Stephen King fans should peek into ‘Bag of Bones’ website

Nov. 29, 2011 | 11:54 a.m.
dark score lake 68 copy Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Actors play Mattie, Kyra and Lance Devore. Though Melissa George, who plays Mattie and Caitlin Carmichael, who plays Kyra, appear in "Bag of Bones," the actor who plays Lance does not. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 72 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Fans of King's 1986 novel "It" should pay special attention to the ketchup in this shot. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 02 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Pierce Brosnan plays writer Mike Noonan in "Bag of Bones." Fans of King's novel, "The Tommyknockers" may recognize the "They Call Me Dr. Love" t-shirt on the man in the background. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 60 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Gypsy pie holds special significance for readers of "Thinner" by Richard Bachman (a.k.a. Stephen King). (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 34 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Anyone who has read King's "Dark Tower" series will recognize the name of this boy buried in the cemetary near TR 90. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 24 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Darkland Music owner Edgar Owens does not appear in "Bag of Bones," but fans of King will find many references hidden in this photo. Pay special attention to the clock behind Owens' head. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 13 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Annabeth Gish plays Jo Noonan, the deceased wife of author Mike Noonan in "Bag of Bones." (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 12 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Marketing company Campfire NYC created the props for the Dark Score Stores photo shoot, although some items were added digitally later. One of the titles behind this woman's head is from King's novella "Secret Window, Secret Garden." The other titles are significant as well. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

dark score lake 07 Stephen King fans should peek into Bag of Bones website

Mike Enslin is the star of King's short story "1408," which was turned into a movie starring John Cusack. (Joachim Ladefoged / A&E)

If you’re a hard-core Stephen King fan, you’ll probably take a shining to Dark Score Stories, an elaborate website for the A&E miniseries “Bag of Bones” that is also a scavenger hunt of sorts for longtime readers of the horror icon.

More than a simple preview of the haunted and haunting “Bag of Bones” (which premieres on Dec. 11), Dark Score Stories has sly and subtle nods to King’s novels and short stories tucked into the corners of photographs on the site — there are about 150 references in all as well as some puzzles hidden away that we wouldn’t dream of spoiling here.

“We try to appeal to a broad audience and different levels of fans,” says Steve Coulson, partner and creative director at Campfire, the New York City-based marketing agency that created the website and has masterminded unorthodox campaigns to promote HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Harley-Davidson, among other clients. “We have terminology. We talk about divers, dippers and skimmers. Some people like to get obsessed with puzzles and dig deep into a site. And we have people who just want to give it five or 10 minutes on their lunch hour. And you have to try and create something that satisfies all those audiences in different ways.”

The ambitious website is an online prequel to A&E’s four-hour adaptation of the 1998 King novel and tells the tale of writer Mike Noonan (Pierce Brosnan), who is struggling with the death of his wife and the supernatural happenings at his summer home in rural Maine. This miniseries is based on one of King’s better-regarded novels and is directed by frequent King adapter Mick Garris, so expectations are high, but A&E knows it needs to overcome the collective memory of plenty of the past King adaptations that underwhelmed audiences.

To take fans into the “Bag of Bones” world, Dark Score Stories has audio interviews with the actors in character: Brosnan, as Mike Noonan, talks about his cabin and Annabeth Gish, as Jo Noonan, discusses her painting career.  The main focus of the website, though, is a set of moody black-and-white photos by photojournalist Joachim Ladefoged  that are compelling enough on their own — until you notice the dad in one photo is slowly closing his hands around his daughter’s throat while a severe-looking woman in another picture turns her head ever so slightly. The effect of the GIF is unsettling.

“You show that to people,” Coulson says, “and they watch it and watch it, and then it moves and you see their eyes do a double-take.”

Eagle-eyed King devotees will also find visual nods in those photos to works such as “The Dark Tower” series, “Misery” and “The Dark Half,” as well as to more obscure titles from the King bibliography, such as his still-unfinished pay-as-you-go serial experiment “The Plant.”

“The great thing about Stephen King is that his books all link together,” Coulson says. “We thought it would be fun to see how much of the Stephen King universe could be embedded in the background of these stories…. There are layers in this project that only some hard-core fans will appreciate. Only some puzzle-solvers will appreciate. Some eye-spy puzzle lovers will appreciate. Lots of different things going on.”

Click through the gallery above to see a selection of photos from the site. And be sure to turn captions on if you want hints to just a few of the King references hidden there.

— Patrick Kevin Day


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93 Responses to Stephen King fans should peek into ‘Bag of Bones’ website

  1. jazzy nortcliff says:

    Stephen King what can i say have read every single book watched all the films , one of the best writers ,u will ever come across

    • CAROLYN says:


    • Britt says:

      I know my fav books are "the shining" and I know its kinda crazy but I even like his less popular one the dark hafe…..I like reading his books if I'm in a bad mood I read it and I feel better about everything. Its kinda made me wanna maybe because a writer……anyways keep doing what ur doing :)…ooo I did like the cell that was a great book, too just did like the end.

      keep doing what you do

  2. issac19/rd says:

    say thank ya

  3. Char says:

    I love ya!! You've always been a part of my world- thanks for being there.

  4. lorraine greene says:

    i want the book if it thank u

  5. DEBY QUINN says:


  6. mark mccormick says:

    S.K rocks… I’m 32 and can still remember walking into the movies to see pet cemetery with my aunt who is also a huge fan and was watching me that day. Thanks for a lot of sleepless nights. Mark Mccormick

  7. KRISSY POSTON says:


    • Brit says:

      I know me too….. I think he tried stuff like come on tommy knockers o.0… lol… but it was a good book lost for imagination.

  8. Bradley Grant says:

    I have read and seen everything that deals with Stephen King and crave more and more cant wait to see the new bag of bones really looking forward to it

    • Brittani says:

      its because its like a fairy tale its sucks and hard in the beinging, then u just kinda let it go. that is what I get from his books anyways. I love reading, writing english type stuff Ive alway had funny reading book and imgagination if it was me in it. anyways just love his books a few other authers.

      keep it up

  9. Debbie Santana says:

    he has a very wild, and good imagination I have enjoyed reading all of his books and watching all the movies,he is the best writer.

  10. Nancy says:

    I am 61 years old, the first Stephen King I read was It….I was hooked on King….I have read everything he has written ( that I know of) except the new book. Love his sense of humor and his insights into people, plus he is a good story teller.

    • Brittani says:

      thats what I'm saying….really good he makes it like the readers point living it. after reading his books and james patterson , iris johansen. after reading all there stuff I've wanted to be come a writer. good stuff it makes u forget about life for a secend, welts away stress.

      keep it up

  11. Nancy Dupuis says:

    I have every book he has ever printed in hard cover, one of my truly best library additions. I just love his writing. Thank you very much Mr. King for scaring the bejesus out of me.

    Nancy Dupuis

  12. Jkruse says:

    Thankee Sai, for the roont who love your tales:)

  13. ignacio weil says:

    Is one of my favorites writers ( my english is terrible sorry) and his book ¨Mientras escribo¨ is the title in spanish is awesome and help me in my writings… Thanks mr King.

  14. Catherine says:

    Mr. S King is one of my all time favourite authors. I have read all his books watched all his films and I am always ready for new material, My favourite has got to be Desperation I have read it 3 times now and can more than happily read any of his books over again. Cant wait for the new one to come out. Keep writing Stephen….Your the best.

  15. teresa buell says:

    MR. KING, Iam writing you to let you kow that Iam your biggest fan. i must have all your books and loved reading all of them . cant watie for bags of bones comes out . please dont ever stop writing your wonderful books you are a amzing man with a a mind of filled with loys mre how i wish i could meet you . i love watcing horror movies . meeting you would be so great i have so much to ask you .
    thank you for being the person you are dont ever stop . your firend teresa buell

  16. Janice Bowers says:

    I was pregant with my youngest son (who is 35 now) when I read Salem's Lot (had to sleep with the lights on)….funny how my son has always been facinated with vampires….mmmmm… Steven, I am your biggest fan!

  17. Yvette Smith says:

    Been a Stephen king fan for years! Love the man's work! He is one of the all time best authors ever! I have all his books,the movies,as well as the all the kingdom hospital series that was on the tv. Always on the lookout for his next book or movie,can't wait to see bag of bones! Mr. King…u sir are awesomely twisted and soooo talented! Keep doing what you do!

  18. Deb Fuchs says:

    Stephen King is my favorite author and always has been since my teen years. One of my favorite movies is Salem's Lot and my favortie book is all of them. I really like the Dark Tower series. Thank you Stephen King for providing dark places for our minds to go.
    Deb Fuchs

  19. Robin Ryan says:

    I have been a fan from the beginning and have always shared my King books with my family, they didnt always return them so I have purchased many of the books over and over but I dont mind because the stories are worth it. Books have always been my drug of choice and the best escape from the pressures of my life. I have 2 favorite authors, Stephen King and Diana Gabaldon, no one else comes close to their ability to pull you in and make you FEEL the story. Thank you Stephen King for allowing me to be a part of your life through your stories.

  20. Mary Rowe says:

    Love all Your books, always look forward to the next one!! I vacation in Maine, so when you mention certain towns in your books, I’m excited because I’ve actually have been there!!

  21. Errick Baker says:

    Stephen King is GREAT just like J.R.R Tolkien.

    His writtings are very detailed and interresting.

    When you read his stories you can actually visualize the story coming to life in your mind. The charaters, the surrounding area and the actions taking place.

  22. Freila says:

    Stephen, my old friend, and we are getting older, are we not? Still a fan after thirty years. Write on my friend and I will continue to gobble up the stories.

  23. Patricia Docker says:

    You are my sweetheart of the literary world!!! I've read everything!!! Keep them coming and I will love your forever.

  24. Sheila E says:

    I have a big collection of all Your books and movies and I have seen all of Stephen Kings mini series I would love to meet this man and his genius mind. Keep writing please…:-)

  25. victoria says:

    Thank you, I love Stephen King. Can't wait until Dec.11th. Love the idea of finding bits and pieces from all this books in Bag of Bones. Thanks Stephen, keep em coming.

  26. Jose Fitzpatrick says:

    I have read most of your books, My favorite was the Shining. That was the first book that ever scared me as I read it. My second favorite is The Stand. I don't know how you do it but just keep on writing. My son started to read you many yeast ago and is still a big fan. Joe Fitzpatrick

  27. vicki says:

    Many a sleepless nights either reading the book or watching the movie!!! Have been reading Stephen King ever since I read and saw Carrie, Cujo, Salem's Lot, Christine…..and still continuing strong!!! Keep scaring our thoughts Stephen King!!!

  28. Alyssa says:

    I have been reading Stephen King for 23 years now. "Fire starter" was my first chapter book when I was 11. When I found "Bag of Bones" I knew I had found my favorite Stephen King book. I have been saying for years they need to make a movie out of this book. I can not wait to watch this and see how they took a wonderful book and make it not only a exciting story but a visual master piece.

  29. Мария says:

    очень много фанатов в России с трепетом ждут перевода)))

  30. joyce hicks says:

    love king have read all of his books and all of the movies i especialy like the stand

  31. sylvia donoghue says:

    the king all things written!!! been an avid fan more years than i can remember the stand my fav read it every few yrs. the king stephen.long may your pen rule

  32. julie says:

    i adore stephen king novels, he is a wonderful writer, someone the americanscan be very very proud of, i felt i have done injustice to his stories as he spends years writing them and i race thru them in a matter of days, but his tales really grip me, i love zombie stories and would LOVE to read a SK zombie based horror

  33. Mary Johnson says:

    O M G!! I can't wait<3

  34. BJ says:

    awesome story teller, one who has caused me to burn many meals by getting too engrossed in the story to remember I was cooking! Loved The Shawshank Redemption & Stand by Me.

  35. Brenda Weekes says:

    I have read all your books .. I find your stories incredible.. i also own all your books.. thanks for sharing.

  36. DTJunkie says:

    Sai King is nothing short of spectacular. May Gan continue to give him stories to share, and may the White watch over him.

  37. Donna Lipson says:

    Have read everything published by Stephen King. Love The Stand and 'Salem's Lot the best. Back in the late 1970's I was hooked and am expecting the newest novel as a Christmas gift from my husband, who lived for years in Lovell, Maine. He told me how King used to tell scarey stories in the Iocal graveyard at Halloween. I also admire the many charitable things he's done in Maine. Giving back is the true measure of a man. Thanks for the many, many hours of pure enjoyment, Mr. King!!

  38. Jennifer says:

    Well Mr. King, I have a story that sounds like a lot of others around here; I was given a somewhat tattered, and of course, well read, copy of Pet cemetery by my sister when I was 9. I simultaneously was scared and delighted by every page, and have been hooked on your books ever since. The Dark Tower books were by far my favorites by you, but there were many others along the way, I assure you! Thank you for sharing these incredible writings with us, your Constant Readers! I just picked up a copy of 11/22/63 and I'm chomping at the bit to sit down and sink into it. Feels like having coffee with an old friend! Also, looks like a great job from what I've seen on the Bag of Bones series. Wonder if we'll see you pop up in there somewhere?

    Congrats on a successful history of writing, and here's to seeing you have a great future! Cheers!

  39. kaye says:

    I saw the trailer for Bag of Bones and I also read the book. According to the trailer it isnt going to be anything like the book. SSSOOOOO disappointed.

  40. kaye says:

    Make a movie about Rose Madder.

  41. Greta says:

    I must say I don’t think someone can keep me so intrested in something as your books and movies, I was still very young when actualy my whole family talked about what a great writer you are and I must say – I’m hooked ‘ can’t wait to see more

    Regards x

  42. Larry says:

    Thankee Sai for years of fantastic reading! I have read and own all your novels and short story collections. Stephen King is absolutely my favorite author of all time.

  43. Vicki Ryan says:

    I have been reading S.K. forever,and I love the roller coaster ride!

  44. Sheila Kurth says:

    The first time I ever read a S.K. book – I hated to read, even though I was in advanced English classes. Mt best friend loved to read & was always trying to get me to read the book she was reading. It was when she handed me a book titled, “Carrie” that I was hooked!!!! My world has opened up ever since that day; and & couldn’t be happier because of it! S.K. books are my drug of choice & I choose to NEVER be rehabilitated!!! The Dark Tower Series was my “Crack” & I would GLADLY take it in – over and over and over again!! LOVE ME SOME S.K.!!

  45. janice strasburg says:

    I love Stephen King Pet semetary has to be my Fav book of all time! It took only 2 day's(& nights) to read the entire thing! & not to mention I was home alone with the kids while the hubby was out of town! Scared the living crap out of me! The you for all the entertainment you've brought in to my life! Great escape!

  46. Tammy says:

    Stephen King is the greatest writer ever, in my opinion.I have been reading his books for 35 years, and always am anxiously awaiting the next one! I am so pumped to see this movie. I have all your books in hard cover and most of your movies in my collection. I hope that you continue to write for a very long time. I can't imagine a world without Your books!!!!

  47. Sarah Mohr says:

    Thank you for the many hours of intertainment and escape.

  48. DOLLY DEFAZIO says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  49. Kathy Green says:

    Your talent is amazing. Your way of taking ordinary things and twisting them til they scare the crap out of your readers is ghoulish. Thank you for sharing and entertaining us all.

  50. Audrie Hanshaw says:

    I love Stephen King ,the books, the movies, I'm looking forward to the mini series on 12-11 .Thanks I'm definitely a constant reader .Thank-you.

  51. LIZ says:

    What can be said about Stephen King that hasn't already been said???? Please keep the books and stories coming. We can't get enough. Still can't look at a clown, thanks to Pennywise, but still drawn to the clowns. Thats the magic of S.K. draw you in, scare the life out of you and still go back for more. One of the few authors I can rear and re-read again. THANK YOU.XX

  52. Deb P says:

    Stephen King…, I have every one of your books, all in paperback, all in Hardcover, and now all as e-books. He has been my favorite author since I was a new-teen ager, and that has been a while!
    I don't want him to ever retire!

  53. Melissa says:

    My mother was a reader and tried very hard to make me into one, but she was a reader of romance novels and that just didn't work for me. With my love for horror films she decided one day to try something different. She brought home 'Salems Lot. I read it from cover to cover on the first day. Now, I own over 50 Stephen King books, most of them first editions. I've read most of them more than once. I talk about his books and/or stories like most people talk about what they watched on TV. I actually dread the end of a good story but also can't wait to begin a new one.

  54. shannon weiker says:

    Stephen king is a great writer and love the movies he has come out with along with the others that made movies from his books…i have 50 something of them now i cant wait til bag of bones is a series to buy like kingdom hopspital as well as the first season of haven. i will be buying the second season of haven as soon as it comes out it was a great series. also cant wait til he does a series or a movie on the dark tower books. keep em coming king your excellent at what you do. i cant buy the movies/series fast enough lol

  55. Stan says:

    Started with The Stand and got hooked on King. Have read everything he has written. Reading 11/22/63 at the present.

  56. shannon weiker says:

    i own alot of books of stephen king as well..but i love to watch the movies as it brings them to life with visual effects. King there would be no one in this world that could come up with the great ideas as you have your work is phenomal!!!

  57. Cham says:

    EVERY book, every movie… i'm a fanatic. I think you've fabulous. Love your work Stephen.

  58. bob h. says:

    great writer, great story teller, S.K. just great.

  59. Paulette McLelland says:

    I finished reading "Cujo" about 2 am one morning some many years ago. I remember throwing the book across the room and being angry at King for about a day. I owned a Ford Pinto at the time and had a young son. I had really become involved with that story. Then it dawned on me what it took to write that story. I have been a fan since I read "The Shining" in 1977. I hope this mini series is better than the movies adapted from King's stories. None have done his writings justice.

  60. Carol says:

    my favorite is The Stand and Bag of Bones is my second favorite, can't wait for Dec 11 been waiting a long time.

  61. renie tottenham says:


  62. Lee says:

    I have been reading Stephen Kings books for 31 years and counting, loved everyone, he writes in a way that instantly takes you to the scariest places, I am an addict, can't wait to read the next one :-)

  63. Liz Phipps says:

    Steven King is a God! I belong to his book club and have every single book he's ever written. I can't tell you how many times I've read "The Stand" (my favorite) and "It." Actually, I've read most of his books at least twice and still love them. I totally idolize him and wish I had his brain. Rock on Steven King and can I say Thank Ya!

  64. owen says:

    I would love to see a Movie Series of the Dark Tower Series Parts 1 through 7. By far is Awesome! I always have troubles picking the next that you have wrote. Reading Black house now. Very good thus far.

  65. Patricia Elliott says:

    I am one of your biggest fans. I have read and watched every movie you have. Except bag of bones. But plan on getting it into my collection. Awaiting for the movie coming on the AE channel. I had to keep watching for bad clowns after the movie IT. That one was really a great and scarey movie. MR. KING….You are the KING.
    We love you here in Texas. (Dallas)

  66. marion says:

    Mr.King……you are truly my favorite author ,the best ever. Like so many other i have read and own every book that comes out. I love settleing down with one of your books and am immediately transfered into that world wherever it may be. I could actually smell that pie in thinner and feel the pain of the gunslinger on the beach with the lobstrosities[hope i spelled that right]. Thank-you for bringing those worlds[stories]into my life. If ever you are in wpg canada i would love to meet and get a book signed by you. Long live that magic pen[computor] and unique imagination of yours.

  67. Diana says:

    I have been a fan for years.First book I read was Carrie. My fav though was Pet Semetary! It had me screaming in my sleep.I love that you love to write!!

  68. SONJA says:


  69. Amanda Lyons says:

    I have read many an Bag Of Bones was My Fav read it again just last year in three days…. I was hoping you would make it into a movie. But i hope you made it as good as the book……. I couldn't Put it down the first tome an it kept me on the edge of my sit… I cant even find a scary movie these days that can do that….. I would rather read your books. bag Of Bones made me cry, laugh, worry something was under my bed, made me mad at that crazy old man an his nurse/ slash right hand man. You make me feel apart of the story like I am there. I Love your Books and your incredible talent. You ROCK Mr. King!

  70. Linda Smith says:

    I just wanted to add my name to this list of faithful fans!! Been one for many, many years, and will stay that way for as long as Mr. King continues to write books! My favorite thing about his writing is how he starts out telling you everything there is to know about each character and the town they live in, until you feel you know them and live there too, and then… the action and horror begins and continues until the very last page!!!

  71. chel says:

    awesome site, so creepy-ish its worth it…..,love love love the KING!

  72. K.aren Schultz says:

    I can't wait for this to come on in December – I have the DVR all set. Such a talent to be able to put to pen what goes on in that brilliant mind! My sister and I watched Salem's Lot alone, at night, during a storm. It was years before I could leave the upstairs curtains open at night. Delicious fear. thanks Mr. King.

  73. D.J. says:

    Thank you for taking me away in my mind and letting me forget my problems and go to another place and time. You are the Greatest and PLEASE never quit writing!!!!

  74. Phyllis Breese says:

    It took me years to finally finnish the Dark Tower series, but I always had the feeling that you knew something that I didn't,si I kept plugging along anxiously awaiting what you would reveal to me. I was sure it would be life changeing! Well, needless to say, as Roland was ascending the stairs of the tower it became clear that I already knew what you were telling me! I wasn't disappointed though, but rather VALIDATED!!! Thanks for sharing all that amazing stuff floating around in your head.
    Constant Reader

  75. Tom Charette says:

    Stephen King you rock as always I love ya man!

  76. blackbetty says:

    since I have read my first book of Stephen King I became a great fan. Never have I seen a writer who keeps the suspence till the bitter end. I have every book and every movie. Simply the Best is the best discription

  77. Faye says:

    Thank you Mr. King! The King of the Horrors!

  78. Madelyn says:

    I say "thank ya" to Stephen King for making my world a better place to live in, for the times he was mu constant companion, a story to live in, characters lo love and hate, I have been reading him since 1977 have every book he has written an will continue as his ever faithful "Constant Reader" they will probably have to pry his latest book from my cold, dead hands when i kick the bucket …..keep on with books my friend we love ya!!!

  79. robin says:

    MR.King I have read all your books love every one of them. But I have not read darkshows can what when I have the time to go bay it. One of your fans allways love your work its great.

  80. tyger97 says:

    Read "'Salem's Lot" when it was first published and have been a fan and Constant Reader ever since, usually reading each book more than once. I'm looking forward to seeing this adaptation… it looks v. good. Thank you, SK.

  81. Bear Thompson says:

    I have read everything of yours that I could get myhands on,but the ending of the Black Tower was …disheartening…What can I say?I'm still a fan,and am waiting for your next book!

  82. Dave Fagan says:

    I have been reading Stephen King's books since the beginning in the 70s.

    He is the only writer of large (ie; many pages) books that I read and don't get the feeling he is paid by the word. In SK books every word, every sentence is crucial to the story.

    Please Mr King, keep writing , you give so much pleasure to so many people.Thankyou so much.

  83. Heather says:

    Ever since I saw the preview, I have been excited to see the movie. It broght back all the memories from reading the book. Love all the books!

  84. TByrd says:

    God, I love this man! I have ready everything he has EVER written, all the magazine articles, etc. Cant wait for Bag of Bones. Say, is this a miniseries, it seems my schedule lists two for 12-11 and two for 12-12. Is it showing four times, or is this a continued thing? Sorry to be blonde, but…..:D

  85. ttulco says:

    The only thing good about Bag O Bones is that I'll never have to watch it again. Lousy dialogue, cliched characters, an incoherent plot, and everything else about this A&E production took what could have been a just plain bad TV movie and shaped it into a monumental waste of four hours of a valuable life. Mine! . Even Pierce Brosnan's clever use of an abnormally large meat tenderizer couldn't save this tripe! (pardon the pun ) And what was it, one hour of so-called story and three hours of commercials ? If I hadn't been hypnotized by the sheer ludicrousness of this production I would have tuned out and done something more enjoyable, like putting my hand into the garbage disposal or calling my ex wife. God almighty, whose idea was it to put money into this production ? Shame on you A&E !.

  86. jeanne says:

    Boy, ttulco, I SO agree. I read the book and looked forward to the film, but it was agonizing to watch. Truly, there had to be more time devoted to commercials than to the story.

    Years ago I read “It,” and to this day I make a wide berth around sewer openings. No one can convince me that a clown doesn’t exist “down there” and is just waiting to grab my foot to pull me in. Hitchcock’s “Psycho” had a similar effect on me! I NEVER close the door of a motel/hotel room until I’ve checked the shower in the bathroom. And I ALWAYS pull open an opaque shower curtain in every bathroom I enter–even in my friends’ homes. You’d think a woman of (a certain age) would have gotten over such quirks, wouldn’t you?!

  87. Jenny says:

    I have read quite a few Stephen King novels. Always disappointed by the film versions, apart from Salems Lot . Enjoyed both the book and the series version. Haven't read Bag of Bones but have just watched the film. Should have been entitled Bag of Shite! The worst adaptation I have ever seen, complete waste of three hours.Think I shall stick to reading the books as they are far superior, the horror just doesn't seem to come across the same on screen.

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