‘The Walking Dead’: 10 characters we’ll miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

March 25, 2013 | 7:30 a.m.
ed The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

1. Ed
Nobody misses Ed, who was chewed up by the walkers in Season 1. When Shane beat up Carol's abusive husband (played by Adam Minarovich), we saw that Shane might be a little unhinged. (AMC)

amy walking dead The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

2. Amy
Amy, played by Emma Bell, was Andrea's kid sister. Part of the original survivors group, Amy and Andrea had their sisterly issues but a deep bond. When walkers invaded camp one night, Amy was a goner, and Andrea was devastated. (AMC)

otis The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

3. Otis
Otis' stint was brief but effective. Played by Pruitt Taylor Vince, he gained our respect soon after the hunting accident involving Carl. He felt responsible. He did the right thing. And when (thanks to Shane) Otis didn't come back from the pharmacy run, we were truly sorry. (Bob Mahoney / AMC)

oscar The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

4. Oscar
Oscar who? Seriously, Oscar (Vincent Ward) had no chance to flower. The Season 3 prison inmate gained Rick's trust by saving his life only to fall during the rescue mission to save Glenn and Maggie. (Tina Rowden/AMC)

merle The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

5. Merle
Merle went out in a burst of gunfire and glory. Michael Rooker played Merle. (Gene Page/AMC)

shane The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

6. Shane
Shane was brave and twisted, brutal and battle scarred. He couldn't be trusted, but he truly seemed to love his pal Rick ... and his pal Rick's wife. (Scott Garfield / AMC)

lori grimes pregnant The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

7. Lori
By the end of Season 2, a cadre of fans was irritated by the character (played by Sarah Wayne Callies) and her wishy-washy relationships with Rick and Shane. But her self-sacrifice redeemed her. (Gene Page / AMC)

t dog The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

8. T-Dog
T-Dog, played by Robert "IronE" Singleton, deserved better. (Gene Page/AMC)

dale The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

9: Dale
Played by Jeffrey DeMunn, Dale was the conscience of the group, the voice of reason in a cruel, cruel world. But when young Carl failed to shoot a walker stuck in mud, Dale paid the price. (Matthew Welch/AMC)

sophia The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

10. Sophia
Ed and Carol's daughter, Sophia, didn't deserve to come stumbling out of the barn as a zombie. it remains one of the series' most heart-wrenching events. (Screen grab / AMC)

beth1 The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

Alive but for how long? Beth
Hershel's daughter (Emily Kinney) doesn't seem as tough as her big sister Maggie (Lauren Cohan), which could make her prospects for survival tricky. (Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

andrea2 The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

Alive but for how long? Andrea
Andrea, a mainstay of the "Walking Dead" troupe, is tough as nails in Season 3, but she's at the mercy of the Governor. With all the self-sacrifice that's going on, could she sacrifice herself to take out the Governor? (Gene Page/AMC)

governor1 The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

Alive but for how long? The Governor
He's pure evil. He's gotta go. David Morrissey plays the Governor. (Gene Page/AMC)

glenn and maggie1 The Walking Dead: 10 characters well miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

Alive but for how long? Glenn and Maggie
Together, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are in danger. They're just too happy for this series, and of course, Glenn meets with a grim fate in Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" comic. (Gene Page/AMC)

Departing show runner Glen Mazzara has long contended that in the world of “The Walking Dead,” no one is safe. And it’s true that so far in the life of the AMC zombie series, a host of characters have met untimely deaths — at the hands of walkers and other dangers.

(A strong warning to anyone who might have missed Sunday’s episode, “This Sorrowful Life,” stop reading right now unless you want to know which major character met his end last night.)

In a shocking turn of events, David Morrissey’s ruthless Governor shot and killed Merle, leaving fans of the Dixon brothers heartbroken — even as they might have breathed a sigh of relief that Daryl’s life was spared — for now. (If there’s anyone the writers can’t kill, it’s Norman Reedus’ fan favorite; Mazzara conceded to Hero Complex that he’s heard from plenty of audience members who promise to revolt should anything happen to him.)

Michael Rooker’s Merle might not have been the most affable guy, but his exit surely will be felt in surprising ways. The ghosts of earlier members of Rick’s band of survivors continue to echo out in episodes even now, either as actual manifestations or as factors that cause the living characters to behave in certain ways.

In Season 1, a walker took several big bites out of Amy (Emma Bell). That turned her big sister Andrea (Laurie Holden) suicidal for a time. The character recovered her will to live and went on to former a sisterly relationship with Michonne (Dania Gurira), though obviously that particular bond has been sorely tested.

Season 2 proved especially lethal, though. Carl (Chandler Riggs) was nearly killed by a hunter’s bullet, and though he survived, that event set the stage for the death of Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) at the hands of Shane. Nor was Carl the only child in danger.

In what remains one of the show’s most heartbreaking moments, Season 2 brought the end of Carol’s daughter Sophia, who turned into a walker and had to be put down. Then there was Dale, followed almost immediately by Jon Bernthal’s Shane. Although the loss of Jeffrey DeMunn’s Dale represented a deep blow — he had become the group’s unfailing moral center — Shane’s death proved more complicated.

Anyone familiar with Robert Kirkman’s comic books might have had an inkling that the increasingly unhinged former lawman wouldn’t survive the show’s unforgiving post-apocalyptic landscape. But it wasn’t a hungry zombie that did Shane in — it was a knife wound to the gut courtesy of his former best friend and partner, delivered in a spectacular moonlight standoff in the second-season finale that gave the actor a chance to finally pop in a pair of zombie contact lenses.

And in taking Shane’s life to protect the group, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes stepped onto the path he’s followed this season, one of deep inner turmoil.

Lori — wife of Rick, mother of young Carl — made a monumental self-sacrifice in Season 3 when she had a Caesarean to save her unborn baby, the child-of-questionable-parentage, and it spelled Lori’s doom, and the departure of actress Sarah Wayne Callies. We also said goodbye to another original Atlanta survivor, T-Dog — how could you not like T-Dog? From Seasons 1 to 3, he seemed to get sidelined, but he did suffer a heroic death, sacrificing himself to walkers to save Carol (whose abusive husband Ed, played by actor Adam Minarovich, died in Season 1).

After losing a couple of new characters met along the way — Axel, we hardly know you — now there’s Merle.

Speaking on the Georgia set of the show earlier this year, Rooker was quick to defend his often unlikable character.

“Merle for me has always been not at all what I think most people think of Merle, as somewhat of a cliched Southern bigoted redneck,” Rooker explained. “Merle’s been around the world, been around the corner a few times, had some knocks and bruises, encounters with law enforcement. And you know what? He’s a tough … you don’t want to mess with him. In the way I sort of envisioned and developed the character, so far Merle is not some sort of psychopathic killing machine — when it comes to zombies, yes, he absolutely loves it and is quite good at it. [But now] Merle’s kind of found a home, but there’s still something missing, his family. His family is his brother.”

The Season 3 finale is upon us, “Welcome to the Tombs.” Starting Monday night, AMC will begin a weeklong marathon of “The Walking Dead,” from the first episode through “This Sorrowful Life,” in preparation for the finale.  The big question is, are we going to lose someone else from our diminishing band of survivors?

In the gallery above, we look back on 10 characters who have completed their time on “The Walking Dead.” Also included: five characters who might be in grave danger.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, as well as your ideas of who might be next.

—  Gina McIntyre


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69 Responses to ‘The Walking Dead’: 10 characters we’ll miss; 5 in danger (spoilers)

  1. Owly says:

    I guessed Merle and Ben would die. I think Beth, Milton, Andrea and Ben's father will die by season finale.

    • Morgan says:

      I agree for the most part, but I don't think Andrea will die, she's too important to upcoming story arches, I'm also doubting Amy will die, at least this season.

    • Erin Osborne says:

      I'm thinking that if the show doesn't want to turn off viewers (the ones who do not read the comics) they will probably have the Governor kidnap baby Judith. remember, Michonne killed his little girl, so I can see him doing something twisted like that. He might get away and we'll see him mid-season finale next year. Nobody really wants to see a baby die….sorry a lot of people don't! Tyrese will live, he's too new to die. All of Woodbury buys the farm….I think Rick and the gang filled C Block with walkers and that's what Allen is opening the door to on the previews and why it looks like Rick's gang is packing up to leave, they go hide their stuff elsewhere….and the title of the episode is WELCOME TO THE TOMBS….the tombs are the lowest bowels in prisons where they keep the sodomites and crazies….that might be where this whole thing takes place because lets face it, an open battle would be hands down Woodbury since they heavily out-arm Rick's gang!! (I still think we'll see walker Lori)

  2. nikkiyuan says:

    dude, for Beth's entry, i hope you meant love interest for Carl and not rick. cause that's just gross.

  3. Imelda says:

    Hey thanks for the spoiler in the photo caption about Glenn. For those of us who haven't read the comics, that kind of sucked.

  4. SaintRond says:

    I like the governor. I hope he kills Rick, then takes up with Maggie's little sister.

  5. teresa says:

    i am gonna miss that bigoted redneck merle he was a fighter and i hope daryle isnt the next to get it the group needs him …and that governor needs to get his by a bunch of zombies but i think the mousy guy at woodbury who follows him around his advisor is gonna b the one to take him out…and rick and the gang either need to stand their ground and protect their home or get the hell out and go to another place which i think if the governor isnt takin out will follow them there too

    • I love the walking dead says:

      I love many characters on the show. I wouldn’t mind if Rick died, but if they kill Daryl, michonne,Glen,Maggie, or the baby, I will never watch this show again! I almost did after Lori died.

  6. A-Dog says:

    Glen lives. Don't worry about him.

  7. Kathy says:

    I love ths show, too…..I hope none of the group die…it's getting way to small already.

  8. Nancy says:

    Rick's group is really small right now and personally I don't think any of the group should die, however, I have a feeling that Hershel may die. I don't think Rick will die, he is the leader and Darryl is content as his right hand man, and is not comfortable as a leader. If Judith dies, which I know all the writers want to kill her off (b/c its a nightmare to keep a baby plot going) I will have a really hard time with it and they might as well kill Rick at the same time, b/c he won't survive emotionally if his kids are killed.

  9. BoomShakalaka says:

    Milton has accepted a cast part in another series …butter him up..he's Toast!

  10. anon says:

    Keep in mind ppl die in this show. I hate that Merle is dead, and T-Dog as well. This show forces ppl to die. I would really be upset if beth died though. I think her and Carl are sweet and if they die, or the baby, I think the show will be too dark. We gotta have hope otherwise this just becomes some slasher flick and viewership will drop.

  11. DanoMun says:

    We need Milton, as he is the last link to the technology needed to restart the world. He seems to be the most educated, most comfortable with technology, and is probably the guy keeping the lights on, water running, and solar panels working in Woodbury. Nobody else seems to be technically adept. I'm not certain Milton doesn't end up as the new leader eventually, probably with Andrea as his queen/first lady.

  12. Walker Hunter says:

    I prediction of Merle dying was right sadly… I also predict that Beth, Carol, and everyone on the Gov's side will die

  13. Abby says:

    Okay, I'll be honest. Kill whoever you want – but if you even TOUCH Daryl, I will riot. He is honestly the best fighter in this show, and after last night, I wonder what he's going to do..

    • anon says:

      HAHA!! OH please Daryl aint that good why do so many like him he's scruffy and dirty looking :) Shane Rick and Merle are the best.. also you do know this show cant go on forever there will come a time when it has to finish as all tv shows eventually do one way or another they will either live or die so prepare for the worst whatever may come of the group

  14. Broken says:

    I have a feeling the only one's that survive are Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie.

  15. Jgilly says:

    It’s a zombie apocalypse people. Everyone’s gonna die sooner or later. So just enjoy the show and see how it turns out you’ll be surprised!

    • anon says:

      Well said Jgilly why all this fuss and commotion over certain characters dieing or not dieing FFS!! PEOPLE IT'S A TV SHOW IT'S NOT REAL LIFE!! LOL GET A GRIP!! if Daryl dies he dies no big WHOOP if Rick or Glen come to an end no big WHOOP it's a zombie apocalypse what do you expect to happen ? for them to live happily ever after hahaha this is no fairy tale people this is life or death and if be things happen like they do then oh well that's life :) cant go of forever an end has to happen at some point

  16. Taylor says:

    Kill off Glenn, Maggie, and Andrea for sure. Kill off everyone in Woodbury (except Tyreese). Give an open-ended cliffhanger death for the Governer and bring him back in a season or two. Those that should always be safe: Daryl (fan favorite), Michonne (too badass not to exploit more), Carl (future spinoff main character), and Rick (main character).

  17. cosmodeus says:

    i think lori is undead and will feast on judith and either carol or beth. we never did see a corpse. i think carl is hiding her and will do something twisted to protect her

    • Lana says:

      Dead Lori was eaten by that one zombie that we see with an enormous belly when Rick goes to see her body!

    • bay says:

      that would actually be an awesome plot twist

      • Erin says:

        A walker cannot eat a HUMAN SKULL so no way did that walker eat ALL of Lori. he ate her placenta and he grasped at her and got some hair in his mouth but NO WAY a walker disposes of a skull, femur bone, blue jeans and boots!!! I also think Lori (who is still credited on the show) will come back as a walker because I too think Carl is hiding her! I think Lori will either kill the GOV….or baby Judith unfortunately!!

      • kev says:

        Details, details! Lori was totally eaten. She's still credited on the show because Rick continues to see her ghost in his crazy visions.


    Daryl die. Must prepare for a riot now!!!!!

  19. Daniel says:

    "But it wasn’t a hungry zombie that did Shane in — it was a knife wound to the gut courtesy of his former best friend and partner, delivered in a spectacular moonlight standoff in the second-season finale that gave the actor a chance to finally pop in a pair of zombie contact lenses."

    Shane was killed in the episode prior to the finale, not the finale itself.

  20. Tom says:

    Hershel will die. It's too difficult and unrealistic for a one legged aged guy to survive a zombie apocalypse hobbling around on crutches.
    I think Ricks baby may die as well, it would make for a shocking plot twist that nobody would expect.

  21. Rob says:

    why do they keep killing off the good looking women on the show. Andrea needs to stay. and be the one to help Rick with the baby and what is going to happen to the baby???

  22. Gabriel says:

    Ohhohohoh, No, we won't miss Ed :) after how he acted with the women?

  23. Travis says:

    Glenn doesn't die in the comics till way after the prison…. He'll live.

  24. Jon says:

    I think Carol will get taken out along with Judith in the same way that Lori and Judith get it in the comics. I also see either Andrea or Milton taking out the Governor

  25. Bonmot says:

    I can't guess whose next on the current "death panel", but my long-term guesstimate is that the ending finale of the entire show (hopefully years from now) will be Rick's death and Carl's survival as an adult as he goes forward alone in the ZA – it's how his Dad started. Best series I've ever seen in my lifetime!

  26. Jeff says:

    I cheered when Dale died. He was killing Season 2. I know a lot of people that gave up during that season. After he died, the story could finally start moving forward again.

  27. sorrowful says:

    in the book the judith dead and glenn dies later on after he finds out maggies pregnant and theres just rick,michonne,maggie,andrea,carl

  28. Gabe says:

    If The Governor attacks with a large enough army, the Prison will be taken and the gang's going to have to run. In the season finale, Beth, Herschel, Milton, Allen, The Governor, Sasha, and Daryl all have equal chance of dying. They just introduced Tyreese, so he's probably going to step up as Rick's right-hand man. Unfortunately, that puts Daryl in danger – they've set it up so he's the likely contender to go toe to toe with the Governor in a final firefight in the season's finale. If it is Daryl that has to go – WE RIOT.

  29. virginia says:

    Daryl better not die. Don't you dare touch him!

  30. dj 91479 says:

    beth,hershel,glen,andrea and judith die.oh and the governer for sure.tyreesee and martinez join ricks group.

  31. Victor Ruggio says:

    I see Morgan hooking up with the group and discovering Michonne as a love intrest.
    Then I see them adopting Carl after Rick's untimely demise.
    I like Rick but he's too unhinged; I don't think he'll last.

  32. Vink says:

    May I suggest that everyone needs to read the graphic novel. When TWD first aired I had not read any of the books. My son actually turned me on to them. They are way more intense and riviting than the TV show. If you are a true fan of the show all I do is suggest that you should read the books before next season starts. The show is a departure from the books and even after reading them it really does not give you a clear road map to the show.

  33. mwaltemyer says:

    The Governor is going to kidnap Judith and escape. Andrea will die trying to save her.

  34. Laura says:

    I think the ending will be that the baby Judith is immune to the virus.

  35. undead fan says:

    Although there were some characters that I would have liked to see survive, having everyone survive this new world would be unrealistic. Also, I agree with Tom's post. It would also be unrealistic to think Hershel would be able to survive in a world overrun by the dead. An older person with only one leg? I really don't think we will see him in season 4, if we do, he will be a zombie because he got shot in the battle with "The Governor."

  36. twitpicktorchik says:

    Rick is gonna die season 3 end

  37. Belinda says:

    We love Walking Dead! Rick, Daryl,

  38. Belinda says:

    My family & I love Walking Dead! Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn & Maggie make the show! We hope it never ends!

  39. Roger says:

    Who was Andrew that Carl referenced that killed his mother?

  40. cassie says:

    i heard that darrel and most of the others will die at the end it said rick dies on the last episode i relly hope not i would be so mad!!!!!!!!!

  41. Sean Farris says:

    I just heard from someone who says the alcohol leached the sourness out of the pith of the peel, and soured the jello?

  42. Jamie Luke says:

    Rick should of got killed in season 2 than shane that was Shane's group not ricks?.

  43. rusty says:

    daryl needs to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Denise says:

    Why people like Glenn so much? He's not smart or interesting, he hasn't improved, he takes weak decisions and makes that stupid "angry boy" face all time, and only does what he's told (if he's not having sex). I mean, it's okay that people need some ordinary young guy to love… but it's so fool need something like that in a show so full of amazing characthers.

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