‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling knows what you’re thinking: ‘Why doesn’t he just put on the suit?’

Sept. 23, 2010 | 6:01 p.m.

Clark Kent is growing into the super man we all knew he could be as “Smallville” begins its 10th and final season on Friday. Jevon Phillips writes about the show and the actor who has portrayed Clark Kent longer than anyone else, Tom Welling.

small hero ‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling knows what you’re thinking: ‘Why doesn’t he just put on the suit?’

Tom Welling as a heroic Clark Kent in "Smallville." (Credit: Warner Bros. Television Entertainment)

Tom Welling’s first memory on the set of “Smallville” nine years ago was a chance meeting with a young production assistant named Chris Petry. The actor waved at Petry, who returned the greeting. Almost a decade later, Petry is all grown up and now serves as one of the show’s producers and occasionally directs. As for Welling, well, he is still almost Superman.

“The two of us were just sitting around the other day and going ‘Eh, not too bad. Not too bad for nine years. [We’ve] done all right,” said Welling, who is also an executive producer on the show and on the new CW program “Hellcats.”

The original vision for “Smallville,” which begins its 10th and final season Friday, was not to dazzle viewers so much with a red-and-blue-suited alien leaping tall buildings as it was to explore the early life of Clark Kent, explained the 33-year-old actor. That character study has been as successful as anyone on the show could have imagined a decade ago and now a generation of kids and young adults know Welling as the defining image of a capeless Superman.

The show’s creators, Al Gough and Miles Millar, embraced the opportunity to write a rich, new narrative for the iconic character’s journey to manhood.

“I know that sometimes we’ve done some things fans didn’t like — though other fans really appreciate — but we’ve just going our own path knowing that eventually he would become Superman,” said Welling, whose character still hasn’t leapt a building in a single bound.

But come on — 10 years of teasing fans with Clark’s maiden flight?

“Some people might be a little upset that it’s taken this long, but I think that we have to embrace the fact that if we’d done it in the first season, the show would be over,” said Welling. “The whole point was to try to elongate this journey or this transition that Clark has to becoming Superman.”

The show has endured challenges in its 10 seasons including the demise of its original network, the WB. The program has seen its viewership drop — 8.4 million for the show’s premiere in 2001 to 2.3 million for last year’s opener — though that’s not unusual for an aging show. And it’s faced the inevitable questions, especially from hardcore comic book readers about their narrative choices.

“It’s got its own continuity — just like Richard Donner’sSuperman,'” said Geoff Johns, chief creative officer for DC Entertainment, a comic book writer and an occasional writer for “Smallville.” “It’s built its own world, and it’s certainly a huge legacy. It’s crazy … I mean Tom Welling has spent more hours as Clark Kent than anyone in history.”

smallville ‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling knows what you’re thinking: ‘Why doesn’t he just put on the suit?’

Many hail Christopher Reeve (over, say, George Reeves or Dean Cain) as the quintessential Man of Steel, and Brandon Routh’s rendition in 2006’s “Superman Returns” was generally well received, but Welling’s “Smallville” longevity gives him a special place in superhero lore.

“When he [Welling] finally becomes Superman, he will be, to me, stepping into the role and becoming Christopher Reeve,” said executive producer Brian Peterson. “We really want it to end where a lot of people in the world … where their knowledge of Superman picks up. Our goal was not to create mythology but to fill in a gap of mythology.”

But will fans be satisfied now that they’ve waited?

“I think the dilemma and the challenge this year is waiting until the end of the show,” said Welling. “At this point you’re like, ‘Why doesn’t he just put on the suit?’ I mean, come on — he’s doing the same stuff now, so why not? That’s the challenge — to make that last until the end.” And speaking of the end, that issue presents a special challenge.

“We all know that Clark doesn’t die,” said Welling. “I just want the audience to get the feeling that I got watching [the “24” finale] … a feeling of hope, and faith that he’s going to continue, and that he’s out there somewhere.”

— Jevon Phillips


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86 Responses to ‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling knows what you’re thinking: ‘Why doesn’t he just put on the suit?’

  1. Liam says:

    Huge Smallville fan across the pond out there in the UK. Huge Tom Welling fans. Can't wait for Season 10, its been a great ride for this iconic character of Clark Kent, shall be bittersweet to watch the premiere tomorrow but I know Tom and the rest of the cast will go out with a bang! Very excited for S10!

  2. Jenny says:

    Awesome! Tom Welling is Superman!

  3. thehumanscorch says:


    Ah sure do like this here big ass paycheck.

  4. Lola says:

    you jerks, i wait for ten years to see him put on a stupis suit and then u try to give me an abiguous ending?!!! i think i hate this show, at first i was a devoted fan but now its just a way to try to rake in more money.

    • LLM says:

      He is going to put the suit on eventually

    • lanai says:

      I really miss smallville and especially Tom Welling! I would like to see him play another superhero character he has the face and body for it. I was a very faithful watcher of smallville and I actually saw him grow up on the show well matured from a young adult to an adult. Gonna miss you smallville as lois says

      • jaclyn says:

        I think tom and erica should remake the adventures of lois and clark! it’d be a huge hit! they work so well together!

  5. Lola says:

    this show should have ended a long time ago

  6. Tivochick says:

    Paragraph 6: "…whose character still hasn’t leapt a building in a single bound."
    That is incorrect. Examples of Clark leaping buildings in a single bound include:
    Insurgence 2.12 Crimson 6.13 Requiem 8.14 Hex 8.17 Charade 9.19
    Helping journalists everywhere get the Smallville legacy correct.

  7. camycats says:

    Good article! Thanks for sharing it. And yes, it's totally understandable that some fans may or may not like certain things they do on the show, but isn't that normal on tv anyway? Some episodes on a show are good, some greater than others and then some just stink. 10 years in the making whether the rating numbers are in the 10 millions or the 2 millions just goes to show that it is STILL LOVED! I agree when Geoff Johns says that Smallville has its own continuity. I'm no comic book pro, but doesn't that happen with the comic books as well? With so many different versions and/or series of Superman, it's kind of hard to follow sometimes. And again, it's understandable what Miles and Gough started off to do, their creative idea has journeyed okay through the years. I have confidence in what the current Smallville team has in stored for us this Season 10! :)

  8. Rikki says:

    I'm so sad the show is ending, but so excited that Superman is beginning.

  9. Galacticity says:

    The authors, while creating an aura of fan feeling about the show, miss an essential point about this series. They have to be very careful not to infringe on the "Superboy" material – about which there has been legal kerfuffles. So they can't show Clark flying or wearing the suit as a child or a teen-ager….

    • Brett says:

      That's incorrect. The "legal kerfuffle" to which you refer encompasses the characters of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (it's an intellectual property rights claim brought by the heirs of one of the creators of the "Superman" character). "Clark Kent" and "Lois Lane" are two of the properties at the heart of that claim, yet they appear on the show, prominently, so the reasons for not putting Clark in the suit yet probably have little if anything to do with the legal dispute.

  10. shuster480 says:

    I can't wait to see how this season plays out! I'm very excited and have been watching since the beginning. Way to go Tom! You're doing a great job!

  11. mgb says:

    Thank you Tom, for giving us so many years of enjoyment. You are truly Superman to the millions of Tom Welling/Smallville fans throughout the world. We'll miss the show, but hope to see you on the big screen.

  12. anthony welby says:

    i dont think it should be over cause theres a lot of people thats dose not want to end. and i do not want it to end.

    p.s i watch all the time is cause i love it.

  13. robert says:

    Tom Welling is Superman beside Christopher Reeve. Those two men are and will forever be The Men of Steel – SUPERMAN!
    I'm so excited for the Premier of Smallville Season 10 Episode #1. "Lazarus" I can't wait to see thias episode and so on for the rest of the 10 and Last and Final Season of Smallville!!!

    • Brett says:

      I have to include Dean Cain in that pantheon, and I'd put him ahead of Tom Welling, with all due respect to the creators, cast, and fans of "Smallville." "Lois and Clark" seemed to hew a lot more closely to the comics than has "Smallville" over the years. While "Smallville";s "Lex Luthor" was a terrific creation, what has been done with (and to) characters like Lana Lang, Lois Lane, and most of the other villains has been far less interesting to me than if the writers had made even an attempt at a more faithful adaptation.

      • Robert says:

        Dean Cain was good I'll admitt that. and i value your oppnion but at the same time have Tom Welling just before him. After all it is 10 season and lois and clark were 4. ha "JK"

  14. Superman fan says:

    I liked watching the show in the beginning. I think Clark should have transformed to Superman at least two season ago.

  15. Isabella says:

    I think it's a mistake to have waited for so long before making Clark fly. It's not a big deal anymore since everyone and his dog has done it on that show. And I think it's sad that we will have seen Clark's cousin fly more often than him on the show.
    Instead of rationalizing and making excuses, just give the fans what they want on this final season. It's about time that non-shipper Clark fans get a payoff. And no, Clark on this show is not Supêrboy anymore, he's 23 for God's sake.

    • kweilin says:

      Oh good lord! He did fly – several times!!! When under the influence of red kryptonite. Beginning of season – was it 6 or 7? – he flew, ripped door off Lex’s plane…anybody? He just didn’t fly all the time. Big whup. Good show…good writing most of the time.

  16. JohnRJ08 says:

    This show has toyed around so much with the character's generally accepted backstory that he is almost unrecognizable. Basically, Smallville is nothing more than a semi-rural Beverly Hills 90210 with a super main character. I never accepted this version of the Kent's so I could never accept Tom Welling as Superman. Nine years of teasing has just been too much.

  17. Miffy says:

    Um, does anyone other than nerds and losers really watch this show?

    • Marry me Clark says:

      said the nerd/loser writing pointless comments in a discussion forum at the bottom of a Smallville article which they obviously read… what are you talking about? ha ha

  18. Rose says:

    And THEN we get a Smallville movie with Welling as Superman. Right? RIGHT???

    • Brett says:

      Not likely. "Superman" is still in development as a big screen project, and I doubt that Christopher Nolan, who's producing, has any interest in continuing with the TV show's pocket universe. I understand the storyline for the next "Superman" film will attempt to show how the real world would react to a super powered alien coming to Earth.

    • Robert says:

      i'm so with you on that. if tom can't be superman in nolans new film then they should take smallville to the big screen

      • Rose says:

        I'd be satisfied with just a TV movie or something straight to DVD. Nolan can have the big screen and Welling can have the small. I think there's room for both versions.

  19. RONB3 says:

    Smallville has been a great show. I hope they end it right and finally give us Superman. The costume, the flying, the whole nine yards. Don't pull a 'Sopranos' by showing the audience a cape and fading to black. That would be a slap in the face to those who have stuck with the show for it's ten year run.

  20. Jakob says:

    I've grown up watching Smallville and I hope the best for Tom Welling's career as an actor! P.S. Great article at CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/TV/09/23/superher… A few reasons why Smallville works and has been on television so long.

    "It started out being about a family in Kansas struggling to make ends meet," added fellow executive producer Kelly Souders. "We always emphasize the emotions. At its heart, I hope it would touch people and give them a place to come home to."

  21. Jen says:

    That is not what I'm thinking. Tom Welling is the worst Clark Kent — or Superman — ever. And I'm tired of hearing about how 'it's a journey'. In fact, if I ever hear those words about any other TV show, I won't watch it, no matter what it's about. This show is a travesty. Clark is NOT a hero, and never will be a hero. He's a self-righteous jerk, who has committed any number of crimes for which he never paid, including theft and assault and B & E, and brainwashing, and on and on. Yet he thinks of himself as some great moral judge and jury. To Hell with him, and I'm glad this show is nearly over, because it doesn't deserve to still be on the air when so many shows far better have been cancelled before their time.

    • WTF says:

      You could just…I don't know…not watch it? Rather than being an idiot?

      • Jen says:

        Here's a fact you may not have come across before: not everyone shares your opinions. There are people out there in the world who don't like your favourite TV shows — or perhaps they even like shows you hate. Here's another fact: just because someone has a different opinion from yours, does not mean they are idiots. Also — and this is probably a truly amazing new fact for you — people are entitled to express their opinions, just like you. Even if they don't like Smallville and Tom Welling's Clark Kent.

        The world would be a dull place if everyone either agreed with you, or kept their mouths shut. Of course, you'd be happier, because your own opinions would never be debated or perhaps knocked down as wrong. But you'd be living in a false paradise, in which you'd never learn to think critically. I'd suggest that you make an attempt to consider a different new opinion every once in a while, without calling the person with that different opinion an idiot. How about it?

    • Jean says:

      I disagree with you. Tom Welling is a great actor. He is the reason why I watch the show. Kristin Kreuk made the show worse. I stopped watching in season 8 when she returned. I wish tom welling all the best.

    • tiffany says:

      you are crazy! Tom Welling is the best Clark Kent!

  22. Miffy Abuser says:

    [quote]Um, does anyone other than nerds and losers really watch this show?[/quote]

    Ummm…No !

    We Nerds and Losers just come here to post messages on this board…

    Welcome to the losers club :-)

    I think some of last seasons eps (not all) have been the best and am glad it lasted this long and thankful it has this last season left for the change over.

  23. Jevon Phillips says:

    @Tivochick. You're totally correct. Clark has 'bound' buildings before. That tidbit was added in by a nameless someone!

  24. JJJ says:

    I like Smallville. Like any show, there have been good and bad episodes but overall, it's been interesting. I hope Tom Welling is Superman in the upcoming movie as he is now Superman to me.

  25. Sean says:

    Just about can't accept anyone else playing superman now after watching so much smallville. Welling basically is the character after playing it for 10 years. They would be stupid to have anyone else play Clark Kent in any future movies or tvshows. Now hopefully we'll see a show called "Metropolis" next.

    Now if only they could bring back Michael….

    • guest says:

      Remember Gilligans Island?

      That poor guy could never work another job after being typecast as Gilligan.
      Dont get me wrong, I fully agree, he was the best
      But for his career, he may need to look at other things.
      Watch "Somehwere in Time" This is Reeves as NOT superman. He does an excellant job in this movie as well. But even still, people remember him as Superman, ans only Superman.

      Many actors go for differant roles and differant times. He may be involved with another project if and when "Superman, no we really got it right this time" finnaly airs.

  26. MikeVee says:

    My wife and I have not missed a Smallville episode in 9 seasons. We enjoy the exploration of his character before he dons the suit. I am also open to the alteration of the Superman mythos – compared to the comics – but I wasn't always happy with some of the non-traditional story lines. I would gladly welcome an 11th season, even though Friday's season 10 premier was a bit weak.

  27. Argon says:

    The last season of Smallville that aired in my country was Season 7. I have to say that from what I've read about it, the show has gone downhill and I'm not sorry that my local TV station has forgotten to import Seasons 8-10. I would also like to suggest that the caption for the top picture be changed. Smallville's version of Clark Kent is not heroic at all. And the suit is ugly.

  28. Linda O'Neill says:

    The episodes where Chris Petry directs are the BEST!

  29. Rejeanne Allen says:


  30. Kalie says:

    Argon, you're truly missing out. The show is better now than it's ever been. Season 8 was a huge improvement over Season 7, Season 9 was the best yet, and Season 10 has gotten off to a fantastic start.

  31. LLM says:

    I just recently became a fan of Smallville. I have always known about the show & have seen a few episodes here and there & I like that they have put a new & interesting spin on how Superman evolved. I think people need to have some understanding b/c the writers have said from the beginning that this isn't the "same" Superman story like the one from the movies & I am glad.
    I like the focus on "the struggle" Clark has endured with becoming Superman. Some people just want him to put on the blue and red suit and fly around and be the Superman they have seen in the comics and movies but not caring how Clark gets there doesn't do Superman justice.
    It is important and very interesting to see how Clark becomes Superman, I just hope this last season ties up as many lose ends as it can & takes the proper time to do so instead of like Lost and doing it in the last two episodes…big disappointment. I feel like the end won't be a disappointment b/c we all know Clark becomes Superman. Lets enjoy the "process" and stop complaining…..Clark will fly and will put on the blue and red soon enough.

  32. JMK says:

    Tom Welling's Superman is the worst version of Superman ever. Not only that, but Smallville is the worst show on TV. I'm glad it's almost over.

  33. Robert says:

    tom welling for superman reboot. . . you hear me christopher nolan and warner brother and "DC"
    no one deserves it more. we all want it so make is happend.
    it will be bigger and better than the dark knight. just start bringing in super villians like Mongal and Brainak and billion air buisness man le luthor and most importanly Darkseid and DOOMSDAY ther is yuor 4 5 movies write there.
    you can make it modern or out of this worls whatver you want, just stay away form the stupid Superman Returns costume and more Christopher Reeve Superman

  34. W. K. Hayes says:

    That's what I don't get about some of the posters on here…you guys would complain about a free all-u-can-eat buffet. How do you live with yourselves. Yucky people, indeed. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the series and Tom Welling has every ounce of what it takes to be the superhero of Superheroes and with such a huge fan abse, I can't see Mister Welling or anyone else throwing that kind of money out the door. This post comes after veiwing Season 10 Episode 8 where Lois and Clark both, come to grips with their parent issues. By now, the Talon is destroyed and it is time to move into the future of Superman…so, kill of the farm, slap on the cape and let the fun begin…either as superman, JLA or whatever name the show may don as its new title but keep it going. Obviously, the show has a global fan base, as does the Superman Legacy. As for me, I can throw away a lot of things in my life but money isn't one of them.

  35. Redskin says:

    Tom Welling has portrayed the weakest, most self doubt ridden and least intelligent superman in history. This show has taken off in all kinds of senless tangents that have made the man of steel unrecognizable. The writers and producers of Smallville have singlehandledly killed the legend that he was. End the damn show already and put this wussy version out of his misery.

    • Rob says:

      Welling has played the part as it was written he has also played iy alot longer then any other person has. Like it or not smallville has earned it place in superman’s mythos.

    • Ells Bells says:

      Smallville is the story of how Clark Kent grows up to BECOME superman… just like every kid and teenager he has self doubt… how he overcomes these doubt and turns from the unsure kid into the man who is strong enough and confident enough to be a hero is the whole point of the series

      • Jen says:

        Clark on Smallville had way more problems than a bit of self doubt. He was a total liar, selfish, self-obsessed, betrayed his friends, mindwiped people, used people…. I could go on, but what's the use? Sure, whatever you say. All he needed was a bit of confidence. What I don't understand is why he was so unsure. All his friends and family did was kiss his rear and praise him for everything he did.

  36. DAVID HOFFSON says:



  37. 67 yr old Granny says:

    I grew up reading Superman comics and I like the twist they put on his JOURNEY. I think Tom Welling has done a fantastic job. I watch it faithfully and will miss it. Too bad there are so many negative people in this world. It is a FANTASY show people. If you don't like it, don't watch it or comment on it. Just get a life. I have my grandchildren loving this show also.

  38. Superman must die says:

    This show is the biggest blight on Superman I've ever had the misfortune to endure. Lasting 10 years on bad networks with worse rated shows than this isn't an endorsement on the good in this show, it's a comment on how blind Superman fans have become instead of expecting someone worthy to bear the title: Superman. Smallville's Clark Kent is definitely not it. He's a hypocritical, cold-hearted, spineless wimp who doesn't know the first thing about what is right and what is wrong – only what has to be done to undo nonsensical scripts and provide the CW something to prattle on about as if people don't know how ridic this show is. Welling's career is pretty much over after this show and I for one am glad to be rid of his talentless mug. He can take the other talentless bits of cast and dissappear to cons or something.

  39. Rob says:

    It’s been implied That smallville’s Clark Kent would become Superman and it’s time to give us fans what we have been waiting for. For ten years we have been watchiing smallville. Buying the dvds and other stuff . Now is the time for the studio to repay our loyalty. Give us Welling as Superman on the big screen or lose us forever.

  40. Rob says:

    To all my fellow smallville fans now is the time to write the studio and let them know we Want Tom Welling as Superman on the big Screen mail in a letter fax the studio if you know the number if startrek fans could save a show in the sixties we can Tom Welling cast as the next big screen version of Superman. We shouldalso be able to get the death and return of superman made into a movie or movies now is the time write the studio. Do it now. Do it on paper send it in lets get it done .The studio wants our money so lets tell who and what we want as superman and what story we are willing to pay money for.

  41. Courtney says:

    First of all, I think it's a little ridiculous that people are commenting hateful things. If you don't like Smallville, Tom Welling, or Clark Kent/Superman in general, then why the hell did you spend 5 minutes of your life reading and commenting about this article? It's a well written article and those of us who have stuck with the show for the past ten years appreciate the positive press time. So to all of you haters: stop being losers, learn how to spell, and get off of here!

  42. MikeMajors1227 says:

    Would it be cool to see Tom Welling in Superman’s suit? Yes, I think he could pull it off quite well. As far as dean caine is concerned no offense but he just didn’t fit the mold of superman. Brandon Routh did not so bad for the script he had to deal with, but but what he did have was the Christopher Reeves look. Christopher Reeves embodied everything that superman was meant to be. Right up until his unfortunate death. In the hearts of all true Superman fans he is now and always will be the true “Man of Steel”.

  43. Steve says:

    First of all it’s a shame that people take the time to go on a fan thread and bash a show like this. If you took the time to watch it and had any knowledge of the comics you would realize that Smallville couldn’t have been made any better…I would’ve made doomsday bigger and Bruce Wayne shoulda made a cameo but otherwise it’s pure genius. Tom Welling embodies Superman perfectly without the suit and it’s a TRAVESTY that Nolan overlooked him for the movie…some people hate money.

  44. Eric Dungo says:

    The suit doesn't make the hero. I actually like what Clark said on last night's episode of Smallville.

  45. Mary says:

    I have seen most of Smallville, unfortunately my high definition TV has very poor sound quality and the background sounds and the dialogue merge so much that I miss half of what is said. Here's hoping that the DVD comes out fairly quickly after the series ends and that it isn't too expensive to buy. I'll be looking forward to watching it on DVD (on my old analogue set of course it's smaller, but has much better sound!)

  46. LEX4PRESIDENT says:

    Tom Welling is this generations Superman! He should be in the new movie Man of Steel not the import Henry Cavill who doesn't look the part, and worst of all isn't even AMERICAN! Blah!

    Sorry Tom Welling is the only man for the role right now he is this generations Chris Reeve… He's Superman period!

    • Mike says:

      Hate to disappoint some of you, but I don’t think Tom Welling wants to do Superman anymore. He turned down the Smallville role at least once that I’ve read, and the series finale didn’t reveal him totally in costume from head to toe(the distance shots were all CGI). I realize the arguments for/against all this(producers wishes, Tom’s paycheck, etc.), but he’s Execproducer of Hellcats now, something he started while Smallville was in its 9th season. My opinion is he’s earned it, so please let him do what he wants. I’ve enjoyed most of Smallville for its decade run, although I feel that was a bit too long. I will say they did right by bringing Lex back(thank you Mr. Rosenbaughm for stepping in), but also there were disappointing/confusing bits as well(the 7 year jump that doesn’t institute Perry White or Olsen’s return from the dead and Lois inferring it’s his brother. But then again, there were more than enough episodes with plot wrinkles like that. Farewell, Smallville. You did OK.

  47. Guest says:

    In comic books, they dont always just "reboot" a charactor. They reboot entire UNIVERSES (Crisis on Infinate Earths) And they opened many doors for movies as well. Bringing in "Uberman" from Earth two makes this possible.

    All and all I think they did a pretty good job. Was kinda hoping for an epic fight with darkside instead of the planet "going" away, but I Understand that Superman is Clark Kent first, and Superman second. Smallville did what it was supposed to do, bridge the gap. We only got teases in Reeves Superman One, and nothing at all from the newer movie,

  48. Susan says:

    Hope Tom Welling does not get type-cast and stuck as Clark/Superman. I hope I get to see him in many other movies or tv shows. He is a great actor and beautiful to look at. I wanna keep looking!!

  49. Stuart Wilson says:

    I want to thank Mr Welling and all the Smallville cast and crew for an amazing 10 year journey of Smallville. The finale was increadible and was well worth the wait, coundn't have been done any better i say. It's sad that it has ended, but the series was amazing over all 10 seasons.
    Thank you again!

    Stu xx

  50. Tom Albers says:

    Tom Welling grew into the Clark kent/Superman role. I wish they'd move him to the movies or come back with "Metropolis" with Superman over there. I didn't even get a good look at him in costume. T"hey could have had him finish dressing, standing in the Superman pose.

  51. piddamaw says:

    just an awful awful program please lets never see this shite on tv again

  52. june larsen says:

    I think that the negative speaking people should realize It is only a show for entertainment and people enjoy the fantasies connected to it. I know I do and I'm 67 years old. I will miss Smallville and I think tom should have at least been approached about the new superman movie. But I understand now why not .Tom welling is as good a superman as christopher reeves was only a little better looking.

  53. Mark Torres says:

    I have seen it all and this is the best series i’ve ever seen in my LIFE! Tom Welling should definently play Superman!

  54. permy says:

    Am a HUGE fan of everything about smallville. Even though they could have done better, they did an awsme job on the show* ….

    Truth be told, its hard to see a superman movie,without picturing Clark Kent in there’

    Haterz,hate it or love it,you watched the show’… So hullahoop!!!!

  55. tony b says:

    when will it be streaming on netflix i own the blu ray box set but im almost never home and i have all my shows on netflix from charmed to buffy but no smallville why?

  56. Lisa says:

    I really wish interviewers / writers who report on Smallville would do some fact checking before releasing their work. The statement…"Welling, whose character still hasn’t leapt a building in a single bound." is not accurate. This article was written right before season 10 started, but Clark leaped tall buildings in a single bound in season 2, in Insurgence, and again in season 6, in Crimson. I see errors like this all the time. Oh well, just FYI. -Addicted to Smallville….

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