‘Wonder Woman’ poll: Hall of Fame…or Halloween costume?

March 18, 2011 | 1:47 p.m.
adrianne palicki as wonder woman Wonder Woman poll: Hall of Fame...or Halloween costume?

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman (NBC/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Here’s the first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman in the upcoming NBC series that brings the most famous female superhero back to network television. David E. Kelley of “Boston Legal” and “Ally McBeal” fame is taking the character into new territories, to be certain, and there’s already a massive stir of fan angst regarding the suit you see above. What do you think?

— Geoff Boucher (twitter.com/latherocomplex)


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101 Responses to ‘Wonder Woman’ poll: Hall of Fame…or Halloween costume?

  1. Hank says:

    the costume is okay. no major problems with it. i hope they help her tack on some muscle to fulfill the Amazon image some more. what worries me more is the direction and tone the show will take. they claim it won't be campy but i wonder if they'll take the persona and history of WW as seriously as she deserves.

  2. TeddyKGB says:

    Strange choice to make the boots blue, as the red boots are iconic. Maybe it would've been too much with the blue pants, I dunno. However, the script sounds awful and David E. Kelley could not be a worse choice to helm it. Still, looking forward to the trainwreck.

  3. Moviemann says:

    So Cheesy!

  4. DDM says:

    Adrianne is way more (naturally) beautiful than this pic shows. Tone down the freakish red lipstick, accentuate her gorgeous eyes but let the rest of her be more natural. Darken the pants, lose the red stars on the belt and bustier, add some straps to keep her boobs in (like in the new comic), and make the tiara a little bigger–fit for royalty. just my two cents.

    oh, and Adrianne is SUPER TALENTED. they have the right actress, just don't try to glam up her natural beauty so much.

    • starrykinght says:

      Nice to see someone speaking of for Ms. Palicki – I hope she doesn't take the likely widespread criticism of the look personally. She has great potential (her uncostumed photo above shows more how Diana she can look, if a little young). I hope the wardrobe / art team can do her better justice…

    • Guest says:

      Talented? Did you not see Legion or Supernatural? What a nightmare. I've seen better acting in 3rd grade plays.

  5. antodav says:

    A costume she'd need jaws of life to get into, and a corset straight out of the 19th Century…this is feminist?

    Seriously, what was so wrong with her wearing shorts? Why is it considered so incredibly demeaning and offensive to have a woman show her legs nowadays? When did we become Afghanistan?

    • Steph says:

      I have to agree….even I would've prefered some shorts instead of the long pants….and I'm a woman! I will admit that I agree with most of the prinicpals that feminists take seriously, including the objectification of women in the media….but I'm a comic book purist at heart too! This version of the iconic costume is a joke and it looks so fake it makes me want to laugh….definantly seen better at Comic-Con for sure!!!
      Hells….even the West Hollywood Halloween block party has seen better Wonder Woman outfits….

    • Shut Up says:

      Jesus… shut up. Feminist? Give me a break.

    • kate says:

      Personally , the old outfit looked very diaperish . . .

  6. Grant says:

    Could you send over a hooker dressed like Wonder Woman?

  7. Tmiller says:

    The suit isn't inherently bad. She just doesn't fill it out. However, she's a real woman, so she can't have the curves of an imaginary one.

  8. dactribble says:

    Did they paint the costume on?

  9. rlynh says:

    That's the most uncomfortable looking outfit I've ever seen. How does she breathe, let alone walk around?

  10. Amanda says:

    She looks like a stripper.

    My problem is with the materials… it all looks so poly-plastic-ish. IMO it needs to look more like leather… the bodice should have been molded and she should be going with the leotard version, not catsuit pants.

    They would have been much more successful if they had just reinvented the outfit (like Xmen) rather than trying to literally translate a comic book drawing into an outfit, complete with the exact same colors. I mean, they could have gone darker with the tones at least… less primary colors. Everyone knows comic book characters only come in primary colors because of print limitations back in the day. This is the 21st century, folks.

    • Wishnu says:

      Yeah, I totally agree with you. Even if they decide to go with the primary colors, they could've at least mute the colors like in 'Superman Returns'.

  11. Scott Ellington says:

    "Often we try to seduce the audience at the beginning that this is going to be fun, a romp or a ride, and then once the ride has begun, to reveal some serious subject matter for them to think about." — David E. Kelley
    Ms Palicki has a demonstrated capability of bringing incredible presence to complex roles. This costume simply draws wide and skeptical attention to a show that might very quickly become adult, indispensible and about a few things that demand more attention than costumes — like the content of a person's character.

  12. david says:

    Oh man. This is comic-con cos-play dress up territory. This is epically bad. What is that? Halloween costume vinyl? They should have pay a few more bucks and gone with leather.

    I think NBC has no high hopes for this series. This will go the way of Bionic Woman.

    • Ellen says:

      Exactly. Halloween costume vinyl. This looks like something you could pick up at Party City. :D Wonder Woman has been my favorite female superhero since I was a kid. Cheesy looking costume… yes, she needs her shorts back, and less violent make-up. :)

  13. Weon says:

    Could she look any more awkward and uncomfortable?

  14. WmCT111 says:

    visually, the outfit is gonna have to be screen tested, I can't tell from looking at it. Visually, it has a nice reflection. So it has that metallic appearance of painted metal. Which is what you want. I know ppl like skin tights; but, Wonder Woman wouldn't have left the island sanctuary in cheap threads and only metal deflecting bracelets. She had a suit of armor she stuffed her body into. I know, I know, not practical for film. So, wait and see. I do like the colors. Captures that comic book appearance well. But to be honest, I would rather see her in a skirt.

  15. james says:

    i own 3 costume shops and this looks like a Chinese made rubies brand costume. that being said, the 1st batman costume filmed well. yet, was just as cheesy looking as this was does when seen in person. so i say, "give it a chance." i hope the show does well and spikes sales this Halloween.

    • Ricardo says:

      I hear what you're saying. But t I think the difference with the Batman costume is that it wasn't so much cheesy looking as just awkward. More importantly, the audience never gets a good look at the whole thing because it's always shot in the dark or with limited lighting. Maybe there'll be some some "lighting tricks" to help pull off this WW costume but–frankly–even that tiara looks cheesy. Was Olivia Newton John wearing that in the Let's Get Physical video?

  16. jwbm says:

    Wow… Because all women want their liberating, feminist icon that they watched and loved as a child to become an overly photoshopped, waif in a multi-colored condom…..

  17. Denver says:

    Eeeeeeww. She looks more like a Wonder Stripper! I'm the first one to get excited with the news of a revival, but now, I'll be the first one to predict that this one will be over after just one or two episodes. The appeal of Wonder Woman is that men want her and women want to be like her. Who would want this? And more importantly, who would want to look like this? The bustier looks nice especially the color, but everything else sucks!

  18. Dennis says:

    I don't mind the design but it seems super shiny and it makes the actress look very pale.

  19. Scott Reed says:

    It's about time we saw a super hero on film that has bright, accurate colors. Really tired of the muted colors and black leather (X-men, Superman Returns, Dark Knight etc). Plus, I think it's likely that they are taking the concept in a different direction, which is probably why the costume itself looks so impractical (but gorgeous!)

  20. Damaris Degen says:

    So.. did they purchase this at Party City? Worse costume design ever!!!

  21. PuddingP says:

    Dumb. Looks way too fake. The crotch alone makes u want to laugh. If anything they should of went with the costume where she is wearing a jacket.

  22. Mike says:

    I think <a href="http://glantern133.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=wonder+woman#/d2sxv6l">this take on Jim Lee's Wonder Woman costume by Ramon Villalobos would be interesting to see in reality. It's certainly a costume that could be easily concealed for when she's not fighting crime.

  23. Nate Espinosa says:

    Well I like the new look!! I think that she looks great!! A character is allowed to go through changes in life. With these changes they have to adapt to their new enviroment. As long as they keep it traditional and don't change the history and her background. I belive that it would a success. People need to stop beeing negative and be positive!! It has been a very long time for this opportunity to even happen. Wonder Woman is an iconic character that has been in our lives for about seventy years( Not sure exactly an estimate) So let's be supportive, Lynda Carter herslf gave her approval and we should do the same. It's a different time and a time for a change So all u haters stop trippin and buggin about this issue. Cause all u doing is prolonging the situation and making it harder for the character to actually evolve.

    • WWs says:

      I second that!

      Finally someone sane posted something. Even Batman went through trial and error with his costume, so shut it people!

  24. Celia says:

    Looks cheap and slutty. The hair and makeup are way too pageanty. The leggings are 70's disco. Overall, very unattractive. I say bring back the shorts and red boots.

  25. Tess says:

    The costume gives an aura that is not that of a drop jaw super amazon. It makes her look like the bad guys want to date her .Not shivering in their boots and at the same time overhwelmed by her presence and beauty. Blues Shinny skin tight skinnies and Blue boots? Shorts or skirt would have been more Woman….. I Wonder….

  26. Brett says:

    If she swapped out the boots for roller skates, this outfit would not be out of place in a remake of "Roller Boogie."

  27. Steve says:

    I can't believe this ever made it out of wardrobe and into print, nor can I believe anyone is defending it. This is the most horrendous thing imaginable. It looks like a cheap, plastic stripper costume (pole rode separately). And I get it, some will like this simply because she's finally in pants. Who cares? I don't even mind the fact she's wearing pants, just not ones that look like they belong on a hooker in a Belgian whorehouse, or worse on a Solid Gold dancer from the 70s. And the blue isn't even the right shade. The only thing that passes is the lasso — that actually looks good. What should be armor on the bustier and belt looks plastic. The bracelets and tiara, that are obviously supposed to be metal, look plastic. Any questions whether the cheese-ridden David E. Kelley would destroy this character can be laid to rest. The answer is yes. From the atrociously corny, cliche-worn script to this PVC get-up make me think he wants this to fail, or that it is some colossal joke.

    And not to be cruel, but does anyone else think this actress looks like she has a Tori Spelling horse jaw? Stock craft services with some oats, please.

    Truly, this looks like a costume that would be worn in a spoof or a parody on SNL meant to make fun of Wonder Woman. This is actually EVEN WORSE than the Cathy Lee Crosby outfit from 1974, and that is a feat. Again a total lack of respect for an awesome character.

  28. kyle says:

    this is terrible! youre telling me that warriors of amazonia wear shiney blue pants!?.. no no and no!
    she should more like this

    or this

    • starryknight says:

      Wow – that fanartexhibit shot is great. I mean, not perfect, but I'm *stunned* that given today's (post galactica / lost / Dark Knight) audiences they didn't go more in the direction you highlighted…

    • GMickey says:

      The fan art exhibit costume is not just great but waaaaay more toward the direction I would like to see these guys go toward. And the model fits the Amazonian princess mold to a tee, fit and with a kick butt attitude. Thats the way to go here…

  29. jaimeg says:

    The pants suck but what i dislike more is the fake breasts! WW was all real! I wish them luck but will forever love Linda as the original WW!

  30. LMIH says:

    Sigh, isn't Wonder Woman supposed to be strong? This girl looks like she has enough trouble carrying her coffee to the set.

  31. Michael says:

    She's ugly, she's pale, the colors of the costume need to be toned down, the costume needs to be made of leather, or leather looking material, the gold plastic looks like…gold plastic, BLUE F***ing BOOTS! Just put an end to this farce now and call it a day. Sure, the pilot will draw big numbers. Everyone loves looking at a trainwreck. That will cause NBC to greenlight this piece of crap, and it will last all of five episodes, because all the fans will desert it after the pilot….There, I'm through venting now.

  32. RichardB says:

    WW battled for the American way, were are the "Stars"

  33. starryknight says:

    Sigh. I’m usually the eternal optimist, but the more I hear about this the more I move towards the worried camp. Given the number of recent shows & movies that have at least made reasonable attempts at the sci-fi / superhero genre – Galactica, SGU, Bionic Woman, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, V, No Ordinary Family, Batman – I was definitely hoping people would tap into some of the winning formulas of the above…

    I can only hope this is an early test and the community feedback (some of it pretty unforgiving) will make a difference. Some of the comments above (the ones that justly acknowledge Ms. Palicki’s talent and beauty, and instead focus criticism on the costume choice) are spot on. Slightly darker, bring back the red boots, soften the makeup and play up Ms. Palicki’s wonderful eyes, and at least make the costume look less plastic. Did the artist team not look at any of the serious sci-fi / superhero efforts of recent years?

    Unfortunately , more worrying signs about the director. I wonder who Mr. Kelley is targeting this show at for success.

    My fear is that if Bionic Woman and Sarah Connor Chronicles couldn’t make it despite strong performances and zero camp, this one is in very serious danger of failing and setting the WW franchise back several years.

    Sigh. Okay enough negativity. Here’s hoping and praying we’re wrong – and that the studio and creative team are paying at least some attention to this early, fairly consistent community / public feedback…

  34. Danforth says:

    The costume is bad, but the breast implants are worse.

  35. Plato says:

    Why are they going for a 1960's campy Batman look. Have they lost there minds. I also expected the costume to be hotter SINCE IT'S 2011. But she is showing even less skin than Linda Carter. I read some of the nerd-women complaining about her boobs, however they look the exact same as they did in Linda Carter's costume. Linda Carter's WW was in the 1970's and Baywatch was in 1990's, with covering her legs up it looks like they have stepped back in time. Don't they want s#x appeal. This is a disaster, someone should be fired for this, things can still be fixed.

  36. Rinzler says:

    somehow, she makes green lantern’s costume look a lot more awesome

  37. Kim says:

    im sorry im old school were at one time it was Linda Carter being Wonder woman … so i think this new woman can play the part but it will never been the same

  38. Ricardo says:

    I wasn't expecting Linda Carter's duds, but this just seems off. To me, the costume should reflect some growth in our perception of WW as a multidimensional character. There's a reason why filmmakers no longer put Batman, Xmen, etc., in bright tights anymore. And it's not just the color that's off. I don't like GL's movie costume, BUT I respect it b/c its' relevent to the times and where we are as an audience. It's 2011. I mean, c'mon, these characters have come a long way in our collective consciousness. This WW's costume just looks gaudy, cheap and not at all like something a proud Amazon would wear. She looks like someone who stands outside of Mann's Chinese Theater taking pics with tourists. Hey, while we're at it, why not involve Lex Luthor as a villain who wants to take over Paradise Island in yet ANOTHER real estate scheme? Sorry, I dunno why I care; I'm not even a WW fan…and this costume certainly isn't gonna make me one. BUt I guess that's my point, huh?

  39. selenem says:

    I'm less concerned about the costume than I am about the breast implants (which are always more obvious when wearing anything push-up–push-up was invented for small-busted women) …Wasn't WW supposed to be from the 1940s? Maybe she's been updated, but I MUCH preferred Linda Carter's real body to the doll-like, siliconed style that's popular today…Ironically, because women are trying to look like the drawings out of a geek's fantasy. So sad.

  40. Laverne says:

    She looks like a refugee from the Victoria's Secret knockoff store, not an Amazon Warrior. The whole costume is too tacky, too shiny. Those bracelets look like toys, too flimsy, too short, and what is the deal with the red star smack in the middle of the eagle emblem? I'd hoped that they would go for a smooth leather and brass look, like Xena, but since this is TV and David Kelley I didn't get my hopes up anyway. This isn't Wonder Woman, it's Wonder Stripper. Years ago there was a storyline in which a deranged killer went into a strip club and killed all the dancers who dressed like WW. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was one of the victims.

  41. troy m says:

    She has the right height and built;but the Materials and Story should be different.

  42. tbplayer says:

    Too shiny. I like something with a little texture like the Superman costume in the last movie or the Spider-man costumes.

  43. richard says:

    The original costume is base on American symbols, as well as being Red, White and Blue.
    Wonder Woman was literally a walking talking poster for the strong, but still feminine, American woman. Give Wonder Woman back her white stars on a sea of blue. This De-Americanizing of
    an iconic American Character is an abomination.

    The actress is a beauty, but she is NOT Wonder Woman. You need someone akin to Linda
    Hamilton in the shape she was for Terminator Two. Strong, cut, and kick butt. Adrianne looks far
    to fragile for the role. Lena Headey of the Sarah Connor Chronicles would have been a far better
    match for a character they wanted to be taken seriously.

  44. LA Tom says:

    Wow… that’s really skanky. I don’t really mind if the use the old suit or make a new one, but that looks like something from a cheap costume rental store. The gold parts look really cheap. The gold looks like toy plastic. Eagle and belt is really bad. I have a feeling this is going to last as long as the new bionic woman.

  45. Kaya says:

    Gosh, it really does look like a cheap costume you'd pick up for a party. I hope it looks better on film, because from this it's pretty embarrassing.

  46. Jim says:

    Absolutely terrible. When you consider the Captain America movie costume or other franchises that have got it right (the first spiderman films) this is epically bad. Shes a bloody goddess with super powers not a porn star who has hired a halloween costume.

  47. GMickey says:

    Look, the bustier is fine. But, thats the only part of the costume that is proper 'Wonder Woman esque' for me. All the winged gold and her bracers need to be real metal and shiney, not plastic looking or mat-colored. The boots have to be real leather and personally I would prefer the red to the blue; with buckles or a tighter fit to be sure. The pants, wow, pants are a bit too new(even in the newer comic rendition of WW) for my vision of this character. Something way more form fitting or the iconic skirt is what I imagine for her. First and formost they seem to have forgotten that she is an Amazon princess, a woman warrior, not some costumed chick. I mean come on guys/gals at least try to take it seriously or just make a comedy…

  48. Joe says:

    I've always thought Adrianne Palicki was the bomb, but no so much in that outfit. AP is a large girl rather than some waif, so that works. But black hair doesn't seem to work for her and she doesn't have the boobs to fill the top out and that outfit also makes her torso look unusually long.

  49. Joe says:

    I think they tried this with the bionic woman and it didn't work. I kind of liked it but no one else did.

  50. johnrj08 says:

    This is a terrible costume. It's obviously well constructed, but it looks like something from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie. This is like a hi-tech version of a cartoon character costume. If that's Kelley's take on Wonder Woman, I give the series four episodes before it is cancelled.

  51. SushiX says:

    I was hoping for some more leg. And wearing pantyhose of course (just like Linda Carter did).

  52. BluntHonesty says:

    Nothing shocking here. I mean, I would have much rather seen any of the hundreds of better heroes be used then WW, and judging from what they are doing .. I suspect the studio does not have high hopes for it either.

    So I ask.. Why do it in the first place seeing as you seem to be half-a**ing it?

  53. jon smith says:

    this costume is bad. you cant change the look of wonder woman. shes supposed to have red boots and no pants. i will however check out the show but the costume is a real turn off

  54. deepwater805 says:

    Oh yeah! This costume works for me. Please excuse me…I gotta go be alone now…

  55. martin says:

    I'm confusesd as to what makes her look like a stripper in this costume…I mean have you seen the way comic books are drawn now a days?? Huge silicone boobs busrting out…I mean even I'm amazed at what people are getting away with in these times. This is very tame imo

  56. Erock says:

    This SUCKS! Why couldn't they Give her a Star Spangled Xena outfit Liked they did in Justice League New Frontier if they thought the bathing suit was too risky to show? And Villains whats wrong with having real villains from the comics. Cheetah, Dr. Psycho, Giganta, or Ares? The reason why the original show in the 70's ended after 3 seasons was because she never had a real threat except 1 chick ant strength.

  57. Dark_Estel says:

    For some reason, she doesn't look like an adult woman. Lynda Carter always looked as a great adult woman, while Adrianne looks like a teenager in a plastic cos-play.

  58. johanneslohaus says:

    big failure… also, diadem, eagle, belt etc looks like plastic… the lasso looks like a very cheap piece of rope as well. and that leather outfit? no. i mean, this looks more fake than a wonder woman action figure or even daisy duck dressed as wonder woman. and leggins won't be tolerated at all…

  59. CybexAl says:

    Give Wonder Woman back to Joss Whedon, for God's sake. Then it might have a chance of being something we all want to see. Linda Carter's version is best remembered because they kept it faithful to the comics. The attraction to the character was the power, intelligence and wisdom she commanded while being sexy and beautiful. That's why Xena worked. Shying away from the original costume sends out all the wrong signals.

  60. andre says:

    porn costume

  61. Dave says:

    Hell yeah! It's super-sexy! Maybe some black boots?

  62. Roger says:

    The costume looks great and the choice of actress is even better.

  63. karine says:

    Not convinced by the shiny powder blue pants =/ Maybe with red boots

  64. Jacob says:

    wait, that's not Halloween costume?!?!

  65. Jacob says:

    no, that's a Halloween costume for next year or something. the plastic is the same they use for kid's swords and those corny gladiator armor things. It's gotta be. unless the shows a comedy. a woman finds this costume in a costume shop and then believes she's a real super-hero! hilarious! even better if it was told with the same pacing as the Office. so she goes to work and does normal things outside of trying to fight crime, but she's always wearing that outfit. conference meeting and she's still wearing it! I'd watch that. new poll: Halloween costume or good outfit for comedy show?

  66. Mel says:

    The outfit is not horrible (I have seen worse) but if they were going to keep the more traditional red, gold and blues, they needed to keep the uniform in the way of the original comic (with a skirt) or outfit similar to Lynda Carter's.

    I didn't mind the comic update, but looking at it and the Pilot's version? – I go "You know? You can make this outfit look quite similar in real life – a darker blue pair of pants and the jacket (which the blue could be similar to the truer blue in the American flag – where her uniform is based from), and the gauntlet type armbands.

    The worst offenders of this costume are the pants (wrong shade of blue), the belt and bird emblems (look plastic and IMHO worse than the outfits used at the Six Flags Parks), and probably the shine of the material.

    Will say that this is indeed a pilot, so that will help out some and the could tweak the costume after it airs. That said, to say that the shiny suit that William Katt wore in the "GAHeroine" Pilot (let alone Mary Ellen Stuart's much maligned one-piece version of said suit) is better says a WHOLE lot.

  67. BUDDY REVELL says:

    I don’t like the choice for WW nor the costume. If this is the route they plan to take ( Teen-ish – Wimp-ish )…..make mine MARVEL!

  68. glitch13 says:

    The costume should look more like this (but maybe reserved for the Justice League movie): http://mydisguises.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07

  69. MartyK says:

    This is dreadful. It looks plastic. Wonder woman is a warrior. She should have armor. Her outfit is supposed to look like that of a Greek Hoplite. The gold parts should be actual metal. This looks like something you'd find down at the local costume store.

  70. Kya Kyzart says:

    This is no wonder woman, this is fake boobs, slick male fantasy, and a stupid sexualized image of wonder woman. At least in the old image she had some toughness. I would NEVER watch the show or allow my sons and daughters to view such a degrading illustration of what a wonder woman is supposed to be. Where or where is an illustration done by a feminist? One that shows woman in her power, not her s&m attire? If that is the image of woman that this show is advertising, I hope the fails miserably.

  71. Jackie says:

    Awful. Looks like she's going to be in Wonder Woman porn parody.

    They should have hired someone with a prettier face and a more muscular build. This girl just looks plain skanky. She looks like she belongs in Vegas.

  72. Michael Lee says:

    Why are her legs covered? This choice eemingly 'shy's away' from Wonder Woman's femininity. What made Wonder Woman's costume, (and ESPECIALLY Lynda Carter donning it) so special was that NEVER ONCE even during all the buxom jiggling, or modernized 'French Cut' briefs, did Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman EVER lose her strength as a woman. This was a testament to the respect Carter had for the role, as well as her effortless ability to be TOTALLY feminine, yet.. never weakened via 'sexual exploitation.'

  73. Hercules says:

    Proportion is terrible. Corset sits too high on her waist. Looks like cheap plastic and '70's disco pants.

  74. Mel says:

    There is no way she can run around in that and not have her boobs fall out. Not a great message for girls watching the show.

  75. kate says:

    The bustier is way better esp since she has Katy Perry body But
    The shiny colors look like cheap plastic or oiled rubber .
    Keep the same brilliant colors but do it in a matted fabric .
    Also , the gold colored pieces Look Plastic .
    Go with a gold belt like the comic , gold chest accents and boot straps like the comic .
    Otherwise , wayyyyyyyyyy better than the original and I was there for that too .

  76. Eva says:

    love the original Linda Carter headband – and from a strictly graphic viewpoint – well – the original Linda Carter outfit was more attractive and less busy. The original outfit with + brighter colors would have been nice – I like the arm guards – but would have made them gold.

  77. Mark says:

    I think the high heels need to go, but I don't think anyone should be telling Wonder Woman what to wear. She can wear whatever she wants!!

  78. NNR says:

    Seriously?! This is the best they can do for a Superhero? Elastigirl of the Incredibles looked more like a superhero!

  79. Mr.X says:

    Nothing wrong, I think, with bringing back an updated version of the original Lynda Carter costume. Nothing wrong with showing off the legs, unless the actress can't wing it, in that case, they should have picked another actress…

    Shallow…? Maybe, but the look is 90% of the character… at first… The audience accepts you, then that's when your personal attributes, character/ personality, acting chops, etc. come into play, and become more important than just "the look." But image is important to get your foot in the door and get the public to consider you, and then be interested, accept, and respect you…

    Just consider the performance of another beloved icon: Christopher Reeve as (the definitive) Superman…

  80. Darl says:

    The report says that the project is not going to be campy. Sorry, but they've already crossed that line with this costume.

  81. Carm says:

    The outfit isn't that bad its too shiny, more earthy materials needed. She's coming from Paradise Island and I don't think they would be into the shiny stuff, more mother nature type materials. She also is supposed to be gorgeous but wholesome, so the red lipstick detracts from her. Should be less shiny also.

  82. WonderSnatch says:

    I was hoping by now they would stop wasting time and money on this trampy looking pajama wearing Wonder Woman show. Everything about it still spells HORRIBLE! Every online photo and youtube clip that covers this is beyond a horror show. Still say Warner Bros. can burn in hell for what they have done to this iconic super Hero. Take David E. Kelley with you while your at it. The leaked script stinks and that rag of a costume can be spit all over like they have done to Wonder Woman and her iconic Wonder Woman outfit that bears a flag like appearance. Your all worthy of UNEMPLOYMENT!!!

  83. m4l says:

    Just looking at the costume, I immediately had thoughts of Nazi Germany under Hitler. The eagle representation on this costume resembles (too closely) the one used by Hitler to represent the power and strength of the Nazi party. Gone is any reference to the U.S.A., which is probably favorable since the viewers are going to be spending all their time hoping that Wonder Woman's breast will pop out of the costume and not that she's representative of good and honor.

  84. Bobby says:

    She looks incredibly sexy.

  85. Ender says:

    By Hera! Where is my Themascaran princess? It’s so hard to see her in all of that cumbersome garb… What a train wreck. Why not go with the white and gold variant with the sword and shield, if a shift from the norm is truly deemed necessary? Oh, wait… that’s right… David Kelley (TV Warrior) is on the case instead of Joss Whedon. Nevermind…

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