Tom Welling: Five ‘Smallville’ co-stars who taught me most

Nov. 11, 2011 | 9:12 a.m.
smallville glover Tom Welling: Five Smallville co stars who taught me most

Welling said veteran actor John Glover was a key influence. "As an actor, there's really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. The way he was able to come in with Lionel Luthor -- who was, literally, not supposed to stay around long -- and create so much, it was amazing. Whenever I was going to work with him, it really got me going. I knew it was always going to be interesting and great. I learned a great deal from him. He does a lot of homework before he gets to the set." (Jack Rowand/The CW)

smallville rosenbaum Tom Welling: Five Smallville co stars who taught me most

The complicated on-screen relationship between Lex Luthor and Clark Kent spilled over to the set. "Michael Rosenbaum playing Lex was huge," Welling says. "A fan favorite in every way, of course. He taught me a lot about what to do but he also taught me a lot about what not to do. He's such a dynamic actor and has these great comedic sensibilities. He's a very different person than his character and his ability to jump in and out -- literally at the snap of a finger -- amazed me. It taught me that I don't work that way and it did it in a good way. I learned about what I needed to do." (Jack Rowand/The CW)

smallville parents Tom Welling: Five Smallville co stars who taught me most

Annette O'Toole and John Schneider played Martha and Jonathan Kent, the adoptive parents of the last son of Krypton -- and on the set they were also key figures for Welling as he learned to handle fame, stress and craft challenges. "Jonathan and Martha Kent were huge, not as an influence only on Clark's life but on the set and being mentors to me and being someone for me to learn from." (Jack Rowand/The CW; The WB)

smallville reeve welling Tom Welling: Five Smallville co stars who taught me most

In 2003, Christopher Reeve, the man who starred as Superman on the silver screen, created a ratings sensation when he appeared on "Smallville." Welling still gets emotional when he reflects on the encounter with the star, who had been paralyzed in a horse-riding accident. "At the top of the list is Christopher who came on the show as the Dr. Swann character. Beyond the show, it was such a phenomenal experience for me and for all of us. I'll never forget that." Reeve died in 2004. (Ken Regan/The WB)

In May, after 10 seasons, Tom Welling said goodbye to “Smallville” (and Metropolis) but loyal fans can revisit the world of Clark Kent, his friends, foes and lovers with the massive new collector’s DVD set that hits stores on Nov. 29. And we do mean massive — the super-sized collection costs $340 but has all 218 episodes and more than five hours of special features, all spread out over 62 discs. That’s right, 62 discs.

For Welling, now 34, the decade as the Man of Steel has defined his career and adult life.

“Even in the early days of the show, I approached it like I was in school and I was always going to be learning,” Welling said. “Luckily, we got people through the door who were creative and highly talented and the environment on the set was always very collective and open and warm. And I learned a lot, more than I can even say, really.”

We asked Welling to name the co-stars who taught him the most and he came up with five names right away. His answer are above in the photo gallery, be sure to click “CAPTIONS ON.”

— Geoff Boucher


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35 Responses to Tom Welling: Five ‘Smallville’ co-stars who taught me most

  1. Lt Robert T Jeffcoat Sr says:

    Mr. Welling can say more with his facial expressions than most actors say with their whole bodies. We miss him coming into our home every week. God Bless him and his family.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Great interview. It's always great to read a Tom Welling interview.

  3. Sarah says:

    tom welling is a talented actor is very good in the role of villain !

  4. paul lapke says:

    i like Clark Kent misson

  5. mgb says:

    Tom Welling is so talented, and I miss Smallville terribly. I'm re-watching season 10 now, and I realize even more what a great show it was.

  6. MARK GEORGEFF says:

    This is really cool to see Tom give props to his co stars. To see someone that talented and then give it up to hard work; prep and the influences of so many…makes me quickly forget about the b.s. of the same business. Congrats Tom.

  7. TRISH says:




  8. Ellen says:

    He has grown up so much over the years. In a lot of ways it feels like I've grown up with him. I was in high school when I started watching Smallville. Me and Clark and Tom all seemed to be growing up at the same time. My guess is that I will always love Tom. There is just something unique and intense about that sort of connection.

  9. thinkypiece says:


    I love it when he plays villains. He is so effective and scary. He has a really dark and menacing aura about him then. He is a really big guy with strong features. Usually that is offset and softened by how sweet Clark Kent is, but when Tom is playing someone else, that physical presence can get very dark and scary.

    I also loved how Red-K Kal was not the same sort of bad as Ultraman or Bizaro. Each was villainous and dark in their own way. Kal was a force of pure choas, wildly out of control. Bizaro was sly and malicious. Ultraman was cold, seductive, and very much a Luthor. Not only does Tom do villains well, he does different types of villains well. He really became a great actor. Much credit to those around him who taught him along the way.

  10. seriously says:

    This man is so gorgeous. It’s just unbelievable.

    My God! Look at him!


  11. Giovanni Gemini says:

    I cant believe its the end of smallville. Tom Welling brought the best that has ever been in superman history. He sure puts the 'S' in superman. We'll miss him. Hope he has projects that will bring more of him to the screen

  12. Lillian Igunbor says:

    i really miss smallville, though i have d complete seasons, there's nothing like waiting 4 another new season.. i wish u guys can come together again and act something else, it will be a BOMB..
    all d same, i MISS and LOVE u guys

  13. mary says:

    TOM WELLING is fantastic actor , we miss a lot and should be back soon on TV!

  14. ellen says:

    I love tom welling is my SUPERMAN!

  15. ALEJANDRA says:

    Love you Tom, miss you, come back soon PLEASEEEEEE!!!

  16. Fatima says:

    Hey,Geoff! Thanks for the Tom Welling article on 11-11-11! And, Tom Welling, you are truly the BEST at interviews! I was wondering was this conducted back in May, 2011, or did you meet up with Tom Welling lately, like in Los Angeles, in November 2011!???

    • tiki says:

      I suspect this was done with the original interview back in May, and just held until the DVD was due. But, I’d love it if we got more new interviews. It needs to happen! Tom Welling is so fantastic and we are starving for information on him!

  17. much love says:

    I cry over how much I miss Tom!!!

    Please come back!!!!

  18. quizling says:

    He is mindblowingly attractive. He even makes those awful glasses look sexy.

  19. jsyk says:

    Let it be known: I would pay to see and own anything this man does. Movies. TV. Plays. Reading the fricking phone book. He stirs something fierce in me. I would happily pay to drink his bathwater.

  20. Paige says:

    I wish the show was still on! Watched it from the first season…AWESOME SHOW and Tom Welling is hott!

  21. hodgepodge says:

    Tom grew as an actor by leaps and bounds over the course of the show. He was always striking and charismatic, even at the beginning, but his technique grew more subtle and nuanced over time. I hope he doesn’t give up acting to go entirely into producing and directing. That would be such an incredible waste.

    I really think he has the potential to be a huge megastar of the Brad Pitt or Clooney variety. However, I don’t know if he has the required ambition. It takes a mercilessly burning ambition to reach that level. So many actors in Hollywood have the ambition, but they don’t have the whole package of charisma, outstanding looks, talent, devoted fanbase, and networking abilities. Welling has the whole package, except perhaps not the ambition. How ironic. What a waste if he never becomes the megastar he could be.

  22. Smallvillian says:

    I love tom , smallville will forever be my favorite show , tome will foreer be oe of my favorite actors , kristin , erica, michael ,allison , and the resy of the cast have impacted mu life in so many way not just with smallville …with their outside projects and endeavors too .. don't worry tom .. the smallville legacy will forever live on :) . <3

  23. Barry E. Taff, Ph.D. says:

    I watched Smallville religiously, as it was superbly written, acted & directed. Tom Welling was absolutely perfect as Clark Kent as were John Schneider and Anette O'Toole as Johnathan and Martha Kent. Although all good things must eventually end, and it was a very sad day when Smallville completed it's ten year run. I do not watch much television anymore as most of the shows are not worth my time, but Smallville made up for an otherwise depressing array of network and cable offerings. Who knows, after Superman: Man of Steel hits the screen in 2013, there might be room for yet another perfectly crafted series like Smallville regarding the life of Superman on television. We can always hope and pray, can't we?

  24. Avi says:

    I want a spin-off titled Metropolis. I can write a story. Just introduce me to a producer who is ready to invest moony and convince all regular cast members to reprise their role because I write stories with them in mind.

  25. marisol abelenda says:

    Mr Welling has portrayed the warmest, most human and stunningly good looking Clark Kent I´ve seen ever!!..but I do hope he moves on to play many, many different roles and expands to the maximum his undoubtable talent. I wish him all the luck and hope he comes back on the big or small screen soon!!!!! I do miss enjoying the pleasure of seeing him…ALOT!!!

  26. mishell carvajal says:

    eres mui buen actor no ainadie mejorpara interpretar a clark kent felicitaciones sige aci no cambies bales mill

  27. hurryup says:

    This man NEEDS to get back to work so that I can LUST after him properly!!!

  28. raquel says:

    I miss erika and tom together I really want to have another episode for Lois and Clark

  29. love you Tom says:

    My gosh, just seeing his face makes me insanely happy!

  30. Olorunsola Opeyemi says:

    I love clark kent when it comes to his abilities.

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