‘Walking Dead’: Rick prepares to negotiate with the Governor

March 10, 2013 | 8:27 a.m.

The Governor (David Morrissey) in Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Arrow on the Doorpost." (Gene Page / AMC)

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Arrow on the Doorpost." (Gene Page / AMC)

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Arrow on the Doorpost." (Gene Page / AMC)

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) in Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Arrow on the Doorpost." (Gene Page / AMC)

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Arrow on the Doorpost." (Gene Page / AMC)

It’s been a strong run of episodes of late for “The Walking Dead” — last week’s installment, “Clear,” won plaudits for its smart character moments and the return of Morgan, the good-natured man played by Lennie James, who initially saved the life of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes way back in the series pilot.

Of course, a great deal has changed in the intervening time and the former friends found themselves navigating a tricky reunion. But Rick will have to face off against a very different kind of man in Sunday’s “Arrow on the Doorpost” when he sits down with the Governor (David Morrissey) to come up with a peace treaty that would enable the leaders to prevent any further deaths among their people.

“What’s important to understand in this character, he sees himself on a historical stage,” departing showrunner Glen Mazzara told Hero Complex of the Governor last year on the series’ Georgia set. “That’s really how we look at that character. David’s interested in that. Sometimes you try to cast someone, you might feel they’re not fully committed to playing a villain. He’s fully committed to playing a layered complex character.”

As the highly rated AMC zombie series heads toward its upcoming finale, you can expect the show’s writers to continue to ratchet up the level of tension.

Click through the gallery of images above for a preview of what to expect tonight.

– Gina McIntyre

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6 Responses to ‘Walking Dead’: Rick prepares to negotiate with the Governor

  1. Mark Erickson says:

    You are trying to get too much mileage out of the Gov. The last 3 episodes haven't gone anywhere! Get on with the flow.

  2. pam davis says:

    Yea stop dragging the Gov episode and get them in better living conditions lol

  3. belinda says:

    what is with all the Commercials! way way way too many. you can't keep up with what is going on. like the show but goes to slow

  4. Gianluca says:

    Hi, I am an Italian journalist and I use to read your newspaper as a lot of Italians do. I just want to make you notice that headlines like these one are a sort of spoiler. I'm forced to read the headline, so I really would appreciate some 'tact' for Twd viewers. Thanks. Gianluca

  5. Chris says:

    Great episode last night. There was so much going on that you had to look and listen very carefully to catch it all. Kudos to the actors and director!!! I love the intense drama. It would get so boring killing zombies all day. I think the Governor, deliciously played by David Morrissey, has given way to some great intense acting. Keep doing what you are doing, do not change a thing!! Also, I nominate Lennie James for an Emmy.

  6. Tom says:

    This show is so bad… Bad actors, uninteresting characters plots, poor wrinting… nothing to save except cool zombie smashing and make up…
    Coming from such a great source, the AMC's show was supposed to be way better than what it actually is…

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