‘Supernatural’: Fan-favorite Misha Collins returns

March 24, 2012 | 8:48 a.m.
born again identity1 Supernatural: Fan favorite Misha Collins returns

Misha Collins (left) returned to "Supernatural" to act with series regular Jensen Ackles (right) in the March 23 episode, "The Born-Again Identity." (The CW)

The death toll is mounting on “Supernatural,” but what do you expect on  a show where the end of the world is just another day at the office? Some beloved characters, human and non-human alike, have been lost, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back in one way or another. And, speaking of familiar faces, Friday’s episode of The CW show featured the return of Misha Collins, who played the angel Castiel starting in Season 4.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Friday’s show.

Collins has played a few different versions of the character, including the angel’s human vessel; a future carefree version of Cas in 2014; and a leviathan-possessed Castiel. Before Friday night, he was presumed drowned in the Season 7 premiere. In Friday’s episode, “The Born-Again Identity,” Collins was presented as Emmanuel, who has no memories of Castiel — but he does possess the angel’s healing powers.

“Each time it’s a little bit different preparing a new character … but [this latest version] certainly is infused with Castiel,” Collins said at the Salute to Supernatural convention in Burbank earlier this month.

For Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), the older of the two brothers at the spooky center of “Supernatural,” seeing any version of Castiel stirs up memories of betrayal. Meanwhile, his sibling, San Winchester (Jared Padalecki) found himself again dealing with pestering presence of Lucifer, played again by Mark Pellegrino.

For Collins, is there anything about the long-gone Castiel that he misses? “There were certain things that were fun to do,” the actor said. “It was fun to play drunk Cas.”

In his time off from “Supernatural,” Collins appeared in an episode of another CW show, “Ringer.” Last year he also co-created and acted in the creepy Web series “Divine” – adding a new entry to his sci-fi and horror credits, which also include the SyFy movie “Stonehenge Apocalypse.”

“It’s very difficult to be humble when you’ve saved the world, like I did in ‘Stonehenge Apocalypse,'” Collins joked. “It’s definitely not the kind of thing that you think as a child: ‘One day, I am going to prevent Stonehenge from destroying the world.'”

Collins is currently back on the set of “Supernatural” in Vancouver. In one form or another, he’ll be back for two (or more) episodes in Season 7.

– Emily Rome


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7 Responses to ‘Supernatural’: Fan-favorite Misha Collins returns

  1. reesie says:

    Just admit that u people lied about the castiel character and didn't know what ya'll was talking about . U people got caught in these lies once again and I am a big fan of supernatural and I will never believe another word ya'll say . Liars !!1

  2. Sharon Athey says:

    Are you kidding me they are gone to show Misha Collins only in 2 more eposides. You allready took off Bobby who I really liked him on the show. His character was great. He was really good on the show. And now you are gone to take off Castiel ak Cas. There won't be any one left but Sam And Dean.. What are you gone to do next kill them off too. Dean and Sam won't have anyone to help them. It makes me mad you have angels on the show and talk about GOD and you take that off and spend all you time taking about the Devil. I rather have Angels and talking about GOD . Then them showing the Devil and having alot of scenes about him. I for one hate the DEVIL. I guess I will find something else to watch on Friday Night at 9'clock. This show is getting awful you took of Bobby and after 2 Eposides you are gone to get rid of Cas.With these two gone the show. Is Dumb . And the only good thing left is to watch is Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The Show was good and fun to watch now it is boring and Dumb.

    • Sharon Athey says:

      If you don't like my comment then I won't watch your show Supernatural any more.

    • sheryl campbell says:

      long over due like 36 weeks, but i'm with u sharon i would watch Supernatural record it and save some of shows i loved the best, but now i am afraid as great of a show that it is i'm won't be watching it much longer i mean Bobby is gone big mistake! and now Misha far and few and talking about the devil more than God, and making angels always look bad, Sam only in his world once in a while well it is really falling apart. Maybe that's it they want it to end what better way than to make it a show no one want's to watch anymore. sick, sick, sick. I hate it, it was one of the best shows on tv for a few years, the combo of the cast was great. WAS being the key word. Soon they will be burning the show it's self.

  3. Sharon Athey says:

    No thank . I not gone to watch Supernatural any more.

  4. Susanna Boggs says:

    I absolutely adore Sam and Dean. However, I am really into Misha Collins/Castiel. I would be so excited if Castiel would be included in more than two episodes this season. Who better to help Dean and Sam fight Satan than a fellow angel? Sort of the trinity of epic proportions………How about a cross-over spin-off featuring Castiel?

  5. Evelyn says:

    you have to bring Bobby back, the show is not the same without him

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