‘Wonder Woman’ pilot is already deflecting cyber bullets

Jan. 24, 2011 | 3:59 p.m.

Over on our Show Tracker blog, Melissa Maerz seems happy to see Wonder Woman get another TV spotlight, but notes that questions are already being raised over David E. Kelley’s treatment of the Amazonian princess.

wonderwoman3 Wonder Woman pilot is already deflecting cyber bullets

Wonder Woman (Alex Ross / DC Comics)

We’re suckers for a lady with a lasso, so when we heard the news that, after initally passing on the project, NBC picked up David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” pilot, we couldn’t help but cheer.

And yet, before the show even starts, Wonder Woman’s already got a lot of forces to battle – and we aren’t just talking about Cyborgirl. Remembering Kelley’s biggest contribution to the women’s movement — the “short-skirted, romantically challenged, possibly insane television lawyer” Ally McBealMary Elizabeth Williams at Salon recently quipped, “The guy who killed feminism is reviving Wonder Woman.”


— Melissa Maerz


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8 Responses to ‘Wonder Woman’ pilot is already deflecting cyber bullets

  1. Tmiller says:

    Wonder Woman makes me feel all sexy … in my man region.

  2. Me says:

    I'm guessing your 'man region' is really a boy region. Hehe.

  3. Joe Jr. says:

    The new Wonder Women is perfect for the tool robot generation of today…a Corporate Whore Villain portrayed as a Hero…laughable if you have a brain. If you're a product whore from generation Y bother…ie soulless nihilists who think fake breasts are hot(I've felt them…NOT SEXY!!!) and wearing a sexy outfit automatically makes you a Super Hero when all you actually do is obediently serve your corporate masters…being upper middle class brats who don't know any better and were never motivated to question a reality where they always got "their" way. The New Wonder Women SUCKS!!

  4. johnrj08 says:

    If the costume is any indication, this series will last four or five episodes before it gets cancelled.

  5. DocWicked says:

    I can live with the costume, (even though it's not very good) but what's with the corporate plot? Stick to the comics! Hollywood never learns. (Excluding Kick-@$$ & Watchmen).

  6. James Taylor says:

    If they cant even get the costume right, I have no confidence they will gey anything else right either, not even going to glance at this one, such a dissapointment for I'm sure, a very prudish out dated reason, how far the good old USA has regressed.

  7. CybexAl says:

    Oh, dear oh, dear. This Wonder Woman looks like a show created by a producer thinking and making decisions like a bad 1970's TV exec. Always thinking they can make their version better by trying to 'modernise' the source material. And this, when everyone else in the movies and other genre TV fare have established the unwritten law of sticking as close as you can to the original comics. Don't they ever learn?

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