The new ‘Doctor Who’ season will hit home video with a tantalizing extra

July 19, 2010 | 2:17 p.m.


Doctor Who swirl

I just got word that the BBC is poised to announce that “Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series” will hit Blu-ray and DVD on November 9 and that it will contain a truly tantalizing extra: two newly filmed sequences, both written by Steven Moffat and available only in this collection.

Doctor Who Fifth Series

They are called “Meanwhile, in the TARDIS … ” and, as that title suggests, they are drop-in moments that show what happens between the episodes — I suspect they’re the comedy mortar between the story bricks, and with Moffat’s wry sensibility and the daft charms of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, I’m guessing these interstitial escapades have a chance to be pretty entertaining.

Down at Comic-Con International on Thursday, there are two panels and a screening that should interest the Whovians, the big one being the 8 p.m. screening of the season’s two-part finale. It’s the U.S. premiere of the season’s big finish, which met with strong reviews back in the U.K. when aired June 26.

Smith’s first year in the TARDIS was a romp; the upgrades to the show in production values, the shake-up in the creative team and the deft casting of Smith and Gillan took the series onward and upward in a way I didn’t think possible after David Tennant’s departure from the lead role. If you missed it, the home-video release might be a, uh, timely way to jump on board with a show that looks to have bigger and better things ahead.

— Geoff Boucher



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8 Responses to The new ‘Doctor Who’ season will hit home video with a tantalizing extra

  1. Dylan says:

    The cover is amazing, love it!! :D amazing series too, and i love the new daleks, tardis, doctor, companion(S) etc… :D

  2. badblokebob says:

    Super news.
    Though considering the mess 2entertain seem to be making of the Who DVDs since The Complete Specials set, I won't be surprised if they turn out to be the ONLY extra feature.

  3. Annette says:

    Nice looking forward to owning Doctor who. thanks for sharing.

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