‘The Flash’ first look: Grant Gustin shows off full Flash costume

March 11, 2014 | 11:03 a.m.
flash The Flash first look: Grant Gustin shows off full Flash costume

Grant Gustin shows off his Flash costume in the first full-body image released for The CW series "The Flash." (Jack Rowand / Warner Bros.)

Actor Grant Gustin is ready to run in his first full Flash costume image.

The image, released Tuesday, reveals a closer look at the superhero suit Gustin will wear as the star of The CW’s new pilot “The Flash,” based on the lightning-quick DC Comics character. The red-and-gold uniform was designed by Academy Award-winner Colleen Atwood.

The series, from Warner Bros. Television, comes from executive producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and David Nutter — the masterminds behind the breakout hit series “Arrow,” also on The CW. The show’s pilot, directed by Nutter, was co-written by Berlanti, Kreisberg and DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who has cited Flash as his favorite comic character.

Gustin will play Barry Allen, a scientist who becomes the fastest man alive after a freak accident. The character first appeared in comics in 1956 and went on to become a founding member of the Justice League of America.

The new series won’t be the Flash’s first foray into live-action television. John Wesley Shipp played the hero in the short-lived CBS series “The Flash,” which ran for one season in 1990. It’s unclear how the character’s return to television will affect Warner Bros.’ reported plans for a Flash movie, to be written by Berlanti, Johns, Marc Guggenheim, Chris Brancato and Michael Green.

Still, superheroes are proving a boon for the CW. “Smallville,” the Superman prequel series that ran for 10 seasons, garnered devoted fan support, and “Arrow” has become a huge success for the network.

What do you think of the Flash’s new suit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

– Noelene Clark and Gina McIntyre | @LATHeroComplex


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22 Responses to ‘The Flash’ first look: Grant Gustin shows off full Flash costume

  1. baconinja says:

    Well, I'm severely disappointed. The flash costume is supposed to be streamlined and fit into a ring, which this leather can't do. This just looks like a Daredevil costume with a few Flash insignias tossed on it.

  2. Ted says:

    Who designed this costume? Did they do ANY research? Why do the speed skaters wear what they do when competing? Oh that's right…less wind resistance. In order to move fast you need to have a streamlined fitted outfit just like a SPEED SKATER. You also missed the color by about 8 shades. Mind you, I'm not concerned at all that y'all will get the story right. But this is the most basic of tasks, designing a costume for a speedster…really very simple…open a comic book…watch the Olympics…look up old videos of speedsters…watch cars on a raceway…all of that would have helped you avoid the abomination shown in this image.
    Maybe it's not too late to CGI the costume into the pilot.

    Best of luck…

  3. amanda says:

    I'm a bit disappointed with the costume design. It was the flash who designed a mask that would form fit to his face, and i'd imagine same goes for his costume. This just looks like a child wearing a costume a touch too big for him.

  4. Steven T. says:

    I don't like the outfit. Flash needs to look a lot more intimidating. Right now he looks like a skinny guy in a costume. His costume is made out of material that is resistant to his running…so definitely more like a fiber…not leather. Better get it together, can't wait for a movie.

  5. Steve says:

    To me, it looks like they got a leftover Captain America costume from the Avengers and dyed it red.

  6. srini says:

    The costume sucks in everyway.

  7. cableisbetter says:

    Absolutely ridiculous.
    This EXACTLY why I HATE network TV.
    They would have been better off digging the old Flash series uniform up out of the dustbin.

  8. luis says:

    Honestly think they should make a movie instead of a series.

  9. C I says:

    Good luck.

  10. robert says:

    the costume sucks. change it or you’re doomed.

  11. kyle says:

    how can anybody like this suit, they should have kept the real barry allen's suit. this outfit is so cheesy, hes called hte scarlet speedster not the maroon buffoon, i mean my god they got damn near the whole costume wrong, i understand people want to put their mark on things they make but this costume is so dreary and just outright awful, flash is outgoing makin jokes at any situation guy. not to mention barry allen is blonde people. i mean damn ill give u the $15 it costs to die his hair so u at least have something right on him other then the face and the bolt of lighting. u so far have takin my fav hero of all time and turned him into a bootleg daredevil and we all saw how that turned out.

  12. Jacob says:

    You guys are so critical. This is not a comic book. Did we complain when they gave batman and armored look? And I agree it could have been a little more of a red and then the inside of the logo could have been white, but still it's a tv show in a darker atmosphere.

  13. Derrick Suggs says:

    I don't see how they even thought out how the fans would perceive the costume i think it's absolutely terrible now i understand you don't want it to be a carbon copy but at least keep the red color he is the scarlet speedster that is more of a burgundy isn't it please if anyone of significance sees the comments CHANGE THE COLORS at least

  14. FlashFan#1 says:

    to all you wingers about the costume and toting the comics
    if you were a true flash fan you would know the speed force that grants his powers also generates a field around his body allowing him to side step the physical impacts of it for example at his speed no compound of shoe would last a second – also at the speed he moves if wind were an issue he would leave a slip stream wake that would destroy the surroundings dragging cars and objects along with him this little comic universe mechanic is what allows him to do what he does he can run faster than the speed of light for gods sake when you can do that a unitard wont make much difference to tops speed

  15. Ntycar says:

    OK, so the costume isn't so great. However, its his first attempt at building his own suit. I would imagine any non-tailor's first attempt would leave a lot to be desired. We can hope that the suit, like the character, will improve and evolve over time. What is exciting it that Flash is coming to screen. I liked the introduction in Arrow. If they keep their focus on developing the character the show will be a hit, provided they don't fail in the special effects department.

  16. pranay singh says:

    oh no … That 3 times oscar guy just ruined the whole flash costume … I think he took money from marvel to ruin that dc costume … This costume is soooo bad .. Even the old flash tv series had a nice costume

  17. Stephen Marck says:

    As a Brit who grew up with 1960's/70's DC comics, I totally agree. Who on earth let this crap out of the bag. Skinny bloke in oversize leather thing.Doh!!

  18. Ken says:

    I really hope that they change the costume to make it look more like the one in the comics.

  19. Garrett says:

    I'd need to see it from another angle before passing judgment. If this show is anywhere near as good as "Arrow," this won't be the only costume Barry ever wears, and it will look far more realistic than the silly, bright, comic-book colored costumes in a lot of the campier TV shows. Not a big fan of the leather look, but I think it's generally headed in the right direction, at least.

  20. John says:

    It's ok for me, I guess it's part of the plot with all the origin, and stuff, later he'll change it, it's something like many heroes' first outfit

  21. jesse says:

    Old flash series uniform way better take some notes.

  22. Pssstr says:

    Hope it does better than the Bruce Campbell version, which had the unnecessary complications of the suit being an experimental Russian-made diving suit, and Flash needing to eat massive amounts of food after each run.

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