‘Wonder Woman’ on TV? CW is redeveloping series for ‘trickiest’ hero

May 16, 2013 | 5:32 p.m.
ww ms 2 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman graces the cover of Ms. magazine's first issue in 1972. (Ms. magazine)

ww ms40 2 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Ms. magazine brought Wonder Woman back for its 40th anniversary issue. (Ms. magazine)

ww sensationcomics1 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Soon after her All Star Comics debut, Wonder Woman was featured in Sensation Comics No. 1 in 1942. (DC Comics)

ww sensation46 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics No. 46. In this 1945 storyline, the baddies give Wonder Woman's boyfriend Steve Trevor special powers to be stronger than her, hoping he'll force her to marry and become a meek housewife. In the end, Wonder Woman sticks to her guns and Steve happily submits to being the weaker of the two. (DC Comics)

ww babysit Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

In this 1957 Wonder Woman No. 90, the Amazon princess has to babysit an elephant, a whale and a dinosaur in order to raise $1 million for charity. (DC Comics)

ww wonderwoman105 1 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

In 1959, Wonder Woman's origin story was revamped. Issue No. 105 reveals that the Queen of the Amazons formed Diana from clay, and that her superpowers are gifts from the gods. (DC Comics)

ww 70s Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

In the late 1960s, Wonder Woman gave up her powers, started a mod boutique and worked with her mentor I Ching to learn martial arts. Here, she is shown in the August 1970 issue Wonder Woman No. 189. Her powers weren't restored until 1973, partly at the urging of Gloria Steinem. (DC Comics)

ww cathyleecrosby Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Cathy Lee Crosby played Wonder Woman in a 1974 TV movie "Wonder Woman." In the film, the heroine has no superpowers, but rather is a world-traveling spy, inspired by the I Ching era of the comics. (Warner Bros.)

ww superfriends Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman teamed up with other DC superheroes in "Super Friends," a television series that ran from 1973 to 1977. (Warner Bros.)

ww lyndacarter Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman," which ran from 1975 to 1979. (CBS / Los Angeles Times archives)

ww 02 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman was rebooted once more in 1987. Above is George Perez's Wonder Woman No. 1. cover. (DC Comics)

ww justiceleague Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman was a key player in the animated TV series "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited," which ran from 2001 to 2006. (Warner Bros.)

%name Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman was again rebooted in 2006. Gail Simone took over writing duties for the comic beginning with issue No. 14, and was applauded for her portrayal of the heroine. (DC Comics)

ww 2009 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman got her own animated movie in 2009. Keri Russell voiced Wonder Woman, and Nathan Fillion voiced Steve Trevor. (Warner Bros.)

ww youngjustice Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

In the 2010 animated series "Young Justice," about younger heroes trying to prove themselves worthy of joining the Justice League, Wonder Woman takes on Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) as her sidekick. (Warner Bros.)

ww palicki Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Adrianne Palicki played the title character in the never-aired TV pilot "Wonder Woman" in 2011. The show, from David E. Kelley, was never picked up -- effectively canceled before it even began. (Justin Lubin / NBC / Warner Bros.)

ww new52 Wonder Woman on TV? CW is redeveloping series for trickiest hero

Wonder Woman got a makeover when DC relaunched 52 of its most popular titles in 2011. (DC Comics)

Will a Wonder Woman TV series ever get off the ground? The CW isn’t giving up yet.

The network had been developing a pilot called “Amazon” about teenaged Diana (think “Smallville’s” pre-Superman Clark Kent), but the series was passed over for the CW’s fall lineup.

When asked Thursday if the warrior princess could still come to the CW, network President Mark Pedowitz said, “Oh God, yes!

“It is being redeveloped,” he said. “We’re waiting for the script to come in. We have not seen it yet. We are preparing to pilot it off-cycle should the script be what we want it to be.”

Pedowitz said that although “the basics” were all there, the execution was lacking.

“We do not want to do something that doesn’t work for that particular character,” he said. “It’s the trickiest of all the DC characters to get right.”

Allan Heinberg (“The O.C.,” “Young Avengers” comics), who wrote the “Amazon” script, is no longer on the project. Aron Eli Coleite (“Heroes,” “Ultimate X-Men” comics) is writing the current draft.

Soon after her All Star Comics debut, Wonder Woman was featured in Sensation Comics No. 1 in 1942. (DC Comics)

1942’s Sensation Comics No. 1. (DC Comics)

The CW put out a casting call earlier this summer for “Amazon’s” young heroine under the codename “Iris,” calling for a leading lady 5’8″ or taller, who “comes from a remote, secluded country and until now has spent most of her life as a soldier and a leader on the battlefield.”

“Because of relentless brutality of her life at home, Iris looks at our world with absolute awe and astonishment,” the casting call continued. “She has no social filter, does not suffer fools, and tends to do and say exactly what’s on her mind at all times. She’s bluntly, refreshingly honest. She can tell when you’re lying to her. And she doesn’t have time or patience for politics or tact because she’s too busy trying to experience everything our world has to offer. There are too many sights to see — and things to learn — and people to care for. Hers is a true, noble, and generous heart. And she will fight and die for the people she loves. Iris is a fierce warrior with the innocent heart of a romantic and she will fight to the death to make the world safe for innocents and true romantics everywhere.”

Doesn’t sound so “tricky” to us.

The CW project follows David E. Kelley‘s failed NBC pilot, which would have seen Adrianne Palicki wielding Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. The CW is already home to “Arrow,” another DC superhero show, as well as other YA hits “Supernatural,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

Of course, if the CW series makes it to the small screen, it won’t be Wonder Woman’s first foray into television. Lynda Carter famously played the character in the 1970s “Wonder Woman” TV series, twirling to transform from Diana Prince to her crime-fighting alter ego Wonder Woman.

Is the time right for a Wonder Woman TV series? Who should play the Amazon princess? And is she really the “trickiest” of DC’s heroes? Also, click through the gallery above for a look at some of Wonder Woman’s memorable iterations.

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark


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78 Responses to ‘Wonder Woman’ on TV? CW is redeveloping series for ‘trickiest’ hero

  1. matthew says:

    She's not that tricky…. make an action, adventure show that isn't overly dark and gritty. She isn't "300" or the horrible "Clash of the Titans" remake….. Stick to the original source material and set it in today's world.

    ….and don't do anything they did in the David E Kelly pilot….

  2. Blue Anchor Gun Nut says:

    If you need a reason as to why the original series was so popular take a long hard look at Linda Carter. She is one of the most beautiful women that has ever lived. If you want this series to succeed you will have to find a woman that is equally gorgeous. The feminsts may object but it is a fact.

    • AnneinAurora says:

      I'm a woman, but I have to completely agree with you. The character in the comics is drawn as being beautiful, as well as strong both physically and emotionally. My worry is that, in their pitiful attempt to make this a drama ala Smallville and Arrow (read: appealing primarliy to the female bubble-gum-age crowd) they will dumb her down and turn her into a bimbo, or a needy slut, or some other nonsense. At her best, Princess Diana has actually been the ultimate "Princess" icon for little girls– she is pure, smart (and not afraid to show it), and able to stand on her own. Sadly, we will probably soon see too much needy T&A and too little independence with IQ.

    • Smith says:

      In the comics, Batman narrates that Wonder Woman was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes upon (and we all know Bruce Wayne spent plenty of time around some gorgeous women). I think the key to making the show good would be to forgo the "Diana Prince" alter-ego stuff. In the comics today, Wonder Woman is just Wonder Woman and it's better that way. I admire Denny O'Neil and his writing, but the whole Diana Prince stuff was a massive mistake.

      • matthew says:

        "Diana Prince" was around long before the Denny O'Neil stuff, where she was Only DP and not WW. I always felt like the Diana Prince id was her way of having some privacy and a personal life… I don't have a problem with it, as long as she's not all dopey and moon-y like in the Kelly treatment…

      • lschouder says:

        I think you're right in a way. It's important to set her apart from the rest of humanity. It will explain why she's stronger, faster and has super human abilities. The worst part about Buffy is when all the normal humans(Xander, Dawn, etc.) were able to kill vampires to. It watered down Buffy's super human ability and made it seem like anyone with a slight knowledge of hand-to-hand combat can do incredible things. I think the show needs to include the concept of her being of a different race or species or something. Something to justify her being super human. If she's just a regular person in spandex that knows karate, the show's going to suck.

    • Jeffrey Perot says:

      Ain't gonna happen.

    • Steve Paris says:

      You are totally right! I was a fan of Wonder Woman when I was younger. Would I have been a fan without Linda Carter playing the role. I'm not sure. She's so beautiful and charismatic. She was absolutely perfect for it. If the new series doesn't get the right "girl", it'll miss the mark.

  3. John Roberts says:

    Hell Yeah…………always thought serinda swan would make an excellent wonder woman

  4. Jgrjaguar says:

    David E Kelley tried to kill the genre with his version

  5. Teri says:

    Whatever y'all do please let's avoid making her look like she came from a stripper pole this time around shall we?! It is a tricky part to cast because of the combination of beauty, toughness and innocence that the character calls for. Linda Carter is a hard act to follow but I think Eliza Dushku could pull it off. That is if she hasn't aged out of the character as of yet. It depends on the age range y'all are casting for I guess.

  6. Johno says:

    There are two women who could pull off Wonder Woman, and they are both gorgeous athletic babes, as Wonder Woman needs to be. Gina Carano, the hot MMA babe who will be in "Fast & Furious 6", or Lynn Collins, who is a martial arts black belt, Juliard trained actress, who starred as Princess Dejah Thoris in "John Carter of Mars" last year. If one of these two amazing women are cast as Wonder Woman, the show will be a success.

    • Max says:

      Gina Carano is a little too blocky in build to pull off power suits and buns nicely for the role, but acting ability and athletics skill definately. Now Lynn Collins on the other hand, IS extremely fit, a fantastic actress, looks the part IMO, but both Gina and Lynn have one downside, they are both too short for the role.

    • @Patches1964 says:

      The one in John Carter give me a break! we are talking A Very BEAUTIFUL woman here she not all that she is cute and Gina no way same thing with Her!!!!!

  7. Shazam! says:

    Megan Gale is Wonder Woman.

    • Steve Paris says:

      I just looked at some of her pictures and I was like "oh yeah she could be Wonder Woman", and then I saw other pictures and I was like "Hell No!". Her lips don't work for me.

  8. Ironman1099 says:

    Secret to Success:
    (1) Don't cast Adrianne Palicki as WW
    (2) Don't let David Kelly have anything to do with it
    (3) Stick to the character without trying to "re-interpret" it or "modernize" it
    (4) Stop trying to please the radical feminists. The WW character works because she is smart, strong, fearless, etc., AND sexy. Trying to make the character politically correct by using less sexy actresses like Palicki and putting them in toned down outfits to please radical feminists is doomed to fail.

    • averagejoe75 says:

      the actress that plaid WW WAS JUST FINE. Were they screwed up was making her more like Rambo. WW never talked about killing anyone, she always had a good message. that's what hurt the show, not the actress.

    • The J says:

      I figured that the whole "modernizing" thing David Kelly proposed would turn into an-inprogress reality alteration like either Issue 600 of Wonder Woman where a spell had been cast that changed reality until Diana defeated the Morrigan or the last resolution of Donna Troy's identity where Dark Angel abducted Diana's mystic doppelganger (Donna Troy) and set her life on an infinite do-loop. They'd start the show out where the spell had been cast and after half a season reveal that Wonder Woman had to save reality, and then by the season end the stage would be set for her classic origin

    • Claus Talon says:

      I agree Ironman1099.

  9. Rose says:

    john to be honest i thought i was the only one who thought that serinda swan will be a perfect wonder women. it's about damn time someone came out with a WW show, we also want a damn movie aswell. how many times they done batman i would have thought they would have been done a WW movie/show. i really hope this works out and have as much seasons as smallville. WE WANT THE AMAZON PRINCESS!!!

  10. Rod says:

    I just hope they Honor Wonder woman by really being true to her character, and Follow the Comic book and Just stay true to what Diana stands for.

  11. Drine2012 says:

    cough*Taylor Cole*cough

  12. jdgv says:

    Megan Fox would be a good modern day WW

  13. Turk says:


  14. webbie says:

    Gina Carano may have the looks but the gal can't act her way out of a paper bag and she's getting too old. How about Odette Annable? Finding the right wonder woman is going to be key.

  15. Dan says:

    stick to the revamp George Perez created after Crisis. it is all there.

  16. guest poster says:

    Wonder Woman was created by a very good psychologist who really understood what this character was all about . Stick to that vision, hire a real beauty, keep the tone light, have lots of action and it will be good.

  17. tony says:

    There is only one WW and that i s Lynda Carter

  18. steph says:

    Nadia Bjorlin would make a great wonder woman. Can totally pull of the the independent woman who is a Natural beauty, and she's tall. :)

  19. Patrick says:

    They need to skip the TV show which in my estimation a character like Wonder Woman should be beyond. They should also not be afraid to update her so that she comes across as less campy. I think an excellent choice to play her IN A FILM is Gemma Arterton (keeping with the British Superhero trend of Christian Bale and Henry Cavill). She has over a short time been a part of large scale blockbuster action movies…ironically playing a Mediterranean princess in one and a demi-god in another. Young, beautiful and a veteran of physical films she would make a great warrior princess.

  20. Steve P. says:

    Two words, Alexandra Daddario. Shes georgious, athletic, and stoic, perfect for the part.

  21. Bud says:

    I previously thought Catherine Zeta Jones would have been a good WW. Now, I would say only Gina Carano, she is perfect. Lynn Collins just doesn't quite seem like the part. There are some beautiful women out there, but some just don't fit the part. Never thought Halle Barry was right for Storm in XMen, but Angela Bassett would have been the one.

    • Claus Talon says:

      I also thought Catherine Zeta-Jones had the right look back in her Zorro film years, with the only drawback being her height. And we must be on a similar wave-length becuse like you I pictured Angela Bassett as Storm.

  22. Justsaying says:

    Screw the series, it sounds cheap and boring already. Just make a quality full length movie, like Ironman, Thor, Transformers, with realistic issues that a woman like her would have in our world.

  23. Robert Bruce says:

    Wonder woman is the easiest but does not have to be the cheesiest. Here are the guidelines for what the show has to do and how to get there.
    SIDE NOTE It is a damned shame that Lucy Lawless is too old to play the heroine because LUCY LAWLESS would have been perfect for the role. Other great actresses who could portray Wonder Woman in a serious yet not too serious fashion, are too old, I am thinking Angelina Jolie or even Rachel Weisz in her younger days. Although Rachel wasn't tall enough. What you cannot have is some vapid supermodel.
    I HAVE AN EXCELLENT CASTING NOTE, Although I don't have the girls name right in front of me, the actress who portrayed CHELSEA on TWO AND HALF MEN's last seasons, Charlie Harpers fiance' would have been the PERFECT WONDER WOMAN.

    What i do not want to see. Allsion Janney in any way shape or form playing some Amazon Goddess or evil Queen, Allison Janney, keep her off of Wonder Woman.

    Ok back to the show.

    Chelsea from Two and a Half Men is a done deal, so visualize her in the casting as the Wonder Woman.
    A) Set the show in current times.
    B) Make the character flash back (Green Arrow is doing this in an adequate way) to her time on the Amazon Island and how and why she left Slow reveal
    you don't have to give up all the information in the first season
    C) The Amazonian Goddess needs money, how does she get money, and no she isn't working for the Army anymore, she has skills and she can work a multitude of jobs, She is not a receptionist, and really I don't want to see her as a nurse. She can work blue collar jobs like a man and be very successful.
    D) A way to introduce the invisible plane that isnt stupid.
    E) The bracelets and the lasso stay, but must be incorporated in a logical fashion, (the old 70's tv show, she would just rope the bad guys indiscriminately
    F) Memorable bad guys, not just generic bad guys, she needs Superman/ Batman caliber villains to go up against.
    A heroine isonly as good as her villainous protagonists.

    Well that is all for now

    My WONDER WOMAN would be both enthralling for both sides of the show, you'd be just as invested in Diana's mortal/human life as you are when she is Wonder Woman.
    And no
    it doesn't need to be that 'dark;'
    times are dark enough right now. Let the sun shine once in a while.
    DC universe
    are you listening!!!!!

    • Claus Talon says:

      Angela Jolie Does NOT have the right look for Diana Prince by any stretch of the imagination. If I were to cast her in any role of a comic book film it would be as Selena Kyle. IMHO

  24. Robert Bruce says:

    the actress who played CHELSEA on Two and a half men, Charlie Sheen's fiance' is the ONLY actress who could play Wonder Woman.
    The masses have spoken.

  25. james says:

    Only Katy Perry can play wonder woman now! I lovve you Katy

  26. Mark says:

    I think one big issue with presenting the Wonder Woman character "alone" as some may have put out there is that Wonder Woman should be a goddess. This was something Lynda Carter seemed to be able to pull off. Wonder Woman is "above it all" as Wonder Woman. Impervious, a protector, noble, powerful, etc. You need another character (ie. Diana Prince) in order to be able to have Wonder Woman interact with the world as an inquisitive interesting individual and be able to drop the "stony-ness" that a noble Wonder Woman would project. Again, the Lynda Carter rendition did this beautifully. I fear that in an attempt to modernize this character, something will be lost. They need to be VERY careful in picking out the lead actress, and even MORE careful about how they present this. One look at the David Kelley version or a brief glance at the Bionic Woman reboot and you can see how picking the wrong person or wrong script is a killer…

  27. John Huerta says:

    Could Wonder Woman Be TV's Trickiest Super Hero? well It All Now depends on The CW.

  28. Dano Five0 says:

    O hell. Here we go again. A remake of a remake. Just goes to show you. They can't do anything new any more. Lame!
    I love the old Wonder Woman. Even have them on DVD. And Linda Carter could still kick the butt of any of the new flops they are trying to pull off here.

  29. Jmgonzales says:

    Go straight to film development, then the TV series.
    Story: Queen Hippolyta goes back in time to save Diana from her impending foretold death. Hippolyta assumes the role of WonderWoman in the 1940s. As Diana regains her memory, she meets up with her mother the Wonder Woman the world knows. Both have Amazon armies and daughters / sisters on their sides. The world bears witness to a war of Amazon women spawned by Ares and the governments of men.

  30. Kenneth Dunn says:

    Stick to the original origins. Do not change or do the moderization thing, however, make her and the story lines applicable to today. Do not make it campy. She should be a strong, intelligent, independent, but also caring etc. She should have all the attributes of a normal woman. And yes she has to be very attractive and sexy. Thats a part of her as well. This should not be about making political statements but entertaining. If you want the show to be a success, stay true to the character, have good, compelling storylines and for god sakes actually show her incredible powers and skills. Why is she called Wonder Woman in the first place.

  31. Uncle Biz says:

    Just as long as she keeps the star spangled panties. So hopefully they'll cast a chick with a really nice round booty.

  32. Bart says:

    Done make this show. Honestly, there are many people who could play the character well, maybe even stupendously, but they won't be cast because they are going to choose someone "marketable". There are many stories they can draw inspiration from from Wonder Woman's source material, but they won't because they have to sell the show to men who like boobs and lipstick lesbians, and women who read Cosmo magazine (one of the great evils of our society).

    So please, just don't. If anyone here likes Wonder Woman in the least the best thing you can do is to tell CW to either not do it at all, or give creative control to the people who are running the comic over at DC.

  33. Jonathan says:

    The problem with the pilot of the original Wonder Woman series they tried to develop was with their portrayal of Wonder Woman. They made her mean and scary! She killed 3 people in the pilot if I recall!!!!

    Just make a character with honor, virtue, honesty, and compassion and you'll get Wonder Woman. It's not that difficult. Most of all, SHE SHOULDN'T KILL PEOPLE!!!!

  34. lynn says:

    Yeah Alexandra Daddario is definitely a winner. But what about Kate Beckinsale the lady from underworld she is awesome!!!

  35. lynn says:

    Or jessica Beil That played on toal recall !!

  36. Everest J. Alexander says:

    1) Forget the TV series- Do the Movie

    2) Gina Carano did a very good job in Haywire and would be an excellent Wonder Woman (the fight scenes have to be spectacular for it to work and I don't see anybody beside GC doing that as well as she can)

    3) Get the dream team of C. Nolan and Z. Snyder to helm the project and all other problems solved

  37. Chase says:

    NADIA BJORLIN should play Wonder Woman. I agree, she needs to be be absolutely beautiful. Don't give in to radical feminists who want an "everyday" plain jane woman to play Wonder Woman

  38. Kathy says:

    Tsianina Joelson
    she played Varia on Xena Warrior Princess———-she would be awesome!

  39. Tiffanie Taylor says:

    The show can have a modern feel while staying true to Wonder Woman's roots. I am not sure why no one has mentioned this but why not have Lynda Carter play Queen Hippolyta or play Diana who has to watch her daughter become the new Wonder Woman. The truth behind the difficulty in casting new Wonder Woman is because everyone relates Lynda Carter to the role. She was amazing, so why not go with something that already works.

  40. brent says:

    I'm no feminist and I like women in lingerie. But a warrior has no business wearing lingerie in battle. That should be simple, but the youngins that read the most comics usually demand that their female heroes appear in lingerie. It's silly and it demeans the entire genre. Let's come up with a new uniform (that doesn't shine) that a superhero warrior

  41. SupaKlab says:

    As much as I would like to see this actually come through tomorrow I hope they spend quality time finding and preparing someone to play this part. There are dozens of ladies pretty enough and tall enough to play be Wonder Woman, but do they fit her imagine off the stage as well? Wonder Woman isn't all about looks and eye candy, she's a lady and a really classy one at that. I trust the CW has it in hand though… should be interesting.

  42. Carol says:

    Amazon-I am disturb and concern what sort battle ground would the Amazon face on a remote Island? Remember Amazons were Greek in original, they studied the Plato, Socrates, Peace, Harmony and Athena the goddess of wisdom and math. She cannot be a Barbarian. Sure the legend goes about Amazons they had sword, Ax, shield, they had stories of being brutal and cruel to their sons for being born not a daughter. Accordingly Homer the original writer of the Amazons, he is Ancient Greek writer, he had written them as biological sisters, sisterhood and married to men and virgins. He had given noble reasons to kill or harm a human being. Iliad is the first recorded story the appearance of the Amazons. Iliad being the oldest work of Western literature. He had written the Amazons as being very pretty, skillful with a sword, but violence NO, cruelty NO. They were all in love with men or they made a vow chastity. Remember Ares the god of War is the father of all Amazons. He married Sea Nymph Harmonia. Then later married Otrera the High Priestess of Artemis, they had the daughter Queen Hippolyta.

  43. Carol says:

    Amazons could be awe of US in the United States for sacrificing our lives for another human beings and being completely mortal. For Example:They would be amazed at police officers, firemen and ambulance crew for caring and risking their lives for another yet knowing they could die if they continue to help saved lives such as 911 in New York City. Amazons were written as being more than human being but less than a god or equal to a demi-god with eternal life and eternal beauty.

  44. Carol says:

    If you are serious about making Wonder Woman a tv series please stick with William Moulton Marston whether it is World War 2 or 2013. Wonder Woman rescue Steve Trevor who could be in the military or simply on vacation in Greece. She brings him home in United States. She stays because she is curious about mortal men. Steve Trevor is her first mortal man, she had met. She is stunned and shocked that he die. She feels he needs to be rescue. She is bored on her Amazon Island. She wants to be United States Citizen to protect Mortals from Mortals. Her gods, goddesses can be helpful or traumatic attack because she is not paying any attention to them for worship. Or she has problems with her mother Queen Hippolyta who wants her to marry a demi-god or to remain chaste or be their champion a tournament with gods, goddesses.

    As for Lynda Carter is very pretty at the age 61, she could easily play Queen Hippolyta or goddess Athena, Hera, Minerva, Juno or Steve Trevor's mother or grandmother who had landed on the Amazon Island in 1940s' during World War 2 Diana Trevor.

    If you are planning to make just an Amazon series….just remember Homer is the original writer of the Amazons. Greeks most likely invented they were cruel to men, their sons, and to attack ships to scare invaders.

    Homer had written the Amazons as daughters of Ares the god of War and wife of Harmonia Sea Nymph and the wife of Otrera. Otrera was the high priestess of Artemis, she founded the Temple of Artemis the 7th Wonder of the World which was in Ephesus. Their daughter was Queen Hippolyta. Homer written Amazons to be sisters, sisterhood all biology sisters, some were adopted by Queen Hippolyta. They were educated, study math. Athena the goddess of wisdom invented math, all of it even Algebra. They had to study Plato, Socrates. Yes they were strong as Xena…..She is good example of good Amazon stories. Lucy Lawless could be a guess star. She is busy. She is 45.

  45. mark kennedy says:

    I noticed that he refers to her as "Iris".

    That won't fly at all.

    Her name is DIANA!!!

  46. Justin Porter says:

    The "bottom" line is the costume. Studios are afraid of it and know the fans would revolt if it were to change drastically. Just slap that bathing suit on the actress and make the dang show/movie! Geez.

  47. phil says:

    I'ts not that hard. She's a hero and a fish out of water. There. The interesting part will be which villains they let the show use.
    As for the costume, stick with the original. Yes I like eagle. But she could wear variations if she was in a cold weather story etc. Even the 70s show gave her the cape and fans loved it.

  48. TobeyJPrince34 says:


  49. TobeyJPrince34 says:


  50. wanda f says:

    Maybe mila Kunis

  51. ultravioletgaia says:

    How about Fiona Glennane from Burn Notice?! i mean GABRIELLE ANWAR! cmon! we had a British Batman and Superman! why not Irishgirl for wonderwoman>? and she is a goddess and burning hot in BurnNotice

  52. Hlwbrowning says:

    Sarah Lancaster from Chuck. I always thought shed be a good WW.

  53. Alex says:

    The tricky part is not making her a Xena clone, which it seems is what everyone, including DC Comics wants her to be. Wonder Woman is NOT Xena. She is the Goddess of Truth, Ambassador of Peace, Princess of an island paradise, AND a fierce warrior when all else fails. Diana is not dark and brooding, not angry and vengeful, not full of hate and disgust, doesn't sit around in baggy sweats eating ice cream and watching rom-coms, and she only uses violence as a last resort. This is why she is tricky, because they want to portray her as some kind of angry vengeful Amazon warrior bitch, and that's simply NOT who Wonder Woman is. So until they all get this thru their thick skulls they're never going to get it right.

  54. Carol says:

    Whoever plays Wonder Woman, I think it should be unknown actress who is 18-20. She has some training in martial arts and who could learn how to use a lasso.

    Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is a must….Why Wonder Woman needs to rest once in awhile, Diana Prince is way to avoid the crowds of demand, rescue my cat, my dog, my store has been rob, she could become an American Citizen through Diana Prince.

    Diana Prince should be mortal…she has to wear the glasses…to see .this is must since she away from the Amazon Island.

    When she becomes Wonder Woman is through a spin, or spin of her lasso or regular fast changing clothes….must have the Aphrodite Amazon Belt of Strength.

    Steve Trevor he is a must, he needs to be in age 18-35. He must be youthful, attractive. He is completely mortal, he can be good example of all mortal men. He likes to watch football, he cannot remember a map to get somewhere, he forgets to brush his hair. He hates cooking….he is stunned Diana Prince and Wonder Woman can hunt a fish the ole Greek way, cut it up and cooked it with garlic, lemon, butter etc

    Queen Hippolyta should be Lynda Carter to send Diana Wonder Woman to United States, America, warns her that men can be charming but dangerously stupid, they do not want to read a map to save their necks. She tell her that men can be sweet, seductive, funny….but they can also be liars to remember to use the lasso of truth…they can be evil and cruel, they need a swift kick in their male member, knocked them out cold for no respect for women's rights. She also tell her mortal Women do not act like an Amazon, but a pretty mouse, who are afraid to speak her mind. They afraid to defend themselves.

  55. Dave says:

    This actress would be perfect to play a teen WONDER WOMAN- and she wants the role, look at the tweet she sent out a while ago- her name is julie paige?? Up and coming girl from NYC


  56. Preston says:

    Bridget Regan would be a great Wonder Woman!

  57. GOBLUEADAM says:

    I think I have found the woman who could pull it off for about three years. Her name is actress Paula Patton, from the movie Baggage Claim, Jump the Broom, and many other films. Now she is 37, but tall, beautiful, has a killer athletic, long, curvey, body with all the tools needed. She acts with her face like Lynda Carter, and has some of that same charm on camera. And for those hung up on colors, she is both Black and White, and could pass for someone who lived on an invisible island hidden in the Bermuda Triangle. Take a look at her in Baggage Claim, and focus on her body and movements. She is the new WONDER WOMAN. Or, I'm hoping for that unknown, who is still out there, that could play the character longer than Patton could.

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