‘Stargate Universe’ introduces a bonafide alien-looking alien

April 03, 2010 | 12:33 a.m.

Those who watched the first half of the first season of Syfy’s “Stargate Universe” probably noticed something a bit different about the spacefaring series from most others — no aliens.

Yes, Robert Carlyle’s Dr. Rush and the rest are on an alien vessel, but (maybe due to their being in hyperspace a lot), had yet to face any external aliens besides a weird cloud of dust and a swarm of space bees. But that changes in this second half of the season, which launches Friday night. This crew, a mixture of a few military personnel and a lot of civilians, will have first contact with a very non-humanoid, non-friendly species. And here’s an exclusive look at the telepathic creatures:


“Universe” co-creators Robert Cooper and Brad Wright wanted to make sure they established the crew on Destiny and the challenges they’d face daily. With this careful character development, aliens did not play a huge part in it, but now that they’re here, the “Stargate” folks want to make sure aliens are really … alien.

“They are bi-pedal, and they have arms and legs, but they look really different from anything we’ve seen on ‘Stargate’  before. They don’t become the bad guys of the week, but they do have an impact on what they do going forward and there are certainly reverberations for several episodes,” Cooper says.

“And one of the things that we didn’t want to do was latex-faced aliens. We wanted those aliens to be really out there,” Wright says. “We’re doing full-on CG, heavy duty, ‘District 9’ kind of, alien lifeforms. And I think that fans of the old ‘Stargate’ who miss aliens are going to get what they’re looking for.”

— Jevon Phillips

Photo: A new race of alien is discovered on “Stargate Universe.”. Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios inc.



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7 Responses to ‘Stargate Universe’ introduces a bonafide alien-looking alien

  1. Doru says:

    "Stargate Universe" probably the most boring show in the UNIVERSE!

  2. Kermonk says:

    Of course they are still fairly clichish – but as long as it keeps the story away from soap opera melodrama i suppose its good.

  3. Joe "JBud" says:

    Well, I find some flaws in this story, the main one that sticks out to me, the crew has encountered more than just alien "space bees" as you call them. You forget to mention the episode "Time" where part of the crew, gone gathering food on a planet, met with a very unkind creatures of the night, but managed to accidentally send a message back in time.
    Another flaw is being a bi-ped, and resembling us so much, in my personal opinion, I classed them AS humanoid, they have eyes, mouth, legs and arms even 5 fingered hands a non humanoid species should look much different from us…
    -Joe "JBud" Jackson
    "Stargate Fan since 1994"

  4. bettye198 says:

    A good touch to the show. First season seemed slow and dragged but it looks like they have punched it up a notch.
    Not sure about the combat in the skies though. Without a hailing like Star Trek where there is some kind of communication except one word on the screen? To the viewer, that seemed insecure and worrisome with a traveling high speed ship. Not exactly the same as an armed BSG craft. I didn't expect that kind of interactive.
    I would like to see some mysterious but benevolent aliens in the future episodes like the ones we used to see in Babylon 5. So far we continue to watch SGU and hope for an entertaining season.

  5. Joe "JBud" says:

    Hello, I see that you do not allow comments about the fact that everything in your news post is WRONG! I tried to post twice now and it looks like they where ignored due to contridictions to pretty much your entire story, sorry to ruin it, but seriously, you are wrong. Email me if you want someone to write you a real story (admin@jbud.org).
    If you don't know what I mean by WRONG, read my other two posts about it
    -Joe "JBud" Jackson
    Stargate fan since 1994

  6. Mishu says:

    I love SGA! I HATE sgu! why?…..

  7. Voidman says:

    Stargate Universe has really been disappointing to me. The characters started out great but all this political crap is way past boring. Enough of this stupid infighting! I get enough of that from my job and life. The whole point of science fiction is to take me away from all of that! This is what I hate about Battlestar Galactica.
    Lets solve this:
    – Kill off Telford(annoying), Wray(annoying), Greer (way over the top)
    – Add depth to Armstrong
    – Never never never have an episode with some lawyer or group judgment crap! It sucks in every sci-fi show, be original and get rid of that!
    I want Science Fiction not "law and order", "the sopranos", or "The Young and the Restless". "Syfy" has lost touch of the "Sci-Fi". Would you continue reading a science fiction book if it was full of all this non-sci-fi filler?

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