a repetitive drone of a "fanboy"/insider story. How did we move from names like "Luke" and "Leia" and "Obi-Wan," all good names (even "Anakin") to stuff like whatever the woman in this trailer calls the Darth Maul lookalike? To "the Night Sisters," which sounds like a bad '70s band. To everything just being trendy "dark" and "sinister" from being so light and fun and irrepressible? Oh, wow, "Star Wars" has just become a mockery of its former self, but Lucas is certainly getting his way. By the time he dies, there will be nothing at all left to strip mine, and "Star Wars" will mostly be a dull, consumer-oriented commodity. No one will be able to resurrect it. So, as is his apparent wish, he will have both given birth to and caused the effective death of his "franchise." Guess it's fitting. But if you're not an 8-year-old boy or a diehard "fanboy," do you really even care a whit about what "Star Wars" is today? Judging by the ratings of the show, I think not. Sad. Sad, sad, sad.

  3. Jacob says:

    As much as you hate on it and type a summary of your disgust for the series. It doesn't make a difference that it is popular and is brainwashing millions of kids to buy STAR WARS merchandise.

  4. Will says:

    The Night Sisters are a Force sensitive tribe of what could best be compared to Amazons. On their world , men are subservient. I learned of them on a book about Luke and Ben's adventures during his banishment from the Jedi council by GAC president Daala. To see them add these characters to Clone Wars gives both those characters and the books post Return of the Jedi more weight.

  5. Natty says:

    The first couple of episodes I kept asking myself. Is this cheezy? Then I would see a battle scene that dwarfs the CGI movies. HOOKED! It is War and Politricks. It is life. Kids watching this show are more intelligent than the "clones" fighting in Afghanistan… think about it. Watch it.

  6. dave says:

    A war where both sides are actually working for the same bad guy and most of the fighters are soulless robots and clones? Wow sounds great!

  7. Malcolm Stumpf says:

    Well, except they actually deal with that, Dave. That's what turned my opinion on this show. Captain Rex (a clone) is confused about his role and purpose,, but he always buries it because it interferes with his duty, and the show sometimes focuses on his growing distrust of the republic. There are Separatist characters that really have worthy complaints, but since they fly an opressive flag themselves it destroys the credibility they have. That Opress guy (Worst name ever, i know) was a good person, but was manipulated. Yes, oftentimes this show has horrible writing, and sometimes it feels like one big commercial. But sometimes it does something right, and when it does, it's surprisingly smart. The prequels managed to take what could have been a really interesting storyline and make it feel ridiculously dumb, the way you describe it. But this show, on occasion, manages to show the potential in a war where you really can't pick sides.

  8. Leia says:

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie is a great film, and I must say that George Lucas has a great gift of imagination. And I was anxious to continue to watch the seris until Disney brought it over! If Disney ruins the movie I'll be saying to Waltz Disney that due to their their "stupidity", they ruin the movie and they should turn the movie back to Mr. Lucas for free. But of course….I've no right to say that. I just hope the movie would not be ruined.

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