‘The Mortal Instruments’ to be rebooted as TV series in 2015

Oct. 20, 2014 | 1:02 p.m.

“The Mortal Instruments” is coming to the small screen, Constantin Film confirmed Monday.

The new TV series, based on the bestselling young adult urban fantasy novels by Cassandra Clare, will be helmed by Ed Decter, a screenwriter and producer whose credits include “There’s Something About Mary,” “Unforgettable,” “The Client List” and “In Plain Sight.”

“We are thrilled to give this epic tale of good versus evil a brand new dimension,” Constantin Film Chairman Martin Moszkowicz said in a press statement, thanking fans of the franchise for their patience.

The one-hour drama will reboot the saga after last year’s feature film “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” opened to lackluster reviews and disappointing box-office numbers. The film has earned $31 million domestically. A planned sequel, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes,” was shelved last year, and it’s unclear whether “City of Bones” stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower will reprise their roles in the spinoff series.

“The Mortal Instruments” follows heroine Clary Fray as she becomes entangled in the world of Shadowhunters — angelic demon-hunters — after her mother is attacked and taken by a demon. In order to save her mother, she must team up with a band of Shadowhunters, including the captivating Jace Wayland, uncover family secrets, and tap into powers she never knew she had. The sixth and presumably final book in Clare’s series, “City of Heavenly Fire,” was published earlier this year.

Constantin plans to produce the series in 2015.

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415 Responses to ‘The Mortal Instruments’ to be rebooted as TV series in 2015

  1. Sheldon says:

    The Mortal Instruments movie was so concerned with getting details right that it forgot to connect them properly into a good story. Something that was not an issue with the book (obviously…).

    It probably should have been set up as a TV series from the beginning.

    Here's hoping the recasting is better than the original (though they'd be smart to keep Robert Sheehan as Simon…).

    • Jessica says:

      Yes, they should keep the person who played Simon ; no hate but in the book Jace was different and I didn’t picture him looking like that. I LOVE the books, but the movie wasn’t that great because I didn’t like the cast, but I can’t wait for these!

      • Alexa says:

        My point exactly, the actors for the characters were not a good fit. No offense to Jamie Campbell bower, but Jace wayland should have been "bigger", muscular, and I found that Jaime didn't play jace's character tight. The same for Clary's character and valentine. But I do agree that Simon was on point in the movie as well as Magnus bane's. The rest of the characters, not so much.

      • Sheldon says:

        It also crosses my mind that Molly C. Quinn (Castle) would make a superb Clary. If she's free when Mortal Instruments begins casting – and she's available – they should go after her for the role.

      • Mary says:

        YES!!!!!! She would be perfect!

      • KatnissFray says:


      • randi says:

        i thought all the characters, except for alec and luke, were pretty close to the mental image i had.

      • Alex says:

        Lily was the opposite of perfect. Clary is known for her bright red hair, pale skin, and abundance of freckles. Lily had none of those. I hope they get someone new to play her

      • Julia says:

        I just googled Molly C. Quinn and she would definitely not make a good Clary. She looks nothing like the girl they described in the book. Lily Collins fits much better in the role.

      • Maddie says:

        Yea the characters were on point in the movie and it was the movie that inspired me to read the books

      • Blackfootindian says:

        What I want to know is who will be playing Sebastian and Raphael and jace could have been a bit bigger though other than that everyone fit the roles perfectly forget what everyone else is saying.

      • Jasmine says:

        True it was amazing it inspired me to read the books too

      • Morgan says:

        Never see the movie first……normally they are nothing like the books. Always see if you can read the books first!

      • Mandy says:

        I looked up Molly Quinn and I must say she is perfect. Based on what my envision of Clary reading the books.

      • The same people Lilly Collins Jamie Campbell bower should reprise their roles in the series I love it I though it was both romantic trivial and action packed

      • ashleye says:

        Simon and Alec were fine. But I had more of an actor that looked like Alex Pettyfer as Jace. Random…but his look is more what I imagined from the description and I pictured clary with more flame red then dark red almost brown burgundy. And Isabelle should have been taller and clary a foot shorter then Jace or at least shorter

    • mortal freak says:

      i loved the movie and the books and as long as the old cast *JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER* i will love it more and more each episode!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lauren says:

        I love Jamie and I want the cast from the movie in the show. I have a feeling I’m not gonna enjoy th TV series if the original cast isn’t in the show.

      • Jackie says:

        I agree. I feel as though changing the actors for the tv series will be too much change after getting so attached to picturing the characters and seeing their faces

      • Jasmine says:

        If the original cast isn’t in the TV series I don’t believe the show will be a hit. Us fans have fallen in love with the books and the actors/actresses casted for the movie. They were the perfect fit and had an incredible amount of chemistry you always dream of seeing on and off the screen. It would be a shame if the original cast was booted off, they put their heart and souls into their characters and I don’t see it fit to do a recasting. I will be extremely heartbroken if Jamie, Lily, and the rest of the cast were not present for the tv series. I honestly rather have the movies continued. I think converting the story into a TV show will ruin it. I believe the actors/actresses and Cassandra herself should have a say in what takes place.

    • Neha says:

      Robert sheehan was perfect at being Simon i really hope they don't change that

    • liz timmons says:

      no disagree

    • Merp says:

      I agree that they should keep Simon the same, I personally hated everyone but him in the movie

      • Cori says:

        I have loved these books for some time now, ever since my friend had gotten me into them. It is my favorite series. When the movie came out, I was curious and nervous to see how they would portray the book, for movies have a tendency to do the book no justice what so ever. I was promptly disappointed. The cast, although their acting ability in general is good, they did not do their roles any justice. I do not thing the casting directors did a good job at all. However, I do think that the actors who portrayed Simon and Magnus did an excelent job. One thing I must say is, if someone watches the movie before they read the book,obviously they would be more prone to believe the cast was perfect for their roles for they already had a visual of how the characters looked and acted going into the books, so there would be very little that the words could do to change their perception of the character. Similarly, a person who read the books before watching the movie would go in with an open mind and be more susceptible to being told what a character looked like by the author. It happens to me, it happens to everybody.

        I also think that the characters did not even dress as they would in the books. In some cases, the whole perception of the character changed. Take Valentine for example. In the books he is proper, well dressed, well mannered, strict, graceful yet fierce, and dignified. He just is a tad crazy and believes in all of the wrong things. In the movie, he is unruly, unkept, and almost barbaric in his appearance and actions. For this series, there should be a certain importance put on type casting, as well as skill.

        In addition to better casting than the movie, the TV series also needs to follow the plot line of the book better. The movie had left out key scenes, changed things innumerably, and all around done all but scrap the vision Cassandra Clare had put on paper for readers of all kinds and ages to enjoy. There were even scenes that were completely added, without any reference to them in the original books what so ever.

        Personally, I did not like the movie at all. As a stand alone movie, it was good. As a book-to-movie adaption, however, it was anything but. Yes, some say that one should not compare the movie to the book, but I, for one, believe that that is disrespectful to the author, for the book is their vision, their ideas, their world come to life, and any poor representation of that world is disrespectful because it is essentially saying that their vision was not good enough, so you must change it to make it better. Ask yourself, would you like someone to drastically alter your dream because they did not think it was good enough as is? Probably not.

        All in all I am very much looking forward to the TV show to premiere, and will continue to keep checking to see if a date for said premiere has been released yet. I do, however, deeply wish that they make quite necessary alterations to the film in order to stay more true to Cassandra Clare’s books. Simon and Magnus are the only two characters whose actors should remain how they are, and the plot line does need to be more close to the book. I understand that it cannot be perfectly as the words describe, but the story deserves to be portrayed as truely as possible, and certainly more true than the movie portrayed.

        Overall, those changes I believe are necessary to make to create an amazing television series.

        I am looking forward to the TMI show and cannot wait to find out the release date so that I may begin a countdown to the premiere :). I have confidence that it will be better than the movie, and especially better with the changes that I have suggested.

        I hope the crew working on the show will be smart in their decisions, and good luck :)

      • Aubrey Macalino says:

        I like all of the characters. Also keep enhancing your skills to make the upcoming episodes more magical, if you may.PLEASE, sustain their roles like in the movie. Or else there’s no point watching its upcoming scenes on TV. :'(

      • keanugirl says:

        I agree with you..I think if your going to do a movie about the book series they have to follow what’s in the book and not make things up as you go along! I didn’t mind the actors what I did mind is that the movie went way off topic with how the book was written!I hope Hollywood directors read this forum and take notes from the fans. These books were a hit for a reason! I’ve read the Divergent series and seen the movies and at least those movies followed the books almost to a tee!

        If they do make a T.V series let’s hope they follow the books!

    • Theodora says:

      Agreed. I loved Robert as Simon and Jemima (?) as Izzy because they both got the same vibe I was feeling when I was reading the books. They're the only ones I liked. And maybe Magnus.. This series being made into a TV show is very exciting, but I really hope they don't screw it up.

    • Eva says:

      I love lily as clary

    • bookworm says:

      Firstly to any that watch the movie before reading the original book it is based on; bad form. I think it ruins the appreciation of the hard work the author puts out in creating this other world for us to enjoy. I am looking forward to a hopeful true to text representation in the TV series. But like many I feel that the majority of the cast were not a good fit for portraying the beloved characters. I think the actor who played Simon and the actor who played Magnus are the only ones that were perfect representations. Nothing against Jamie, but in no way does he portray the Jace as the book described him. I fear if they cast main characters as poorly as they did in the film they will lose a lot of the books’ following. I shudder to think that they cast Sebastien as poorly as they did Jace. I have high hopes….:)))

      • Shariicarstairs says:

        I watched the movie first and appreciated the book just as much as i would have if i read it before. I didnt take liking to the movie after reading because of how they didnt follow the plot at all. But i do agree if they cast Sebastian as someone not at all like the book i will be outraged i go with everyone on tumblr who says Even Peters eventhough its very doubtfull seeing that he is in every season of American Horror Story.

      • annabelferguson says:

        I totally agree that is exactly my thoughts. Godfrey Gao and Robert Sheehan were perfet as Magnus and Simon. They fit the roles perfectly. No hate to the other actors but they didn't portray the characters well enough. And Jemima was a little to cold to be Isabel. Issy is bubbly yet stern and she didn't come across that way. Sorry Jemima. Like your thinking!

      • GinGin says:

        I had never heard of the books until I had watched the movie after watching the movie I started reading the books and very quickly became addicted. my two fav things about the movie is how close the actors are to how the author depicted them and the fact that the movie didn't obsessed over keeping the story line as accurate as they can this made the movie just as good as the books in my eyes because they kept the core and the amazing parts of the book but didn't ruin the book by giving the ending away and missing out on so many important moments. the only cast member whom I didn't think was accurate was Mr Jonathon Reese Myers utterly disappointing seeing how I found him better in the movie then the book.

      • Amber says:

        That’s not fair to say! When I first watched TMI, I didn’t even know the book series existed. I hate when book snobs chastise people.

    • annabelferguson says:

      I think you are completely right and TMI should've been made into a TV series form the start. I think they also should get a new cast but (like you) keep Robert Sheerhan as Simon. You are one wise person!

    • Miranda says:

      I am a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments, I mean i seriously finished all 6 books in a time span of 2 weeks and 2 days. When i saw the movie I'll be honest i was disappointed because all the events were out of order, they cut out to many parts, and rewrote the ones they did use, not only that the characters didnt look how they were described in the book besides Magnus, no affence to the actors-I still like you guys, but to know theyre going to make it into a tv show really in my opinion is much better, hopefully they'll get all the time they need to make it perfect. IF I hadnt read the book series, which im really glad i did thanks to a friend, i would say that was my all time favorite movie, unfortunately i cannot, but overall cant wait to see the show. When is it supposed to start???

    • gina says:

      I don't agree I believe that the cast was perfect, but I was the way that they had tried to get details correct. They all had great chemistry and Jamie Campbell bower was perfect for the role

    • Beth says:

      Please keep Jace and Clary I like the actor and the actress who plays them. I loved the movie I was upset they did not do a second movie.

    • Unknown says:

      No they should keep it they way it is and change no actors maybe as a tv show would've been good but still I think the movie is amazing

      • Carolyn says:

        I think the actors who played Jace An Clarey were great. They all were an I dont think I would like the tv show without them. I agree I wouldn't change any of them. Jace was spot everything I pictured him as when I read the books

    • laura says:

      Umm..I didn't see where they got any details right…the movie barely had any of the book details at all

      • allison says:

        Jace will always be Alex Pettyfer to me as he is all I pictured all the way through the books.

      • musicgurl013 says:

        OH MY GODS IKR!! I am one of those readers who wants the movie to be just like the book. I’d rather a 6 hour movie that got at least most of the details correct rather than an hour to two hour movie that barely has anything right. when I told my mom clary’s hair was red after we watched the movie (she didn’t read the books, I did) she didn’t believe me. AND DIDN’T VALENTINE HAVE WHITE HAIR? This honestly brings me back to the Percy Jackson movies with Annabeth being a brunnette instead of blonde. People always tell me that it’s a small thing BUT IF IT IS SUCH A SMALL THING CAN’T THEY GET IT RIGHT? At least these movies did not ruin ages, like the percy Jackson movies.

        The movies sucked so bad. They messed up parts, added in parts, took parts out. If I went on to rant about that, we’d be here all day long. RAPHAEL WASN’T EVEN IN IT! This fact reminds me of the divergent movies and the absence of Uriah.

        After hodge helped Valentine get the cup, he left. There was no helping valentine after that. Literally throughout that whole movie I was asking myself ‘wtf?’.

        It wasted hours of my life on that horrible movie, hours that I’ll never get back. I’m really excited for the TV series, hopefully it will be like PLL and I will enjoy it.

        I didn’t really care for the cast, except Simon, magnus, and Jocelyn, they were pretty good.

    • vinny says:

      casting should remain the same……….

    • Brandi says:

      I agree with you 110%

    • Jesse says:

      I personally agree with everyone who says the cast (aside from Simon and Magnus) is correct however I think that it will ruin the tv series if it starts in book two with a different cast and have to jump from one set of mood from one cast and a story with missing details to one with a lot of detail and “perfect” casting. And even if they did get better casting every actor and actress has flaws that the fans won’t like. They will always be too perky or not vibrant enough. And maybe if they got the old cast, they would be more into their roles and portray the characters better. Good luck and good night ;)

    • Nancy says:

      Only one that was perfect for the role was Godfrey Gao who played Magnus. Although Simon was OK, but character was not written like in books so he did the best he could with script he was given. Others were too old to play 16-18 yr. olds and looked it. And that was 2 yrs. ago. Also, where was Clary's bright red hair shown on 4 of the 6 book covers and mentioned throughout all the books. And if they grew up in New York, why did they have British accents? Please recast!

    • becca says:

      i think they need to get someone else to play jace especially.. the rest of the cast was okay but i feel like most of them were too old to play 15-18 year olds anyway.

    • tehlmann says:

      I totally agree I love the book but wasn’t crazy about the cash they had affected how much I like the movie but can’t wait to see the series!

    • Mia says:

      AND IN THE TV SERIES THERE BETTER BE A RAPHAEL SANTIAGO!! And he needs to have brown skin and be hot lol. And definitely a new cast thats younger, I dont mind if magnus, simon and jocelyn stay though

    • Lala says:

      Oh stop complaining it was perfect the way it was

    • mhr says:

      I agree he did great in the film and would bring so much to the series though I think they should recast just about everyone else they would be smart to. and maybe they should try to get actors that are good and have a positive reaction the the series!!!!!!!! unlike the characters in the movie such as jace

    • Kristen says:

      I agree with you especially about Robert.
      But unfortunately, I read that probably will be a Tv series where there will be a lot of changes. For example, the actors will not be Shadowhunters but they will work for the government or that they will be older than in the saga. Moreover, in the Tv series will be included spicy scenes. I don't absolutely like those ideas.

    • Ann says:

      Yes,it’s best to keep Simon I honestly think he fit the character perfecty also they should keep Alec, Isabelle n maybe even clary Fray I think without these same characters in that r playing this role in the TV show. It’s probably most likely the TV show will be a flop.

    • Belen says:

      all Clarie/Lilly needs to do it make her hair more red and that’s all I have to say personally I think all the cast did a great job and all they need is a little fix here and there .

    • khwla akbar says:

      i don;t found city of ashes film if anyone know please tell me i am very thankful to him/her

  2. stella smith says:

    I'm disappointed the books won't be made into movies. I hope the original cast returns.

    • Kyndall says:

      The original cast didn't fit the characters of the books. For example Jace and Valentine

      • Karen says:

        The original cast did fit the book in some ways. Not every movie based on the book, has cast that fit the character. I say they should keep the cast that played Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle

      • Ariel says:

        Isabell need to be more girly. The one who played her was so serious. Izzy is all girly and serious when it's needed. Maybe a new izzy? Or she must be more girly. But the other's where perfect <3

      • Eve says:

        I totally agree! I'm so looking forward to the TV Series because there is just so much information that a regular movie will never satisfy. I do hope that writers stay closer to book script,

    • KCPIPKIN says:

      NO! They should get a totally new cast. I don't think they did the characters any justice with that cast. I'm not saying the actors are bad but they just didn't compare to what the book said they should be like.

      • Mia says:

        I AGREE!! Please a new cast! Magnus and Simon were good but the rest NO!! Clary and Isabelle were like the same height! I think Clary needs brighter hair and the whole class needs to be younger I think, they are in their mid 20s-early 30s the actors and actresses should probably be about late teens to early 20s I mean I was so disspointed by the Alec because Alec is my favourite character and he was too old and I imagined him with messier and darker hair and bluer eyes!! Anyways yeah I think a nee cast

    • readgeek3 says:

      I hope Lily Collins returns as Clary or else I might not even watch the show.

    • Samantha says:

      I don't think I'd be able to watch if they do not use the same cast. They already introduced us to the actors, it would be wrong for them to change them.

      • Mia says:

        When I think of the characters in the book I don’t picture the actors, they are great actors but they just arent right for the part! I WAS SO DISSAPOINTED! They are great actors but they are really wrong for the part, please change them! Especially the Alec!

    • Maddi Miller says:

      i really want Magnus, Clary, Izzy, and Alec's actors to stay. I want Jamie to stay too, just not as much. I think Jamie made Jace too nice

      • tehlmann says:

        sadly I think all the fans feel this way and that’s why the turnout was not the way they expected.

    • Teresa Cunningham says:

      I loved the books.That being said, If I had not read the books first I probably would have enjoyed the movie better. i liked the movie, however it was disappointing. It did follow the book. However, I would like to see the rest of the movies. But please follow the books, you may have a better turn out on the rest of the movies. thanks

    • Chidinma says:

      The original casts weren't true to the book, save for Simon, Magnus, and Jocelyn.

    • Eve says:

      Well the original cast was good except for Valentine and Jace, I didn't like Jaime Bowers as Jace Wayland.

    • sadie hanusowski says:

      The people making the TV series is casting Katherine McNamara as Clary I'm not sure about the rest.

    • Shayla says:

      Nope, they completely changed the cast. I loved the original cast. Everyone but the person who played Valentine, anyway. None of the new cast looks, or even photographs like the original cast did. They even replaced Kevin Zegers as Alec! They made the cast multicultural, which, although I have never had a problem with an ethnic cast, it completely derails the show in my opinion. I have no idea what the show will be like, but I cannot imagine Lucian Greymark/Luke Castellan as an African American. However, I do look forward to seeing Maxim Roy and Alberto Rosende as Joycelyn Fray/Joycelyn Morgenstern, and Simon Lewis.

  3. stella smith says:

    I'm disappointed that the books will not be made into films and I'm way beyond a YA. The movie inspired me to read the entire collection of books. I thought the casting was great. However, I do think they should have had a better marketing strategy and an older demographic.

    • Anna says:

      Yes, yes, yes!
      Great film with great cast not for YA who expected a next Twilight
      Me and my friends are around 30ties

    • katz says:

      I fully agree. I also saw the movie and was inspired to see if there was a book series. Jace, Simon, Magnus, Clary, Jocelyn, Lucas and Hodge were the perfect actors for the roles. They fit the book characters. If they make a series, they should be first choice. I hope they do the series closer to the storyline.

    • Susan says:

      This is the same that happened with me. I never read the first book just the rest of the series, however it seemed from the rest of the series that in the movie the got some details wrong. I do like the original casting, (except Isabelle, I don't like who they cast for her). But I have fallen in love with Cassandra Clare and am reading the clockwork series now, I hope they do something with this one too

      • Angel says:

        I am glad that they will continue the story in a TV series but I would have loved to see it continue as a movie more. I saw the Mortal Instruments movie one day and loved it! I am also way beyond the YA reader category, but it made me want to go read the entire series. I think that if it were to be marketed just a little different, it would be able to be a successful movie series.

      • GinGin15 says:

        no they didn't keep the movie exactly the same as the books this was a good thing though I fully recommend going back and reading the 1st book tbh I think that the best thing would be to continue the movies in the way the were headed and to make a tv series that stays true to the book how awesome would that be?

    • Comfort says:

      I think the movie was good, i mean it wasn't bad i just feel like it was a little bit rushed. Either way i will totally watch it when it comes out into a TV series. Everybody keeps saying they should change some certain actors, but i think they should keep all the actors. Because I've watched the movie so many times that it would be just weird to watch the TV series with different actors. I agree with you Stella Smith i didn't even know there was a book series until i watched the movie. As soon as i watched the movie i started to Google and i realized there way books for it. I begged my mom to buy me the whole series.

    • Nancy says:

      I hope they make the next movie I really like it so please keep the movies an option! I read the books I even like it better in away then twilight

    • theresa says:

      I do have to agree I had not even heard about the movie or books until I saw it on HBO. I watched the movie on HBO and then went out and purchased all of the books. I truly enjoyed the movie and loved the books.

  4. fan says:

    Honestly as a fan of the books I thought the movie was TERRIBLE! it didn't even relate to the book at all! it was so disappointing. A tv series will hopefully be better and I think they should just start completely from scratch cast and everything

    • shadowhunter says:

      they really should the movie ruined the series and the cast didn't fit the characters

    • Theodora says:

      Agreed. Maybe exept for Robert Sheehan as Simon. He was cool.

    • Kaelyn says:

      Thank you! Everybody is like, "The movies were fantastic!" But no. Think again, the acting was HORRIBLE (*cough cough* Lily Collins) and just none of the actors they chose were right for the part. PLUS they didn't follow the book very well at all, which just made it an insult to die hard fans of the book, such as myself.

      • Mandy says:

        I think you all are probably the smartest people online! I have no idea how anyone who read the books thinks this movie did it justice! I also agree the only actor who fit the bill was Robert Sheehan. He had Simon's personality for sure. The movie was so bad I was embarrassed for the people who made it, and clearly they know they sucked since they aren't making any more movies!

      • Caitlyn says:

        I think that the movie was really good and I've read every book, so what it wasn't exactly like the book? There isn't no rule stating that is had to be, I think it was just as good as itself, but we all have our own opinions.

      • Paige says:

        True there is no rule saying that the book has to be like to movie but I'd the movie bears the same name as the book then it should be a littler bit similar which it was not

        Don't you think

      • Maddi says:

        i really liked Magnus too though, he was exactly how i pictured him

      • nina says:

        But His acting was really bad.

      • GinGin15 says:

        The fact that they didn't follow the books to the letter is a good thing. how many movies of your fav books have you read that the movies just ruined it. both the movie and the book of TMI are my new favs for different reasons because of this.

      • Kirsty says:

        I thought exactly the same. Have nearly finished the book series, and was utterly dissapointed by the movie which I have only just seen. They changed it too much. Everything was wrong. I didn't think most of the actors suited the roles. I don't think clary and jace had enough chemistry. Also too many details were missed. My oh, was left feeling like he'd missed something. I really hope the series do the books a better justice than the film. I think the fact that the film was a 'flop' speaks volumes.

    • Catherine Brown says:

      I loved the books and the movie! I really liked who they picked to play Jace Wayland and Clary Fray :) I reallllllllllly hope they keep the same actresses for the TV shows. :D

    • Becca says:

      I completely agree! They didn't stick to the story at all. they focused to much on tiny parts like certain lines from the book and didn't even take time to make sure the plot was correctly done. the only thing they did right in my opinion is the casting of Simon and possibly Magnus.

  5. Brin says:

    I’m really excited that they’re starting over, to be quite honest. I wasn’t a fan of what they did to the movie and everything seemed so rushed and the acting almost seemed completely forced. I just was not a fan of it. I’ve been obsessed with the series, however, since I started reading the first book ( I started with the prologue first ) and having the series as a TV show gives me the hope they can bring in elements of the prologue. In my opinion – Tessa’s story was so much more satisfying than Clary’s.

    I definitely want them to start from scratch. Both Clary and Jace were HORRIBLY different than what I expected. It was the number one thing I couldn’t get passed. I’m okay with Sheehan staying, but I DEFINITELY want Jemima West to stay as Isabelle because she was freaking glorious. I’d like Magnus and Alec to also stay, but I’m accepting of new faces.

    I’m back to being excited!

    • katz says:

      So needed a different actress for Isabelle. She did not fit the description from the book. She needed to be taller and stronger looking.

      • pit154 says:

        You all are mostly right I read the books first and for instants valentine was supposed to be a beast huge and jace was supposed to resemble that in a younger Isabelle was supposed to be mouth watering hot the witch was supposed escape through a portal in her shop that left that outta the story completely how depressing was this movie for real I’m not even that die hard of fan and got me down I just read alot …lol

    • Theodora says:

      AGREED. I want Robert and Jemima to stay as Simon and Izzy. I loved them in the movie, but they're the only ones I liked…

    • jeanna says:

      Jamie played it perfectly! I couldn't imagine anyone else.

    • Katherine says:

      Everything you said except for the part about Tessa. Her whole story I feel like I'm just reading about her swooning over two boys. Clary is less annoying and her story has really good enemies (Valentine and Sebastian).

    • chichi says:

      I think Jace was perfect to be honest as well as the movie. Everyone just needs to put aside that the book and the movie can't be exactly the same. The only thing I believe was done stupidly was why couldn't they just have kid actors, it's not like there aren't 15 and 16 year olds that ca act

    • Tina says:

      I totally loved the books, read the series of 6 in 7 days…I liked the movie, but it lacked alot of the substance of the book to say the least, and left us hanging…A series would be good, or movies…however they decide to do it, lets hope they tell the story correctly!!! As far as the actors..when I saw the last credits of the twilight series and Jamie Campbell Bower, I knew he'd be the star in a story like this, I really like Lily Collins as Clary, and Robert Sheehan as Simon,

  6. Amber says:

    I love the idea of turning the book series into a tv show. PLLLLEEEAAASSSEE keep Robert Sheehan as Simon.

  7. Christine says:

    I feel like as a T.V. series they will actually be able to get those important details and moments that make the books so amazing whereas I think especially with the City of Bones film they missed out on key parts not to mention the casting was off especially for Valentine and Jace, their characteristics and features were wrong. Ultimately the film was okay but it would be a lot better as a T.V series.

    Can't wait for it to come out!!!1

  8. AN says:

    The movie was terrible! Casting wasnt very good though. The only people that were actually like the characters in the book was Isabelle, Magnus, Alec and SIMON! Please keep these people! Especially Robert, he played exactly like Simon.

    I think the movie missed so many key points from the book and i think they should definitely do a tv series but starting from scratch re-doing City Of Bones!

    • Kayla says:

      The problem with keeping old cast members and recasting others would be that since they'd be starting from the beginning all over again, they would have to cast older. They're all supposed to be in high school (in the book anyway) and it's already been over a year since the movie came out. There's only so much makeup can hide.

      • maddi says:

        i think if Jamie(plays Jace) bulked up a little bit, MAYBE i would like him? I felt as if Jace should've been stronger and taller though

    • Alex says:

      For example, simon didn’t even turn into a rat! He was simple hung up with his chest on display to catch female attention

  9. regina says:

    Keep jace the the same actor please!!!!

    • america says:

      YES plz keep jace i mean come on he wasnt that bad … in my opinion all the actors did well playing especially Robert.

    • littlefoot says:

      Omg, yes please!

    • Ashley Butler says:

      I was actually hoping that Alex Pettyfer would star as Jace considering he has more of the manly yet boyish qualities of Jace that I had imagined before the book became a movie

      • Emma says:

        I think that Jamie was a good Jace. I just don't see Alex as Jace; maybe because of the accent which is how I heard Jace in my head, or maybe I just can't see him fighting the way that Jamie did.

  10. Cyanna says:

    I kind of liked Clary and Jace as the actors that played them, they weren’t that bad though the movie didn’t include enough of the book to really get to know clary and jace. Robert Sheehan as Simon however, I thought was absolutely brilliant he is totally perfect for the role and I’d be quite disappointed to see him go. There just wasnt enough hype and marketing. Face it, twilight had terrible actors but they promoted it well and it was huge, why couldn’t the mortal instruments take off? The story line was at least more in depth than most of the shit teens like.

  11. Otilia says:

    I loved the cast ESPECIALLY Jamie Campbell bower. In my mind he play Jace Wayland great. I wished they would have gone 2 still making it into movies but whatever they do im still gonna watch it. Even though City of Bones wasnt on point with the book & could have done better doesnt mean it was all bad. Hope ALL the cast memebers come back for the Tv series cause honestly :)

  12. Sam says:

    They should defiantly start from scratch, the movie was okay, but it did miss out a lot of important elements which is what made the books so gr8, the movie also felt very rushed. The actors of clary and jace should be changed, they arnt how I imagined them either. Can't wait for tv series hope they don't miss this opportunity for a gr8 show.

  13. Chase says:

    I hope that Isabelle stays and that alec stays i thought that they were cast well

    • Clary says:


  14. Rebecca says:

    I am absolutely OBSESSED with the books they are all perfect and I literally read them all in 2 months! I watched the movie and it missed out soooo many important scenes and it all seemed really rushed so I think it will definitely be a lot better as a TV series. However I do think that they should completely start over and actually make the TV series exactly like the book and KEEP THE CAST! (apart from valentine) but yeah superrr excited for the series can't wait to watch it!

  15. Shannon says:

    Jamie as Jace

    Lily as Clary

    Robert as Simon

    Godfrey as Magnus

    Jemima as Izzy

    Kevin as Alec

    Lena as Jocelyn

    But make the TV show quickly please!

  16. Maria says:

    Hope they include the infernal devices in the series

    • Sam says:

      I liked the infernal devices more than I did the mortal instruments.

      • Sasha says:

        I agree. I appreciated Infernal Devices more than TMI.
        But still, hope the originals characters(if they will pursue TMI as a tv series with the orig characters) improved they're acting.
        The only people that were actually like the characters in the book was Magnus, Alec and SIMON! I like Jamie Campbell, but hey, they should have casted someone who is much bigger or broady or muscular…and Lily Collins, I have nothing against her but she need to act more natural. Well, that's my opinion. Sorry about that. Im not a hater. Just stating my opinion.

    • ANONIMO says:

      No es "Los dispositivos infernales", es " Los Artefactos Infernales"

    • Christy says:

      I hope they do it seperately. She has more series coming out, that go into more detail. There is more on Simon becoming a Shadow hunter and on Will and Tessa's children…man I can't wait to read it all!! I haven't gotten to the Bane Chronicles yet, because I had to READ the last 2 TMI books because I did them as audio books because there was 20 some people who had holds on the actual books and it's not the same listening as reading…I managed to read the whole Infernal series before I got the last TMI book lol.

      • Morgan says:

        Hold the phone………..did you just say that she is coming out with a new book about Simon becoming a shadow hunter!!!!!!!

  17. Katie says:

    Right I didnt read the books before the film so I thougt the film with great and now I’ve read the books I think all the characters played them perfectly and that’s my opinion. I think jamie is hot playing jace and lily is really pretty WHAT coz she don’t have freckles like the books says. If they change the cast then I don’t think I will watch it and what really bugs me is that the public blame the actors for the film but it was the director why changes it and made the film so

    • katz says:

      They didn't have big enough parts in the movie to identify with them. Isabelle could be replaced and no many would notice

    • cburton says:

      So agree with u they ( the actors,actresses) were playing and reading their roles so why are they to blame think its funny people saying lily Collins wasn,t right red head and Jamie Campbell bower not the right built I am so disappointed they are not making it into a second movie as I know the characters will be changed so I most likely not watch the TV series

  18. Nikky says:

    I did not think the movie was very good. Certain details were left out and the cast could have been a lot better. I think they should definitely keep the guy who played Simon and maybe Magnus (but I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t) an recast the rest. Izzy’s character, I felt looked too old(but maybe that’s just me), jace needs to b more muscular and I feel like jace a clary were just talking to fast throughout the movie and didn’t do such a great job w/ the acting. And some of the lines were just way to cheesy or maybe it was how they said them but it just wasnt rt.

    • Heather says:

      If ever movie that was made out of the fittings of a book were exactly the same we might actually be bored. I know for a fact no one ever would have watched the Twilight series. I ready all the books and then watched the movies, but I had to isolate them as separate entities, because MANY of the characters were not depicted correctly as they should. I have not had the privilege to read the books, but I will make sure to rectify that. This movie was actually pretty great. I am disappointed I hadn't heard of it nor the books, but now that I have, I hope they do make it a series AND that the cast from the movie are in the show, if not, I am not sure I will watch it.

  19. Sapphire Tsunami says:

    I was so excited when this was announced! Turning the series into a television show is so much better than continuing with the movies! Personally, I'm hoping for a complete recast. Only a few of the actors portrayed their characters well and looked like them. The movie left out so many details. With a television show, they can include so many details and scenes and plot points from the book! And they can probably actually have Raphael appear in the City of Bones episodes, he's a great character. I also absolutely can't wait to see Alicante, all of the Lightwoods, Malec, Sizzy, the boat scenes in City of Ashes, Jem Carstairs/ Brother Zachariah, epic battles, the funny scenes, Simon becoming a vampire, Clary and Jace using their powers, the faery realm, the dream scenes in Edom, the battle with Lilith, the Silent City and the Adamant Citadel, the vampire clan, Magnus Bane, all of the other characters, the battle in City of Glass, the Blackthorn kids, angels being summoned, portals, more downworlders, Pandemonium, and the list goes on and on and on. I'm so excited!!! But please, new tv adaptation, promise me that you'll stick to the books. I understand that some changes are necessary, but fans like it when you follow the books as closely as possible. You might mess up the plot line if you don't. Please get the characters personalities correct, and show the way their characters develop throughout the series. Reading City of a Heavenly Fire, then looking back on City of Bones, the characters are almost unrecognizable from their past selves. Don't be like the Percy Jackson movies, or the Vampire Diaries. Pretty please advertise correctly, and cast talented actors who look like their characters. Show all the awesome magical aspects of this fantasy world. Use common sense and don't let the fan base down. :)
    If this is successful, I'm also hoping that this means fandom merchandise. I love fandom merch. This is a great opportunity for the fan base to expand as well, and that means more fan art, cosplays, youtube tributes, etc. I CAN'T WAIT AT ALL. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING THE SERIES ANOTHER CHANCE ON SCREEN. :D

    • YES! says:

      what do you mean `talented actors` they were all good clearly your unclear about talent, fair enough people have view points but the film was great as well as the books being amazing in my opinion but any issues you have with the film are to the producers and directors not the cast so I think rephrasing is needed love!

      • bookworm says:

        I believe Sapphire’s phrasing is 100 percent on. Directors and producers had little to work with…terrible acting. The key relationships are not well developed and terribly acted. Re read the books a few times then consider your comments. These are not one dimensional Twilight characters. These are characters with layers and that grow substantially from the first novel to the last.

      • Sapphire Tsunami says:

        I never said that the actors in the film weren't talented, I only stated that talented actors should be cast for the television show. I know that I have issues with the producers, directors, and writers. That's why I mentioned that the movie left out so many details from the book, and characters should keep to their personalities from the original series, etc. I, personally, didn't think that the film was all that great (though I love the book), and I wrote that while I did like a few of the actors, most of them didn't seem like a good fit for their characters in my opinion. I don't believe that I need to rephrase, but thank you for replying :)

    • Sapphire Tsunami says:

      *City of Heavenly Fire

    • Junesong says:

      You do realise you basically spoiled like, 3/4 of the series? Next time, saying "I am so excited to see the books come to life!" will be quite enough, thank you.

  20. sammy says:

    The film was horribllily different quite disappointing but lily shouldnt play clary she was horrible. I think jace should stay the same but bulk up a bit. Hope he stays the same.

  21. Ingrid says:

    I hope they keep all cast the same. Those who were fans of the movie you get used to seeing those characters, if they switch them I think the magic is lost of the movie. You pretty much have to reset your brain as if you have never seen the movie. I liked Jace and Clary as the main characters. I liked all of them! I just hope the same cast comes back, I loved Magnus make up and his sense of humor. I love this series and cross my fingers the tv series will be just as good

    • sara says:

      I agree 100% It wont be the same without the original cast

    • Phoebe says:

      I couldn't put it any better. I really liked the cast, I admit I did image Jace differently when reading the book but I thought Jamie did the role justice. I really hope they keep the same cast or it just won't feel the same after watching the movie.

  22. Nat says:

    I absolutely loved the cast. Sheehan was the perfect Simon and JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER was the perfect JACE HERONDALE. The movie wasnt all so great but totes watevs i wanna see the tv series…

  23. bella says:

    I love Lilly Collins as Clary I thought she did a great job and she looks so much like the Clary I imagine. same with Robert sheehan he was perfect playing Simon and looks the role. I like Jamie Campbell as an actor but I dont see him being Jace but I thought he played him well

    I actually hope Lilly Collins will be Clary in the episodes she played her so well. I also can’t wait until the first episode comes out but until then I must just dream lol.

  24. Lisa says:

    I thought the movie was great! I loved it so much I decided to read the books and honestly that's saying a lot as I'm not a reader by nature! The books blew me away I love them I've read them all a number of times! Once I had read the books I wondered why the move was so different in the storyline? I found the cast to be great! I liked all of the actors as they are and hope they don't change for the up coming series!

    • Hailey says:

      Except for the fact the Jace looks like he's been hit by a bus and Valentine looks more possessed than intimidating. I've heard other people say this so not just my opinion. Sorry to comment on your post, just felt like it.

    • Jeanna says:

      I agree 100%. I used to hate reading until I watched the movie, the mortal instrument. That is when I became obsessed with the books and the characters that played in the rolls. It is literally like my own family is being replaced and it sucks that they aren't gonna be in the tv series. It is what made me love books.

    • amber says:

      omg i agree with you girl i love them all together they're mazing together

  25. mia says:

    The movie didn’t follow the book at all and they should make a tv series about that would be so much better in my happen.

  26. book junkie says:

    I'm super duper exited to see this come out as a series! I watched the movie for the first time a few months ago (I know, I know, way late yeah?) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting seemed a little forced but I think that that could be remedied with some more training for the actors/actresses. As for the casting…I really like Bower cast as Jace…he's just so dark and mysterious in the movie which I think is awesome. I would definitely advise that they keep Sheehan as Simon. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! he is perfect for that role!!! the Magnus character was also very well cast, the humor was on point to how I envisioned it in the books. Now it seems like a lot of people are saying to restart the whole project for the TV series and create the cast from scratch, but I always like to think that having the characters in a movie or TV series differ from what they are in the book, is a good thing. THEY SHOULD NOT BE EXACTLY THE SAME! now I will go as far to say that, yes the books were way better than the movie was but isn't that the case with all books? You rarely find a movie that lives up to the well love expectations of the book. The only movie that I have thought even came close to being as good as its book counterpart was John Green's "The Fault In Our Stars". On a side note, I would like for Collins to be kept as the Clary character…I say that once you make a movie, you just don't mess with the casting on the main characters (also because I totally thought that Clary was perfect the way that Collins portrayed her. Shy, quiet, but powerful and brave all at the same.) It will just aggravate the majority of the audience since we will then be constantly comparing the actors/actresses to one another which takes away from the enjoyment of the stories. You also become so used to seeing those faces as their certain characters that you have to actually reset your brain and wipe the movie from your memory, like you had never seen it before.
    All of this to say, I'm on the edge of my seat for this series!

    • Jason says:

      I wish I could wipe that movie from my memories. They did a horrible job depicting everything except Magnus and Simon. Clary blew up the demon rather than shoving Jace’s “Demon Detector” thing in its skull. Worst movie ever.

  27. blaklily531 says:

    I’ve read both the books and the seen the movie and I absolutely love all the characters and felt they fit their roles just perfectly. I don’t however think that the role of valentine was played by the best actor, he looked nothing like the book although he was as dark as valentine I feel his face just didn’t fit the role to me. I had just given up hope of having anything to watch on tv now that cancelled close to every show that I watch. Yay hope is restored!!!! Bring on The Mortal Instruments Series!!!!

  28. raymond says:

    when is the show coming??

  29. lrvel says:

    Tbh I actuallyyyyyy lovvvvvved the casting in the first movie people shouldn’t listen to what others have comment just watch the movie twice or thrice. You’ll understand. Even though Jamie didn’t play have well cause have supposed to have more mucsles(?) I think Jamie played well same goes to lily playing Clary. I just don’t like how they change the plot of the storybook idea ): But well at least there’s a tv series. Oh yess *.*

  30. Ashley says:

    I really hope that they make it into a TV series.. they will be able to give SO much more detail then they could in the movie.. and while the movie wasnt the worst, they did change things that i wasnt happy with. And they gave things away that arent even supposed to be answered until City of Glass. now as for the actors they provided, i was ok with a lot of them.. actually the majority of them were great, and fit the characters pretty well. Jamie Bower as Jace though.. he didnt quite give off the personality without sounding like he was serious.. point being… I PRAY FOR A TV SERIES THAT WILL GIVE THE BOOKS THE POPULARITY THEY DESERVE! This is my all time FAVORITE book series!

  31. Gabrielle Bullinga says:

    I think this is just what The Mortal Instruments need. It will be much better as a TV series, as long as they keep to the books. The movie, although good, wasn't great. I do hope that some of the casting roles stay in place, like Robert Sheehan as Simon, but otherwise I think a total reboot will be what it takes to make this franchise a whole lot more successful.

  32. Bookworm says:

    I think that you should keep the original cas from the movie they were awesome!

  33. Jena irene says:

    I totally agree. The movie inspired me to read the whole series; it’s great and although I’m a little disappointed that the books won’t turn into movies, I think a TV series would be much better. It’s something I could totally get into watching besides PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. ..

    😉 lol

  34. Angelic Shadowhunter says:

    I think we all know the perfect actor for Jace is definetly Alex Pettyfer !

  35. Hailey says:

    I think they should cast Alex Pettyfer as Jace if they make it into a tv series. He'd be a perfect Jace. And they had better make Valentine look a hell of a lot scarier than the movie tried to.

  36. JO P. says:

    Honestly the movie flat out sucked even before the filming started people were talking about boycotting it. Because of there terible choice in casting. not only were the actors unatractive and don't get me wrong I'm no peach myself but that is the point people don't want to watch more unattractive people make out. not to mention the guy that played Alec is like 30 and you can tell. Most of the cast couldn't even act i was very aware that i was watching a movie and thats not what people like, they like to be drawn in and to the experience not spend an hour of there life watching people force themselves to cry. the only person that was even remotally believeble was that Jamie guy and he does not have the hotness factor that most teen girls are looking for when they go to see a movie. again don't get me wrong he is a great actor i just don't really think this was the roll for him. And as many others have pointed out the screen writhers messed up most of the plot line. I understand that they can't fit a whole book in to one move and that they want to use there own creativity on it. But the reason we fall in love with books is because of what we read in them. not because we twist it in our minds and turn it in to something completely different and that is what hollywood needs to figure out. We want the story we love not the recreation they make up. They can go ahead and add whet they want just stop taking away what we love most about our stories. like with twilight most people i talked to loved the books and hated the movies but they still watch because it was the closest interpretation they could get. however ask any twilight die hard and the would tell ou they would love to see the movies done right. My last point being if the book is to long but somehow there is enough room for hollywood to put there own twist on it. Heres a thought make it two. Hollywood would make more money separating each book in to two anyway so i say whats the harm as long as they get the story right I'm willing to wait.

  37. SARA says:


  38. sara says:

    Now I just need the infernal devices and im happy

  39. Nicy says:

    I'm a huge fan of the books and I though the movie was O.K. However, if they'll change the cast I dunno if I can watch it. It will bother me a LOT. I loved Lily and Jamie and everyone else, they all did a great job. The only one that I kinda hated was Valentine – he's supposed to be the exact opposite, charming and not barbaric – but I guess that wasn't Jonathan Rhys Meyers' fault. We all know he can be charming if he wants to. I really hope they'll keep the cast and won't pick those boring plastic far too perfect American actors/actresses coz that'll make me sick.

    • Suus says:

      Indeed, the cast must remain the same!! But i really felt that Valentine did not quite match with the book Valentine. So I agree with you about that ;)

  40. bookwhisper says:

    i agree that they should just have the first movie as a boost for the tv series and still have the same actors and everything to play the same characters! it would more sense and have more meaning everyone was great so defiently hope to see that.

  41. ash says:

    I am really excited about this. While casting is never perfect I loved the main actors. Lilly and Jamie had great chemistry.

  42. E says:

    No!! I hope they keep the original cast! Especially lily, jamie, and Kevin 😟

  43. k.l.b. says:

    I haven't read the books yet,but after I saw the movie it made me want to read the books.

    • Elko says:

      After watching the first movie I was interested how good the books really we’re seeing they are always better with so much more detail and storyline plots and such to get into I was able to read every book in about a weeks time then I continued to reading the Magnus bane chronicles…. With this becoming a series if it does well portraying the books story and characters they’re are so many directions and mini series spinoffs that could be continued with after with Magnus band alone and you have to admit he’s a riot when you think about one of the best characters portrayed and actor portrayals spot on… Jace and especially Valentine just did not seem to be what I envisioned. Simon again spot on but, as you into the books I don’t the relationship with Isabelle building the same way from the first movies acting. But, let’s hope in 2015 they really do it right… Thinking along the lines on the new series Constantine that was spin off of the movie with Keanu Reeves that’s kinda the style I’m going to be expecting… I’m most excited to see whom they get for Sebastian… Anyways I guess that’s enough of my two sense and thoughts on the matter! Basically we should all just be happy they are at least going to finish out the story on some sort of screen to entice our more visual aided readers without enough imagination or thought processing to create the movie in your own mind…. As far I feel though I love movies I myself have already seen the entire series beginning to end and is be even more upset if the movie didn’t do the books justice now…. Then we all would be having conversations about why they ruined the books for us that we all fell in love reading….

      Another 30 year old guy.

  44. Uneekeme says:

    I wouldn’t mind movies or a series’s but I do think a series would allow all the story to be told. I as some others in this thread am not a YA but in my late thirties an had never heard of the series until I saw the movie preview. And just like with twilight I watched the movie then started with the 2nd book. I was hooked! Maybe even obsessed! After reading both mortal instruments and infernal devices I decied to go back and read city of bones and that’s when I saw it. For a FA n of the book the movie was so different. The red hair on clary and her mother and the isabelle character did look older than the others and valentine was so small in comparison! After reading all the books and watching the movie a lot I kinda think all the characters fit except valentine! But I have to assume it may be hard to get Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower to do a tv series. However this shakes out I’m super excited since the post twilight era still lingers !

  45. Jordie says:

    I really hope Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower stay for the series!!!! It wouldn't be the same without them as Jace and Clary.

  46. Linda says:

    Rebooting TMI as a TV adaptation is the best move since there is so much detail that needs to be included so non-readers of the book series can understand and follow the legends and runes more easily. The story is extremely complex. Hopefully, Jace will be recast. No offense to Jaime Bower Campbell, but his physique was too skeletal looking and not more muscular and solid. Also, the actor who played Magnus seemed forced…it felt like the lines were memorized or read from cue cards. Lily Collins is the perfect Clary, along with Robert Sheehan as Simon and Jemima as Izzy.

  47. Jodi says:

    I feel that the people who watched the movie first, then read the books went in picturing the original cast as the characters however. However I honestly could barely make it though the movie because I was so upset that the cast was completely different then what I pictured. I pictured clary with ginger hair not a brown red hair. And jace definitely should have been taller and more built with a different hair style. Simon I loved that actor as him he did a great job. Isabelle looked way WAY to old and I absolutely hated Alec. I hope they start from scratch and gets actors that better suit the roles. But I’m still a big fan of this series and I am looking forward to seeing how the tv series turns out :)

  48. Die hard fan says:

    People who say they love the cast as it is who just started reading the books after they saw the movie, I feel, can have little say in who would be good cast members to play the characters in the movies because they have no previous idea of what the characters are actually supposed to be like. Jace is supposed to be more muscular and attractive and clary is supposed to have red hair not auburn colored hair. These two characters were probably the most disappointing part of the film because they did not, in any way, fit the characters description or personality. So if they do turn it into a tv series they should definitely re-cast!

    New mortal instrument lovers please don’t settle on actors who you have seen play the role and think they are good just because that is all that you originally know of the books and its characters :)

  49. Karen says:

    I LOVE THE CAST THAT PLAYED THE CHARACTERS, its not their fault for how the script was written. I hope that the cast doesn't change. If you have to change a cast member, can it be Valentine plz. I really thought the cast was great for the characters and I love how they are making the book into a TV series. I hope the the TV series is like the book and if it is, I'm going to watch all the episodes. I was kinda bummed that they weren't going to make anymore movies, but at least they are making it into a show. I bought all the books and have read them. Plz Plz PLz dont change the cast!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE TV SERIES, HOPE ITS GREAT AND FOLLOWS THE BOOK :)

  50. lauren says:

    I honestly think that they should start it over from the beginning because in order to get the information right it would be to hard from where they left off

  51. Noelia says:

    Honestly i love the whole series ans i have all the books .i have watched the movies alot and at first i didnt like the cast and i thought they didnt really did the characters justice but when i heard that they were going to make it into a tv series i am hopping that they keep the original cast because I already have an image of how the book and characters is and if there is going to be a whole new cast I personaly feel like they will take the originality of the picture or format that I and probably other people have in their mind .I think that they should keep the same cast and hopefuly they do because I think they did a great job!

    • Milla says:

      You said it! I definitely agree with you, it would be kind of confusing or so if they change the cast. You put my though into words wich I couldn’t do :D

  52. ricmar says:

    Lily was the character, and the rest of casting did the best job possible. Why hating on the cast?
    Honestly I thought as the first movie if you never read any of the books you still would enjoy learning about another world of monsters living among us. I loved the film, and was upset that a second movie is not going to be made. Why can't they do both? Star trek did tv shows and movies made a profit everytime so this silly idea of just a tv series really bugs me out! Get real MAKE BOTH………

  53. Kade001 says:

    in my view, thew were dead on in casting jace and simon,,,the rest has to be re-casted,,esp magnus, alec, and issabell.. who looked “north of the equator” like their characters…

    the tv is a good idea, which makes me think why did they do a movie in the first place…so that the numerous details and storylines which were taken out should be returned.


  54. Angel says:

    This right here brings me to tears of excitement!! I hope and pray that Lily and Jamie come back and finish the series where it began. Here's to 2015!!

  55. Chelsey says:

    I loved the movie ,didn’t find anything that wrong with it, it wasn’t BAD ,not like Twlights first movie even the second one wasn’t so great ,now to me that was a bad cast (Kristen with all her damn twitching ).So I don’t really like that they are just now deciding to make it a tv series ,you should have done it to begin with,or made the movie longer, I hope if they really are to at LEAST start from the beginning back to city of bones DOOVER

  56. Julie says:

    Jace must be hotter and clary is short people

  57. alexis says:

    I hope it is picked up by HBO, Showtime or Starz! That way it can be darker, less filtered, less of a teeny bopper show, and more of an adult show. You can show a dead body, and no commercials!
    Hopefully those who make these decisions read the fans comments, and see that we did not like how City of Bones was. Adults are the larger fan base, not teens, write for us! And stop deviating SO much from the book!

  58. Angela says:

    Jamie Campbell Bower was/is Jace! He is a good actor and had Jaces snarkiness down pat in his expressions. His gingerbread comment to Madame Dorthia was priceless. It’s not his fault the script was lacking and some of his best lines were cut. They also styled his hair funky. He looked like “Jace” when it was messy. I think he’s adorable in the piano scene and can act circles around Lillly Collins. I like everyone, even Lilly at times, but some of her lines are so off, like with Lucias in the truck. Valentine would have been fine if they had given him a nice white wig!

  59. Liz says:

    I loved the movie and I'm sad they aren't making another one, but it will be a good tv series because they can go deeper into the details in the books.

  60. Milla says:

    In my book, the cast was pretty much perfect. Of course there’s no such things as “perfect for everyone” but I really liked the cast. I fell in love with Jamie Campbell Bower wich made me wanna read the books and now I’m a huge fan. I really hope they would stick with this cast.

    • Milla says:

      And in addition, yes I did read the books after I saw the movie so I couldn’t picture them to be different. But I don’t know if it’s possible to have a cast which would perfectly be the same as everyone has thought them to be, if you know what I mean. Still I understand that not everyone, especially the ones who read the books first, liked the cast.

      Ps. I have to add that I loved Kevin Zegers as Alec

  61. Marie says:

    An attractive Jace and sticking closer to the books will be the key to making the TV show work. JCB is an ok actor, but not the gorgeous stud that makes girls swoon that is required to play this role.

  62. LQuinn says:

    I really do think that having a TV series would be great but I would still want the movies to be produced. The movies to me sound better than a TV series. If they do make a TV series it will only be as great at the movie if they have the same cast as the movie "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

  63. New York says:

    The movie is crap!. The movie does not do any justice to the books. I was hurt and crushed…. But!, I have to say that the only thing they got just right, were Simon and Magnus. Now, the rest of the cast Has to gooooooooo. So just a small advice to who ever is going to produce or contribute to this crappie movie…… Pleaseeeeeee READ THE BOOKS…. Oook!!!, and maybe and I mean maybe YOU ALL will get it just right the next time. ( tv or movie ) 😉.

  64. shanae says:

    I think they should get rid of Simon, the guy who played him wasn’t that well of an actor. on the other hand the people who played clary, jace, and valentine fit the rolls perfectly!!! they are spot on for what I imagined in the books!! keep them for the series!!

    • xhainekox says:

      Very excited for the tv show. I think it’s a better idea than another movie. More time dedicated so they won’t have to leave as much out.

      Baffles me though how fans think the casting was perfect. Acting wise I think most of them were good, Magnus was perfect, Lena as jocelyn captured her personality very well. Lived Aidan as Luke. Simon was pretty awkward but that’s the vibe I got from him as a character anyway so I think he played him well.

      Jace was a problem for me. He wasn’t what I expected him to be, he didn’t have the ‘golden glow’ sorta thing I expected.

      However my main issue was clary. Lily done a good job at the acting but the main thing that really got to me was the hair. One of the defining things of clary and jocelyn was the red hair. Did they have red hair in the movie? No. Jocelyn had dark brown and Clarys was a dark brown with a very faint/only noticeable when the light hit it red tint. I know it’s a small thing but it’s something that defined them as characters and to be honest that really disappointed the movie for me.

  65. xhainekox says:

    Am I the only one it bothers that in the film Clary and jocelyn did not have the trademark red hair?

    I don’t care if they keep the original cast of not but for God sake at least give them the red hair that was a major part of their appearance.

    Keep Magnus. He was perfect.

  66. Heyven says:

    The thing that bugged me the most was that most of all the cast were English, yet they were playing New Yorker’s. That and like, three of the characters were what i envisioned. This movie wasn’t awful, but it could have been A LOT better. Sad the rest of the books won’t be movies. :(

  67. Amanda says:

    I'm not watching the show if Jamie cambell bower and Lilly Collins aren't in it. They didn't mess up the movie.

    • i agree! like they may have not “fit the character” as everyone is saying but they are what i see when i think of the character. the original actors can still work they just need wigs or gym time which is all do-able. i just cant imagine a new cast like sure the cast could have been better but they are what i picture now that a movie has already been out. i dont think ill watch if casting is changed.

  68. Serra says:

    They NEED to recast Jace in a major way. Jamie Campbell Bower's scrawny greasiness ruined the whole movie. SO disappointed that Alex Pettyfer couldn't make the appearance. Or anyone with more muscle-tone and nicer hair…

    • Alice Cooper says:

      YES YES YES YES YES ALEX SO SHOULD OF DONE THIS MOVIE!!! when i saw that he didn't i almost cried. I forgot to keep up with the casting and after i saw how bad the movie was i decided to take a look and saw that he turned it down he soooooooo shouldn't of he would of been PERF

  69. anon says:

    I think Godfrey Gao as Magnus was perfect, i can't imagine magnus differnet. I hope he replaces his role in the tv series, and kevin as alec.

  70. Sam says:

    I'm surprised how many people didn't like the cast of the movie. I thought the cast was well picked especially Lily Collins who is Phil Collins daughter and Jamie Bower. Magnus Bane too, so hot, just so hot!! LOL. I had a feeling that the movie wasn't going to follow the book much even if I didn't read it before and I was right. Like I also hate how the writers from vampire academy (if you can call it that) ruined the movie!! I was super disappointed in that movie it didn't do the book justice AT ALL. I'm still not gonna read the mortal instruments until it all comes out so it doesn't ruin my opinion of it because I liked the movie but I didn't want to read the books until after the movie series turned tv series is complete so I'm still not gonna read them LOL

  71. Lyndsey says:

    Even though I thought Lily was a perfect Clary, if people are going to change it I think Alice Englert who Portrayed Lena in Beautiful Creatures should play Clary. She is a pretty good actress and would probably be a great fit for Clary.

    • All says:

      as good as her portrayal was i believe her script in Beautiful Creatures didn't do her any good in the acting world and it doesn't give her great capability to play Clary

  72. Priscilla McGee says:

    I loved the movie in its entirety. Im sure I will enjoy the series.

  73. Denise says:

    I think they should have made Jace hotterlooking i had also pictured him better looking in the book everyone else I think fit their roles

  74. evelynyeats says:

    They just have to bring back the movie actor for Simon. He was absolute gold. Jamie actually drove me insane with his acting, but I thought Clary was pretty good. Alec was too old. Isabelle was good. But Simon…. He was so amazingly perfect!!

  75. Gizz says:

    Tbh i loved the movie it was actually the major reason that i read the books and its obvious the cast isnt gonna be exactly the same thats quite imposible but they were splendid in my opinion

  76. Alice Cooper says:

    Jace was so not what i expected him to be in the movie….. there are certain people who should play certain parts and i think that they were just not able to get the people who they believed they would get. Simon was GREAT, Clary was GREAT! Valentine, Jace, Luke (just a little) and some of the others were just not great of choices. It could of been the budget and how quickly they did the movie, leaving out very important key parts, and some of those just made the movie, hopefully the tv show will show just all these parts that made us each fall in love with the characters and connect to the book in which ever way each of us readers did.

    Hope the TV show turns out just as great as the books, hopefully they keep some of the original cast and replace others.. Hopefully they can get Alex Pettyfer, who was originally offered the role of Jace, to reconsider because this guy is exactly who I imaged to play Jace. He was also in great movies such as Beastly. I just guess the childhood actor crush I had while growing up stuck, I would chose this guy to be in any movie! Maybe just not Magic Mike again, not his brightest moment.. but all is forgiven….
    can't wait any longer for the tv show!!

  77. Jordynrnay says:

    First of all. Jamie Campbell bower is a perfect jace. He just needs a litt more muscle but that boy is beautiful and perfect for jace. They NEED to keep him. And Magnus, but everyone else especially valentine (he’s blonde) should go.

  78. Faye says:

    I am a big fan of the book series, although i was so disappointed in the movie. I dont think it followed the book, it unleashed parts that readers didnt discover until books after the first, and it was kind of all over the place. I am glad that they're starting with a new director, but some of the cast should definitely stay on.

  79. Danielle Tris Smith says:

    Please can anyone tell me the exsct date of when the mortal instruments t.v show wil be comming out. I know its coming out the being of 2015, but what month.

  80. Madison says:

    If this is as bad as the movie was, I’ll be angry. They butchered that book, and I already had problems with the casting of Clary, Hodge, Jocelyn, and Valentine to begin with. I mean, they all played their parts amazingly, but they didn’t have the right look. For me, I think Molly C. Quinn would be a perfect Clary. I imagined Donald Sutherland as Hodge while I read the books, but I have no specifics for Valentine or Jocelyn, but Valentine was supposed to be BLONDE.

    • Anonymous says:

      The casting isn’t going to fit everyone’s thoughts. Only your thoughts will fit your thoughts, so they will never be perfect and no one will ever have the same opinion.

  81. Konstantina says:

    It was the movie that inspired me to start reading the books . I personally found it great and I badly want all the books be adapted into films …. I am begging you to keep the cast as it is ( especially Jace and Clary ) . I hope that a City of Ashes film will be finally made.

  82. Lian says:

    The BIG problem they had weren’t the characters it was how the movie was made. It was terrible the way they spoiled the argument and the final. Omg spoilers! I also think it’s a bad idea to start from where they left it, the show should start from the beggining and more loyal to the book.

  83. Jess says:

    I thought the casting was good and hope they're the same in the tv series. I'm excited to see what the show will be like.

  84. Kaylee says:

    Simon’s charachter was well fited, so was Alec & Hotch. However Magnus wasn’t a whimsical as expected & is frankly quite dull. Hes one of my favourite charachters in the novel & he movie didn’t do him justice. Clary & Jace were very clichéed, it was like watching a twisted version of highschool musical.

  85. Kaylee says:

    Not to mention Valentine, Jocelyn & Luke could not have been more wrongly adapted.

  86. michele says:

    I read the books and saw the movie, i thought both were great. However if it does turn into a series, keeping the movie cast im sure wil be hard to do BUT i think it will be necessary to the success of the series because they played the characters well. Even tho the movie didnt follow the books it was still a great movie and i think people criticize it so much because they cant separate the two. To be a good movie BASED on a book, you dont need to follow the book exactly.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Of course the casting is not going to be the same as you imagined it. It will never be. They’ll change the casting. No one likes that. Again they change the casting. No one likes that either. It’s a never ending cycle, if they change the cast now, they will lose half of their viewers, including me. They should keep the cast, everyone disagrees with each other anyway on who should be who, so why would they change it? You guys will get angry again.

  88. Bree says:

    In the movie all the actors were what I imagined them to be while reading. Well all but the one who played Magnus…..he's supposed to look 19 (as Alec points out in the book) and they guy the chose for the movie doesn't look young but ageless…..in MY personal opinion Adam Lamber would of been perfect

  89. Bre says:

    I am a huge nerd when it comes to reading. I read anything i can get my hands on. THESE BOOKS WERE BY FAR MY FAVORITE SERIES EVER. I loved the movie and they way they represtented the characters. There were a few that were different than what i imagined.. But hello people, everyone will imagine it differently and the movie will always be different because the movie is “based on the book” not the book itself. I think the best bet would be to keep the same actors if possible just to follow the movie. im pumped for the TV shows!

  90. Manahil says:

    I am going to be completely honest. This book series has way to much potential to stop now, so its nice to here they will continue it. I hope for their sake though that they don't change the casting. Because, I think I speak for all of us when I saw that without the current casting the whole project will have a higher chance of failing. The current fans must all so be a little conflicted as to whether the switch from movie to series is a good idea, changing casting will only fuel the confusion and I can assure you it won't turn out good.

    Bottom line; I totally support the idea of changing it to a TV Show, but DO NOT change the casting around too much. Keep Collins and Campbell.

    • Madi says:

      I TOTALLY AGREED you said exactly what I was thinking bc I’m gunna be so disappointed if they change the cast I mean the actors already had it planned they were gunna act in the movies so why change the plans now?

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  92. Madi says:

    They shud keep jace clary Magnus and Isabelle bc I just can’t imagine anyone else the Jamie playing jace he is pretty muscular they didn’t exactly describe him as really really big muscles he’s just fit and so is Jamie and he has the personality to play have I think and so does Lucy their bothe great actors if they change anyone it shouldn’t be jace and clary or Simon bc their kinda like the main characters

  93. mimi says:

    hurry up and make em already !!!! that's all im sayin :D

  94. titi says:

    What I want to know is when the new tv series is coming and on what channel it’s coming on . And that they will not disappoint us fans by any means what so ever. But I am really glad to hear about the new tv series and hope it has all the love , adventure,excitement, and drama we’re looking for . And also I hope that Clary And Jace don’t turn out to be siblings . Gross .

  95. titi says:

    I can guarnatee you The most popularity change and by that I mean you thought the movies and vooks were grrat I’m telling you This will expand their popularity growth with this tv series because everyone will be able to see the cast and drama of their lives grow from what we knew into something amazing and greater so I just want to say as a fan Thank you to those who made this dream possible not jusr for me but for everyone.

  96. Bethany says:

    I loved the film, so much that I’m reading all the books. Which I don’t normally do. I love all the actresses an actors, especially Jace, Clary and Simon. I’ve seen the film about 15 times and I can’t get bored of it. Can’t wait for the tv series! Been waiting a while for the news!!

    • Skyla says:

      I agree. I think the people who played the parts were perfect. If you replace them then everything wouldn’t be the same. You would get the feeling you get when you see clary and jace. The Tv series will be amazing. I can’t wait!!!

  97. Jan watson says:

    I don't care what the critics say I loved the film, loved Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace – no-one can replace him as Jace as he was perfect for the role. I couldn't wait for the city of ashes of movie so am disappointed at its delay or cancelation even. But I am really excited at a tv show if they retain all of the original actors especially the leads.

    Jan, wannabe shadow hunter x

  98. Jan watson says:

    Jamie and Lily have the right chemistry between them. How can you get hotter than Jamie? He so is perfect for Jace. As the character progresses in the books no-one else Jamie can play this role better. As for replacing clary with Alice Englert she does not come close to Lily. And Jonathan Rhys Meyer is excellent as Valentine. I can't wait to see who they will cast as Jordan but I imagined him to be like the guy who plays Casey in NCIS Los angeles. And as for Jonathan I would cast the guy from the lead guy from the Covenant.

  99. Angi says:

    If the movie adapting and casting had stayed true to the book series, the movie would have done spectacularly. You would have had the entire book fandom singing the praises of the movie and you can't sell that kind of advertising. BUT IT WASN'T. Make the TV series true to the books, cast a better set of actors who fit the descriptions!

    Lily was good but lacked the young American girl next door quality she was supposed to have, plus she was supposed to be the tiniest stature of them all. Jamie looked like a pale, scrawny, underfed, weak, vampiric version of the sunlike god that was supposed to be Jace- so not cool. He appealed to 12 year olds, who would have responded to a better actor anyways. And turning Valentine into a weird pirate was just too much and unforgivable. The rest of the characters worked, but overall it was the casting that made the movie way less spectacular than the books. Things were revealed out of hand, or not at all and it took away the excitement, mystery and everything wonderful about the story. I loved the first half of the movie and cringed at the rest. I couldn't recommend it to anyone because it was an embarrassment.

    I'm all for the TV series version…PLEASE just do it right!!!!!!!

  100. Izzy says:

    I honestly think most of the people who were casted were very close to my mental image but none of them acted the way I hoped they would. First off, did anybody find it odd that most of them had a British type accents? Anyways let’s start with clary. She felt really helpless in the movie; a bit of a dead wieght. Then jace wasn’t the snarky, sweet jace we know and love. He felt like a bit of a dead pan. Magnus was barley in the movie and he wasn’t as sassy as I would hope. Valentine didn’t look at all like what I pictured him in the book. If I’m not mistaken i believe he’s supposed to have white silvery hair(?), but I truly didn’t hate his acting. Isabelle was very downplayed. She wasn’t very perky. If I’m to be completley honest Simon’s character was one of my favorites in this movie. And Alec was great aswell but I wish he had more speaking parts. And I could go on further but what I’m trying to say is that there was a lot of things jam packed into the movie (world building, action) that there wasn’t a lot of room for character development. My main problem with the movie was the script, and I really hope that if the series will be turned into a tv show they can try and stay true to the books. And I have faith that it will be done well.

  101. Cathie says:

    I hope they cast a better Clary & Jace. Simon and Izzy and Alec were all pretty much perfect. I just didn't like Jamie and Lily as the lead actors

  102. Squire says:

    Does anyone know if they're holding open casting calls for roles for the series? Or where they plan to film this? I am from Toronto and it was great they chose my city as a location for the movie.

  103. alpha9696 says:

    If they aren't going to get the movie cast back then it's going to suck.
    Will this farce go on now with all the Sony leak ? Sony managers are an absolute disgrace !
    Mortal Instruments needs high quality high budget movies ! Not a cheaper tv show with unknown actors and cheap CGI !!!

  104. Melanie says:

    Yeah…. A serie to replace the movie… A reboot.. And after one season, when the audience will be not what they expected… that'll be annuled? Like all the other great series of fantasy? Good -_-

  105. Nina M. says:

    Okay. WE NEED A NEW CAST! Even Robert. None of them were very good actors/actresses. They need to make my FAVORITE BOOK SERIES a good tv show. All of the cast were horrible actors. Yes Robert looks like Simon, but he was not a good actor. Also. Clary needs red hair, not dark red but real orange red hair, make the steles better and DO NOT KEEP JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER!!!!!! He doesnt fit jace, jace needs to be smoking hot like Alex Pettyfer or someone like that.

  106. jenny fink says:

    totaloly agree with yall… (im from the country… thats why i used yall instead of you all!)

  107. nikki says:

    I personally think that the first movie of the mortal instruments didnt have all the inmportant stuff in it, so I am very glad that they're mking a tv series of the mortal instruments

  108. Evelyn says:

    I feel the same way most.of you feel. The TV series needs a new Jace and a new Valentine. Everything else fits nicely.

    I first saw the movie and then read all of the books because I became d addicted.

  109. Kayrrah says:

    I’m not that big on ready sadly but I am when something peaks my interest. I seen the movie first and ireally enjoyed it, I was just a little thrown off by the whole brother/ sister thing. It wad too vague and unreadable in the movie. I just recently found out there were books. I read the first one abd fell in love. Sadly it made the movie lack luster afterward. Although icould see the need to change some of the plot for entertainment purposes. As far as the casting goes. I liked the guys who played Simon and Luke. I could enjoy the guy who played Magnus but they didn’t do his role justice in the movie though he looks how iwould’ve pictured him. And the guy who played jace is an awesome actor, no he didn’t look the way iwould’ve pictured him to but he captured the essence of jace perfectly. Abd no amount of make up or acting classes could ever make even Peters a good fit for this series. But I’m looking forward to seeing this on tv

  110. anonymous says:


  111. MissSofieTh says:

    i really loved the casting in the movie, and despite the movie not beeing as good as the book (as usual) i actually liked the movie.

    if they dont cast jamie campbell bower as jace, or robert seehan as simon, ill scream!

  112. Karo says:

    I love this film (The mortals instruments) as it is and I am disappointed that they don't do it a second movie. I am really looking forward to the TV series. Hopefully the same cast and no more changing plans (I wanna see it on the screen!!!! )

  113. Adrianna says:

    The movie was O.K at best, I watched it so many times just to wrap my head around it. I had to reread the Series to see if it had anything correct in the movie. Which it had almost nothing correct except for the Names. I felt like Jamie Campbell Bower was a good Jace not asshole enough but no actor is perfect. Lily Collins I like her as an actor but not as Clary, her hair was wrong, no freckles to be seen and she wasn't that awkward. Simon was EH at best, he had the look I imagined for him but the actor wasn't that strong and he didn't even turn into a RAT! Valentine was wrong too, he tried to have Clary drink from the Mortal Cup, thats not Valentine that is Sebastion making his evil army. Alec and Izzy were not memerable for me personally. Mangus Effin Bane, in the book it goes into so much detail on how he dresses and in the movie was in his underpants >.> I have so many feels on comparing the book to the movie its crazy! I boo'd the screen in the movie after it ended and kept saying wrong during the film itself. Sorry Rant over

  114. Melanie says:

    I loved the movie and I love the book! The movie was fantastic and I've been waiting for the next for ages. Personally though, this annoys me. I'm not annoyed that they're continuing, I'm annoyed that they started with a movie and are now doing a T.V series. If you're going to do them as movies, do them as movies. If you're going to do it as a t.v series, do it as a t.v series! Do NOT do both, because it's annoying and it could mean different actors, which is something I hate!

  115. hayles says:

    In my opinion, you should read books before ever seeing the movie. I read all 6 books before watching the movie and I thought every character seemed perfect for their roles. I loved everything about the series. Wish they would make another movie. And to anyone who read all the books to the series, should definitely read the authors other series that she has out.

  116. sam says:

    Same actor as simon, magnus, luke and jocelyn. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. ESPECIALLY SIMON!!!!!!!!

  117. Dayita says:

    Well idk about wt u guys think… but I read the book 1st n only then watched the movie and though I was annoyed at the important details, especially dialogues of Jace they left out… but I think that Jamie Campbell Bower just perfectly fitted into MY image of Jace. Simon was excellently played by Sheehan, no doubt. Not sure about Clary's role being played by Lily, but I think Lily and Jamie suit together…

  118. Emily says:

    I actually liked the cast and thought they had good chemistry. I was one of the supposed “few” who really enjoyed the movie, and I watch it a lot because I own the DVD. To be honest, I would love to see the same cast in the tv series, even though I would have liked there to be a movie series instead :( But we get what we get, and I just hope they keep the cast and have a suitable story line

  119. Bethanie says:

    I really loved the cast of the movie version I think they were great especially Jonathan Ryes Meyers as Valentine, he was PERFECT!!! I read the books before the movie ever came out and I fell in love with them. When I hear when books are being made into movies I wince a little bit because i usually have a problem with the cast, my problem with the movie wasn’t the cast they were a perfect fit for me it was the story changes!!!! I flipped out in the theater when I saw what the writers had done! Yea I read the Twilight series and the TVD series. The twilight movies stuck to the book which I love and TVD TV series were actually completely different from the books whole new stories that I also love!!! I think if u take down thing from a book U either need to stick to the book completely or change just about everything except characters and their backgrounds the whole storyline needs to be different if u change it!!

  120. Martha says:

    I loved the books and I loved all the actors in City Of Bones. They did a great job it's just they changed parts of the book in the movie. Like the part where Simon changes into a rat. That's one of my favorite parts in the book. If they try to make City Of Ashes I really hope they stick to main events in the book,and hoping they make the movie. These are wonderful books and I'm just glad that I got to see Jamie and Clary and her friends become real on the screen. Never thought I was! Keeping my fingers cross City Of Ashes is made into a movie.

  121. Jeanna Kellogg says:

    I agree that the movie could have gone along the with the book more such as the ending, but it was still an amazing film! Every actor in this movie was perfect for their part. Especially Jamie Bower! He played a perfect broken, arrogant, beautiful boy. No one could replace the cast in a million years! I think that the tv series is gonna be stupid!…if you guys think that the tv series is gonna make it so much better then you are wrong! Do you ever stop to think about how many episodes it take to make a season? 1 book a season. They are gonna add and change a whole bunch of things! It will not be worth it. Plus it is gonna be over dramatic and not as good to the people already attached to the movie characters. AND you have to wait every week for a new episode. I also think that the stupid comment on that website was stupid about how they are just gonna have a new family(a new cast) You cant replace family!

  122. Ashley says:

    the books, and I loved the movie.. although in my opinion they yes could have done better.

    They missed a lot of crucial information which made the movie to seem as one might put it “a let down”

    But one thing you need to understand is it is so much easier to put more information and more understanding of characters and events in writing and into a book than a movie and if they go on with the TV show then yes like cassie said the TV show will most likely have more depth because it will be easier, Harold did he’s best in making the movie and I applaud him on that.

    With the cast that was chosen, we all read the book and the characters form differently to all us. So when people saying he’s / her acting was horrible blah blah etc.. In reality their acting really wasn’t horrible blah blah etc.. it was just that they didn’t live up to your expectations of the character that they played, and that’s fine.

    But we all need to understand that the millions of fans of the mortal instruments book series have pictured each and every character differently than what you might of.

    And saying that I loved the whole entire cast and they lived up to what my expectations were.

    And I would loved if they went on with more movies instead of a TV show but I’d rather have a TV show than nothing at all.

  123. Tammy says:

    I loved the books and the movie. I think the cast was great for the movie. I hope the original cast will be in the TV series.

  124. Rika says:

    I can't wait for this, but they definitely need to change Valentine and his hairstyle! lol I pictured him to be more cool and collected, kind of like Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter.

  125. Ocean says:

    I've just watched the movie in South Africa, didn't read the book so I thought the cast and acting was good. The original cast should stay in the TV series. Jamie as Jace was awesome there was this ethereal quality bout him. Simon was a little too wishy washy. Looking forward to the TV series.

  126. Isabel says:

    I am a big fan of the mortal instruments series they are the only books I've ever loved. The movie was not like the book at all they left out some good scenes. Hopefully the new TV series would be better and they keep all cast members.

  127. Michelle says:

    I liked Jamie and Lily add have and clairy. Loved all the actors in their roles and really hate to see new actors in their place in a tv series. Hug fan of both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Regardless I will watch the series but am really hoping to already get to see The City Of Ashes as a movie. Give it a chance.

  128. Ally says:

    Guys, i think we all forgot to say that Aidan Turner should keep playing Lucian, because he definitely suits the role! And Lily and Jamie should also stay, as well as Jemima and Godfrey and Kevin. I think we need new casting for Valentine, and maybe Jocelyn. I hope the Silent Brothers and Raphael will be featured in the tv series, because they're my favorites. Raphael wasn't even freakin mentioned in the movie!

  129. Blue says:

    JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER was the perfect JACE HERONDALE. PLEAAAAAAASEEEEE keep him and Lily Collins!!!

  130. Becca Ross says:

    I am very disappointed with this turn of events. If you weren't wanting to put 100% of everything you have into making this book series into amazing films, then you shouldn't have meddled in it in the first place. Making an essentially great movie from the first book, then switching the second book to some lame tv series because you didn't think the first was good enough. And not even promising the same amazing cast is just confusing and disappointing to say the least. I loved the first movie. I don't care who you are, you place Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and for me personally, Kevin Durand (love him!) together in one single movie, you can NOT get anything but an amazing experience, that you will never forget. I don't believe I have seen Robert Sheehan in anything, so to me he is a new, and a very exciting and welcomed, addition to my list of favorites actors. Clearly Harald Zwart, and whoever else had a hand in setting up the cast, knew what they were doing. Yes, the plot should be directed toward a wider audience base, rather than targeting who they THINK actually watches this movie and reads the books, but that was the only thing that was wrong with it, the casting choices were immaculate. Maybe take a poll or something to know who you're really making these movies for. I am a 21 year old female, and from what I've seen, I'm in the direct circled age of the main group of people paying to watch what is being made. Now that being said, that in no way means to make it a Rated R film, but to make it in a way that is appealing for an audience in the strictly tweens and early teens, is how they're going to lose their money. I personally immensely enjoyed the first movie, and I have read the book, so I believe it's a good thing to be considered a great movie in comparison to a great book. Instead of being so concerned with making an enormous over-profit on a movie, like spending $60 million on a movie, and thinking $100 million isn't enough of a profit, focus on HOW you're making the movie, the heart and soul that you are putting into it, and the money will come, but being so caught up in nothing but the money, is going to reflect in the feel of the movie, and you're really not going to make any profit. If the director would give the audience the chance to state their opinions and give feedback on what exactly could fix what's wrong, and even hear what we thought went RIGHT, then things would run smoother, wouldn't they? I hope they move forward with Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, and make it 10 times greater than the first.I loved the first movie. I don't care who you are, you place Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and for me personally, Kevin Durand (love him!) together in one single movie, you can NOT get anything but an amazing experience, that you will never forget. I don't believe I have seen Robert Sheehan in anything, so to me he is a new, and a very exciting and welcomed, addition to my list of favorites actors. Clearly Harald Zwart, and whoever else had a hand in setting up the cast, knew what they were doing. Yes, the plot should be directed toward a wider audience base, rather than targeting who they THINK actually watches this movie and reads the books, but that was the only thing that was wrong with it, the casting choices were immaculate. Maybe take a poll or something to know who you're really making these movies for. I am a 21 year old female, and from what I've seen, I'm in the direct circled age of the main group of people paying to watch what is being made. Now that being said, that in no way means to make it a Rated R film, but to make it in a way that is appealing for an audience in the strictly tweens and early teens, is how they're going to lose their money. I personally immensely enjoyed the first movie, and I have read the book, so I believe it's a good thing to be considered a great movie in comparison to a great book. Instead of being so concerned with making an enormous over-profit on a movie, like spending $60 million on a movie, and thinking $100 million isn't enough of a profit, focus on HOW you're making the movie, the heart and soul that you are putting into it, and the money will come, but being so caught up in nothing but the money, is going to reflect in the feel of the movie, and you're really not going to make any profit. If the director would give the audience the chance to state their opinions and give feedback on what exactly could fix what's wrong, and even hear what we thought went RIGHT, then things would run smoother, wouldn't they?

    • heather says:

      I fully agree with you. Im 23 year old female. I loved jamie campbell bower as jace and lily Collins as clary we amazing. I love the boon series and this is 3rd book/movie franchise i have gotten into . I just the producers would the people who actually loved the film a chance to explain things. It was manly based for teens which is fine but i really think they need to look at the people that are in there 20s and 30s because you would be surprised who many of read and watch the movies more than teens. Teens no a days have too much other things on there minds. (Just saying.) I just wish there was a way to talk to the producers. Please reconsider. You’ve already started the movue franchise it stupid to make it into a tv series now if you wanted to a tv series you should have done that in the beginning instead of getting people’s hopes up. Im just totally outraged. I agree totally with what you said.

  131. Becca says:

    Clary and Jocelyn NEEEEEDDDD to have red hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. angela says:

    I normally just read comments but dont leave one no matter my opinion but i am actually baffled, yes i said baffled, that almost ever comment ive read said the guy that played magnus did a good job. He definitely looked the part but that had to be the WORST acting ive ever seen. I thought he was awful! I thought over all the movie was so so, i still bought it and watch it because i am so in love with the books but the actor that played magnus was by far the biggest disappointment in the whole movie. I literally cringe when his scene comes on because i think it was that bad.

  133. heather says:

    I loved the movie. I dont think its far to just cut off the second film. Alot of people actually like the movie. It was a good movie. Jamie Campbell Bower is an amazing actor and he did a great job as Jace. Its hard to find actors that look and act like fictional characters think about it. So i think he was great. Lily Collins did a amazing job as Clary. Jamie and Lily have read the books and they want to keep it going. I wish there was some way i could talk to the producers. I mean yes i’m only one person but you woulf be surprised how much of a impact one person can bring. Im just outraged. I just dont think it’s far.

  134. SkowC says:

    Only two ways I'll watch this:
    1) They actually stick to the book! That movie was horrific!
    2) They recast Clary. She looks NOTHING like her. NOTHING. Not to mention she doesn't behave like her either. Need new casting! The only person I'd be REALLY upset not to see would be Godfrey Gao for Magnus. Otherwise, feel free to recast! In fact, I ENCOURAGE it. And actually do… the… books!

  135. Victoria says:

    I hope this series actually sticks to the book, unlike the movie. If the cast was to change, the only actors/actress' I would change would be Valentine (come on, the guy is suppose to be blonde! I don't know the name of the actor, sorry), Jamie, Lily and Kevin. To be honest, I didn't picture the charcters (Jace, Clary and Alec) to look like that, but the other roles were pretty spot on with the actor choice.
    (Make Valentine blonde this time around! That really annoyed me in the movie, whoops.) (Dont change Simon or Magnus!)

  136. Peggy says:

    I am extremely excited about a television series. The biggest mistake critics could ever do is compare other movies to block busters like Twilight. I loved Twilight, Bella and Edwards love story was epic, but; the love story between Jace and Clary is epic in another way entirely. They are both shadowhunters from the beginning, and there are warlocks, fairies, vampires, Werewolves, demons, angels and so on. The movie only brushed the possibilities of this story that only a television series can tell. I can't wait. I believe it will do awesome. :-)

  137. Robin Hammann says:

    Really hum the whole cast from movie was bad ass I’m out if that changes peace haters

  138. Robin Hammann says:

    The actors from movie were bad a** ! Anyone who says different are haters and sad ones at that peace b’s

  139. Asiah says:

    I, too, was rather disappointed with the outcome of the movie, but I did fall in love with the cast (besides Valentine tbfh) and hope to see most of them return. Hopefully the series does a better job at piecing the story together.

  140. kietten says:

    I saw the movie first and god it was bad…

    But a friend told me to read the books and I regret nothing ! The books are amazing and personnaly, I didn’t pictured the cast during my reading.

    Sooo I’m curious about this adaptation and I really hope they’re going to be much loyal to the books and change the cast…

  141. Molly says:

    In all do respect I think pictured the cast as they were except clary and ger mother I pictured them both to be more red headed and freckles. To me at crrtian points it showed a haze of rea d but I was picturing ginger like. I mean I love Lily Collins an d id love to have her in the series but I think shed have to at least dye her hair better. Im no proffessional actor but I thibk they all acted very well and played theur partd well. To me honestly ut doesnt matter how they look because we all havr differnt ideas on how they look in the book because it was described to us by Cassandra but we all have different functioning minds so we all get a little taste of to what they look like but it doesnt actually give us a exact picture like okay they will look exactly like lets say Taylor Lautner to me ut coild be anyone close to what they look like. Jamie has blonde hair and blue eyes close to jace robert looks like simon and kevin looks like alec and so forth but to me it could look like anything because ee all have a different point of view on what the characters actually look like. It could be anyone to play the role. And if were up to me to pick the cast…ud probably pick the ones who acts better proffessionaly in all honesty but theyd have to at least com e close to the desciptipn because we want them to be not perfect but doable we dont need the perfect person we just need someone to play the part well enoigh for it to be a good show. No offense to anyone but that is my opinion on the matter.

  142. BDH says:

    GREAT idea to make it a tv series and i would LOVE if all the actors from the movie actually were in the tv series because they actually fit very well in my opionion after reading the books. Now they just need to create something for the Clockwork Shadowhunter book series. TV may be the way to go on that one also, but after these are over.

  143. Limey says:

    I would say the movie is a bit different from the book but to me, it dosen’t matter. How to direct the film as exactly the same as the book while the book produced by writhing and film is about real actions.

    U guys may think the casts didn’t fit but for me I think they did ESP Clary and Jace.

    Jamie as Jace look cool and jerk as the book describe. Love him ❤️

    Plz don’t change the cast, it will make the mortal instrument don’t look like it used to be.

    I will feel I’m watching other movie 😵😵😵

  144. guest says:

    I really hope the TV series gets made n follows the books. The movie was awful. Also, I did not like the clary and jace from the movie at all. I hope they are recast for the TV series. Loved simon, alec, and isabelle; they were just like I pictured them from the books.

  145. guest says:

    Please recast Jace and Clary, esp. Jace. He looks more like a villain than an angel face like the book describes.

  146. Alexis says:

    Benjamin Stone as Jace!!!

  147. lai says:


  148. mariah says:

    I think the movie ws s amazing. I also thing that it would be better if they made another movie instead of a tv show. They have to spread out the budget with a tv show, so the stunts and things wont be as good. I think the entire cast was great, especially jace and clary. I saw the movie first and that inspired me to read the book and I see alot wrong with the book. Especially Valentine. The books are ok, but the movie was better and the characters had better personalitys in the movie. But I did see the movie first so im not going to judge anyone elses opinion, even though mine is right.

  149. Stormmie says:

    I hope they keep true to the books for the tv show. If you use the name if the book series then be true to the author’s view of the story. I would hate to see a hack and slash plot kill like they did with True Blood. I can understand why some authors refuse to sell their stories.

  150. reeseizzy says:

    I'm disappointed that these wonderful books wont become big time movies like twilight, hunger games, or harry potter. But if they at least bring these books to life I really hope they have the same cast. f they don't m seriously going to die. I think the characters fit well, and all had their personalities down. but does anyone know what channel this will be on?

  151. Christy says:

    I agree they should start with the 1st book, because the movie made to many errors, and was rushed. In the 2nd book the plot is centered around Clary living with Luke but in the Movie the apartment didn't get destroyed…this to me was a mistake…I was waiting for the movie to see how much more damage they could do…I didn't like most of the actors because they didn't match the descriptions given in the books. Clary and her mother are to be RED HEADS!!! And having Jamie as Jace was stupid….considering he played a villain in both Twilight and Harry Potter…besides he isn't as hot as the book makes Jace out to be!!!!

  152. Sarah says:

    I love the idea of turning this into a tv show. Just look how well the Pretty Little Liars books are doing now that they have their own show on ABC Family. I feel like they should keep the actor who played Simon (sorry I don't really know his name :/ ), Lily Collins (Clary), Isabelle, Magnus, and Jamie Bower (Jace). However, I think they should change Alec because I didn't really get the same vibe from him as I did in the book. Although he is handsome and could attract a lot of female fans, I just didn't picture him that way.

  153. Jade says:

    I haven't read the books so I can't compare but it my opinion the film was great however it ended as if there should be more and I think making it a series would be great, and making it viewable for the UK of course, also I think that if u changed the main character for the TV series it would just ruin the connection between jace and clary. Dates for the release in the UK would be great

  154. She Brown says:

    Lilly Collins and Jamie Bower need to be in this new tv series. I watched the movie before I read the series and I can honestly say that the cast fit extraordinarily perfect, and molded by imagination as I read. If they don't have the original actors, I don't know if it will be worth watching for me.

  155. Kristie Patterson says:

    Jamie was perfect.He’s extremely sensual; and I’m a real Witch!Valentine was a blonde in the book, though!

  156. SUE says:

    I am 63 years old,a huge Twilight,and Lord of the Rings fan. I loved The Mortal Instrments Series and thought the cast for the movie was perfect.. I Was disappointed when the movie departed from the book because it started out so Good. Better to stick with events that actually occurred in the book even if it means condensing or even leaving out some events. I never thought anyone would ever be able to make a movie out of Lord of the Rings,and was amazed at how they did it with excellent editing and having a the actors narrate sections so that the audience (some who had never read the books) would be able to follow the story – I am hoping that City of Ashes gets a chance!

  157. Jordan says:

    I think that it is a great idea to start over and make a tv series, I just think the movie was a disaster and they should try again. I REALLY like Robert Sheehan as Simon. Simon is my favorite character and Robert played him perfectly. He was exactly how I imagined him. Also I think you should keep Magnus and Alec but I’d be open to new faces as well. And Jocelyn did amazing also. I have a few recommendations for the recasting..

    Kaya Scodelario as Isabelle Lightwood

    Jane Levy as Clary Fray

    Jessica Parker Kennedy as Maia Roberts

    Colton Haynes as Jordan Kyle

    Lily Cole as Seelie Queen

    And Elle Fanning as Emma Carstairs

    Thank you!!

  158. Renee says:

    I don't normally post comments, but I decided to do so. I have not read the book but will. I usually read the book before the movie, but found myself always being too critical about the movie, it made it hard to enjoy the movie. But remember, the movie version doesn't usually have the time to include everything in the book. This is why I think watching the movie first has its own benefits; you will probably enjoy the movie more. When you do read the book you will then read what couldn't be included in the movie and may enjoy the whole story more in both the movie and book. And those of you who question the relationship between Jase and Clarey, first remember what Jase told Clarey at the beginning of the movie, "sometimes your memories aren't real." Now think forward to what Hodge told Valentine after he told Clarey he was her father and Valentine was looking for Jase, "You could tell both of them you are their father." So, after what Jase said to Clarey and Hodge (or whatever his name is) said to Valentine, it's my belief they are not brother and sister. I remembered and understood what said while watching the movie a second time. I find that watching a movie a second time, I listen more to what is said in the story and not just watching the movie. So now, by reading the book I will read more into the story while "watching" the movie in my head and adding the addtional "footage" in between scenes of the movie instead of being critical of the movie. Now, all this being said (I think I have written my own book here), Now, for all of you young girls who REALLY like looking at Jamie Bower I have to say that although I am 56 I agree he is very nice looking…..I can't use the word handsome though because he is so young, but I will say he definitely has a strong sex appeal going for himself.

  159. Brianna Casey says:

    The movie inspired me to read the books. I think the characters in the movie should be kept. As when I read the book I imagined those characters playing it. But yes I do agree I pictured Jace to be bigger

  160. Tayla says:

    I would have preferred the books as movies, the first movie is the reason I read the other books….and I usually don't read a lot. Now if we want to watch it again, we have to watch the whole series. It could be possible to just improve the rest of the movies and heighten the craze. I do hope the previous cast returns, It would spoil it if they changed.

  161. Danny Gibson says:



  162. Dannielle says:

    Ok, first of screw you all the people who dis on us that we watched the movie Before reading the books. For your information I watched the movie Before reading the books then watched the movie again and appreciate both for what they are. With that said, I agree with everyone. But for totally different reasons. If you read the books and watch the movie with an open mind and see both as individuals, they are both excellent. The movie though completely not like the book was entertaining. The books excellent, the actors that were casted didnt fit the books description (with the exception of Simon & Bane) they were closest to the book but still a little off. However if you consider the movie as just a movie and not an adaptation of the book then it was quite good, and the actors/ actresses fit the vison of the movie. I don’t think it should have been advertised as being based off of the book because lets face it it wasn’t.

    I am however wolly excited for the TV series, and feel that recasting would be preferable, but I also think that recasting would further damage the closeness to novels as we already see the current cast as these characters. I hope the directors keep to novels in the series especially since they already screwed up any sequel that would have come from the movie because Valentine didn’t have the Immortal cup like In the books, and Jace never got a peice of the mirror which is essential in city of Ash. That shard of glass had a great deal of purpose in the books and the fact That they left it out and changed the ending Completely I feel already damaged any following sequals.

  163. ginger says:

    i swear if Godfrey Gao doesn't play magus then the series wont be worth watching because it will lack all fabulouness. (I'm still going to watch it XD) also, I didn't think lilly was the best clary but Jamie is a perfect jace, and Robbie and kevin were also very good for their roles. I hope this series fllows the plot line of he books much better.

  164. Lulu says:

    love this series soo much
    thx for giving it a second chance cant wait for it to be on the big screen all the actors are great but jamie shouldnt play jace he doesnt suit him i think you should keep clary simon and magnus plus alec and izzy the same

  165. jen says:

    I have to reference vampire diaries, and buffy here… Look how great these shows have become. I LOVE this series ands I am so excited that I will be able to get weekly dose of these characters. I also agree that the clockwork series was one of the very best book series I have ever read. All and all if the show is re-casting, give it a chance, you just might fall in love with these characters.

  166. April says:

    I had never heard of Mortal Instruments before the movie. After watching the move, I read ALL 6 books in record time. I was obsessed with the twilight movies, but never even wanted to read the books. I personally loved the first movie and have been dying for the rest to be released. If they DO turn the series in to a TV Show GREAT, HOWEVER, without the original cast, don't bother!
    Jamie Campbell Bower IS Jace
    Lilly Collins IS Clary
    Robert Sheehan IS Simon
    Kevin Zegers IS Alex
    Jemima West IS Isabelle
    Lena Headey IS Jocelyn
    Aidan Turner IS Lucian
    Godfrey Gao IS Magnus

    As I read the books THESE ARE THE FACES I SAW…. I don't think a TV series will be successful without the original cast!

  167. Jeci says:

    they need a complete recast and to just remake the the first movie completely. If the movies are done right they could be huge hits. The first one failed cuz it was completely rushed and not thought through enough. It didn't even stick to the book. A tv series only lasts so long and then it's over. Better a movie where we could buy and watch as many times as we want. My opinion. The books are absolutely amazing though.

  168. Ashley says:

    They should all be movies and the cast should stay the same, Jace and Clary are the reason I watched the movie and went on to reading the books. If Haves character changes I’m not sure I could watch

  169. Ashley says:

    *Jaces character

  170. Betsy says:

    Yes, leave the character’s the same, I saw the movies, & bought all 6 books, & Infernal Devices, & now starting Shadow Hunter Academy series which started Feb. 17, & one a month for the rest of the year ! Waiting for Dark Edifices & Chain of Gold, Iron etc. I’m a little upset about the movies being shelved, BUT, I think Mortal Instruments will work GREAT on TV. Like – Revenge, Scandal, Gray’s, How to get with Murder, Sons of Anarchy. I also think U are going to be very surprised about who your audience is going to be.Please keep Jamie as Jace – think ahead – put him in a long white robe with wings – he’s a perfect Angel ! U have to keep original cast, & when U start adding people like Segourney, U watch this series take off ! I’ll definitely be watching 10yrs. from now ! Oh! By the way – I’m a 62yr old woman & my friends who love Mortal also are between 50 & 70 ?? & my daughter & her friends are between 35 & 50 ? What’s Up ?

  171. Betsy says:

    No way ! The guy who looks perfect for Sebastian is the guy who plays detective Nathan West on General Hospital !!!

  172. Betsy says:

    Oh, just one more thing ! U remember when they were going to save Simon & they went to the church to get weapons? Remember the Angelic ruin symbol under the alter ? Well I had it done on my left inner forearm as a tattoo – my 1st tat ever !!! I’m 62yrs. old & that’s what I choose as my 1st tattoo, so what does that tell U ? I’m a FAN !! When is the series coming out ?? That’s all I want to know !!!

  173. Holly Young says:

    I want them to keep it as a movie because I don't wanna be watching one episode once a week and maybe in the finale I could go hang in whis that person wait a minute he was introduced 15 weeks ago I the first episode! No way! Keep it as an pviebecause I loved it so much and Jace and Clarys romance and chemistry made it so much better so they shouldn't relave the actors because then the same chemistry which I fell in love with will not be replicated!!!

  174. Natasha says:

    If they do make a TV series they need to start it off from the very beginning like they never did the movie so they can tell the story correctly. And if they do this TV series they need to stick to the books because the books are written so well and as a fan I would hate if they changed anything that the books tell. I know the casting was great but I love who they picked for Jace aka Jamie Campbell and Lily Collins isn't exactly who I pictured as Clary but she is an amazing actress. I think the character who they cast the worst was Clary's father but the rest were good. And also I love the Vampire Diaries as a show and don't care that they changed it because I personally did not like the books. But PLEASE PLEASE don't do that with this series, the books are amazing. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stick with what happens with the books!!!!

  175. lauraleigh says:

    Lilly was a bad cast. Jamie although very handsome should be cast as a fair folk. Johnathan what the hell a rat tail hair do lmao watched that movie because he was in it read the books because apparently was going to be only way to find out rest of story fell in love with books read them in 2 weeks including infernal devices and I believe a total recast is needed…

  176. Grace says:

    In all seriousness I would mot watch the tv show if Molly C. Quinn played Clary those of you saying that she would be perfect news flash YOUR WRONG i would be major dissapointed if Jamie and Lily didnt play Jace and Clary.

  177. JennB says:

    I’m a huge fan of the novels and was so disappointed in the movie. Don’t like to hate on anyone but the casting was horrible, except for Simon and Jocelyn. Magnus LOOKED phenomenal but his acting was horrendous. The story was super rushed with very important factors changed. A TV series would probably be a much better idea in order to get the full story across. When I picture Clary I imagine someone that looks like Emma Stone or Emma Watson and for Jace someone like Alex Pettyfor….Alec like Robbie Amell…Izzy?? I kept picturing a Megan Fox type. But looks are only half of it. These people need to be able to act! And show they have chemistry. not just beyween Clary and Jace either. A very tight group forms as the series progresses. It will be interesting to see what they come up with that’s for sure. Maybe they can at least send Jamie to the weight room or something.:)

  178. Isabelle says:

    I think you should keep the same cast except change Jace from Jamie Campbell Bower to Alex Pettyfer. I think you should try to remake it into a movie again not a TV series as I think a TV series would be to dragged along because in the books they're based on one drama not multiple in one book. I also think when the TV series came to an end, the ending of the books would turn out different. I also think it would be easier as movies to carry along the plot line of Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn into a sequel movie series.

  179. Melody says:

    Okay so I liked the actors who played Simon, Luke, and Magnus. Izzy and Hodge were alright and it took a WHILE for Clary and Jace to grow on me but honestly I think they need new actors for them especially Alec I didn’t like him one bit in the movie.

  180. littlefoot says:

    Plus they didn't include magus having actual cat eyes……they just gave winged eyeliner which was totally ridiculous in my opinion

  181. MCB says:

    First time to ever post a comment for anything…. Haven't read the books but plan on doing so. Really enjoyed the movie even taking into consideration that book to film almost without fail is at most a daunting task. I liked all the cast a is and I especially thought that Jamie Campbell Bowers did an excellent job as Jace. His varying facial expressions were delightful and seemed to add quite a bit to my enjoyment of the film.. I however do agree that he was a little thin and since he was portrayed as a long time capable fighter he should be a little more muscular. Also Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes a glorious villain with a certain darkness about him and just the right looks to keep you from totally despising him. As far as age demographics are concerned no matter your age you either like this sort of fantasy or you do not but I never even heard of this franchise. By the way I am a 63 year old female fan of this series

  182. Sasha says:

    I think this will be interesting. I enjoyed the film and I'm disappointed that's they will not be continuing, but I am excited to see how this turns out. Please keep Clary, Simon, Magnus, Alec, and Isabelle the same but feel free to change the others. And follow the plot line

  183. Kaylie says:

    I think Sebastian should be cast as Ian somerhalder, but other than that I hope they will keep jamie and lily as jace and clary ( I was hoping clary would have redder hair than lily did)

  184. Renae says:

    If the movies made today kept more the original story line then there would be no failures, considering the fact that they were best sellers to begin with. The only real problem with the movie doing so poorly is that whoever thought that it was just for young adults obviously didn't do their research and their job properly, because if they had they would have realized that there was a much bigger target audience than people initially thought. Some of us enjoyed the movie even considering the fact that it wasn't perfect (which nothing ever is), but may i suggest to those of you out there who had such a problem with it that if you don't like movies that are based on books then you should probably stop going to see these movies because as a whole they are never close enough to the actual book. Those of you who think that this will be so much better as a TV series should probably remember the reason you didn't like the movie (it wasn't close enough to the book) you'll probably say the same thing about the TV series. As for casting i paid to see this movie and these people act, some people think they know what acting but they really don't. i suggest if you have a problem with their acting then take up the profession yourselves and see if you think you can do better.

  185. JKR says:

    I think some of the cast did very well… Jamie Campbell Bower portrayed a very convincing Jace, and Robert Sheehan was a convincing Simon. Magnus, Alec – both great. HOWEVER, details that were inconsistent annoyed me. Valentines hair, trademark white throughout the books – left black in the films. Simon turning into a rat – all the little details that get changed. With a series, you can run it as long as you like and include much more than a film would do nowadays. I would rather have a longer film, like lord of the rings, and have the details right, then a short film with things changed. The fact is, any good book now (twilight for example) will be hurried through film making to make money, as opposed to taking the time to make a GOOD film.

  186. Christine says:

    Never read the books, only saw the first movie and thought it was pretty good, if so many people read the book why did they not go and see the movie? Everybody is a film critic, critizing the actors, the storyline, missing or changed elements, sometimes films aren't exactly the same as the books (just look at lord of the rings) still there is much to enjoy , it's just such a pleasure to see a film made from a book you love( for me that would be the Rama collection by Arthur C.Clarke) I will definitely watch the tv series once they come out!

  187. Kelly says:

    I would love another mortal instruments movie instead of a show

  188. Serena says:

    Nope keep ALL charactersi LOVED them all & they should go ahead with the sequel perfect in every way…

  189. carolanne says:

    Ok listen I found this movie AMAZING and I read the books after the movie and I see the characters in the book if they change the characters for the tv series it will be completely confusing. Jamie Campbell Bowers is a gorgeous actor besides the point but pertrays his charactor flawlessly and Lily Collins is a great Clary. Everyone plays their characters great and if they change the characters they will lose a ton of fans including me! Honestly I wish they stayed as movies but aslong as they get out on screens I will live!

  190. Laao says:

    I think they should have made the books into a show from the get-go, in the movie I think they were just trying to cram in as much as possible, having to cut certain scenes and leaving little time to actually develop the characters on screen. If they plan on doing this, I wonder if they'll re-do it from the beginning or from when the film left off.. Either way I hope they keep the cast! I mean, I'm still pretty wary about Lily, seeing as alot of people were dissapointed that she didn't match the character description much, so I wouldn't mind if they replace her. Keep Robert Sheehan though. Please.

  191. Katherine says:

    I represent a much older group and will say how much I enjoyed the experience of all her books. I rather wonder that the studio didn't provide more hype. I found the films characters to be be engaging, beautiful to look upon, and sex appeal in spades. They can only get better as so many young stars do, I.e. All Harry Potter stars. I sincerely hope the marketing dept. will do it's job and make this film one the public cannot wait to see and if so you will have a blockbuster. It has all the ingredients…stay the course

  192. jan says:

    i've read all the books and there great i liked the movie too but was dissapointed with jace.he was just too skinny i liked lily as clary tho and the rest of the cast was great[especially aiden turner as luke] this appeals to a wide fan base as both i and my son and daughter in law all love it[and i'm 61 and there in there 30's so its got a wide age range.looking forward to watching the series.cant wait

  193. adrianna49202 says:

    My main disappointment in the cast was Isabelle she wasn’t what I really pictured her to be… jace and Clary were actually kinda what I pictured and Simon was spot on.. it would’ve been cooler if they turned him into a rat though lol

  194. Imogenthefangirl says:


  195. Imogen says:

    City of Bones is a great movie in its self, but compared to the book? Nope. I really wouldn't like them to make it into a TV series because then it wont be as good and thousands of other things. They should really re-make the whole series (Keeping the actors of Simon, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Luke, Hodge and Magnus).
    That's another thing, Lily Collins is a great actor, but not as Clary. Also Valentine, HE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE WHITE HAIR!!!
    Anyway thats what i think.

  196. captainpongo says:

    Ive been reading the books for a while now and the movie did terribly. they should definitely do the tv series because some of the movie details were completely wrong. Why did Jace have an accent? Why wasn't Valntines hair white blonde? In the TV series i really hope they fix details like this but they should keep Sheehan as Simon. PLZ FIX MINOR DETAILS OR I WILLZ GOEZ INSANEZ!!!!!!!!

  197. Debbie says:

    So I saw the movie before I read the books. After seeing City of Bones my hunger to find out about Jace and Clary led me to read all 6 books. I guess seeing the movie first I didn't have a preconceived idea of what the characters should look like. Jamie is Jace, Lilly is Clary, and so on. When I did read the books I saw the movie characters in my mind. I was heartbroken to learn that City of Ashes had been shelved. The fault was not in the actors but the director and writers who changed too much of the book. I believe they could still make these movies but must repair the damage left by changing the story line in the first movie. Bring back the original cast and for gods sake leave Jamie's hair alone. He is absolutely gorgeous just the way he is. Follow the books and the movies will succeed. Please give the movies another chance and listen to the author this time.

  198. Alexis says:

    I have read the book and seen the movie and I love them both. I am really happy to hear that they will continue with the series as a tv show. I really hope that Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower will be in it because they made the perfect Clary and Jace, so does the actor who plays Simon. I can not wait and I would love to finally see, instead of read, all the action that takes place after the City of Bones.

  199. maria says:

    Okay, I only seen the trailer once & with that I was hooked. I got the chance to see it on the big screen & I loved every part of the movie. Later on I found out it was a book series without any hesitation I bought the series & started reading them. Yes I agree the actors weren’t exactly as what we had in mind, but I think no movie should switch the actors but to work something out. I hope they don’t switch anybody! For if they do I wish them the best. For if they don’t you have my support :)

  200. Lila says:

    I'm disappointed that there won't be a movie since I loved the first one. I hated the books that I've read, if I'd have read the book first I'd never had watched the move. I'm almost afraid to see what they do with the tv series. I love the casting, not sure I want to see other ppl play these characters. Guess I'll wait and see.

  201. Hailey says:

    I love the idea of a Tv show and PLEASE keep all the same cast i think they did great. I can't wait for the show. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Emilie says:

    I loved the movie and the books and I hope that there would be another movie with the orignal cast.

  203. Lillian says:

    I think Lily collins was a good actress, not what I imagined at first but I grew on her and now I’m a huge fan of her work. Jamie is a good fit for jace to, he is what I imagined

  204. Lillian says:

    Ps: I loved the movie

  205. jbug03 says:

    I think who ever said that Jamie and Lilly didn’t play Clary and Jace right is wrong. I think that they prtrayed them perfect. Although Alec, Luke, and Izzy seemed a little off. Not meaning to offend anyone, just my opinion.

  206. S Renea says:

    I loved Clary, Jace and Simon. Jace should the thin, wirey and agile to perform the fears that he does. He had the perfect amount of sarcasm, wit and arrogance for what I think was the perfect Jace. The writers ruined the movie. They did not do the books or characters justice. Put Lily, Jamie and Robert in the Series with a good script and it is win win. Stick to the books. They are awesome alone. So much depth and detail left out. I pray the TV series will do Cassandra Clare work justice.

  207. S Renea says:

    I loved it too. Books were better but give Jamie, Lily and Robert a good script and it is a win win!

  208. Paris says:

    I have read all the Mortal Instruments series, fell in love after my friend recommended it to me. Best decision of my life. I am hoping MI becomes a t.v series, would DEFINITELY watch it. I would be destroyed if they replace Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower with new actors as Jace and Clary. I hope in the series they will follow the book more than what happened in the movie. However still loved the movie. I can't agree more with Lisa

  209. Paris says:

    I have read all the books and still re-reading over them. I absolutely loved Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower as Clary and Jace. A friend recommended to read this series. BEST DESICION OF MY LIFE. Would do it again. No joke :) My life would be destroyed if the tv series replaced Lilly and Jamie with new actors. I do wish the movie followed the books but DO NOT SHUT DOWN MI!

  210. Jess says:

    I think that the cast did their best, we all think about the characters differently. Like most agree I think that Jamie could use some more muscle but there are flaws about everyone. I would like to see the cast proceed the way they've been going but a little more not so awkward. I loved the books! I hope that they put more enthusiasm into it and I think I will enjoy seeing the books play out.

  211. Natasha says:

    I LOVE this series…I think making the books in to a TV series is awesome!! They can expand the episodes more than they ever could if they made movies about the series.
    I vote for the original cast all the way…they did an amazing job of choosing the cast for the movie and should keep the same cast for the TV series as well!!! ;) <3

  212. Geni says:

    Keep the cast!! I need closer so please finish the series however you can! Thank you.

  213. Alyssa says:

    the movie was not how i imagined it …….
    But i FREAKING loved it and the all the actors NEED to stay the same they did an awesome job ☺
    (Jamie as Jace, Lily as Clary, Robert as Simon, Godfrey as Magnus, Jemima as Izzy,Kevin as Alec, Lena as Jocelyn and aidan as luke) ☺
    if they do make it into a tv series i hope it comes out soon ☺

  214. robin says:

    a tv series is a good idea.

  215. brianna says:

    i loved the movie and the book idk WHY they would make a show it will be a wreck. if they do it will ruin the whole point of writing the books. i am young and they should just not make a tv show right after the movie!!!!! STICK WITH THE MOVIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Linda says:

    I'm really upset that they are continuing on with the movies. Considering how many details they had to get into the first one, I thought the movie was good even if they did have to divert from the book. I have watched it several times. I know they said it had lackluster results at the box office, but I really believe that had more to do with the lack of marketing and promoting. I never even knew the movie was coming out until I say Lily on Good Morning America discussing it. Absolutely no advertising was done in our area. At any rate, I hope the television series is good and hope they keep the original cast of characters, though I doubt that will be the case.

  217. Niki says:

    No movies ever follow books exactly, but I believe it would be better to make a movie instead of a tv series. The second book has a better chance of making more money than the first. The city of bones was dull. It was not exciting and was directed at the wrong fan base. Direct it specifically at teenagers instead of teenagers and adults. Parents find interest in what their children are doing. This includes reading, movie watching, outside activities, and friend groups. Based on this, the teenager will bring friends who are interested in other "worlds" that help escape realities. These kids tend to go home and tell their parents everything exciting, intriguing them to watch it themselves. A movie can't make money if it's too fact based.

  218. Victoria says:

    I believe that to have successful movie for the books they need to spend a hell of a lot more money. Harry Potter was a huge success because they threw lots of money at it.

  219. Jenn says:

    I’m excited at the prospect of a series, I agree Simon was great, Clary’s actress grew on me… Hated Magnus and Jace. Jace should be much more muscular and enticingly handsome… I always pictured Magnus as Adam Lambert–singer— can’t seem to get that out of my head.

    • Thar says:

      Wow, i thought i was going insane to be the only one to imagine Magnus as Adam Lambert. I think maybe its all the glitter and strangely good looks and the flamboyant sense of fashion and maybe the fact they are gay. Hahaha.

  220. Minh says:

    PLEASE!!!Keep Jamie! I want Jamie to play Jace ( He did well and I became Jamie and Lily fan after watching The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones)

  221. Dane says:

    I will be delighted if the same characters will play they roles again, though it will turn into TV series. The story was so good that I kept on reading until now all the books of the mortal instruments. Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, they made the first one an outstanding movie as well as the other casts. I'm hoping that this TV series won't change anything about the story including the artists who made the flow of the story more intetesting and exciting. #KeepTheOriginalCharacters

  222. Tharshiny says:

    Okay, I'm a great fan of the Mortal Instruments series and honestly, the movie disappointed me. Except for the main concept, they left out a terrible amount of details in the movie which made it feel incomplete. I watched it once and couldn't watch it again. As for the casts, I guess Lily and Robert are fine, they did pretty good. But the rest could use a change, especially for Jace. Jace Wayland/Herondale is charming, arrogant, full of himself, the prince of sarcasm but a pure, broken soul of a fallen angel inside. I did not see that in Jamie. And Valentine Morgenstern did not fit the description at all. So please, if you are going to make a series, keep the plot as close to the book as possible and make sure the cast have good chemistry with the characters. I personally can't wait to see Simon as a vampire. Fans will be especially anticipating characters like Raphael Santiago, the Seelie Queen, Maia Roberts, Jordan Kyle, Camille Belcourt, Emma Castairs and mainly Sebastian Morgenstern. So make Shadowhunters the series that impresses the fans and amazes those watching it for the first time as well. And you can even add a few scenes of Magnus and Alec from Magnus's point of view from the Bane Chronicles.

  223. MetalAngel says:

    Look, all you haters for the movie, I thought the cast and everything was great, Yeah they should have had Lily’s hair color more fiery, and Jamie a little more muscular, but honestly I think the TV Series MIGHT suck, im not trying to start any trouble here, but dude! The cast was Rad for TMI the original they were great, but you haters for the original cast The people your all naming off would possibly not suit the part so quit putting down Jamie, Lily and them do something useful with your life

    • MetalAngel says:

      And Alex Pettyfer? SERIOUSLY? Jamie sure as heck is better looking dudes! Who cares he isnt that skinny!

  224. claire says:

    i adore the series but i dont think lily fits in as clary… jamie has to stay!!! <3 i hope it comes out soon and hope its alot like the book series… i think Deborah ann woll o rMaria thayer but then again lily could do it but it seems she hesitates too much as clary, clary goes for it except i wish in the books sebastain lived and became good maybe add that too?


  225. Dezarae says:

    I saw the movie than read the booK’s I loved both but jace should be a lot taller clarys Hair should be redder valentine is supposed to have white hair and a beautiful Well kept man Simon was perfect. But they should keep the cast but make jace Taller (it’s Hollywood they could do it.) And fix everything else the chemistry was great and Jamie is hot and if you make it a movie make it foR a more mature audience. We should all petition a new movie and get it made.

  226. Kat says:

    wow, so much blame on the actors/actresses….I enjoyed the movie but of course I hadn't read the books yet….but still, it got me interested in reading them….I'm sorry there will not be a second movie! As for not following along the story line from the book, what movie really does…….some deviate, some skip parts, some make up new parts, etc…..you will never please everyone….and from what I've already seen the whole cast is being replaced which will be a shame as I think they all worked great together….but this is all my opinion and I'm sure someone will reply one way or another to it…..Blessed Be all and I hope the show turns out well…I for one most likely will not watch it since they have changed characters…

  227. Shadowhunter says:

    I've read all the books and honestly, I really tried to like the movie when I watched it but I just really couldn't. I think that the idea of making it into a tv series is great. Each book should be one season and each chapter one episode. I really hope they follow the actual books for the tv show and recast most of the characters (although Robert Sheehan made the perfect Simon and Magnus was also spot on). I really hope the outcome isn't disappointing.

  228. Allison says:

    The movie actually made me die on the inside. Jace is supposed to be angelic and sexy but… I cringed whenever he took his shirt off in the movie. Besides Jace, Valentine was my next biggest disappointment. but seriously though, what were the casting directors thinking? When I saw the movie for the first time, it was only a little terrible… but then I read the book again and re watched the movie. Needless to say it was ten times more terrible than what I had thought. The entire plot was completely screwed up! Clary and Jace do NOT ride off into the sunset together wtf, in fact they stop speaking to each other!! I would recommend just starting completely over because that movie was a piece of crap which brought tears of disappointment in my eyes.

    Side note: Why the heck was everyone British?? People from Idris are not automatically British come on

  229. megan says:

    I have all the books and love every one of them I disagree with most responses, I loved the cast I had issues with how the books where portraid into the movie it could have been better I agree but had no problem with the cast whatsoever

  230. Summer Rain says:

    This would be great as a TV series! I look forward to watching it! The books are incredibly entertaining and enjoyable. A TV series can actually include and explore the many facets of the story, unlike the movie which cut out many details that were important to the overall storyline.

  231. johnathan l says:

    I loved the books and the movie.I cant wait for the tv series to come out (when ever that is).

  232. lea cootware says:

    Can’t wait, I keep watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie over and over again wishing for a new one to come out

  233. hope says:

    Please try to keep all the same actors I loved the movie or at least try to keep the same actors. I'm just happy the books are coming to life. It seems that every ones a critic just be grateful these books are on screen. I've see the movie many times and I'll keep on watching them because their great. Crossing my fingers they keep the same actors. fan forever

  234. angel says:

    Everyone is a critic! The movie was great it didn't go to much on the book ,but they only have two hours the most and the books are longer. Give the movie credit at least it was on screen never thought it would, for that I'm grateful! I never thought these books would come to life I loved all of them. They made me laugh,cry,sad, and happy never thought books could do that but this stories did. Looking forward to the series and keeping my fingers cross they keep most of the same characters.

  235. karena says:

    I prefer it to finish out the movies before it goes to series and the reason it did so bad was because of lack of publicity on the movie in the first place. I did not even know about the movie until i was searching for new stuff. And after reading all the bokks some of the scenes are changed in the movie, im not complaining but it would be better to keep playing it out in the movie then have to switch around things ina series. Plus i hate changing of actors for roles. Stay with the same people until its completion.

  236. amber says:

    I believe that the books were amazing and filled with astonishing scenes and scenarios. I for one fell for jace myself after reading all of the books. Him and Clary are a amazing duo , and belong in any other films or tv series together with all the same actors. All of the actors they used in Mortal Instruments:City Of Bones worked together well i loved them . I truly believe that they belong as a group to make any new progress.I know my opinion might not matter that much but i am sort of apart of the audience reading.You're trying to please the audience. Jace & Clary fan forever <3

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