A maturing ‘Stargate: Universe’ finishes Season 1 tonight

June 11, 2010 | 5:32 p.m.

Stargate: Universe” had big shoes to fill as it continued the line of long-running “Stargate” shows, including SG-1 and Atlantis,” but it has survived and evolved from its humble beginnings to the Season 1 finale tonight. Here’s an exclusive clip:

The space odyssey started off with the ragtag crew just figuring out where they were, how to get home and how to survive. Slowly, the season has let human emotion and external factors filter in as the crew struggled with technology and the ship, hostile aliens, internal strife, despair and the people back home on Earth with unclear motives.


In the “Incursion, Part 2” finale, the Destiny crew must fight for their lives when members of the Lucian Alliance come through the Stargate, bent on taking the ship by force. Louis Ferreira, who plays Col. Everett Young on the show, was prophetic months ago when he talked about the expected trajectory of the series. “I think that because of the circumstances and the reality of the situation, this is the kind of show where the people that you might’ve been introduced to going into the season will not be the people that you see in Season 2 and beyond.”

— Jevon Phillips


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Photo: Rhona Mitra as Kiva. Credit: Carole Seagal / Syfy.

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2 Responses to A maturing ‘Stargate: Universe’ finishes Season 1 tonight

  1. Danny says:

    If there's one problem I have with the finale, it's Young's decision (or lack thereof) to NOT vent the atmosphere in the gate room. I'm not arguing that he'd sacrifice either Rush or Telford in a heartbeat, I'm saying that he'd vent the atmosphere and then go in and resuscitate those he'd like to save (like what he did to get Telford back).

  2. david bennett says:

    i wish with all my heart that i could play a ongoing part in stargate universe. and i also wish the next season would hurry up and start.

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